Jun.09.2017 - Jun.23.2017

In the events of RE: Revelations, FBC Agent Raymond Vester climbs aboard the Queen Zenobia along with his partner, Rachel... Rachel... Say, what IS her last name, anyway?

  • Luciani. Viva Italia!


  • Foley. Holy moley!


  • Redfield. Ring a bell?


First, let's think back to A, "Luciani. Viva Italia"!

The Luciani you're thinking of is Parker, one of the other playable characters in Revelations. Close, though!


Read more about the uncompromising operative here!




Next up is C, "Redfield. Ring a bell?".

I imagine the name brings to mind the legendary sibling duo of Chris and Claire, but Rachel? I think not. (Kind of rolls off the tongue, though.)


Check out the legend's part to play in Revelations here!




That means the correct answer is B, "Foley. Holy moley!".

Did you figure out where you can see Rachel's full name? If you guessed the Raid Mode character select screen, you guessed right!


Did you know she also made an appearance in a certain Rev 2 trailer?


By the way, Rachel isn't the only Foley to show up in the RE universe. You'd be surprised where they turn up, take a look around and see what you find!



Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: B
Foley. Holy moley!