Jun.16.2017 - Jun.30.2017

We're doing something a little different this time around. Tell us, the first time you picked up and played Resident Evil 2, sequel to the global phenomenon that was RE1, which protagonist did you play as?

  • Leon the rookie!


  • Claire the motorcycle maniac!


  • I...I can't remember...


Let's look at our first choice, A, "Leon the rookie!"

Showing up a day late for your first shift is as bad as it gets where first impressions are concerned. Still, it keeps him alive long enough to star in this game, so you could say Leon's a lucky guy!

And he runs into some new people during his first brush with survival horror. Claire and Ada will teach him some important life lessons, but at this point he's still the type to get wrapped around a woman's little finger.


By the way, who at the time thought it'd be okay for Leon to just show up the next day if he's late for work? Not exactly police material (not that we're ones to talk...).


Looks like not much has changed over the years...




Of course we can't forget B, "Claire the motorcycle maniac!"

She comes to Raccoon City in search of her brother Chris. The huge knife sheath strapped to her chest and the biker outfit don't exactly jive with the "college student" image they had going for her at the time.

But she also has a cute side to her, one that'll captivate anyone that played through her campaign.


Here's a little tidbit about Claire worrying too much about her big brother.



Now, for those of you that picked C, "I...I can't remember..."

Don't fret! "Don't mention it." as Leon says!

And if being human means you're not yet one of the undead, I'd keep those mistakes coming.

Thanks for sticking with us this time around! Check out who picked which character, and let your RE2 fan friends in on the fun!

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!