Jun.23.2017 - Jul.07.2017

In the first Resident Evil, Bravo Team leader Enrico Marini flexes his survival muscles to make his way to the Spencer Mansion on his own. Too bad he'd never leave...

When Enrico breathed his last, he did so with a crank in hand, but...what kind of crank was it?

  • The crank to end all cranks (or swimming lessons)


  • A crank fit for a king (or a cog room)


  • A crank de la crank (a bolder choice, to be sure)


First, let's think back to A, "The crank to end all cranks".


This Square Crank certainly appears in Resident Evil, and lets you drain the water out of the pool courtyard. If you get this crank from anyone, however, it sure isn't Enrico.


A little fuzzy on which guy was Enrico? You ought to check out this little number:




Next up is B, "A crank fit for a king".


You crank masters out there will remember the Square Crank that opens a shutter near Bar Black Jack in Resident Evil 3. Enrico doesn't appear in this game (alive or otherwise), so this one's a bust!


Enrico DOES appear in the prequel RE0, however. Check it out!




That means the correct answer is C, "A crank de la crank".


"And how am I supposed to know that?!" you might say, but those of you with impeccable visual memory will remember the crank Enrico hands over was actually the Hexagonal Crank -- with six sides, not four. Even so, the fact that it opens up parts of the mining area with boulders all around should've yielded another hint or two!


And just in case you haven't had enough Marini...


Thanks for joining us on this chance to buff up on your favorite Bravo Team big shot!



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Correct answer: C
A crank de la crank