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  • RESULT: No.36 Cross-Title Showdown! Skills to Pay the Bills (One Click Question)

Jun.30.2017 - Jul.14.2017

Of the many characters that appeared in the events of the Resident Evil games, which of the following are not said to have a Marine Corps background in their respective games?

  • Mr. Handsome


  • Mr. Louisiana


  • Mr. Comrade


First, let's think back to A, "Mr. Handsome".


RE0 fans will recognize Billy Coen, the taciturn deuteragonist of the game.

Billy saves his partner Rebecca from countless dangers using his particular set of skills, skills that characters in-game credit to his time as a Second Lieutenant in the Marines. Sorry!

Billy wasn't quite so reliable in his initial setting... Check out this video if you want to know more!


"Who's Billy," some of you ask? Well take a look at this:




Next up is B, "Mr. Louisiana".


Jack sure loves knocking Ethan around his family house in RE7.

If you elude the madman and catch your breath for a moment, you may come across a picture of ol' Jack from his U.S. Marine days. Too bad, so sad!


Here is the picture in question. Look closely and you can see his signature spectacles.

Jack loves throwing a mean punch, but he never forgets leg day!




That means the correct answer is C, "Mr. Comrade"!


Jack Krauser is your archetypical soldier, one we're sure many RE4 fans thought of when we talked about military service.

Still, the warrior antagonizes Leon with his U.S. Army training (and a little help from a Plaga parasite).


Krauser also shows up as a powerhouse in RE4's The Mercenaries mode, utilizing his blade arm to turn things around in a tight spot!

Read a bit more on Krauser here!


Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

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Correct answer: C
Mr. Comrade