Jul.21.2017 - Aug.04.2017

The Resident Evil series is home to all kinds of terrifying biohazard outbreaks and viral incidents.
In Resident Evil: Revelations, what was the name of the bioterrorist attack conducted by Veltro on a man-made island in the Mediterranean?

  • The Rockfort Island Incident


  • The Mansion Incident


  • The Terragrigia Panic


First let's look at A, "The Rockfort Island Incident".

The spread of the T-Virus across this Ashford family island was not caused by Il Veltro, but by Albert Wesker pulling the strings in the background. No Veltro, no right answer!

See Wesker's dark side emerge as he reunites with his old nemesis on Rockfort Island:




Next up is B, "The Mansion Incident".

This refers to the events that instigated the tragedy that would befall Raccoon City, at a secluded mansion high in the adjoining hills. It soon comes to light that Umbrella was behind this, so you're wrong again!

Read more about the original mansion that put the "resident" in Resident Evil!




That means the correct answer is C, "The Terragrigia Panic"!

Veltro used the T-Virus to cause disaster on the ill-fated aquapolis, the results of which would spill over into the Queen Zenobia bioterror incident.


Bone up on the Terragrigia Panic here!


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Correct answer: C
The Terragrigia Panic