Jul.28.2017 - Aug.11.2017

In Resident Evil: Revelations, what was the name of the orbital satellite that put an end to the terror of the Terragrigia Panic?

  • The Red Queen


  • The Regia Solis


  • The Samurai Edge


First let's look at A, "The Red Queen".

This AI appears in RE Umbrella Chronicles to monitor all of the evil organization's networks.

It was a system defense mechanism stored inside U.M.F.-013, the supercomputer installed in Raccoon City's underground laboratory shelter. That computer never made it into space, so this one's wrong!

She slices, she dices, she protects your data from nasty strangers. Check out the scary yet reliable Red Queen here!




Next up is C, "The Samurai Edge".

It goes without saying that this legendary RE gun lacks the ability to decimate a city from space, so that's all she wrote on this one!

Incidentally, the Samurai Edge makes an appearance in RE7: Biohazard as the Albert-01! You can check out the larger-than-life replica here:(Japanese site)




That means the correct answer is B, "The Regia Solis"!

This device continues to orbit the planet after its unparalleled might put an end to the Terragrigia Panic. We get shivers just thinking about it... Better keep an eye on the FBC to see how they use this trump card!



And with that context, you're ready to jump back into Revelations with us! *Click the image for details!

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Correct answer: B
The Regia Solis