Aug.04.2017 - Aug.18.2017

Which Jack led the terrorist organization Veltro to instigate the Terragrigia Panic in Resident Evil: Revelations?

  • The burly Baker!


  • The crooked Krauser!


  • The nasty Norman!


First let's look at A, "The burly Baker"!

Jack Baker is the punishing patriarch that chases Ethan around the locales of RE7. This is a far cry from the events of Revelations, so no luck!

Talk about a jack of trading blows!




Next up is B, "The crooked Krauser"!

ack Krauser is an old comrade of Leon Kennedy, and one of the guys pulling the strings behind the scenes in RE4. That places Krauser at a time and place far removed from those of Revelations, so wrong again!

Try not to get Jack-ed up!




That means the correct answer is C, "The nasty Norman"!

Jack Norman boasted the charisma to lead his so-called patriots and made a name for himself as Veltro's leader in the Terragrigia Panic.



Pick up a copy of Revelations and see just what role he plays for yourself!

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Correct answer: C
The nasty Norman!