Aug.11.2017 - Aug.25.2017

We get introduced to many members of S.T.A.R.S. in RE1, including one that shared a friendly rivalry with Chris Redfield in marksmanship. What was the name of that crack shot?

  • Forest, the perfectionist


  • Richard, Rebecca's backup buddy


  • Joseph, the hot-blooded bandana man


First let's look at B, "Richard, Rebecca's backup buddy".

The player runs into this shotgun-toting gentleman as either Chris or Jill. Nice guys finish last, unfortunately, and Richard is no exception...

No records of this giant snake victim ever mention marksmanship, though, so this answer misses the mark!

Yawn, come ooon down!




Next up is C, "Joseph, the hot-blooded bandana man".

You only meet this cheerful guy at the very start of the game. Players don't get much of a chance to see the weapon maintenance expert in action, but clearly marksmanship isn't his forte.

Who's a good Cerberus, who's a good?oh dear.




That means the correct answer is A, "Forest, the perfectionist"!

Another maintenance man, this Bravo Team member was close friends with Chris and Jill from the moment he joined up with S.T.A.R.S. He and Chris were said to share a particularly strong bond, even outside of the team!

Unfortunately, Forest never got a chance to show his stuff before biting the dust. Perhaps if he had survived the Mansion Incident, he'd be on the front lines with Chris today...


Instead he joined the enemy, so to speak. That had to hurt...


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Correct answer: A
"Forest, the perfectionist"