Oct.06.2017 - Oct.20.2017

The name Umbrella is practically synonymous with the Resident Evil series. The sinister corporation was founded by Oswell E. Spencer, James Marcus, and...

  • Devilish mastermind Albert Wesker


  • Noble heir Edward Ashford


  • Progenitor virus researcher Brandon Bailey


First let's look at A, "Devilish mastermind Albert Wesker."

The man who shared the will of Umbrella, and sought to use the organization to realize his ambitions. But his plans went into motion decades after the founding, when little Albert would've been just a boy. Wrong this time!


Don't try to dodge the question!



Next up is C, "Progenitor researcher Brandon Bailey."

As director of the Umbrella Africa Research Center, he supplied his teacher James Marcus samples of the Progenitor he needed to produce the T-Virus. While a true asset to the organization, he joined some time after his mentor Marcus, so he can't be a founder!


"Stairway of the Sun"... Who knew this plant would cause so much turmoil in the world of RE...



That means the correct answer is B, "Noble heir Edward Ashford!"

5th Earl of the prestigious Ashford family, he founded Umbrella with Spencer and Marcus, who had discovered the Progenitor virus. He would later be infected by this discovery during an experiment, leading to his unnatural demise.

Incidentally, his granddaughter is the famed mix of brains and beauty found in Code Veronica villain Alexia Ashford.

She may be easy on the eyes, but we wouldn't turn our back on her...


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore.

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: B
Noble heir Edward Ashford