Oct.27.2017 - Nov.10.2017

Sherry Birkin appears in RE6 as a government agent. While she may seem a bit young to be in the field, there's actually a secret behind her youthful appearance. Any idea what it is?

  • Age-defying breathing exercises


  • A refined makeup technique


  • A special "gift" from her father


First let's look at A, "Age-defying breathing exercises."

They say you can retain your youth with the proper breathing exercises, but unfortunately there's no record of her including that in her training regimen.


How about YOU take a breather?!




Next up is B, "A refined makeup technique."

After the events of Raccoon City, Sherry fell under the care of the government and endured countless experiments. If you think a girl like that has time to care about makeup, you thought wrong!


How's THIS for a makeover?!




That means the correct answer is C, "A special 'gift' from her father!"

As fans of classic RE know, Sherry's father was the brilliant G-virus scientist William Birkin. He implanted Sherry with a G-embryo, which would have killed her if not for the efforts of Claire Redfield. In the aftermath of the Raccoon City Incident, small traces of the G-virus remained in Sherry's body.

This was the reason behind the aforementioned government experiments, which strove to test various aspects of the G-virus. Although the experience was painful for Sherry, it allowed her to control the power of the virus in her body, giving her regenerative abilities and a resistance to further viral infection.


Her newfound abilities are thought to be the cause of her youthful appearance.

That outfit doesn't exactly scream "agent," either...


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Correct answer: C
A special 'gift' from her father!