Nov.24.2017 - Dec.08.2017

Which of the following vehicles did the main character drive at the start of one of the RE series games?

  • This old rust bucket


  • This beefy machine


  • This well-worn vehicle


First let's look at A, "This old rust bucket."

This van, found outside the Baker residence that is the setting of RE7, was used by the beloved "Sewer Gators" team - as such, it's not the vehicle that Ethan was driving, and therefore not the correct answer.


This is the car that Ethan drove!




Next, let's take a look at C, "This well-worn vehicle."

This van, which looks like it's seen some things, is the one that brought Leon to the village at the beginning of RE4...but Leon's chilling in the backseat, as one of the local officers (the guy in the glasses) is doing the driving. Therefore, this is also not the right answer.


What is love? Baby don't hurt me...




That means the correct answer is B, "This beefy machine."

This is the vehicle that Chris drove into the village of Kijuju at the start of RE5. Upon getting out of the vehicle he found Sheva waiting for him, and the rest is history.


The RE5 partners meet for the first time. Sheva is still green behind the ears at this point.


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Correct answer: B
This beefy machine.