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Dec.01.2017 - Dec.15.2017

In Resident Evil 4, Ada takes the Plaga sample, and in exchange gives Leon the key to the jet ski. What does Leon say upon receiving the key?

  • Very cute.


  • Story of my life...


  • She really pushed it...


First let's look at B, "Story of my life...".

While Leon does say this later in the game, it's in response to Hunnigan deflecting his attempt to get her phone number. This was after he drove all night to take Ashley such, it's not the correct answer.


How could you?! My sense of humor is better than that!




Next, let's take a look at C, "She really pushed it..."

While Leon did say this during this scene, it was in response to Ada pushing the "blow everything up" button. Poor Leon can't seem to catch a break with her...and since this isn't what he said in response to the jet ski key, it's also not the correct answer.


So many things to be said, and only 3'00"00 in which to say them...




That means the correct answer is A, "Very cute"!

Ada puts Leon in a pinch, but is kind enough to give him a way out of it. Even in this tense situation, it's good to see that Leon doesn't lose his sense of humor. But if he's got the time to be making jokes, perhaps he should be using it to get to the jet ski and get off the island!


Leon's lousy luck with the ladies continues...check it out!


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore.

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Correct answer: A
Very cute.