Feb.02.2018 - Feb.16.2018

Albert Wesker and William Birkin are two individuals who are infamous in Resident Evil lore. Back when they were young geniuses in training, what nicknames did the Umbrella executive training facility's assistant director refer to them as?

  • Al and Will


  • Sunglasses and Bookworm


  • Albirkin


First let's look at B, "Sunglasses and Bookworm"!

Wesker certainly has a penchant for sunglasses, but it doesn't seem like young Wesker would get this as a nickname. And since there's no such reference in the game, it's not the correct answer.


Sunglasses? You called?


Next, let's take a look at C, "Albirkin".

For these guys, who enjoy splicing genes together, we tried splicing together their names...and this was the result. So...what were we trying to accomplish here? Either way, this isn't in the game, so this also isn't the correct answer.


Sunglasses is angry at you and your lack of answer knowledge...


That means the correct answer is A, "Al and Will"!


You might be thinking, I don't remember that being in the game...that means you need to brush up on your files, as today's trivia comes from the Assistant Director's Diary file in Resident Evil 0. In this entry, the director referred to them as "Scholar Will" and "Practical Al". Those nicknames are quite on the nose, don't you think?


Al and Will are observing Rebecca and Billy's arrival at the Umbrella executive training facility on a monitor. Look at their body language - they're definitely good friends.


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. Wesker and Birkin are two legendary figures in RE history, but did you know them well enough to answer this quiz?

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: A
Al and Will