Feb.09.2018 - Feb.23.2018

Valentine's Day is upon us. Or, looking at it a different way, Jill Valentine's Day. As such, this time we'd like to do something a little different, and take the day to celebrate one of RE's biggest heroes. Which of Jill's iconic styles is your favorite Valentine?

  • The original is the best! S.T.A.R.S. Style


  • Megaton destructive force, Casual Style


  • Living Legend, Original Eleven, BSAA Style


First let's look at A, "The original is the best! S.T.A.R.S. Style"!

This is the style we were introduced to Jill with, in the original Resident Evil. Though she's got a bit of a rookie feel, RE fans will remember that from expertly picking locks to playing the piano, she has quite the skillset at her disposal! Even now, when I see a beret on the streets I'm instantly reminded of Ms. Valentine.


Jill's first encounter with the Cerberus. You don't get to see her looking so nervous anymore...


Next, let's take a look at B, "Megaton destructive force, Casual Style".

This is the style she wore while escaping from the creature-infested Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3. Of the options, this one is certainly the most...revealing. RE3 took place in September, so we can guess it must have been plenty hot. If that's the case...bring on summer! Summer forever! Who needs autumn? Autumn sucks! (...Sorry, I'll stop here)


The only time in my life I've ever wanted to become a zombie. I'm off to Raccoon City!


So then let's take a look at C, "Living legend, Original Eleven, BSAA Style"!


The style she wore upon infiltrating Spencer's mansion in Resident Evil 5. She's ditched the beret in favor of a baseball cap. I can't say which is better...they both suit her very well. Who can forget the scene where, despite being faced with overwhelming power and impossible odds, she took on Wesker with all her might!


Jill doesn't hesitate as she leaps at Wesker. What incredible courage, Jill...


Thanks for joining us this time, as we took a look at Jill's styles over the years. Which style was your favorite Valentine?

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!