Feb.23.2018 - Mar.09.2018

The original "Resident Evil," the game that started it all, is a masterpiece that stands up to the test of time. In that mansion just filled with unspeakable evils, death was waiting around every corner. Let's think back to the first time you played the game - where was the first place you died?

  • That legendary first zombie encounter


  • The super-scary zombie dogs


  • The falling ceiling


  • Other (including "I forgot")


First let's look at A, "That legendary first zombie counter".

This is the zombie who looks back at you just as you start your exploration of the mansion. If you hadn't gotten used to the controls yet, you may have found yourself spinning in circles until he chomped down on you. I'm sure this is something that happened worldwide - can I get a shout-out if this happened to you too?


This zombie looking back is super scary. These visuals are overwhelming...


Next, let's take a look at B, "The super-scary zombie dogs".

These "super-scary zombie dogs" (Cerberus) were created and released to collect battle data. With their agility, ferocity, and the sheer volume of their elite battle experience, they can take out their foes in an instant. I'm sure plenty of players found themselves caught in their maws before they could even line up their gun sights. Did this happen to you too?


It's been 20 years since this incident, but as Joseph was the first to find out, smirking is still a sign of impending doom!


Now let's look at C, "The falling ceiling".

In an extreme situation surrounded by unknown monsters, I think it's a given that you'd want to take a (totally real) shotgun that was just hanging on a wall. Which then leads to the falling many players around the world weren't able to escape becoming a Jill Sandwich?


Anyone would be freaked out by a falling ceiling. Maybe it's best to put it back though...the shotgun, that is...


And finally, let's take a look at D, "Other (including "I forgot")"!

There are so many places to die, but the online poll system won't let us list that many. Do you remember your first RE death? Share it with hashtag #MyFirstREDeath, we look forward to reading yours! (Which will probably remind us of more of our own!)


Chris is down, having forgot something that was important to him (not really). Chin up, Chris!


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. We're looking forward to seeing your experiences!

Stay tuned for more trivia-laden One-Click Questions as time goes on!