Mar.09.2018 - Mar.23.2018

In RE4, Leon's objective was to save the president's daughter, Ashley. Ashley turned out to be quite a unique character in her own right. Which of these Ashley moments surprised you the most?

  • Her fist pumps as Leon took out enemies on the gondola


  • Her controls being different from Leon's on Normal difficulty and higher


  • Casually driving the giant bulldozer


  • Other (including not being surprised at all)


First let's look at A, "Her fist pumps as Leon took out enemies on the gondola".

You may remember a scene where Leon and Ashley are riding a gondola while trying to escape...if Leon takes down their pursuers, Ashley gives a cute little fist pump behind him! It was surprising, but I couldn't help but to laugh at how surreal it was...


A college girl, fist pumping over headshots being scored while riding a gondola in a European mountain. You can really only laugh at that...


Next, let's take a look at B, "Her controls being different from Leon's on Normal difficulty and higher".

The game system changes in RE4 meant a substantial departure from the controls that players had gotten accustomed to, but when given control of Ashley, the controls reverted back to the fixed-camera tank style! I'm sure there are plenty of players who remember the controls going all old-school on them!


Players around the world must have been bewildered by the sudden change in control scheme...


Now, let's take a look at C, "Casually driving the giant bulldozer".

As the pair are trying to make their escape, they come across a giant bulldozer. Just as Leon is probably thinking about taking the wheel, he's beaten to the punch as Ashley says "Leave it to me, Leon!" I remember being clearly surprised at her range of skills...


Ashley takes it upon herself to jump behind the wheel of the bulldozer. We really can just leave it to her!


And finally, let's take a look at D, "Other (including not being surprised at all)"!

I'm sure there are players around the world who weren't surprised at all by Ashley's actions in the game. This is the option for you! Aside from the ones introduced here, there are plenty of cool episodes featuring Ashley - share yours over Twitter with the hashtag #REmemberAshleyRE4!


Ashley, angry that you don't find her more surprising. That look...makes me weak in the knees...


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. We're looking forward to seeing your experiences!

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