Apr.06.2018 - Apr.20.2018

In RE6, Ada did her thing from the shadows as she often does. She infiltrated the submarine, but found she'd already been granted access to it. What valuable piece of info was used for the security authentication system?

  • Retina scan, so we can gaze into her eyes


  • Traditional fingerprinting


  • Handprint which had already been implemented


First let's look at A, "Retina scan, so we can gaze into her eyes".

I can certainly understand the sentiment of wanting to gaze into her eyes, but that wasn't the authorization system used on the sub, so it's not the right answer!


Wrong! You win a rather harsh date with a wall...


Next, let's take a look at B, "Traditional fingerprinting".

This is a fairly standard system that's even used in smartphones. Not a bad guess, but this wasn't what was used on the submarine, so it's also not the correct answer!


Wrong! And you win a deadly game of leap-frog from behind!


That means that the correct answer is C, "Handprint which had already been implemented".

Personally, among the options I thought this was the most futuristic, so I was surprised to hear that it had been made a reality! Seeing it in game, I thought "well, that is pretty convenient!"


Here's the authorization scene. Gotta admit, having a system like this for the gym would be pretty handy!



Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. Just how much of Ada's personal information do you have in your mental file?

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: C
Handprint which had already been implemented.