Jun.22.2018 - Jul.06.2018

In RE2, one of the primary locations is the sprawling Raccoon City police station. The size owes to its former function - what did was it before becoming the police station?

  • An impregnable military compound


  • An art museum with ample parking


  • An R&D center for the ubiquitous Umbrella Corp


First let's look at A, "An impregnable military compound."

While the station ended up barricaded off and filled with weapons and ammo, it never served this purpose officially, so this is not the correct answer!


...not that well barricaded either.


Next, let's take a look at C, "An R&D center for the ubiquitous Umbrella Corp."

At this point, Umbrella has their evil tendrils everywhere, so this would not be surprising, but unfortunately it is also incorrect.


They're sure to be up to no good somewhere though.


That means that the correct answer is B, "An art museum with ample parking."

The museum closed down in the late 80s, but was purchased by the city due to its central location and, yes, ample parking. Police Chief Brian Irons was instrumental in choosing and negotiating for the property.


Chief Irons of the R.P.D., what a helpful guy!


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This week we took a look at an art museum turned police station, hope you got the picture!

Correct answer: B
An art museum with ample parking.