Jun.29.2018 - Jul.13.2018

Even we were blown away by the incredible graphics and the details of the locations in the RE2 remake. Which location's gorgeous re-imagining are you looking forward to most?

  • R.P.D.'s glorious main hall


  • Raccoon City's mean streets


  • R.P.D.'s foreboding hallways


  • Somewhere else?


First let's look at A, "R.P.D.'s glorious main hall."

We get a good look at this early location in the trailer and demos. Sprawling size, soft lighting, and rendered in evocative color, it really helps to calm me down after...well all the other locations in the game.


Looks like a painting you'd find in an art museum...


Then there's B, "Raccoon City's mean streets."

Still dark, dangerous and on fire like in the original, but now with photorealistic detail, pouring rain, and probably a not-insignificant amount of extra zombies.


Look both ways before crossing this street!


Can't forget C, "R.P.D.'s foreboding hallways."

We see Leon carefully making his way through these in the trailer and demos. In the remake, they've been lovingly recrafted to be pitch black, grimy, claustrophobic, and downright terrifying to be in.


Isn't it great!?


How about D, "Somewhere else?"

These locations are all pretty early on in the game, and there are a TON more to try and survive through. Please share with us what you're looking forward to most! #RE2


You and me both, Leon.


Obviously you've watched the trailer by now, right? Just in case you want to see it again in all its glory, click here or see the banner below for the main site.

Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. Hope this question helped you find your happy place!

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