Sep.14.2018 - Sep.28.2018

In Resident Evil Revelations, the nice guy Parker hands you a highly-functional scanning device, that's useful in a wide variety of situations. What is the name of this device?

  • Terragrigia


  • Thor's Hammer


  • Genesis


First let's look at A, "Terragrigia."

If you've played Rev1, this name probably sounds familiar to you... You may remember the Terragrigia Panic, referring to the city of Terragrigia which befell a tragic fate. As such, it's not the right answer.


Parker and Jessica escaping from the hell that the city of Terragrigia became. Like most RE characters, I'm sure they won't be forgetting what happened here for a long time...


Next, let's look at B, "Thor's Hammer."

This is a gallant name that invokes the image of the God of Thunder. Would using a device named Thor's Hammer let you shoot out lightning bolts? As cool as that would be, "Thor's Hammer is the name of the shotgun Chris used in RE7, therefore, it's also not the right answer!


Chris wielding the Thor's Hammer. The latest in weaponry, it's powerful and versatile!


That means that the correct answer is C, "Genesis."

Not quite sure how it befits scanning stuff, but it certainly is a catchy name! Incidentally, Parker barely even knew what it was called before taking it from Quint and running off with it, and Jill expertly deduces that Parker hasn't even read the manual yet.


Jill busts Parker's chops a bit. Good times.


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. We hope you could efficiently scan your brain for the right answer!

Correct answer: C