Sep.28.2018 - Oct.12.2018

In Resident Evil 0, Rebecca is attacked by a large number of creatures while exploring the Ecliptic Express train. Who comes to her rescue?

  • Her trusty commander, Enrico


  • The capable and charming Billy


  • Her back-up man, Richard


First let's look at A, "Her trusty commander, Enrico."

While Enrico did provide commander-like support over the coms, such as telling Rebecca about Billy's crimes, he didn't appear here, so this is not the right answer!


The commander aboard the helicopter, heading on site. ...He may look it, but he's not actually angry (probably?).


Next, let's look at C, "Her back-up man, Richard."

While his presence was felt, as he was in the area providing support to Rebecca, at this point in time he's off doing something else, and it would be a while before they meet up again, so this is also not the right answer!


They do end up working together! ...Albeit, in Umbrella Chronicles, a completely different game...


That means that the correct answer is B, "The capable and charming Billy."

He'd asked her for help before this scene, only to be turned down. Instead of holding a grudge, he came to her rescue with some accurate gunfire. He's good looking and an awesome guy...I can't find any faults with him!


Billy giving Officer Chambers a scolding. I get the feeling she doesn't mind all that much.


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. If you found yourself stuck, we hope some capable and charming person was able to come to your aid!

Correct answer: B
The capable and charming Billy.