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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2676Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-10-23 22:37:45
Play neil stage 100 times each day and they will pop eventually. Goodluck and don't go crazy
2675Name:COOLHERO2019-10-23 11:02:46

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2674Name:Carlitos Hadoken2019-10-19 11:51:40
In the Resident Evil 2 remake i found a weird code on the 9 volt battery does someone have any ideas about what it does?, maybe is nothing but who knows
2673Name:avlis2019-10-18 23:03:38
alguem pode me responder porque nao aparece minha possiçao no evento e pontuaçao
2672Name:CrimsonBlade882019-10-17 13:26:37
looking for someone to get me gluttony 5 on revelations1 for wii u if anyone still plays, i am underlevelled tho at 24. if its impossible at my wii u level would like to be powerlevelled first then gs trinity please
2671Name:Danilorb20052019-10-14 09:49:46
Is anyone still playing resident evil revelations for ps4 to help me with ghost ship chaos? I'm level 50 and having problems to do it alone. If anyone interest pls add me Thx
2670Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-10-10 06:36:41
RE6 on Switch is pretty good. Unstable framerate but the ability to play with the extra costumes in campaign is a nice touch. see you in survivors!
2669Name:Infested_Leon2019-09-30 04:04:49
Thank you very much. It would be nice if there was a new challenge in here by clearing all the area that would make a hell of challenging.just proposing
2668Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-30 00:30:31
You don't
2667Name:Infested_Leon2019-09-29 15:59:18
I would like to know if i gets any unlockable stuff if i clear all the area map(no red zone left) in the RE2 remake. I spent more than 8hours playing this game & i think im only at the half of the game or not even so, i dont know Bcuz it's my 1st time playing this game and i started it on hardcore mode. So i would like to know if its worth it or not but even if i dont get any rewards or unlockable bonus by clearing all area i'll do it anyway just for fun Bcuz i like to enjoy this game.Thank you.
2666Name:CrimsonBlade882019-09-28 04:04:29
would like to discuss treasure hunt on revelations 1... i see people on ps4 board with 300K+ points and i cant even break 200K on switch version running gsc. i do 7 weapons in 12-13minutes... am i not going fast enough? it seems impossible for me to pass 190K... explanation of crazy scores anyone?
2665Name:WeskerBiscuit2019-09-27 05:48:23
Looking for someone to help me out on Revelations 1, Xbox One.

I’m level 50, trying to beat Ghost Ship & Ghost Ship Chaos. Any help would be appreciated!

GT is WeskerBiscuit
2664Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-26 20:52:27
corrupterd harddrive? You should always back up your save files once a year or so. Either on external harddrive (USB stick) or the cloud.
2663Name:Gordo2019-09-26 19:35:43
Iv lost everything on every game. And it won't let me play some of them
2662Name:Gordo2019-09-26 19:33:49
What would cause my xbox360 to delete all my games could someone plz help me
2661Name:Gordo2019-09-26 19:32:43
What would cause my xbox360 to delete all my games
2660Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-19 19:50:57
Looking at old posts there have always been drama on here. The forums isn't well designed so there is not much room for discussion on the games other than rev2 where people usually share tips or expose cheaters. This open board is basically only for advertising or people asking random crap in spanish lol!
2659Name:Goji2019-09-19 14:44:59
Why are people always fighting on here this website used to be amazing and now look at it.
2658Name:Friendly B.O.W2019-09-19 04:51:09
sorry to seem like a negative nancy here but those users are affiliated with the peoples Re_Girl_1998 and the one that used to go by "Lotti JPN" who are making other accounts here that have no game records to harass other players. they tried to portray themselves as someone that was warning others about Re_Girl and when i called them out they delete their account and start harassing me with these site buddy requests
2657Name:Friendly B.O.W2019-09-19 04:47:17
i think its funny that as soon as i posted something in the forums that user deleted their own account and then i keep getting site buddy requests from a users on PS4 making fun of Martin Milk's username and they are as follows:

Martin "condensed milk"
Martin "raw milk"
Martin "powered milk"
Martin "low fat milk"
Martin "soy milk"

i deleted these requests once and they are requesting me again. i am going reporting them to the site admins
2656Name:'Cho2019-09-16 14:49:41
Check out my very short combo video. I did Mercenaries No Mercy on Resident Evil 6 solo.
2655Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-14 00:32:38
Nintendo Switch players ! Join our discord group for coop action in Revelations 1 & 2 and soon RE5 & 6
2654Name:Yesname2019-09-13 17:37:31
What happen to the site? Anyone GM manager to see and search the hackers and cheaters??
2653Name:Friendly B.O.W2019-09-13 14:20:17
tell u guys what. its really sad to see certain ppl around here that have nothin better to do with their time than to insult other players just bc they cant have things their way/are jealous of whatever. this community used to be much more peaceful without those "certain" ppl. cant really name them bc they keep changing their profile username but i think some of you know who im talking about. just putting that out there.
2652Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-10 09:23:33
@Botlok+: I just want this:
2651Name:Botlok+2019-09-10 09:16:44
@ Daegoth Vilfariel

Ok,though you where hunting for any icons. If I find anything good for RE 6,will let you know! :)
2650Name:antho2019-09-10 08:21:48
tho] hello who knows how to have the weapons of the color orange thank you résident evil révélation
2649Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-10 06:27:25
@Botlok: if you meant this steam guide:
Lemme tell ya that is just for the Revelations game while the icon I'm looking for is from RE6 :(
but ty anyway.
2648Name:Botlok+2019-09-10 01:21:41
@ Daegoth Vilfariel

Perhaps you could try this site best: resident evil revelations titles Type it just like that and you will get the icon pictures,the title unlocked and the requirement for unlocking it! Hope this clear things up!
2647Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-09 10:19:21
@Botlok, ty for your response and the sites says:
Chris Redfield 2 Unlock the Result Medal Master Web Badge.
(Earned all Campaign mode Result Medals)
Basically I need to beat all game campaign on hardest difficulty? I've asked that to a guy who made a Steam guide but he wasn't sure either.
2646Name:Botlok+2019-09-09 07:36:16
@ Daegoth Vilfariel:

Sorry for not responding earlier to your question and perhaps have been answered already,but if you need to know title/ icons requirements for RE Revelations 1,you must check the following site. ( You may find it as well with (resident evil revelations titles) Thanks for your attention!
2645Name:antho2019-09-08 23:43:12
hello who knows how to have the weapons of the color orange thank you
2644Name:antho2019-09-08 17:56:30
Merci de faire part de vos échanges merci pour s’entraider bien évidemment merci 1000 fois
2643Name:antho2019-09-08 17:53:44
Bonjour quelqu’un sait comment avoir les armes oranges ??? Merci
2642Name:Goji2019-09-08 16:42:49
Greed i see
2641Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-08 16:40:16
There are secrets in the mode. For example in urban chaos if you save the wopper zombie to be the last enemy you kill you will get a higher score. But on xbox 360 you got someone who been getting 1st rank for years straight not letting anyone else get the special reward. Goodluck
2640Name:Goji2019-09-08 16:29:52
Does anyone know why i cant get a higher score on re6 mercenaries like to hit 1st place or am i competing with others who has cheat codes?
2639Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-04 09:06:45
Sorry to ask you again but, basically do I need to complete all campaigns with S score after finishing each stage? Can it be done on low difficulties? I've found the following but don't seem to understand it very well:
2638Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-04 08:42:55
Ty sweetie. I'll also check for other RE games supported by this website.
2637Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-04 05:07:12
Here is a link that might help you :)
2636Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-04 04:23:39
Oh I see. Isn't there a guide or something for all hidden or possible icons? Because that in particular isn't among the ones I can see in this web. I'm interested now.
2635Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-04 04:09:25
If I remember correctly you need to get all medals for the campaign in RE6.
2634Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-04 03:25:52
I see, now what if I want this icon in particular? Any tips???
2633Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-03 20:48:52
Some ICONS can be bought with RE net points. Some you need to do certain things in-game to make them unlock by themselfes. And a select few was limited time only icons that can never be obtained again.
2632Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-03 03:03:48
Can somebody please tell me how to unlock more icons for my profile? Something like:
A usar has it but it doesn't show it into my possible icons.
2631Name:spookybec2019-08-29 13:39:47
come join my not-so-great albert wesker server. we talk about all things RE, actually. ciao!
2630Name:Syntroth2019-08-19 08:06:45
I've been revisiting Mercenaries modes with some friends, and it's been a blast.

We're mostly playing RE5's Mercenary mode (on PS4) and some of RE6.

If you want to join us and have some multiplayer matches with use, feel free to message me.

My PSN ID is Syntroth
2629Name:EhiGioG152019-08-19 05:06:31
Hello everyone, is there someone who wants to play Mercenaries o No Hope Campaign on RE6 ps3? :)
2628Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-18 21:48:46
There are a billion RE fan discords avalible already and most of them are dead.
2627Name:ClaireRedfield2019-08-18 07:58:35
I have made a discord server to discuss Resident evil with other fans. Resident evil fans are welcome to join:

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