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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2074Name:zombie2018-08-14 20:01:30
Anyone available to help me complete ghost ship chaos and normal ghost ship, I'm on Xbox one GT StraightupNades, finding it very difficult to find people to help.
2073Name:mrhammed2018-08-14 06:07:19
Hola, llevo algunos años baneado de los eventos por usar editores. Los usé para mostrar a mis seguidores que existían armas imposibles de conseguir, el vídeo lo subí a youtube. No use los editores para sacar partido y aprovecharme, los usé como prueba de que algunas armas eran imposibles de conseguir y fui baneado y creo que merezco ser perdonado. Ya han pasado muchos años.
2072Name:mrhammed2018-08-14 06:05:41
Hola, llevo algunos años baneado de los eventos por usar editores. Los usé para mostrar a mis seguidores que existían armas imposibles de conseguir, el vídeo lo subí a youtube. No use los editores para sacar partido y aprovecharme, los usé como prueba de que algunas armas eran imposibles de conseguir y fui baneado y creo que merezco ser perdonado. Ya han pasado muchos años.
2071Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 06:45:24

Why make it more difficult than it already is? I definitely wouldn't do it for a shitty weapon like p-90...LOL
2070Name:Col. Kurtz2018-08-10 09:56:21
would anyone like to see an event where only wanted
Kills made during a stage
that a player achieves a
Trinity Bonus would count?
2069Name:Leovieira2018-08-08 01:22:01
Como faço pra desbloquear navio fantasma caos
2068Name:LucasBRx182018-08-07 03:11:32
Okay thank you very much I would very much like to appear on the re7 RANK I love this game!
2067Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-08-06 19:27:17
@LucasBRx18 I'd suggest you send an inqury to staff so they can answer.
2066Name:LucasBRx182018-08-06 14:04:03
I would like to know why I do not appear in the rankings and not at all I hear that I was banned but I find this very strange what happened was my save from the RE HD REMASTER of steam ended up breaking and I had to recreate a new one and after me synchronize I stopped appearing in the rankins if anyone can help me I really wanted to do the RE6 events. Thank you to anyone who helps me.
2065Name:vegasman2018-08-05 12:50:47
I hope you guys are trying the invasion of the huge creatures event mission. You have to help out a worldwide Community attacking a genuinely huge version of The Monsters. We need all the help we can get
2064Name:Kin~Jo2018-08-04 00:39:57
(Any Tag) Muramasa is basically the best type of gun in game due to it being only gun to have 100% Crit damage & no recoil (in both Revelations games)...I prefer LR+ Tag for Mura (I tend to use Magnums close due to scope) for even more damage & Crit10 can be beastly on it.

If you have a USB you can play w the config to find your ideal mix w/o risking wasting Parts/Guns themselves.

Mura IMHO IS the best gun in game tho~
2063Name:vegasman2018-07-28 13:51:30
am i the only one who loves using the rifle. I have a muramasa with 10 damage and 5 homing ammo and I can wipe out most boards in RAID Mode pretty easily. Is there a better option
2062Name:Kin~Jo2018-07-26 19:33:29
Also (forgot to add), just as a note, the SVD model rifles all actually have the worst/most recoil of ALL the rifles (including the AMR, oddly, as its Cal would basically guarantee the opposite)...that likely didn't help you control aim when combined w FB - Brst2 is likely as high as you want to go w SVD-type rifles, BTW/FYI~
2061Name:Kin~Jo2018-07-26 18:46:35
Never seen one, but heard rumour of a Steady Mura - that Tag on that model would be a bit pointless, but it'd STILL be better than other rifles due to the Crit %.
2060Name:Kin~Jo2018-07-26 18:46:04
The Noid

What Smiles said is true...if you don't have a Mura, then a SteadyShot tag Rifle will have some improvement for recoil as well.

Can't beat any Lvl100 Mura due to built-in anti-recoil (it literally doesn't move at all in either Revelations game) & being the only gun in series that does double-damage (+100%) on Critical hits...all the other guns do half-damage (+50%).
2059Name:Victorhgames2018-07-26 08:29:28
estou desenvolvendo um projeto remaker resident evil outbreak file 3 online gostaria de sua ajuda para divulgar na sua pagina como o game esta sendo feito ja tem algumas game play do game que posso estar passando para todos os fãns divulgar aqui na page agradeço pela ajuda
Aqui Esta a gameplay do teste
Esse Game esta sendo feito Apenas para fãns da serie e não para conter ou ganhar dinheiro apenas diverção
2058Name:The Noid 232018-07-26 03:24:25
Thanks Smiles! :-)
2057Name:HalfMercy2018-07-25 13:11:10
Does anyone play RE6 campain or DLC with me? I play RE6 in Steam. Plz add me.
2056Name:WornOutSmiles2018-07-24 07:14:55
@The Noid 23

First of all the Muramasa has no recoil with Fullburst. The other Rifles do have it though. Besides the obvious of just practicing trying to control the recoil they create, it may also be worth changing your Aiming Speed under Camera Settings. I believe the default Aiming Speed is like 3, but when I played I used 8 I think. Experiment with the speeds and see if that helps.
2055Name:The Noid 232018-07-24 01:11:48
Weekend Survivor Question

Been working our way to level 30 (got 24.5) this time around, but had some issues creating guns. I have a SVD and put full burst and homing on it, but I still could not control the aiming. Since Anti-Recoil isn't allowed on the gun I was wondering if other rifles were different. I see people with full burst on muramasa or anti-material having no issues. Are those guns just different than the SVD? Is there something else I am doing wrong? Thanks!
2054Name:s1234567890on2018-07-22 00:54:15

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2053Name:Wesker2018-07-21 19:11:31
Help me plz to get gluttony 5
2052Name:l-MaKiTa-l2018-07-21 08:57:01
hola alguien podria esplicarme porque no me da un puesto en el raking llevo matando 120 enemigos deberias estar en los puestos 15 pero no me da nunca un puesto en la clasifica porfa ayuden mi wasap es +393885866542 a el juego es residet revelation 1 ya hises las sincronizacion de la ps4 y de la pagina y nada como puedo contactar a los de pagina de residet evil net para que me ayuden
2050Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-20 05:47:07
I'm litterary the only soul on Umbrella Corps online lobby right now.. And in the mean time the Japanese version of Resident Evil Outbreak is heavily populated with players from all over the world.. And that's a PS2 game on a private server.. lmao Capcom get a grip and release that game on PS4.. -_____-
2049Name:Cowman2018-07-19 20:14:51

Hello people i have a youtube channel, im doing a playthrough of resident evil remake with me and my friends. Oh, if you guys like it leave a like, comment and subscribe for more!
2048Name:terminator11capo2018-07-16 08:05:50
Non si trovano più armi arcobaleno qualcuno sa come fare?
2047Name:Azaaron2018-07-12 12:05:31
New animated video series of the HIT 1998 RESIDENT EVIL OFFICIAL COMIC BOOK MAGAZINE. I would love yo hear your opinion or if anyone is interested in participating with voice over acting please don't hesitate to comment! hope you enjoy. :)
2045Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-07-09 22:43:42
@ Franky G

I love replaying the campaign over and over again, but it does get repetitive with lacklustre customisation options.
2044Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-08 17:34:34
@SwagOpz I think the old titles are just fine as they are. I'd be more excited for a game that actually takes the story further. RE7 was a huge disapointment, didn't really do anything to the series as a whole, felt like a spin-off.
2043Name:Chroma-Key2018-07-08 16:31:57
RE2 Remake looks amazing I do hope they have a fun Multiplayer game mode to keep the fun going. 7 was really fun but I miss the multiplayer modes of mercenaries or raid mode. I hope this game marks more remasters I would really love to see Nemesis get a remake and really really want to see Code Veronica get a remake too.
2042Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-08 03:11:48
The game looks fun, I wasn't too happy about the 'adaptive difficulty' setting. I don't like games that punish anyone for being good at the game.
2041Name:Piers_Phantom2018-07-08 02:58:57
I was shocked at how awesome visually RE2 looks. Will be interesting to see if the add any revised costumes like the Biker-Girl Claire and Tanktop Leon that had the modded hand gun if I remember. Hunk and Tofu have been confirmed tho lol
2040Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-08 01:05:04
Yes very excited for RE2. But if it dosen't have events or any fun game modes it'll die quickly like RE7 did for most of us.
2039Name:Rob Redfield2018-07-07 16:04:41
Hi guys long time member first time posting, just wanted to as if y'all fricking ready for RE2 Remake!?
2038Name:ramon leal2018-07-03 08:47:54
2037Name:Franky G2018-07-02 08:17:58
Who's hyped for RE2 remake,it looks sick.
2036Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-02 07:37:49
True shame he wasn't in Revelations 2. He's even mentioned in the game. :( I think capcom had more plans with Revelations 2 but had to move on for some reason.. maybe it was the high demand for RE2?
2035Name:Piers_Phantom2018-07-02 03:15:30
Anyone play on PS4? Almost got all the Campaign trophies, would love to get my second Platinum tho :)
2034Name:Piers_Phantom2018-07-02 03:11:56
5 Years ago today... we lost Piers Nivans :'(

Would be nice to see him in a new game (either Prequal to RE6, sequel (if plausable story) or as DLC for Raid Mode :) The whole Resident Evil franchise owes their lives to him after all :P
2033Name:tonyfresh5502018-07-01 13:29:45

In Raid, theres more action and more enemies to kill. Story mode just seems to drag at times..and the action is not non stop like it is in raid mode.
2032Name:Franky G2018-07-01 11:50:23
Why does raid mode seem more enjoyable than story mode?
2031Name:ixmonaexi2018-06-30 07:54:25
Need partner(s) for RE6 on PS3 any takers? Add me ixmonaexi
2030Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-29 03:25:59
Acid93 those allow you to get rarer finds when you do weapon marathons. Very useful, good luck.
2029Name:Acid932018-06-28 20:12:14
How do the rarity finders work? And how do I have to deal with them in order to achieve an effect. How do you increase the percentage of my chance to find rarity?
Please Help Me!!!
2028Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-25 01:11:35
Revelations 3 | Coming | Never
2026Name:fightingmofo42018-06-22 05:17:37
Hello. I have resident evil 6 on the ps4 and im trying to get the ex2 costumes. I dont see a lot of people playing. If anybody wants to partner up send me a friend request.
2025Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-21 07:07:16
True that! I'm not sure if this will work in ghost ship chaos....but in Rev2, i farm offline 30 minutes twice a day..... usually 8-6 or 7-3 and it has definitely helped me. I found several purple and rainbow weapons including AMR . Just turn off in the options menu after restarting your console.
Good luck.
2024Name:WornOutSmiles2018-06-21 05:31:37
RNG: you get what you get, not what you deserve. You can play Ghost Ship Chaos for the rest of your life and not find the weapon you want, or you can play once and find it. Using 9 Rare Finders helps, but there's still no guarantee...
2023Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-19 14:23:45

It happens. Can't blame that person.
2022Name:meemaw2018-06-19 11:48:13
wha am i doing wrong, i played online1198 times plus no idea how many times myself solo. A friend played less than 60 online and got a 6 slot python. Ive been grinding chaos where im bout burnt. yes used rare finders also neat ghost noman

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