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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2567Name:Adam19841232019-04-21 00:45:06
I'm play Revelations on Ps4. Looking for an awesome coop partner to help me do ghost ship chaos. I'm lvl 49 but finding it pretty tough. Add me on PSN adam1984123 if you can help. Thanks.
2566Name:JonnieS.Kennedy2019-04-20 14:02:29
Hey Atlantean, you don‘t start a challenge
with a button or something...just play it with
observing the permitted rules, be sure you‘re logged in on your device and your game data has to be newer than the start of the challenge...
2565Name:Atlantean2019-04-20 10:33:43
Help! I'm new to Resident I logged in, linked up RE2, but I DON'T know how to start a challenge! Is there something obvious I've missed?
2564Name:IB O IR ID O2019-04-15 14:28:50
I know capcom won't see it. It was a pointless gesture from the get go.
2563Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-15 02:14:54
Lol you'd expect that capcom would have atleast 1 dedicated fan in their building checking the forums. Your post will never be seen.. sorry!
2562Name:IB O IR ID O2019-04-14 20:11:50
CAPCOM: What's up with these ZERO step entries for this week's RE2(Remake) Weekly Challenge? Obviously its some PC hack, but why doesn't your system sanity check entries for glitched game entries?
2561Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-12 05:26:28
HeLLO my friends

I would like to invite you guys to checkout my YouTube channel. I have several videos from various Resident Evil games. If you enjoy it, please subscribe ! Thanks!
2560Name:xSamyKrakenHCx2019-04-11 21:55:45
Modo raíd ps3...
Mi id es BuboSaenz2015
2559Name:E-drive2019-04-10 02:46:00

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2558Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-09 10:54:07

Yes I will. Thanks buddy
2557Name:Thanatos2019-04-08 22:26:37
Invasion of huge creatures: for ps3 players questioning the 50% damage reduction they suffer from one day to the next, this is a built in feature of the Pedro event, has been every year since 2015. Learn your bullet damage numbers, if they are halved RETIRE and restart the event. No use complaining to Capcom, it is a deliberate trick by them.
Happy hunting!
(tony or martin, can you post this in ps forums please?)
2556Name:Taizuke2019-04-08 04:11:27
Anyone going for these "kill a certain number of enemies" challenges in RE 2 Remake i can confirm the following:

- Bosses count (including Croc).
- The one-hit zombies in the cell during Leon's campaign.

What doesn't count are the zombies laying around that don't move or do anything. Like for example the zombies laying around in front of the S.T.A.R.S office. You can explode their heads but it won't count.
2555Name:Rammstein2019-04-07 17:02:28
For Resident Evil 2 Remake, there should be an option to use and keep the stored items and weapons from the previous game once you start a new game like RE4,5 and 6.
2554Name:Rammstein2019-04-07 16:57:37
Love this game but i got disappointed because you do not have the options to keep your stored items and weapons from the previous game when you start a new game. Wherein everything will be lost and start over.
2553Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-07 01:16:58
Tony, you should know by now that I AM the gay master of renet
2552Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-06 15:39:08

Thank you for your videos!!
2551Name:WHITERADA2019-04-06 00:21:23
thanks to everyone watching my YouTube channel ;)
2550Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-05 15:01:15

Gay master
2549Name:Pussy MASTER2019-04-04 23:48:13
If you like good TRANCE music + FAST weekend survivor L0L

[XBOX360] Weekend Survivor no.37 with OBBEYCAS 44'22

An Oldie' but a GooDie ~~~~~~~
2548Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-03 17:34:28
Yes, I feel like Capcom dropped the ball on the RE2 extra content.
2547Name:Steve2019-04-03 16:47:51
Anyone else want to see a campaign mode for Resident Evil 2 Remake similar to Resident Evil 4 that lets you play as Ada and see her side of the story?
2546Name:xxxMALKOxxx2019-04-03 12:01:15
Bonjour suite a un renouvellement d'abonnement xboxlive gold,toute mes sauvegardes resident evil on disparues, je me retrouve a zero alors que j'etait au niveau 50 avec tous les bonus trinity, il c'est passer quoi svp ???? merci de votre reponse
2545Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-02 01:05:33
Resident Evil Outbreak just got Announced ! Coming this summer for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Sorry Xbox dudes you'll have to keep playing Revelations 2 forever xD
2544Name:MegaWolf2019-04-01 10:30:33
I just linked my account, I'm looking for somebody to join, please add my PSN. ---> Orakelfreak
2543Name:JP52019-03-31 13:14:33
Just Platinumed RE2 on PS4. Now time to work on getting more medals. Looking forward to seeing what the new challenges are.
2542Name:Pussy MASTER2019-03-31 04:08:24
Resident Evil: Revelations [KILL COUNT CHALLENGE] 35 kills in 1'03 PRO

for the hardcore people who somehow like to spend their time in the 'LABS' on killcount? this IS the best way to play.
2541Name:Tayter Tot2019-03-31 02:05:06
ok thank you seemed like a formula of some sort see thought
2540Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-30 09:33:05
Tera Welch

Thats vandalism.
2539Name:Tera welch2019-03-29 07:54:44
We're on Level 3 judgement and we're wondering what the graffiti is on the walls inside the first building it has a couple symbols,numbers and letters and with a little Tower something
2538Name:Knives_052019-03-28 15:50:48
Hello again guys, it's been a while...

So, sometime ago played a campaing with an experiment on mind, i used for a long time the Wesker's edge while attempting (and succeeding) the 'no damage' achievementAnd after reviewing my stats, i noticed that the 'infinite ammo/bonus weapons used', DIDN'T HAD A MARKER ON IT.

So... This could mean that these DLC's weapons can be used in order to do more easily the challenges, not banned after all.
2537Name:Director Bison2019-03-28 12:58:23
If anyone is having a problem with any Weekly Challenge, make sure your Latest Play Stats include the Date you started your run, I did Item Aversion with Leon only to beat the game and see it didn't count, I must have not been connected with the server when I started the run. I'm sure as long as you have when your started the run recorded, then you can be disconnected until you beat the game. The server likely only requires your starting date and your end game results
2536Name:random2019-03-27 04:06:32
how and when do i receive my latest event reward from RE revelations?
2535Name:Taizuke2019-03-26 04:32:49
Also, yes, more skins. Would love to look like Ben or Marvin when going through the campaign.
2534Name:Taizuke2019-03-26 04:31:24
For anyone going for the weekly challenges and thinking you can't see your progress until the end that's not entirely true.

Every time your game saves it sends the current run's data to RE.NET servers. You can then check your progress when looking at the weekly challenges and clicking on "Latest Play Stats". It tells you everything you've done ranging from items picked up, accuracy, weapons used, ect.
2533Name:Captain VDO2019-03-24 20:41:35
More skins plz :)
2531Name:Botlok+2019-03-20 22:34:34
Very gratefull to you Capcom for answering the calls from the PS 3 community,the true record holders and myself regarding the siege of the world records page by hacker/comedians. Now true record holders like Navigat88 and Rayfield stand were they belong. Thanks again Rocket Man for not being lost in space! LOL!
2530Name:IB O IR ID O2019-03-20 22:18:43
They fixed the "All Time" below. Not as much as a drop as I would have thought. I think 268-to-239.
2529Name:IB O IR ID O2019-03-19 15:12:05
Capcom: Why is "All Time" for the RE2 Perfect Streak Results "01/24/2019 - 02/04/2019" and not "01/24/2019 - 03/18/2019"? Makes no sense at all!
2528Name:IB O IR ID O2019-03-18 01:08:11
I gotta say … It's been a boring week with the RE2 weekly challenges pushed back a week due to Capcom's technical issues last weekend. I personally look forward to see the shrinking list of Perfect Streak players. I think that the pushback will have lost the attention of "some" perfect streak players as it has almost done with me. 13 more hours to go...
2527Name:Taizuke2019-03-17 03:46:51
I see all these PC mods of being able to play with different skins and whatnot in RE 2 Remake and I wish there was something similar on consoles.

I would love to unlock new skins with these gold and platinum medals we're getting from the weekly challenges.
2525Name:Botlok+2019-03-16 12:41:55
Space Control calling commander Capcom! Rocket Man Capcom are you there? Helloooooo can you hear me? Anyone there? Am I taking to a void? Hellooooooooo! LOL!! Capcom are you still allowing the cheaters to run amock on the World Records page for Playstation 3? Wake up Capcom,you are letting these comedians make a joke of this page and displace legit players. I know you are better than this,do what is right for the true record holders,please! Thanks again!
2524Name:Mr. Mort2019-03-16 11:57:12
Who would purchase a Resident Evil Ambassadors shirt if available?
2523Name:Grozer992019-03-16 02:48:14
@Taizuke thanks for highlighting aim assist cant believe i missed it, cheers!
2521Name:Zmang02019-03-15 08:50:39
Or maybe go screw yourself?
2520Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-03-14 12:18:10
lmao cry harder
2519Name:Zmang02019-03-14 11:52:38
Lodging a complaint about Revelations on Switch. The game is horrible at rendering BOTH what my partner and I can do. We lost so many runs because it's almost unplayable. The download speed is horrible.
2518Name:Rainier332019-03-13 20:22:21
Have a question, i play re2 remake on xbox one x ... 90% of the game looks pretty , but in the rest 10% i have frame drops..... Looks like 30 fps . Anyone have the same problem? Its in leon a run ,,,,, when i get the bolt cutter and go in the next room , where the zombies lie on the ground .... Than than the frames drops to 25-30fps . Is this normal ?

2517Name:Taizuke2019-03-13 08:33:20
@GiggityGoo321, the DLC guns should not count as infinite weapons since they're not... infinite. Maybe it's counting the infinite knife since you said you used it.

@Grozer99, check the options menu and make sure "Aim Assist" is not ON because if it is then it won't count.
2516Name:Grozer992019-03-13 07:49:10
Anyone having poblems with weekly challenge medals not updating, said issue was resolved following weekends data update problem. Same issue with pacificist medal not updating done it multple times argh!!!
2515Name:GiggityGoo3212019-03-13 00:18:12
I literally made the same mistake for the assassin plus challenge and used the infinite knife.... I might give it another run again in a few days, burned out from all the hardcore runs lol.

Something else I was curious about, do the pre-order guns count as using an infinite weapon? I didn't use the infinite samurai edge during my HC run but in the stats, it says I used an infinite bonus weapon on this page.

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