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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2201Name:slangking2018-12-16 17:20:57
@BrunoPrime The delay is normal. The prizes are usually given several days or even weeks after the event finishes.
2200Name:Florett2018-12-16 03:15:55
Why was I thrown in the event from # 1 to # 16 just because I loaded an old score? I had to do that because I accidentally sold a good weapon
2199Name:Highside452018-12-16 00:36:26
New to gaming and i absolutely love this game and this online gaming stuff complete newb haha
2198Name:BrunoPrime2018-12-15 13:10:29
Hello everyone, first of all, I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian, and I'm using Google translator, I have a question I participated in the last event of the giant creatures, and the event is over and I still have not won my items, is this normal? and neither did the trophy that I attended the event. Does it take anyway or give you a problem?
2197Name:Emma_Beauty19972018-12-15 06:26:43
Alright i send you request
2196Name:tonyfresh5502018-12-14 20:52:41

I can help you. Revelations 1 or 2 ? I have both games. Send me a message on PSN: CocoSnicker12
2195Name:Emma_Beauty19972018-12-14 13:27:49
Maybe not right forum but is there anyone that wanna help me with raid mode? Im playing on ps4
2194Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-12-14 04:34:07
Or the support can Just be like any other game and we can do without revelations 3 for a while and the site will be perfectly fine .
2193Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-12-14 03:01:39
Yes.. it needs to have decent support. That or we need revelations 3 soon. If not will continue to decline and die.
2192Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-12-14 01:37:59
Hopefully there will be that would be nice
2191Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-12-13 23:23:07
hopefully not
2190Name:slangking2018-12-13 08:05:54
Is there going to be support (events / stats etc) for RE2 remake?
2189Name:Elmo772018-12-13 05:07:11
Alguien sabe cómo o que se hace para sacar un sss en modo asalto residente revelesaciones 1
2188Name:robot102102018-12-10 07:58:09
I just want to vent this; Capcom, please release modern PC versions of Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 ! It's been challenging finding the best versions of each game to play; I have a dreamcast, but I'd love to ply them legally with all the bonus content on PC like extra costumes and hard mode for RE2.
2187Name:security2018-12-09 07:32:18
Dose anyone want to be a site buddy
2186Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-12-09 06:50:46
Yes and as for RE6 you can take part in the campaign events which gives you a tick for a new retro style outfit for all playable characters.
2185Name:security2018-12-09 06:36:10
I appreciate your help thank you
2183Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-12-09 05:17:55
Yes you can partake in Events for special weapons get RE Points to redeem weapon cases or In game Gold/Currency for revelations 1/2
2182Name:security2018-12-09 03:46:51
I am new to Resident Evil. Net is there any special downloads or anything you get for being signed up with Resident Evil. Net
2181Name:Botlok+2018-12-08 14:45:53
Season's Greetings to the RE. Community. I got a question for the experts on the subject of Supplies Being transferred or received. How does the transfer log works? Aré those Supplies being transferred to me or for transfer to the gamers Name on ítem? How do you select Supplies to be transferred and to whom? Aré Supplies being transferred ramdomly to playera that need them? Pelease shed some light on this shadowy subject! Thanks for your time.
2180Name:PostalDudeRus2018-12-07 08:52:12
Is there any Umbrella Corps players here? Add me in PSN:PostalDudeRus ;)
2179Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-12-07 05:03:31
I bet if Piers didn't die no one would care for him he wasn't really a great character no real build up or personality
2178Name:silvertourist202018-12-02 21:42:48
Why do people say going for bonuses and then not listen to instructions then take damage anything up to 40 minutes into a run. It's always awesome wasting my time I am getting to the stage of thinking why help
2177Name:Kokosmile2018-12-01 18:33:55
I'm sure this discussion has been done so many times, but I was wondering if anyone can help me. I registered for and capcom, but when I tried to do the Test Connection on RE HD Remaster it said account link incomplete. I go to and it tells me not synchronized. I'm stumped and if anyone can please help me, it would be wonderful.
2176Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-12-01 02:03:29
Actually Jake was an awesome character i liked him way better than piers But Piers should be brought back Actually all the RE6 characters imagine having every RE Character in Rev3 that would be awesome
2175Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-11-30 22:28:31
I think capcom regret their decision killing Piers.. Should have killed Jake instead since nobody really cared about him anyway.. not even them.
2174Name:Adngel2018-11-30 20:12:45
Bring back Piers Nivans!
2173Name:silvertourist202018-11-29 20:10:19
If anyone on resident evil revelations 1on ps4 needs the trinity bonuses on gs or gs chaos I can help I am not a pro by any stretch of the imagination but I can and have helped ppl get the trinity bonuses on both. Tag is Silvertourist20 all I ask is do what I ask you to do ie wait when asked and don't kill my knife kills only kill direct threats
2172Name:Gawlak2018-11-25 10:42:33
WornOutSmiles thank you! You are correct! I just needed to examine it more. It is in fact the right key, great I can move on now. I am new here and not sure how to reply to comments on my posts so I just made a new thread.
2171Name:WornOutSmiles2018-11-25 06:21:02

It probably is the Armour Key. Go to your Inventory and choose to examine the Mansion Keys. It'll say something like "A key, it has a Armour Symbol etched into it"...
2170Name:Gawlak2018-11-24 14:54:33
I am completely stumped in RE Remastered on ps4. I use the walkthrough and it tells me the room is supposed to have the armor key yet the mansion key is there... I already have a mansion key. I need the armor key. I don't think I'll get much further without that key and the walkthrough is not helping. Does anyone know what the problem is?
2169Name:Septikal2018-11-23 08:21:42
Looking for someone on Xbox One to carry me through the Revelations 1 Ghost Ship and help me level/get gear. Message me @Septikal if you are willing to help!
2168Name:elo2018-11-23 04:01:11
Hello there. I have little problem. Re2.
Well, Leatherboard & Rankings in raid mode sometimes disapears my ranking and i'm not in the list.
so what is the problem if someone know answer me i'll be happy. this happend second time first time i dont know somehow fixed but second time I added new friend and after thet i'm not in the list.
Here is the Picture about problem:
2167Name:Lau Maru2018-11-21 09:56:00
what happened to Rebecca chambers? she went from stars to a lab job in Chicago as seen in vendetta film. what about afterwards? when will we see her make a return beyond zero remasters? I would love to see her as a main character in the next installment.
2166Name:firey52018-11-20 13:51:59
@Botlok+ Petey seems to have been away for awhile, I helped him on 360 a couple of years ago and barely seen him since. To my knowledge, he still doesn't have the game for x one.
2165Name:TIMT0M132018-11-18 23:26:16
Hello All, just got back into
RE Revalations 1 again on xbox one
Looking for help grinding a few chaos ghost ship runs to get good enough gear to help new comers.
GT is TimT0m13 and im central time zone
2164Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-16 07:27:54
I guess it depends on luck too. I've played on PS3 for over 2 years and have all the rare weapons. I just started on PS4....been on about 2 months. In the first 2 weeks I got Muramasa level 50 with 7 slots and some other Max slot blue weapons. And that's without using rare finders. I just started using rare finders recently.
2163Name:WornOutSmiles2018-11-15 07:05:31
It's nothing to do with you, it's just RNG being RNG. You get what you get, not what you deserve. I always played with 9 Rare Finders and have very little to show for it. That's why I quit, the drop rates are just way too low...
2161Name:silvertourist202018-11-13 06:49:35
Thank you for the reply WornOutSmiles I wish I knew what I am doing wrong at the minute I have tried 9 rare finders down to 0 rare finders and I get the same old tat the only blue tag guns I have had in the last week have been pink doubles of what I already have or green blue tag guns but mostly white lvl 48 to 50. Am I doing something wrong or is the rng just woefully ha ha
2160Name:Botlok+2018-11-12 05:16:27
Peteyszayy. I have been trying to contact you through Resident messenger and X Box messengers to no avail. Please let me know if you wold like to chat or play a few towers in private co op play. Thanks for your time.
2159Name:WornOutSmiles2018-11-11 16:34:08

Simply put, no. There's only a couple of Orange weapons in the game. The Zeroth, Lindwurm, Grim Reaper, High Roller II and Slaughter. All of those if found with a Blue Tag and their own maximum number of slots; will have an Orange name...
2158Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-11-10 06:37:39
What do you need help with? I can help.
2157Name:HeroReincarnate2018-11-09 21:01:54
Help with RE Origins Collection
2156Name:silvertourist202018-11-09 00:40:17
Hi please can someone tell me can all named weapons (ie sledgehammer, dictator) have an orange name . I can't and have neither acquired or seen a friend with a orange gun of any kind but since the drop rate is very low that is no surprise. The best gun I have is a purple Thunderaptor (blue tag) so I am not complaining but I am just curious. Thank you in advance
2155Name:MR.X2018-11-07 01:51:37
I have been sent some supplies. but can not git them in to the game(Resident Evil Revelations) I have done everything that they said to do to link it to my game(ps4) but my data will not upload(synchronize) i have have played RER2 so I was already synchronized with resident evil . net. and I have had no problem with that game(RER2). and also I have no problem with (RER) on resident evil net. I just can't git it to synchronize on steam. please help if you can. thanks.
2154Name:MR.X2018-11-06 06:54:48
Sergeydemon I fond out since i posted that. but thanks for the info anyway.
2152Name:Sergeydemon2018-11-06 05:53:41
Anyone can't help GSTB
2151Name:MR.X2018-11-05 12:49:22
I'm on episode 3 where parker and jessica has to git on the second elevator. but have to kill all of the hunters before they do. I'm on Infernal difficulty. and i don't have any herbs. and the one herb that is in the room with the elevator i have to use it before I start as the screen is almost completely red so I have to use it before I even think about starting. I said that to say this. will someone send me some supplies? hopefully some herbs. and ammo wouldn't hurt either. thangs.
2150Name:MR.X2018-11-03 11:31:52
MadJackMcJock I didn't know you could send ammo to people. so i did some looking around and you can. I said that to say this I already beat the game once now I'm going back and playing it on the hardest difficulty so I can unlock the infinite rocket launcher. right now I'm at the beginning of chapter 3 and I'm very low on ammo. can someone send me some ammo? thanks
2149Name:MadJackMcJock2018-11-02 07:20:43
Hey there,

Am having some ammo economy problems in Ep4 of RER (Rachel boss fight). Anyone want to kindly donate some ammo I'd really appreciate it.

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