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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2775Name:Starcade2020-03-31 08:58:16
Hey guys! For the Resident Evil 6 (PS3) EX3 outfit event, make sure 1)you’re LOGGED ONTO THE PSN & 2) Select ‘PlayStation Network’ (not ‘Offline’) when starting a chapter to count on the leaderboards. Let’s get the target score, guys!
2774Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-31 02:32:44
umm.. that's a weird minor thing to be that upset about lmao.
2773Name:Scarlet Jester2020-03-31 01:19:27
The controller needs to be altered because The Evil Within is better as far as run. Press L1 on ps4 or LB on xbox down when you want to run. Alternatively toggle run on and off with the button. The Evil Within series is great, I play it all of the time, but I actually didn't even repurchase RE 2 remake at all after I switched consoles to the xbox, because run button is trapped on L3, it effectively ruins the game.
2772Name:Nubianprncess5042020-03-30 01:22:05
Trying to link my Wii U on here but keep getting an error msg.
2771Name:Offworlder12020-03-29 06:47:42
@Ya Boi
Get the two high grade gunpowder, go to the subway car again where you started, mix the two to create mag ammo, they go to where the roof is with the yellow construction site equipment is, a construction worker zombie and the Mr. Charlie will have spawned. Kill the zombie and shoot the Mr. Charlie.
2770Name:Lee Enfield2020-03-28 22:34:57

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2768Name:Ya Boi2020-03-24 10:15:03

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2767Name:Crisgoodspeed2020-03-20 04:31:27
Salut la Team, j'ai coopéré avec des joueurs qui avaient le lance roquette en illimité ! Comment l'obtenir S.V.P ?
2766Name:Peteriks2020-03-20 00:08:03
Hey, got problem with linking account with ps 4. When i trying to link account it says ''Error

Failed to send account link information. Please try again.''

Anybody know how to fix it ?
2763Name:zBrut2020-03-18 01:34:22
Hello all i see even after years people dont understand how grind work in Rev1/Rev2 it is a pure RNG things like special stages special chests special routs or even which way you open chest dont exist never is just pure luck simply example you can grind 10 hours and get rainbows or 300 hours and have crap stuff...Hope this information help safe all
2762Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-14 12:46:47
the grind in revelations is unforgiving and totally random. Rare finders on rev2 do great work so keep using all 3 on all weapons for best result.
2761Name:Shiva2020-03-14 10:07:21
Is it completely hopeless to keep playing code red
til I the get the Muramasa? That’s the only weapon I’m missing. I’ve even equipped level 3 rare
Items part to my weapons for a higher chance and I feel like I’ve wasted my gold. Only got 2 rainbows the entire time
2760Name:Randy840002020-03-12 00:01:56
Salut à tous, y a t'il quelqu'un qui joue au mode commando de résident évil révélation? pas le 2... le 1
2758Name:kunglao_842020-03-10 14:23:03
When I try to sync Revelations to update my raid level it doesnt update at all and im lv 50 in the game but level 1 on here and the sync button wont let you press it. has anyone went through this?
2757Name:Offworlder12020-03-10 11:34:41
Anyone here going to play RE Resistance on the Xbox One ?
2756Name:Cintian Uzuki2020-03-07 01:23:16
Resident Evil 2 remake service back online. Thanks
2755Name:Cintian Uzuki2020-03-06 23:24:47
Resident Evil 2 remake has connection error and i can't finis Weekly Challenges. Can anyone from support take care of this?
2754Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-06 00:51:35
2753Name:Shamoxx2020-03-05 20:15:17
When add link at Resident Evil 6 on Switch ?

2752Name:Kuno2020-03-04 19:28:14
Anyone still play wiiu revelations? Send me a partner invite.
2751Name:Archon2020-03-04 05:02:44
I've put together a comprehensive guide for Resident Evil 6's combat mechanics for anyone looking to get better at campaign/mercenaries.
2750Name:Black Phoenix2020-02-25 04:53:52
Hello to all i used to play resident evil 5 vs mode for years in ps3 now i play on ps4 entered re5vs by psnow only to find i have been removed from my 2 best stages on the leaderboards experimental facility and ship deck i was rank 15 or so Is there anything i can do? Why was only deleted from these 2 stages? I was actually proud of those rankings any help? My psn id is demetrio2121 in case u have a suggestion i didnt know where to go for this Thanks
2749Name:kurty2020-02-25 04:20:43
Hey guys looking for people to play rev1 or 2 raid on PC! Having hard time with the crappy matchmaking.. my steam friend code is 22278004 thanks guys.
2748Name:chidoryBrazil2020-02-22 23:51:56
Capcom can you bring the
Resident Evil 3 Classic
No Resident Evil 3 RMK
Vaum fans like it a lot.
2746Name:Treehugger13692020-02-17 02:52:12
How do you use the cheat codes
2745Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-02-15 08:34:33
@snake Yes this is kinda common. You have to contact re net about it, send a picture from your TV screen for 'proof' that you're actually level 50. That's what I had to do. Never heard of anyone who got stuck on just level 5. Usually this happen when you're level 48 or 49.
2744Name:SnakeV7902020-02-15 02:54:25
Anybody else having problem with their raid mode leven on their overview page? My overview page say raid mode level 5 when I'm actually level 50 in raid mode.
2743Name:Lucio2020-02-10 23:21:27
Can I use one of the 3 Samurai Edge if I wanna complete the Weekly Challenges?
2742Name:Micky136132020-02-10 05:06:42
Does anyone know of any present codes for re revelations that are still currently active? Thanks guys
2741Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-02-07 02:52:32
If you enter the Resident Evil overview page you can see on the far right 'online unlockables' on that page you can find a few thing to get using re points
2740Name:whittle12020-02-06 12:52:33
Hi, new to the game. Does anyone know where I can SPEND Resident Evil points? Can't find a shop or anything similar, thanks.
2739Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-02-05 04:54:53
People got super pissed resistance wasn't outbreak. Hopefully capcom listened..
2738Name:Ya Boi2020-02-05 02:34:46
Outbreak wasnt a thought that crossed my mind, but Dino Crisis and REV 3 are both something I can see happening.
2737Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-02-03 07:48:35
REV3 or Outbreak. Dino Crisis is a possibility but I doubt it. It'd be strange if it was re3 or project resistance.
2736Name:Ya Boi2020-02-01 10:03:52
what do you think the playtest coming in March will be for? I don't think it'll be for Resi 3 or Resistance, with them coming out in April, and I don't think it will be for 8, what with development rebooting.
perhaps another sidestory? Or maybe the fabled Dino Crisis remake?
2735Name:Trench2020-01-31 19:12:23
Okay,,, for all newcomers who haven't gotten the medals for this week, turn OFF aim assist in the options menu. That's usually the problem.
2734Name:Wolf2020-01-30 01:19:30
I wanna know why my Tofu Survivor/ Hunk Weekly Challenge for January 27th to February 3rd is not showing up. I've completed it 3 times that i'm 100% sure. Every time I redo the Upload to checkbox just to make sure. My internet connection is not the issue. The server isn't the issue either because I refresh the page and the number for total people keeps going up. I've met all the requirements as far as whats allowed for it to upload and still nothing.
2733Name:sergiosxz2020-01-29 10:56:44
where are my 49 platinum medals?
2732Name:Omar2020-01-28 22:18:00
Can i use infinite weapons in weekly challenges
2731Name:Sally2020-01-28 06:45:15
Completed weekly challenge but have not received medal??
2730Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-01-23 00:33:36
my older brothers. I remember being obsessed instantly with the series. Been playing since I was 5 years old. :)
2729Name:Ya Boi2020-01-22 15:13:38
Hi everyone, first post here. I know these forums are basically dead but as someone who's really getting into the series now (long time fan, but just now getting REALLY into it), I want to know what got everyone else into this series.
2728Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-01-17 22:37:29
Yup it's very slow! I use the iphone version.. Always use the PC to access the site.
2727Name:Leonaire Readentine2020-01-15 08:14:21
Is it just me or is the app version of this total garbage? :/
2726Name:IBroussard2020-01-14 23:56:42
My place rankings for Ghost Survivors don't appear to be updating although my new best times are. Is this happening for anyone else?
2725Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-01-14 04:35:02
You can still see them on the revelations 2 page. But there is no point in spending points on that anymore since they removed the ability to see them on the user page. You are the only one who can view it.
2724Name:Gunslinger2020-01-14 01:09:57
Anyone know how to access the Diorama feature on the site? Or "My Collection". Did they get rid of these?
2723Name:AljairMuahad2020-01-14 00:24:46
Hi Someone to play ReR raid mode on Switch pls here's my friend code:
2722Name:Gatto-cortese3022020-01-13 17:09:02
Salve parlo x resident evil reveletion._nel'evento caccia al tesoro,x che nn si possono fare due classifiche separate.Cosi dare la possibilita a tutti di vincere qualcosg.Grazie._._._.Ho una bellissima idea proporrei una 3 nave fantasma.
2721Name:no name2020-01-13 06:27:03
I’ve been playing Resident evil 4 for as long as I can remember. It is such a great game and I really hope that it gets remade like RE2 and RE3. Who else can agree that it would be amazing to see the game remastered? One can only hope that it doesn’t get skipped or overlooked because it was remastered in HD 6 years ago. Please CAPCOM remake my favorite game! Die hard RE4 fan for life!

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