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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2706Name:Sterben3582019-12-13 04:25:04
Hey necesito ayuda me compré re2 deluxe edition y no me estan saliendo los trajes adicionales, llevo bastantes semanas así, será algún bug o error del juego porfavor ayudaaaaa
2705Name:BoardKingZerO2019-12-11 19:51:27
Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to the whole RE universe so if anyone would like to play plz send me a message! I'm on ps4 and I've got RE 4, 5, 6 and Revelations 2. Cheers!
2704Name:DarkSting3782019-12-11 09:46:02

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2703Name:DarkSting3782019-12-11 09:31:46

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2702Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-12-11 05:35:36
RE3 looks great, I love how capcom fooled fans to make some think Resistance was just a 'extra mode' in RE3.. smh! Obviously they didn't want to risk another umbrella corps fiasco! .. I hope this dosen't mean we won't get a proper mercenaries mode in RE3.. it's been 7 years since we last had a new mercs game to play :|
2701Name:himezake2019-12-06 11:08:30

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2700Name:U.S.S HUNK2019-12-02 15:42:36
Anyone on Revelations 2 on
Xbox360 ?? Add me!!
Gt:Silentz Scream
2699Name:Aura2019-11-30 06:36:53
Anyone still interested in Raid on revelations 1 on xbox one hit me up. GT is Aura Of Heroism
2698Name:Kalios2019-11-30 04:44:30
If anyone wants to play Raid mode on Rev 1 . My Steam friend code is: 74652706 . I'm on U.S. east coast if anyone is concerned about connection.
2697Name:JariahxSynn2019-11-30 02:06:13
New player here! New to raid mode anyway. What is a good way to gear up with good loots?
2696Name:DaMirko19752019-11-26 05:17:21
Hi...does anyone know, why my progress data on RE 1 Remake won't go up to 100%...??? I got all achievements (xbox account shows that), but doesn't add one (DIE FOR THE FIRST TIME), ironically it was one of the first things to be i'm stuck at 99%..........
2695Name:Bluish2222019-11-23 01:07:34
Anyone wanna play survivors match on team mode??
2694Name:no name2019-11-14 08:10:52
Lets go survivors now
2693Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-11-14 03:26:10
me too, let's have survivors event tomorrow on PS3
2692Name:no name2019-11-13 04:04:01
I'm down for seige tomorrow and survivors after lol I'm c1999garner
2691Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-11-06 22:39:15
Honestly, The mastermind isn't really too overpowered, I won so many matches in the beta, learning the levels by playing them many times will be the key for victory. Not too bad especially with a decent team.
2690Name:Chroma-Key2019-11-06 13:57:26
I really hope Project Resistance will have a large pool of survivors like 6 or 8 on release it just seems broken that a mastermind will know that a group is always the same 4, just feels like survivors get the short end of the stick on a lot to the point that it is a joke compared to being a mastermind. Plus every game play video on Youtube is just mastermind wrecking a group.
2689Name:Mayhem__2019-11-06 09:16:54
Does anyone still play rev 1 on Ps4?
2688Name:Bluish2222019-11-06 01:14:16
Is there anyone who want to play re6 survivors?
2687Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-11-05 22:41:02
Lol, suuuure!
2686Name:Green Herb2019-11-05 19:25:26
I see this loser spamming
His link with absolutely no
Soul behind his vapid
Advertising. It got me
Thinking. Maybe I'll do some streaming on my ps4 and
I'll talk some shit and rant on. If I did anyone want me to post a link? I don't
Want to be lame and spam
For attention
2685Name:Green Herb2019-11-05 18:58:22
I hope you lads are ready to party.
Green Herb is here.
2684Name:Green Herb2019-11-05 12:28:13
I love resident evil
2683Name:holyhndgrenade72019-11-05 07:04:54
Hey, everyone! Are you wondering what handgun is best in Resident Evil 2 REmake? Well, I wrote an article that has all the answers. Please, give it a read and let me know what you think! Thanks!
2682Name:holyhndgrenade72019-11-05 06:37:46
Hello, everyone! I recently wrote an article on what platform is best to play Resident Evil 2 REmake on. Please, tell me what you think, and what platform do you play on? Thanks!
2681Name:holyhndgrenade72019-11-05 06:34:26
Hello, everyone! I just recently wrote an article outlining what I think the best weapons are for Leon and Claire. Please, take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks!
2680Name:Trench2019-11-05 02:34:17
Haha yeah, I thought the same, we just got a really frustrating, incoherent illogical point and click crap
2679Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-11-04 22:20:44
Lol for 1 second I thought capcom would be smart enough to have a public open beta for halloween.
2678Name:Trench2019-11-04 05:48:10
Escape for halloween? More like escape for dipshits, that "game" is frustrating as hell
2677Name:Durandal2019-11-02 07:39:10
I'm looking for RE friends, don't really have anyone locally interested in the series. Have most games on Steam and Nintendo Switch.
2676Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-10-23 22:37:45
Play neil stage 100 times each day and they will pop eventually. Goodluck and don't go crazy
2675Name:COOLHERO2019-10-23 11:02:46

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2674Name:Carlitos Hadoken2019-10-19 11:51:40
In the Resident Evil 2 remake i found a weird code on the 9 volt battery does someone have any ideas about what it does?, maybe is nothing but who knows
2673Name:avlis2019-10-18 23:03:38
alguem pode me responder porque nao aparece minha possiçao no evento e pontuaçao
2672Name:CrimsonBlade882019-10-17 13:26:37
looking for someone to get me gluttony 5 on revelations1 for wii u if anyone still plays, i am underlevelled tho at 24. if its impossible at my wii u level would like to be powerlevelled first then gs trinity please
2671Name:Danilorb20052019-10-14 09:49:46
Is anyone still playing resident evil revelations for ps4 to help me with ghost ship chaos? I'm level 50 and having problems to do it alone. If anyone interest pls add me Thx
2670Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-10-10 06:36:41
RE6 on Switch is pretty good. Unstable framerate but the ability to play with the extra costumes in campaign is a nice touch. see you in survivors!
2669Name:Infested_Leon2019-09-30 04:04:49
Thank you very much. It would be nice if there was a new challenge in here by clearing all the area that would make a hell of challenging.just proposing
2668Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-30 00:30:31
You don't
2667Name:Infested_Leon2019-09-29 15:59:18
I would like to know if i gets any unlockable stuff if i clear all the area map(no red zone left) in the RE2 remake. I spent more than 8hours playing this game & i think im only at the half of the game or not even so, i dont know Bcuz it's my 1st time playing this game and i started it on hardcore mode. So i would like to know if its worth it or not but even if i dont get any rewards or unlockable bonus by clearing all area i'll do it anyway just for fun Bcuz i like to enjoy this game.Thank you.
2666Name:CrimsonBlade882019-09-28 04:04:29
would like to discuss treasure hunt on revelations 1... i see people on ps4 board with 300K+ points and i cant even break 200K on switch version running gsc. i do 7 weapons in 12-13minutes... am i not going fast enough? it seems impossible for me to pass 190K... explanation of crazy scores anyone?
2665Name:WeskerBiscuit2019-09-27 05:48:23
Looking for someone to help me out on Revelations 1, Xbox One.

I’m level 50, trying to beat Ghost Ship & Ghost Ship Chaos. Any help would be appreciated!

GT is WeskerBiscuit
2664Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-26 20:52:27
corrupterd harddrive? You should always back up your save files once a year or so. Either on external harddrive (USB stick) or the cloud.
2663Name:Gordo2019-09-26 19:35:43
Iv lost everything on every game. And it won't let me play some of them
2662Name:Gordo2019-09-26 19:33:49
What would cause my xbox360 to delete all my games could someone plz help me
2661Name:Gordo2019-09-26 19:32:43
What would cause my xbox360 to delete all my games
2660Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-09-19 19:50:57
Looking at old posts there have always been drama on here. The forums isn't well designed so there is not much room for discussion on the games other than rev2 where people usually share tips or expose cheaters. This open board is basically only for advertising or people asking random crap in spanish lol!
2659Name:Goji2019-09-19 14:44:59
Why are people always fighting on here this website used to be amazing and now look at it.
2658Name:Friendly B.O.W.2019-09-19 04:51:09
sorry to seem like a negative nancy here but those users are affiliated with the peoples Re_Girl_1998 and the one that used to go by "Lotti JPN" who are making other accounts here that have no game records to harass other players. they tried to portray themselves as someone that was warning others about Re_Girl and when i called them out they delete their account and start harassing me with these site buddy requests
2657Name:Friendly B.O.W.2019-09-19 04:47:17
i think its funny that as soon as i posted something in the forums that user deleted their own account and then i keep getting site buddy requests from a users on PS4 making fun of Martin Milk's username and they are as follows:

Martin "condensed milk"
Martin "raw milk"
Martin "powered milk"
Martin "low fat milk"
Martin "soy milk"

i deleted these requests once and they are requesting me again. i am going reporting them to the site admins

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