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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2028Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-25 01:11:35
Revelations 3 | Coming | Never
2026Name:fightingmofo42018-06-22 05:17:37
Hello. I have resident evil 6 on the ps4 and im trying to get the ex2 costumes. I dont see a lot of people playing. If anybody wants to partner up send me a friend request.
2025Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-21 07:07:16
True that! I'm not sure if this will work in ghost ship chaos....but in Rev2, i farm offline 30 minutes twice a day..... usually 8-6 or 7-3 and it has definitely helped me. I found several purple and rainbow weapons including AMR . Just turn off in the options menu after restarting your console.
Good luck.
2024Name:WornOutSmiles2018-06-21 05:31:37
RNG: you get what you get, not what you deserve. You can play Ghost Ship Chaos for the rest of your life and not find the weapon you want, or you can play once and find it. Using 9 Rare Finders helps, but there's still no guarantee...
2023Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-19 14:23:45

It happens. Can't blame that person.
2022Name:meemaw2018-06-19 11:48:13
wha am i doing wrong, i played online1198 times plus no idea how many times myself solo. A friend played less than 60 online and got a 6 slot python. Ive been grinding chaos where im bout burnt. yes used rare finders also neat ghost noman
2021Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-19 08:25:11

Just report it to staff. You can see my data for Rev1...been playing almost 2 years and have 1500 hours of play time... I hate when people try to cheat, just cuz they can't play or they're pissed off, they feel like they need to take the top rankings from players who really worked hard to get where they're at.
2020Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-19 08:20:55

It's not normal. Especially, if they're new players and let's say they have a total play time of 12:05:35. They're cheaters. They're tried to get away with it in Kill count Challenge #25 for Rev1 on PS3....I played legitimately to get in the top I reported them to a few days later, all cheaters were removed from the rankings and I got my #8 spot back.
2019Name:meemaw2018-06-19 06:33:14
so anyway to report cheaters in raid mode using rocket launcher infinite, hoping u can. temo12088 did it on me and makes him look like a fool more than anything else.
2018Name:Iceman-live-de2018-06-19 01:14:36
several players with 4,294,967,295 points
you can see this in e v e r y 'Tower of doom' event on every platform
in this event there are no rewards for ranking,
(Reaching 3,000,000,000 damage completes the mission.)
and the counter end at 4,294,967,295 points for the players that must have a rank -
regardless if there are special rewards for the podium or not.
The only chance for some people to get an RANK 1
2017Name:Olaf2018-06-19 00:22:51

Yes, It happens every time I do an event! Like all the months before all the 1st place have the same points. I always have wondered myself if they're cheating or not?
2016Name:MVR2018-06-18 11:43:12
Still the same it seems. Someone should check why's that. I think something similar happened in a PlayStation event.
2015Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-17 06:25:05
MVR I also wonder that.
2014Name:MVR2018-06-17 02:24:04
Is it normal for the three first places on an event to share the exact same score?
2013Name:John Greska2018-06-16 10:40:25
I got it, one of my achievements didn't register but I fixed it.
2012Name:John Greska2018-06-16 08:35:32
What trophy am I missing? I just got every trophy on Resident Evil Remastered for PS3 including platinum and I'm still missing one achievement on here!
2011Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-15 09:02:18
@Iceman-live-de I desynced them temporarily. It needs to take 7 days until you are able to re-sync. I didn't like the clutter on my profile so I removed xbox and playstation to only resync the versions I actually play :) Thank you for the question!
2010Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 08:48:08
Panta Rhei is specifically designed to be their 8th gen (PS4/XBoxOne etc) games along with RE Engine.

RE was made for RE7 in particular, while Panta Rhei was NOT made for RE2, but 8th Gen.

Tho I doubt many even heard of any of the (technically) 3, TBH~
2009Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 08:47:49
This is purely informational & not directed anywhere in partic but MT Framework.x (MT stands for Multi-Thread, Meta-Tools AND Multi-Targeting all in 1 anacronym, oddly) began in 06 (Dead Rising) & was later overhauled (to MTF.2/Lost Planet2) to be Capcom's engine for 7th gen (PS3/XBox360 etc) games.
2008Name:Iceman-live-de2018-06-15 08:32:24
hey Martin
where are your ps3 playdata & eventrankings ?
hope you enjoyed your short spot of sunlight
2007Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-15 07:01:27
@Kin~Jo lmao now I get yah. :p
2006Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:57:43
The update (on PS4) WAS made to stabilize the crap job they did. These are facts...where are YOURS?!?

You clearly couldn't or didn't read the article NOR what I posted. Just like you thinking "I WANTED RE2 on PS3" means "I WANT" (there IS a difference in past/present tenses, y'know)...

Argue w yourself, then, since you are just taking everything I post out of (clearly defined) context anyway~
2005Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:55:32
Pay. Attention. To. The. Words. DAMMIT!

I NEVER said it had a BETTER framerate, I SPECIFICALLY stated it had a lower, but more STABLE one.

The PS4 was the least stable for that game on ALL platforms.

I ALSO said VERY specifically that THAT article was NOT the comparison-test (it ABSOLUTELY points out the PS4's bad performance, overclocking old Framework to GET 60FPS -very poorly- etc).
2004Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-15 06:39:40
@Kin~Jo If anyone of us is in denial it's you. You gave no proof at all that the PS3 would run in any better frame rate than PS4 (it really dosen't and to even think that makes me question if you trolling or not.. honestly) That article compared Xbox One version which is running smoother than the PS4 version. I did never argue that. I have all of them and I can tell by spending 100's of hours in the versions.
2003Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:32:32
Also YT has TERRIBLE compression & is the absolute WORST to do a video comparison with, just FYI.

IIRC it counts 360p as HD (whereas 480 is actually SD from the old picture-tube TV days).
2002Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:28:36
Having read posted article, I also answered my own question PS4 DOES run it at 1080, but PS3 is OLD & runs 720 just fine...10-1 that 1080 is just a filter, anyway.

But if you doubt PS4 had probs - there's your documented proof.

Or rest in denial...this convo is collecting a pension by now, anyway.
2001Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:22:06
Screw it, I'll do it for is a Eurogamer article simply comparing PS4 to the (ought to be equivalent) XBox360.

It isn't the test-comparison I was talking about (I can't re where I read THAT...was years ago), but JIC you think I am completely making it up:

2000Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:17:25
Granted they tried to overclock it, but PS4 couldn't handle a 6 Y.O. engine on a game made by Co that MADE said engine (w guts inside that SHOULD have made it pure cake) they fixed it.

Feel free to check~
1999Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 06:16:30
You must have played after the update then.

On PS3 I have never really had performance issues w Revs2. A simple Google search (you're looking for circa 2015, BTW) will bring up NUMEROUS articles about it.

It is also the ENTIRE reason Revs2 got an update on PS4 (but not PS3, even tho released simultaneously) at the time.

...I'm sorry, but you are WRONG.
1998Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-15 04:44:36
@Kin~Jo REV2 sure as hell ran smoother than PS3 by default. I can't belive you even argue with me on this. And on PS4 pro it's not even a question about it. watch that. solid proof
1997Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 03:26:44
Also, the ONLY reason PS4's Revs2 even ran at 60FPS to BEGIN with is they had "so much power inside"...and were running Capcom's internally developed MT Framework 2.0 (if unfamiliar, it was released in 2009 w Lost Planet 2 - also why it was used in test-comparisons)...& even doing THAT the FPS was STILL total crap~
1996Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 03:19:43
Does Revs2/PS4 even play at 1080p??? I actually dunno on that one...ps3 clocked 30, not 60 yeah - but it didn't have aneurysms while doing so (unlike PS4 did w SAME game).

Performance WAS better...PS3 was at least stable/could keep it's rate steady (disk copies, anyway)
1995Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 03:19:17
Are you trying to tell me that (when Revs2 was 1st out), entering the forest as Barry ran smooth as a baby's bottom?

My framerates never dropped by 50% on PS3...considering the components of each system is like comparing a Firefly hatchback(ps3) to a HemiCuda(ps4) the stability was utterly laughable.
1994Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-15 03:10:59
@Kin~Jo hang on, are you trying to tell me Rev2 on PS3 had higher frame rate than PS4? You're only foolind yourself on that one ;) I hope I misunderstood though.
1993Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:59:45
Testers tried it on a PC as well as PS3/XBox (360, too)& got MUCH better FPS & perfomance on ALL.

They also found on a comparison test that (the considerably older games) RE5 & Lost Planet 2 had better performance than PS4's Revs2...but what would I know? I'm just one of those icky "poor people", afterall~

(Paid subscriptions for a 30FPS release of a game that performed better on last-gen?!? Ooooh, Boy - SIGN ME UP!!!)
1992Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:55:12
Also, I call you on that.

Might surprise you to find I am WELL aware Revs2 didn't even perform as well on PS4 as it did on PS3...sadly, I guess I missed out on the promised "higher than ever" frame-rates not even clocking 60 & even dipping under 30 (esp'ly w vegetation/dynamic lighting)...there was only a 10-15% improvement after Capcom made an update JUST for that.
1991Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:37:00
Point being, I tend to check out tech (even if never intend to own) many have you personally cracked open, inspected & fixed?

MY turn to assume, I'm gonna say very few...enjoy that "remaster" that's really just a crappy upscale filter tho - SO advanced they were doing it on PS2!!!

(I am also getting VERY tired of being re-sold the SAME damned games I already bought SEVERAL times [usually w no extras added, even]...another reason PC is appealing)
1989Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:34:39
You assume I have never seen a PS4 in my life.

Interesting...I can even tell you the 3 stages of downgrading they put into the PS3 (like straight 19-blade fan/swapped to curved 15-bladed one...that actually backflowed heat INTO the system, making it not a fan at ALL, really).
1988Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-15 02:18:56
Kin~Jo You haven't played the current gen ports of these games so you can't tell how awfull REV2 runs, sounds and looks comparing to PS4 port for example. RE6 plays like trash comparing to PS4 version aswell.. sure not a huge difference in graphics, but it was originally a ps3 game anyway. Frame rate is alot slower and the overall img quality is very blurry. If you go from PS4 to PS3 you'll really notice the difference in overall performance.
1987Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:18:04
...So again, they were only so expensive back in the day because the laws ALLOWED it. Legislators/Regulators then also realized (within a decade, w is PRETTY fast for Gov't) that was a mistake & FORCED them to lower it (by law).

...History is FASCINATING, innit?
1986Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:17:09
...Actually, thinking of the $99.99 retail value Law, any who re that price-tag likely remember Ver 2.0

...That's where the industry regulators (Gov't) realized you can't trust businessmen NOT to screw you at every opportunity & further legislated it down to $69.99
1985Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:07:14
Funny tho...MGSV:TPP & GTAV & TLOU & RE:REVs2 are on both systems and seem to run fine either way - yet RE:REVs1 & RE6 barely has ANY noticeable difference as far as improvements go (for such an "advanced" console), lols.

But, yeah-as far as wanting RE2 to NOW release on PS3...well, I never even SAID that, actually~

(JIC you were confused, since seem to think I did)
1983Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:04:20
I also reiterate I didn't say I currently want RE2 on PS3, just that it's a damn shame they dragged their ass on it for so long there was no point & "may as well build a next-gen engine while we wait".
1982Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-15 02:02:22
The only reason those N64 cartriges (as well as SNES, Genesis & others) sold for so much was they were ALLOWED to...there was literally a law that made $99.99 (that # ought to seem VERY familiar for those who were around then) the maximum legal price a game could be sold for - which game Co's took FULL advantage of.
1981Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-14 23:03:01
PLZ capcom have some interesting and FUN RE.NET support for RE2.. RE7 sucked ok ^^
1980Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-06-14 23:00:13
@Kin~Jo Gaming has always been expensive hobby, N64 games were even more expensive than games are today for example.

@Tony I never argued that, I still play Biohazard Outbreak online on my japanese PS2 unit.. That being said, I do not want or expect any other games releasing on the old platforms. RE2 on ps3 would run and look like crap..
1979Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-14 07:08:56
BTW, while I am here - anyone see the Bethesda spot a few days ago (E3)?

Laughed my ASS off when they had the skit, pretending their next big release is Skyrim on Google Home ("Alexa, FusRoDa....NOW!!! Fus Ro DAAA!" *sweeps table*)

Or when he's playing it on the refrigerator ice-maker, lols~
1978Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-14 07:02:08
Also my expectation for RE2 on PS3 was back when they were talking about it after 1 & 0 HD's were out...while PS3 was still getting new titles...sorry if you were confused/had vision blurred w rose-tinted glasses, but I NEVER said I am STILL currently hoping for it on PS3 - only that I WAS (just as I have always hoped [the full version of] Outbreak would get re-done).

At the time, it WAS totally feasable, was what I was saying~
1977Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-14 06:57:11

Bearing that in mind, you are essentially saying "maybe gaming isn't for" your average person even living in Vancouver or New York (as the average WILL get min wage).

You don't see the elitism, ignorance or blasé glibness about that? We DID "just get over it & pay" a bunch of suited A-holes (VanOC for one)...and LOOK what they did to us~
1976Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-14 06:53:25
Wow this char limit SUUUCKS

Tried to answer but it screws anything I try to say (like F*ng Twitter)

Global economic studies/index...note it is 3rd least affordable city in world NOT poorest...factored by the ratios of the economics (housing/rent cost, wages, groceries etc). IIRC top 4 were London, Tokyo, New York & Vancouver...we beat out NYC for #3 years ago.

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