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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2402Name:Bernhardt2019-02-19 19:44:09
His taste in fashion is very questionable.
2401Name:SAMI2019-02-19 19:34:42

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2400Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-19 19:09:30
Agreed, he look strange
2399Name:Goji2019-02-19 16:31:55
Doesnt that mr x look like a mud man or is it just me
2398Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-19 15:52:01
Ofcourse he'd be mad, it's his favorite hat
2397Name:Bernhardt2019-02-19 11:36:03
Is it just me or is Mr. X faster when you shoot his god awful hat off?
2393Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-18 20:21:53
And I don't get your complaints about capcoms DLC. The only thing you have to pay for so far is some of the extra costumes. They have given us FREE extra game modes. They have just given us FREE EX3 costumes, that also included bonus costumes to unlock.

And about those extra costumes, it's a nice touch some fans don't mind paying for. It's again.. not a big deal. I think you're overracting here. It's not 2002 anymore.
2392Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-18 20:19:49
Kin~Jo RE2 is a OFFLINE game. PS+ won't do anything to the game as of now. You can still log in and access your PS account even without ps+ And you also get free weeks to use.

And sure I agree it's shady to lock their users out of online play, but that's how things are, if you want to use sony's service for hosting their PSN then you simply need to pay and to be fiar, I personally don't mind that.

You get better support, more functions, free stuff for what isn't a high price really.
2390Name:Kin~Jo2019-02-18 12:22:30

...Thank SCEA/PS+, Capcom (& all the other game dev's whose products I won't be buying/supporting til MUCH later).

I've now joined Rich playing mobile games, EXCELLENT marketing, Sony~
2389Name:Kin~Jo2019-02-18 12:22:18
Maybe once the etherium miners bugger off (or the processor Co's give a crap & DO something about it, as they currently see no reason to) I'll rummage this out of the bargain bin for like $5.

Never thought I'd say THAT about RE...& I bought Survivor & Dead Aim/kept supporting & liking the series!!!
2388Name:Kin~Jo2019-02-18 12:21:17
REmake2 looks sweet...too bad cryptocurrency mining has driven processors up so high my PC build is on hiatus & paid online is an absolute disinterest to me as I already pay my ISP high, HIGH out the ass for 2nd best intetnet in all of Canada to do exactly's not even money there, it's ethics & the principle behind it, TBH.
2387Name:Lifboy2019-02-18 10:52:22
For Leon and Claire [2nd Run], I had their costumes: Leon (Arklay Sheriff) and Claire (Normal).

For Claire and Leon [2nd Run], I had their costumes: Leon (Alternative) and Claire (Elza Walker).

What kind of costume combinations did you try?
2386Name:Bernhardt2019-02-18 05:33:03
Thank you! I look forward to participating in the weekly events and so on.
2384Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-18 02:16:12
On the same page as 'weekly challenges' you can check your latest stats from your last save point. :)
2383Name:Bernhardt2019-02-18 01:56:48
Oh yeah, I remember keeping up with my Rev Raid Mode stats like crazy years ago, guess it's time to use it again to keep up with things. :> RE2 has revived my interest in RE!
2382Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-18 00:32:38
Most people only use this site for tracking their stats. But some of us still use the social aspect aswell.
2381Name:Bernhardt2019-02-17 23:49:07
Does anyone really use this site anymore? This is my first time logging in in years and I'm feeling nostalgic.
2380Name:Valkyrie2019-02-16 20:50:04
i dont really know, i never played a revelation before
2378Name:Valkyrie2019-02-16 20:28:47
Anyone for raid bonusses RE revelations on switch?
2374Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-16 19:49:39
if u ask Capcom then no Resident Evil Zero is not worth playing since it's obviously not even worth a page on
2373Name:Cupid2019-02-16 11:10:28
Is RE0 worth playing? I'm a big fan of the games when they're actual survival horror.

Resident evil 4, 5, 6, and 7 aren't true Resident Evil games to me.

My all time favorite has been the remaster of the remake of the first one.

I also like Resident evil 2 for PS (I haven't played the new one) Resident evil 3 and code veronica.

But all the others I don't enjoy.
2372Name:Goblin 62019-02-16 08:32:34

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2371Name:R.P.D.ean2019-02-16 08:26:32
@WitchTrialz I Loved The Script! Honestly It Would Have Made A Way Better Movie Wesker Dying So Soon Was The Only Problem I Had Because You Wouldn't Be Able To Have That Code Veronica Seen Later If You Would Even Add It But I Loved Everything Else I Was Happy To Spend My Day Reading It! :)
2370Name:Perroski302019-02-15 22:48:54
Buen día, eh realizado el desafío semanal con Uiro-Mochi con las restricciones que se debe hacer, pero la página de RE.Net no se actualiza y no me está contando el desafío como completado, lo e realizado varias veces y no sucede nada, por favor revisar eseñte problema. Gracias.
2368Name:WitchTrialz2019-02-15 06:54:51
I hope it’s okay to post this here.
I’ve finally completed a first draft for a
‘Resident Evil’ reboot film, and I wanted to
share with the community. Please Enjoy!
2364Name:ware19832019-02-14 02:32:19
Capcom por favor revisar los desafios semanales no se actualizan o fallan comprobarlo por favor. Pd un parche en primera persona ps4 xbox
2363Name:Maechuss2019-02-13 21:30:54
Buenas tengo una duda. Resident evil revelation 1 cuando se juego en línea hay chat x voz????
2362Name:VectorRed2019-02-13 21:09:57
I did a playthrough on Leon with no shotgun, no sub-weapons, and on hardcore but didn't get credit for the weekly. What did i do wrong?
2361Name:KoZSeC2019-02-13 16:49:15
IB O IR ID O, I'm one of those who completed the Weekly Challenge and it's still "Not Cleared" and no record in the Weekly Challenge.
But you can check my profile that I got "First Gold Medal" and "First Platinum Medal" checked, yet nothing in the Total Medals.
2360Name:IB O IR ID O2019-02-13 14:30:26
-You have 'Aim-Assist" on
-You used a "Bonus Weapon" (now even including the prior excluded "Unbreakable Combat Knife")
-You loaded mid-game from your "Auto-Save"
-Your internet went down

Chances are "Slim-to-None":
-That is was Capcom/RE.NET's fault
2358Name:R.P.D.ean2019-02-13 08:25:05
Claire Being Blonde? Please God No.
2356Name:Lifboy2019-02-12 22:41:10
RE2 Remake could use some unique costumes for Leon & Claire.

Both could be wearing a Police costumes from Halloween, as Leon would be wearing shorts while Claire would be wearing a skirt with leggings underneath, as well as a different hairstyle and blonde hair.

Leon should get another costume as well. Like wearing a basketball outfit, as what-if Leon is a fanatic of the Miami Heat?

Need something fresh.
2355Name:Soulless_Persona2019-02-12 21:45:25
Were you online and connected to the server on PC...? I remember doing one of the challenges one of the challenges and getting disconnected from the internet during the run..completed it then it not popping up for me at all.
2354Name:Darazanjoll2019-02-12 00:04:27
Finished the pacifist challenge multiple times with 6 enemies killed. Never got the medal for it..... now with the new challenges up I can't get that 2nd platinum medal.
2353Name:merelypostponingtheinevitable2019-02-11 23:10:54
Dear Capcom,

Superior work on the RE2 Remake.
Please update the iOS app for's slow and wonky, no offense.
2352Name:Formani42019-02-11 05:32:26
RE2 Remake.

I have completed Hunk`s weekly challenge, using onli LE-5, but the mission is still incomplete, and no medal received.... Anyone knows, WHAT is the problem?????
2350Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-10 23:41:35
It'd b e great if RE3 took place in most Outbreak locations, then it'd be easy for them to maybe make a brand new Outbreak game in the same locations with the re engine. That'd be totally kick ass!
2349Name:Refan2019-02-10 23:36:37
I hope capcom will release r3sident evil 3 nemesis and it will contain residemt evil outbreak places like jack bar hotel subway espically ZOO..why jill dont go trough zoo hotel hospital etc..I and all my friends enjoy outbreak atmosphere and states.. I hope capcom will hear us and that do re 3 nemesis remake with mix of outbreak designs
2347Name:(no name)2019-02-10 11:11:26
I need your help! I've gone through the three current challenges of Resident Evil 2 remake in Xbox One and the page keeps saying that I still have not gotten them, and tried everything, to change the region, and repeat two of the challenges and I still do not the e got, I have everything correct, and deactivated the shooting assistance and complied with the requirements and nothing, help!
2346Name:darkjjvt2019-02-10 09:57:45

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2345Name:Botlok2019-02-09 23:23:48
Suspected hacker/cheater Steam platform! Clean up team alert aile PC!!! thanks.
2344Name:ware19832019-02-09 21:24:54
Hola alguien sabe como se hace el desafio semanal 4-superviviente???
2343Name:RatB202019-02-09 10:22:08
Please help! My play data will not upload no matter what I do. I have read the faq, repeatedly turned on the upload setting aswell. The only thing I think is stopping it on my end is the license agreement as there is no check box. Only the option to press x on my ps4.
2342Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-09 08:46:19
2341Name:rayculz2019-02-08 23:46:10
Why doesn't support Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 4 HD & Resident Evil 5 in this site?
2340Name:homicid32019-02-08 10:14:38
I feel disgraced I been a resident evil fan since the first one how did I never know this feels bad man
2339Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-08 08:36:19
It didn't happen
2338Name:homicid32019-02-08 07:02:56
Is it really then where does Leon A fit into it all?
2337Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-02-08 06:29:00
The canon is Claire A Leon B. So you already messed that part up. So do Claire B.
2334Name:homicid32019-02-07 12:34:19
I beat Leon scenario A on hardcore,should I do new game second run as Claire or do her first run then leon second run then hers?

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