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Series Discussion


1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1226Name:MartinMilk2017-07-17 08:05:54 support for Revelations 1 on PS4/Xbox One?? anyone know anything?
1225Name:M I A2017-07-16 07:53:21
Reminder for those on RE REVELATIONS (PS3): You need to download Three Catalog Datas in Playstation Store to play online:

-Catalog Data: Weapon Pack
-RAID Outfit: Rachel Ooze
-RAID Outfit: Lady Hunk
1224Name:Sailor B2017-07-16 02:16:05
Never played Biohazard 5 ... until now. Looking for a partner to run through with me on Normal.

* I have an understanding of how to play.

*No desire to play with players using any Infinite weapons. I am looking for a challenging, fun experience. DM me; I want to see what the big deal is with this game.

*I play Sheva/left-side screen

Aussi,I want the Spinning Bird Kick trophy for using Sheva to move the boulder during the Wesker fight.
1223Name:M I A2017-07-15 23:38:42
I need Raid Mode partner for RE REVELATIONS on PS3. Add me: Total_Friend
1220Name:Leon S. Kennedy2017-07-15 06:28:50

I have no progression on resident evil revelations 2 on xbox 360 as i can do please? I do not want to start again : '(
1219Name:mommi2017-07-14 07:02:59
I'm looking for a partner for RE6 on xbox360. My gt is stalkress
1218Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-13 03:27:34
@Martin the Icon at top of page (shows selected game etc), you SHOULD be able to select this widget & it should expand to show all your Titles (this is Switch Main Game function), each title should show the boxes for supported Systems/versions & any you Account Linked should be lit (unlinked are greyed out). You SHOULD be able to choose w/e System/version you want in there, so long as you have the corresponding Sys/Vers & linked it~
1217Name:MartinMilk2017-07-12 02:26:56
I would love to be able to change the platform you want to be set as default on your profile. Let's say I rather have Wii U for my platform to show up when someone visits my profile rather than PS3.
1216Name:Abe2017-07-10 11:14:01
Can anybody please tell me how to reply to each mesage I don´t see any link.
1215Name:Abe2017-07-10 11:14:00
Can anybody please tell me how to reply to each mesage I don´t see any link.
1214Name:MartinMilk2017-07-10 05:05:06
Any word on Revelations 1 being compatible with
1213Name:Tomahawk2017-07-03 11:08:02
So I downloaded a bunch of dlc for ORC only to discover it's incompatible with my disc version of the game (wrong region). I guess I'll buy a copy of the correct region. I phoned PS tech support to ask if my save data will work with it and they said there's a 50/50 chance. I find it a little odd that they couldn't tell me one way or the other. I may end up having to start from scratch.
1212Name:Lucia's AN02017-07-03 09:30:59
lol Leon + Chris Piercing+2
1211Name:Kiara ts2017-07-03 04:42:08
How nice would it be if Capcom made a game with Leon and Chris being partners.....cause i love re6 and i would love something similar
1210Name:TerraSeeker2017-07-01 07:17:12
That's pretty disappointing that all you get for logging in everyday for a year is the zombie dog, but I guess you are loyal like a dog.
1209Name:Obbey2017-06-30 16:30:33
Thank you both. Zombie Dog C you get by log in 365 days.
1208Name:TerraSeeker2017-06-30 09:25:29
Obbey, I'm pretty sure it's overflow 5, the one where you get 25 different medals to 99. I remember getting 2 different Ada icons and a Carla icon from the mercenaries and being disappointed.
1207Name:Sailor B2017-06-29 15:10:45
>To Obbey,

No one knows; there's even an icon for signing in for 365 days consecutively--I doubt anyone on .NET has it. I have the Helena icon unlocked, I assume you mean the one where she faces profile.

I believe it is "7-figure earner". Just get 1000k on a map in Mercenaeies solo.

1206Name:Obbey2017-06-29 10:03:21
Does anybody know which icon is unlocked for every RE6 Web Badge? I'm most interested in Helena's icon. Thanks. ;)
1205Name:Sailor B2017-06-26 09:27:24
Je parlez Français, jeu avec moi de Biohazard 6 Mercenaries! Non players de Brasil/Espana, si vous plaît

1204Name:Sailor B2017-06-26 08:48:18
PS3 player here, looking for able partners on RE6. I score an average of 1400k (1460k is my highest but I can achieve 1500k) on every map available; definitely interested in someone to play with who isn't a retard from Spain/South America that has common sense and has a grasp for each of the stages. Prefer J'avo-based maps but I am flexible.

DM me @ PSN: Cotton_Tights


1203Name:keewe2017-06-25 20:51:50
i'm looking for enjoy the PC re6 mercenary mode & campaign partner!

plz be my friends!
1202Name:Evildance622017-06-24 01:22:14
Search a patner to play at re6, I need to do everything from the beginning, I know how to play don't worry :p
1201Name:Evildance2017-06-24 00:15:50
Search a patner to play at re6, I need to do everything from the beginning, I know how to play don't worry :p
1200Name:MartinMilk2017-06-08 01:20:55
Looking for friends who want and can help me in Revelations 2! I need good weapons and a few pointers. I play on PS3,PS4 & Xbox One. Peace! <3
1199Name:Mitchumz2017-06-02 09:14:33
rez 7 pre release reaction
1198Name:hyhpaladin2017-06-01 22:44:18
1197Name:TerraSeeker2017-06-01 16:31:29
Playstation network is having a sale on Capcom games, so if you were thinking of getting nows the optimal time. Oddly enough the ultimate edition of RE6 is less the basic version.
1196Name:Chris77Redfield2017-05-26 17:03:12
Resident Evil Vendetta !!! i'm really thinks so June 19th
1195Name:Igniz992017-05-24 09:19:57
Hello, anyone still plays REV2 on steam?
1194Name:RichWoz2017-05-23 16:36:55
I bought all the episodes & extras at once, so I wasn't totally sure & I also got it in 2014 or 15 so I didn't remember.
1193Name:LeonScottKennedy2017-05-23 11:37:10
oh lol, well bloody Gina is something xd, and bout the rest of the eps, i have other idea in mind, ill be helping the new re rev2 players, and get lvl100 whit jill :D im soooo close to get to lvl100 in a pair of days, maybe in 2 weeks, anyway, thanks for the information :D
1192Name:TerraSeeker2017-05-23 07:06:23
Also the CGI movie Resident Evil: Damnation kind of ruins my suspension of disbelief. Does Leon not follow his own advice of aim for the head or are Tyrants so bullet proof that they show no signs of damage to there heads. Also a major part of the plot in Resident Evil 4 was ignored.
1191Name:TerraSeeker2017-05-23 07:00:03
Unfortunately, the rewards are pretty set in stone. The only special reward you can get for events is a bloody Gina costume. You need episode 2 or 3 to get Leon. I forget which one.
1190Name:RichWoz2017-05-22 12:47:11
do yourself a favor & buy the rest of the rev2 episodes when U can. there are other stages & also other characters to be unlocked in Raid Mode
1189Name:LeonScottKennedy2017-05-22 12:03:18
i hope they put leon like a reward of an event in re rev2, in that way everyone will have their favorite character
1188Name:LeonScottKennedy2017-05-20 11:15:39
somewant want to do the event map (1-2) (i think) bcause play solo is boring :c my id on ps3 if wanna play re rev2, Light3Yagami, im lvl80, whit only the episode 1 :c
1187Name:Demonslayer952017-05-19 04:58:50
The next resident evil animated. Movie is called resident evil vendetta
1186Name:Jake Wesker2017-05-18 00:12:29
hi there, there will be a remastered version of re 2, re 3 and code veronica for ps4?, in my opinion with the possibility of play in first person too "like re 7", they will be spectacular
1185Name:craigy2017-05-17 11:21:14
Looking for players to play revelations2 and re6 on the 360 playing solo is boring gt:craigkillz313 I also play operation raccoon city
1183Name:M I A2017-05-17 09:59:57
Someone tell me why RE7 can't be synced via PS4/XBOX..?
1182Name:Trench2017-05-09 05:49:44
"Re Net team is taking spring break"
Spring break from what? They haven't done jack shit with the site or the events in the last few months,, hahaha xD
1181Name:RE.NET SUCKS2017-05-08 10:43:31
Wow, now only 5,000 medals in "Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 13" for PS3.
You people on finally realized that getting 10,000 medals on PS3 at this time is ridiculous...
1179Name:Demonslayer952017-05-05 06:22:06
I'm pretty sure revelations 1 for ps4 and xbox one will have support because of the weapons and parts you can spend resident evil net points on then send them. into the game
1178Name:MartinMilk2017-05-03 20:37:20
My Umbrella Corps (PS4) profile is glitched. It says I haven't played a session in 3 days while I have played everyday! It won't update my stats.. I hate how impossible it is to get in touch with Administrators on here.. I guess it might stay glitched forever :(
1177Name:MartinMilk2017-04-28 22:24:52
Umbrella Corps One Life - Flawless match
1176Name:MartinMilk2017-04-27 07:26:18
Umbrella Corps (PS4) players add me :]
1175Name:MartinMilk2017-04-24 00:57:05
When I get my platinum in RE6 on PS4 I will go back to the PS3 version for good. The lack of support is very disapointning. I really hope the remaster of Revelations 1 will get some kind of support.
1174Name:Rampage142017-04-20 06:09:28
Need help on re revelations 2 xbox 360 gt: iTz Rampaage
1173Name:PSYPHER2017-04-17 02:45:49
Need halp with Re2 WS. Not fast enough.

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