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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
3080Name:Robot20372020-09-26 02:21:05
Why there are no upcomming events for Revelations on any platform?
3079Name:Nacht472020-09-24 02:53:40
ADZAD what is your problem dude?!?! U know me?!?! When u play with me and then i quitt?!?! Look your self and dont put the first MM or Survivor name u meat and u dont like ,maybe really somebody leave because is not enough good to play ,but u dont know ,maybe somebody close the game because have the emergency and him/her cant play,plese dont confuse the people.
3076Name:MementoMori2020-09-19 21:39:29
We should be able to transfer our WiiU RE points over to Switch RE points on .... This makes no sense why we would have to abandon our points on Nintendo when we can transfer points from PS3 to PS4 and X360 to X1. I have over 400k RE points on WiiU that are never going to be spent before REnet stops supporting WiiU
3075Name:corrupter2020-09-17 20:24:11
The longer they come out the first person Resident Evil games I will not be playing them or buying them first-person bores me
3074Name:Adzad2020-09-15 05:37:03

MASTERMIND/SURVIVOR QUITTING/DISCONNECTING (PS4 account names) : Weskerthegoat , Sean_kock , Nightmare55221, MorleyUrt, jok33er3166 , Hex_depress1on , Mr_GOODMATE , Pennywise_IT00 (twice), LintySnake , AlexRacer6 , famed_syllable0 , m_24_kel
3073Name:Adzad2020-09-15 05:35:10
there is STILL NO REPORT SYSTEM for masterinds & survivors which use lag to win or just quit so here is my first report, those are all PS4 account names:
MASTERMIND LAG: Acrylic800spike, Glavatron_alpha , Theavatar1 , Rainydeer7 , OverHeat-OH , deathzzzyyy (twice) , Dincht_Tina04 , Harund32 , Vert_chouette , Illnesslilin20-f , NicolasTP6 , abcorg85 , XcomGeneral , juntan05151 , kabo-millan1031 , Mixeders (twice) , jealds , jaceMD15 , xxbien-ou-bienxx

3072Name:Nilara2020-09-14 04:43:56
Yo! Is anyone Still using RE REV 1 om PS4??? its ghosttown there... No one.wants to join!
3071Name:PabloOski772020-09-12 16:38:14
Why is the newest version of RE: REVELATIONS (2017) not available on Steam? :(
3070Name:Milki-Hazard2020-09-12 07:04:37
Revelations 1 will stop Wii U support at Oct 1st. really dissapointing how all your stats can be gone just like that. :(
3069Name:Zac2020-09-12 02:59:28
Can the resistance team do something about the modified gear problem already? It have been so long. Remove it if you can’t find a way to fix it.
3068Name:shinsei11162020-09-10 23:43:09
BruceDeeRoy, a lagswitching RANK 164 MM moron on REsistance. Area 1 & 2 went so well with so much time on the clock until area 3 hit he started to lagswitch. 3 players got DC'd out except for me. There should really be a report system in this game so that way players like him don't do that again.
3065Name:KassienBlackcloak_YT2020-09-06 11:53:36
Sinister Spencer 3.0 Build. Combines creature spam, Ivys, traps, turret and supercores.
3064Name:MixxFernavelle2020-09-04 15:27:11
What you make Annette useless with buffs, adding martin with that 4 debuffs skill with the new update. You do know you're rendering mastermind characters unplayable. If you gonna do that to annette than add a third special skill to ver that males ver creatures gain a buff at set intervals untill they reach all....cuz they costa bioenergy n that only if they're alive, nobody's gonna wanna play mastermind as muchos if you keep up with these updates that only screw TVE masterminds!!!!
3063Name:Gran Diego2020-09-04 12:34:58
NEW September Update Summary & Testing - Survivor Builds | Resident Evil Resistance
3062Name:Al2012020-09-04 00:54:50
I just read the patch.. we add maximum the ranks to unlock everything? We over buff the survivors (WTF).. I don't know if you knew it, but there are a lot of mastermind lagswitch, because de game is unbalanced (survivor invincible)... Now with this patch all MM will lagswitch, the game is over. I won't play mastermind anymore because I don't lagswitch, i dont want more frustation ! Good work, and survivors good luck !
3061Name:bok_nina2020-09-03 12:51:54
Got my PSN account suspended, why? I cant believe hackers are still playing and never got banned
3058Name:Al2012020-08-31 23:55:17 + + ((This is the reasonS why i come back on Dead by daylight)) !
3057Name:Zac2020-08-28 22:39:57
Noxious compound and Modified gear needs to be nerf. After playing for so long, this is the only thing that is still broken. It is instant cast, no reaction time given and the animation after breaking out of a immobilising round is too long.
3055Name:shinsei11162020-08-28 14:13:00
Ciborg_Ninja92 an idiotic Spanish REsistance troll on PS4. Couldn't tell if he was working with the MM, "Az_PhoenicianWar". Taunting til time ran out. Wasn't cooperating at all.
3052Name:shinsei11162020-08-28 13:40:45
[BUG REPORT, REsistance, PS4]

Martin when disarming traps is bugged and needs fixing. I was using Martin and I was disarming a trap next thing I know I was stuck. Couldn't do anything. I had to wait for a zombie to bite me in order for it to be back to normal again.
3051Name:BIOWEAPON72020-08-28 13:37:59
Alex Wesker Mastermind player
3046Name:(no name)2020-08-26 14:42:01
Hokodax = a trashy Japanese lag switching PEICE of shet, RANK 80 ANNETE, and sucked like ass,
Me and meh mates was playing and we had a total god team, he totally sucked on annetes bioweapon every single time he tried to mori he would get stunned, cowgirl got dc me and meh mates though it was her turns out lagswitch comes, den checked RE NET 41 wins 1 loss, beware of this creep..
3043Name:nerfjan2020-08-26 11:40:37
I swear, if Jan isn't nerfed with her stupid malware lasting what seems an infinite time, this game deserves every hacker and cheat to kill survivors. It's completely stupid how easy it is to get steamrolled with something that the MM has no vision/hint that something will happen with the camera yet they have terrible crap like "camoflauge" on the traps that survivors can still clearly see halfway across the room.
3042Name:ALFA-AR-OMEGA2020-08-26 10:39:27
Resident evil resistance, pls nerf W 870 (shutgun) because have 100% stun and beta strain not feel efect. Need stun nerf in this w 870.
3041Name:Zac2020-08-25 16:26:32
Resident evil resistance have releasing new equipments every update. They are more and more low points equipments but the equipment slot remains at 4. There also not enough high points equipments to make up the total too. These things can be improved.
3040Name:whitesuave2020-08-23 00:00:42

Looking for a couple of folks to help out on some Resident Evil Resistance trophies, specifically for the 'Sharing is Caring' trophy.

Gis a shout if your happy to help out. PSN Name: Whitesuave
3039Name:shinsei11162020-08-20 12:00:26
Just came across a guy called Berserkgamerguts, he is a high level mastermind. It's funny because he is a streamer & he DC'd out on me on the loading screen. He's a tryhard. Beware of this creep.
3038Name:Al2012020-08-20 00:09:41
Becca rockets, January malwares everywhere, Jill rockets + speedrun, Martin flash, Tyrone kick, Samuel two punches kill one.. Licker, Valerie molotovS, abused short cooldown survivors = 10 bio energy for nothing and super slow... Tyrant, Nemesis, Birkin 20 seconds in the game >> flash, frag grenadeS, molotov, kick, "Shazam!", Yateveo in flame ==> "LAGSWITCH" for the Mastermind ! The bio weapon need stay everytime in stage 3 for counter the SWAT team (high rank + micro, of course) !
3036Name:MrrJamezz2020-08-19 15:28:00
I lost all my lvls all have been reseted to rank 1. Is there a way to get your rank back?
3035Name:shinsei11162020-08-19 14:42:22
For anyone playing REsistance on PS4, this mastermind player... ririno is a rage quitter. The security guard was destroyed very quickly within seconds and then he or she left the game.
3034Name:shinsei11162020-08-19 14:14:17
For anyone that's playing REsistance on PS4. I'm exposing Biohazard-901-, the guy has 40 wins and 10 losses as a mastermind. VS'd him today and he ended up rage quitting out from the game because we had 8 minutes on the clock.
3031Name:Waffles2020-08-14 17:07:37
Would anyone want to get high scores on Mercenaries No Mercy on resident evil 6 PS4? If so, add me, PSN: OmegaWaffles1
3030Name:shinsei11162020-08-13 10:00:09
Avoid fascist_dream (mastermind) player on PS4 platform if you DO NOT wanna end up in an ugly, lagswitching match. All he does is use his mastermind voicelines (especially the laughing line) and not put in much effort on area 1 & then the lagswitch happens at area 2. It kept showing unstable network connection on and off the screen. The guy is Spanish.
3029Name:Milki-Hazard2020-08-11 20:22:07
You have 47 wins and 3 losses in your last 50 matches played as a mastermind. Stop being salty dude lol
3028Name:ALFA-AR-OMEGA2020-08-11 05:55:54
Resident Evil Resistance, can you please nerf a yellow herb. It is very strong, the effects it gives to the survivors are almost unbeatable.
3027Name:Manarch2020-08-11 05:54:58
Alguém ainda jogando resident revelations online no Xbox 360? Minha gamertag manarch666
3026Name:ironman2020-08-02 02:35:19
I have collected all 20 charlie dolls but it says i have 19-20. All i need is this trophy to platinum. I dont know what to do. Someone please help
3025Name:Sami2020-08-02 00:20:08
please add Resident evil voice at start game of Resident Evil 8 like other Resident Evil series
3024Name:Maxwell2020-08-01 11:47:30
Has anyone encountered this issue on Resistance? Red outline on the screen, can't open doors, no timer. Can't even see the other players names. PS4 version.
3023Name:ALFA-AR-OMEGA2020-07-31 05:28:46
Resident Evil resistance, Greetings.
I ask if they add new master minds and survivors in the following updates?
3022Name:shinsei11162020-07-31 00:03:17
Has anyone ever VS'd someone called bigcataustralia? Is it just me or does this guy only rely on faster cool down on bioweapon to get his "wins"? He always tends to spawn the bioweapon back very quickly after a couple of minutes and sometimes straight up at area 1. I'll describe that gameplay trashy :P
3021Name:Halejandro2020-07-30 14:53:46
I’m starting to play Resident evil 6 on switch, and I really enjoy it, but I can connect with my resident evil account at here, there is a way I can do that? Or a way to get all the costumes and extra content?
3020Name:Rayfield2020-07-29 02:49:55
Anyone who plays RE Revelations on Steam should be aware that there is an error with Raid Mode levels displaying properly. I contacted RE.NET admins and they admitted the aforementioned issue.
Posting this is because I've seen quite a few Steam players at level 49 when they might actually be level 50. So if your Raid level on your RE.NET profile is not matching your in-game Raid level on Steam, you may have to contact the admins to get it corrected. They will be glad to assist you.
3019Name:Mica2020-07-26 22:54:13
How come molitovs can stagger,. Nemesis can one shot,but Jill cannot stager with her rockets, how come grenades and molitovs are more power, makes the ability. useles please fix
3018Name:Yuuki Konno2020-07-26 13:30:21
So and my team not full team, it was three of us and one randoms, we run into this Valerie psn id Samuel_Jordan_ so I didn’t ge mad but got an annoying of what he did we had to door close so we can be protective for nemesis rocket but he open the door say I want into game chat to ask him why he did that and got mad and caught feelings and threw the game. So just warning everyone he a game thrower. Again his PSN is Samuel_Jordan_
3017Name:Zac2020-07-25 23:55:36
Please reduce cough infection time, it is too much at the moment
3016Name:Ginosac2020-07-25 06:01:48
Hi, I started Resident evil revelations 2 and already struggling with some levels, is somebody ese here playing on nintendo switch yo play with and passing those levels? I want yo unlock all the characters
3015Name:Mica2020-07-24 21:56:23
Why don't we have a choice in cosmetic chests like we do cards chests I never play mastermind yet I spend my time to get their stuff, we need the costmetics chests seperated. who's with me
3014Name:Zac2020-07-20 04:45:09
Infection time loss have to be reduced, nothing else in the game even come close to the amount of time it takes.
3013Name:shinsei11162020-07-19 18:34:51
Funny how this guy ➡️ Northside_Player always leaves when he comes across a bunch of high level players on RE Resistance. He can only proceed on with the match if everyone's below his MM level or if there is ONLY 1 high level and the rest are complete noobs.

Name: Northside_Player
Platform: PS4.

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