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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2125Name:ChefDeRang2018-10-18 11:36:36
i put two videos on vou tube from Level-Restricted-Challenge No.361 and Level-Restricted-Challenge No.362
I do all missions on level 1. THX 4 watching!
2124Name:Dmjames2018-10-15 00:25:04
Is anyone else having problems with their skills not working in RE6? The automatic, defense, and firearms skills are not working. Not sure about the others as Im just trying farm points to max out the slots.
2123Name:Heretical_Shaun2018-10-12 14:03:59
Hey, can’t seem to find a place for a definite answer or some help.
You see, I’m trying to link my Account with my PSN, the thing is, it is trying to link my PSN with a different PSN account. How can i remove that (I just made this account and it is trying to assign a different psn when linking.) current account so I can sign into my main psn?
2122Name:Rider_of_Black2018-10-07 17:59:19
please help i need Ex 3 costumes
2121Name:Rider_of_Black2018-10-04 04:33:43
ievents from resident evil 6 dont show my rank only show score i dont know why ps3 is not related to the ban i never use cheats
2120Name:WHITERADA2018-10-04 00:05:30
Hi everyone !
For those who have never been to my YouTube profile ->
It is with pleasure if you like it.
Thanks for watching !
2119Name:Drakebeard2018-10-02 21:06:16
PSN tag is the same as it is on here and if anyone knows if a Resident Evil discord chat, send me a shout
2118Name:Drakebeard2018-10-02 21:04:19
Hey everyone. Just got back into Resident Evil again. Playing Revelations 1 on PS4. Just wondering if anyone wanted to be partners, site buddies, and friends to do co-op raids
2117Name:meemaw2018-09-30 13:41:37
I have never seen a company as capcom not give a crap about cheaters. Just ruins wanting to buy any more games that come out
2116Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-29 00:14:30
Happy Nemesis day everyone! ;)
2115Name:peteyszayy2018-09-26 22:18:05
Hello! Looking for players interested in revelations 1 co-op on xbox 360. Happy to run any levels. Look for me in co-op/quick matches.
2114Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-09-19 17:39:21
Hi zFury, do feel free to add me; my PSN nick is sas_the_virtuous.
What time zone are you in?
2113Name:zFury2018-09-19 11:48:21
Hey all. Well i wanna ask if any 1 still play revelation1 on ps3? well im back to this game sort of and im looking some1 for co op tho some chilling playing etc [;
2112Name:Botlok+2018-09-19 07:24:35
xxxMALKOxxx Congratulations,Well played. Nice end game strategy. My hat is off to you. You are the best. It was fun all the way. Thanks for the ride.
2111Name:Relastnight2018-09-13 14:02:31
It's solved all players on xbox360 had the same issue.
2110Name:Kin~Jo2018-09-13 09:23:33
Weird, doesn't sound like network or settings then (since other games are fine)...maybe X360 has something hinky in its setup/server connection for the game - I dunno anyone on it to ask if they have same prob tho.

...that sucks for Events like WS etc tho, prettymuch screws you on all of them right there as only available Online~
2109Name:Relastnight2018-09-12 22:27:48
I play on xbox 360.
2108Name:Relastnight2018-09-12 20:50:47
I find players but im disconnect everytime the host(or me as the host) start a mission...
2107Name:Relastnight2018-09-12 20:48:48
i have this issue only on ReV 2 i can play all my other games online without problem i can still play raid mode offline though...
2106Name:Z Soul Revelations Z2018-09-12 18:18:37
Does the matchmaking in re revelations even work on xbox one? Or is the game dead? I cant find anyone
2105Name:Kin~Jo2018-09-12 17:02:51
(LOVE the un-notified character limit in General Discussions that just shows a blank screen when you go over...GOOD job w the old revamp to site, guys!)

I've TOTALLY been able to Raid w no disconnects all day & on from 5AM-12AM, to answer tho~
2104Name:Kin~Jo2018-09-12 17:01:25
I've been Raiding prettymuch all day on PS3/no probs...could it be your internet/router? Sometimes routers get ridiculously pissy & need a reset (as easy as unplug 10-30sec's & plug in again/let boot up)

Easy way to tell is trying another game (weed out RE.NET server/net in your area etc) or wifi devices etc (prob could be game itself, system, server, internet or even DNS so can be a hassle to narrow down)
2103Name:Relastnight2018-09-12 09:48:17
Hi anyone has the issue "Network connection has been lost" when trying to start a mission in raid mode on ReV 2?I have this issue since today when i started the game 2 weeks ago everything was just fine.
2102Name:vara2018-09-12 09:04:53
Me gustaría tener el remaster o Remake de Resident Evil Outbreak, todos los que hayan salido :), ahora que la jugabilidad en linea es mucho mejor y los gráficos han mejorado, seria una joya tener de regreso ese juego para Xbox One y Play 4
2101Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-11 17:31:34
2100Name:julio30302018-09-11 10:27:59
Have problems with resident evil revelations 2 in ps4
2099Name:meemaw2018-09-09 21:47:56
ok thank you so much, only came across like 2-3 of them. So rare my curiosity got to me.
2098Name:Kin~Jo2018-09-09 19:13:52
Huh, I didn't really Co-Op Revs1 til I had em all unlocked, but I didn't know it blocked you like that...never tried, but assumed it worked just like, say split-screen Raid in Revs2/Lvlng 2char's at once (I unlocked every stage only using HUNK, & later brought under-level char's thru as P2).

Crazy, I've never actually seen that circle/"back" status before tho, was kinda curious about it myself...even tried/failed a few Google searches out of curiosity - thx for info, Tony~
2097Name:tonyfresh5502018-09-09 12:25:30

It just means they have unlocked all the stages for abyss including chasm and trench. For example, yesterday I invited a person to my game, he wanted to get Trinity on abyss 19. But when I selected it, it said 'other player cannot use this stage yet'. That was cuz he hadn't yet completed the previous stage , which was 18. So yeah, that's what it means. All stages are unlocked and you can play whatever stage you wish with that player.
2096Name:meemaw2018-09-09 10:21:25
yea ps4 and revelations one, wish i could post pic, this is what under playable stages

o back (20)
2095Name:Bryce Dixon2018-09-09 05:53:02
I need help farming for level 50 amazing gear on Revelations (first one)
2094Name:Kin~Jo2018-09-09 04:07:15
Never seen that before, that on PS4/X1? I've only played on PS3

Assuming you mean in RE Revs1?
2093Name:meemaw2018-09-08 22:47:25
got a question, came across couple players and where it has playable stages is a circle with the word back beside it. Whats that mean. Thanx curiosity got to me
2092Name:DarkAlchemy19942018-09-05 03:08:37
Hey everyone, check out my youtube channel for my first Resident Evil 7 play through, here is the link:
Please give a like, share and subscribe and let me know what would you like to see next on my channel! Thank you so much!
2091Name:Relastnight2018-09-02 05:06:55
Chuck what is your gamertag?I don't have Revelation one sorry but can't you help me on Revelation 2?
2089Name:Chuck2018-09-01 15:51:45
Looking for online raid partner on 360 revelations one for gun part,Trinity and ghost ship runs pls
2088Name:Relastnight2018-08-31 13:53:32
Hello is there anyone playing ReRevelation 2 on xbox 360? I juststarted playing raid mode and i find no players with the matchmaking.
2087Name:Tomahawk2018-08-30 14:59:35

Yeah there're plenty of us. Go to the PS3 forum it's pretty active.
2086Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-30 11:16:08

Yes there is still people on Revelations 2 for ps3.
If you need help to level up or getting medallions, I csn help.

PSN: CocoSnicker12
2085Name:djrikiboss2018-08-25 20:56:05
En xbox one gracias
2084Name:djrikiboss2018-08-25 20:55:00
Buenas necesito gente para asalto en revelations desde nivel 10
2083Name:Sultany2018-08-25 17:48:40
Hello is there anyone play RS REVOLUTION 2 ON PS3 can't find anyone play
2082Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-08-24 01:07:01
@LeonKennedysGirl No support for Xbox One & PS4 versions of RE6 that's correct.
2081Name:LeonKennedysGirl2018-08-24 00:11:02
Hey! I’m new to the website, I’m wondering on how I can connect resi 6 to the PlayStation 4 as it only will allow to connect to the PlayStation 3 version... of PS4 isn’t supported for that? Thanks.
2080Name:slangking2018-08-21 17:21:42
Awesome. Thank you Olaf.
2079Name:Olaf2018-08-21 09:37:23

The cutlass

The cutlass is used by Jill in her Pirate Costume.
2078Name:slangking2018-08-20 21:24:43

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2077Name:Sayuloboferoz2018-08-20 06:10:23
Disculpen, alguien me puede decir cómo se desbloquean las misiones IX en re2??
2076Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-08-16 01:38:51
Fun idea. But capcom dosen't like to evolve their characters at all so.. 20 years from now I'm sure nothing will have happen between Leon and Ada. It all will stay the same.
2075Name:steveburns02672018-08-15 20:59:35
Who here would be interested in a return for Helena Harper? Accuse me of reading to much fanfiction if you want, but I think she'd make a good love interest for Leon. Perhaps over time he realizes that Helena is who he should be with and that Ada is merely using him. Let me know what ya'll think.

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