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Extra Files

Monster Steve (T-Veronica Virus)
The mutated form of Steve Burnside after having been captured and administered the T-Veronica Virus by Alexia Ashford. The disfiguring effects of the virus make it difficult to discern any remaining human features apart from his face. His mind was not completely overwhelmed however, and he is able to regain control of himself in order to defend Claire with his own life.

There are a number of examples of humans who mutate after being administered with a pathogen, from William Birkin who infects himself with the G-Virus, Irving who does the same with a dominant strain Plaga-based parasite, and Excella who is forcefully administered the Uroboros virus. Steve, thanks to his feelings for Claire, is one of only a few who were able to regain consciousness once infected, which may explain why he remains a popular character even though he has only appeared in a single game.