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Extra Files

Proto Tyrant (T-Virus)
A prototype of the "ultimate life form" B.O.W., the Tyrant. Like the production model, its heart is exposed, and due to excessive skin decay its spinal cord is also visible. While its external appearance leaves no doubt as to its incompleteness, its physiological features match those of the production model and it met its designated targets as a prototype. The Proto Tyrant's aggressiveness in particular closely resembles that of the production model once freed of its Power Limiter, and it also displays outstanding vitality.

The T in T-Virus stands for Tyrant. This is a clear indication of the primary goal of T-Virus related B.O.W. research: the Tyrant series. In the case of the Proto Tyrant, the amount of brain development necessary to execute orders was underestimated, and this, along with other adverse effects caused by excessive use of the T-Virus, led to its failure. While its external appearance may not make up for its shortcomings in any practical sense, compared to the production model, it is perhaps more representative of the "horror" of Resident Evil.