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Extra Files

Saddler (Plaga)
Saddler's mutated form as ruler of all Plagas. Numerous tentacles and four limbs sprout from his discarded body, and the head at the end of his elongated neck features a powerful maw. Each limb also has an eyeball, which all but eliminates any blind spots. Saddler's ability to jump incredible distances defies his gigantic size, and his hard carapace is virtually impervious to regular weapons.

The weak point of Saddler's shell is the large eyeball at the end of his neck, which is easiest to attack when he has collapsed. As the time he spends on the floor is quite brief, it can be more effective to climb on top and stab him with your knife. This way, not only is it impossible to miss, but the damage dealt is usually higher.
*Saddler before his mutation