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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24594Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-24 07:52:32
Nice, thanks for sharing your experience Tamshe!
24593Name:Tamshe20172020-11-23 14:29:01
my experinces with REV2 or RER2 can be found on this forum and here:-

My experience on normal play on LRCs can be found here with links to competitive "videos " and here :-
24592Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-22 17:25:32
Thanks pollin, that was very informative!
24591Name:pollin2020-11-22 15:34:11
thank you, these restrictions were difficult due to the crowded network these days.
however enter this site and see if it is what you are looking for
but always listen to advice from experienced players because they most of the time have already done several tests with weapons and pieces
tamshe did a theme on this topic on gamefaqs but i'm not reminded of the site right now, maybe he can speak up and say where it is.
these guide is in Brazilian Portuguese
credits of KennedyS.T.A.R.S based in wikijapan
I hope to have helped and good luck!
24587Name:Matolo2020-11-22 11:37:04
pa-pappys8675309,you welcome.
24586Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-22 11:12:33
nice scores pollin!
24585Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-21 18:57:14
Thanks Matolo. Yes, it would be nicer for us if they left it to stack more power for us lol :D
24584Name:Matolo2020-11-21 01:37:08
pa-pappys8675309,Tags for weapons "speed shoot" adds 25% to the rate of fire of the weapon, so the item "rate of fire level 20" - will work in a reduced version, as a part of level 18. and weapons with tags "fast load", has an increase to the reload speed of as much as 22%, therefore, the item "quick load level 20" - will work as a part of the damage 18. This tag, and the tag "speed shoot" also increased the capacity of the ammo store by 32%, so the item "store capacity level 20" - will work as a part of level 18.The game developers decided that unique tags,and tags that add to the rate of fire and capacity of the store-make the weapon too powerful.Well, they ruined the whole holiday for users.)))
24583Name:Matolo2020-11-21 01:14:11
pa-pappys8675309, all weapons with unique tags (Zaitsev, Basilisk, Sledgehammer, Gravedigger, and others) - all these weapons have the same status:

1) increased firepower by 20%;

2)all weapons with unique tag have the status "piercing+1";

3)all weapons with a unique tag have an increased rate of fire by 10%.

A weapon with a unique tag has a drawback:

1)the "damage level 20" part will work on a weapon like the level 18 item;

2)A similar drawback is the weapon tags like rapid fire (the "rate of fire level 20" part works as a level 18 item);

3)the "speed load" tag-the "magazine capacity" item level 20,works on such weapons as a level 18 part.
24581Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-20 20:57:05
Just for curiosity, I would like to see detailed stats of just what sets a Zaytsev above an M1891 or a Gravedigger above an M147S etc for all the named versions - some things you can see like greater firepower and firing rate, but do they have any other attributes like long/short range, faster loading etc but I can't find any details, maybe there aren't any?
24579Name:Matolo2020-11-20 20:45:03
pa-pappys8675309,you're welcome.This page is much more understandable and productive than the explanations and mindless scribbling in the air of some of the characters here.Everything is described in as much detail as possible, and a lot of better clear.Good luck
24578Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-20 12:15:59
thanks Matolo, I've seen some of the Steam pages before for RERev2 but never that one, very interesting stuff :)
24577Name:Matolo2020-11-20 00:18:20
By the way...Today, sales of the PlayStation 5 started in Russia, in the official Sony store. ;)))
24576Name:Matolo2020-11-20 00:13:01
pa-pappys8675309,Hi.Follow this link- ,you will find a lot of interesting things.There are differences in the versions of the game, but in General-the principle of the game in RAID mode and in online tasks-is the same.)))
24575Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-19 16:39:27
Thanks for the tips pollin, I will be trying again tomorrow night probably :)
24574Name:pollin2020-11-19 16:15:34
hello, you need a lot of ammo to get through this lrc, which is one of the most boring in this game, chicago can be a good one, and a high capacity rifle, zaystev is a great weapon that I used many times in the ws, I also had done these wrong teams was with a decimator I went up firepower too
24573Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-19 13:54:19
Well, for all my crying about LRC 580 it's been a rewarding day of farming after all - I just found a Zaytsev LVL 100 with 6 slots! -

I have had a 5 slot Zaytsev LVL 100 for a long time but I ruined it by putting all the upgrades into firepower instead of capacity, so it needs a lot of reloading often at tight moments -

Now the 5 slot can get greedy killer 10 & soul eater 10 back on it and the fire ammo broken off & it goes back to being an VIII-6 farming-for-gold gun
24568Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-19 12:01:34
LRC 580 keeps whippin' my ass, I can't beat it at lvl 40 even and I want that extended burn lol

I made it to the last creature a couple times then I either ran out of ammo and he killed me or they trashed the target enough for him to finish it off b4 I could stop him :(
24567Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-18 14:58:17
I noticed using my dagger fang/high rollers that the firing rate seemed to fluctuate, it can be pretty fast but it's been slow and erratic today
24566Name:pollin2020-11-18 10:54:54

yes maybe it is, but anyway a while ago in the middle of the quarantine we had a lot of network errors, it improved for a while and now it's getting bad again, or maybe this server is really bad!
24565Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-18 07:06:32
it showed up now pollin, i can smile again :) ;)

I was thinking, usually my game tells me if it cannot connect, so I really expected it to show up, I guess it just took time for the server to tally up. Maybe this is a popular & busy LRC?
24564Name:pollin2020-11-18 05:15:50

that's right, sometimes it takes to register the race
24563Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-18 02:03:08 never recorded my score for lrc 579 - i completed a run at lvl 1, it took me 27+ minutes lol but my score for 580 shows up and i did that one later :(
24562Name:Tamshe20172020-11-13 06:57:33
False or fake news :-

Makorintan finished the WS70 with pa-pappys


it takes about one cycle to get special guns and high level parts (like damage, capacity, ticket puncher, muramasa, etc) lasting about 24 WSs. You have a long time to get a damage lvl 14, 15 or similiar capacity part again.
Thus it important not to miss out on these, so I alerted this forum early and offered help to some players.. I have proof of this


I am also known as tamshe2013 (renet) and Kyo2017 on gamefaqs

I have retired from this forum (not like poison weeper had promised)

Again I thank all players on rer2, rer and re6. I respect REV2 players, because they were more forgiving than RER and RE6 when it came to connectivity. I thanked all great players after playing with them or watching their videos or posts
24561Name:Matolo2020-11-13 04:47:05
Говорит,что у меня проблемы с английским,и я-не помогаю на форуме,а троллю,спамлю и так далее...Нет,ну воистину придурошный субъект... :)))
24560Name:Matolo2020-11-13 04:45:11
Dollfaced, привет ещё раз.Единственное,в чём прав этот Таймши,так это в том,что если тебе нужна будет помощь,а не пустые слова,пиши.Как меня найти-ты знаешь (Poison_Sweeper).Пройдём и огонь,и воду,и медные трубы.Если тебе реально нужна будет помощь опытного игрока.
А на счёт него я иллюзий не строю.Да и не строил никогда.У человека не всё впорядке с головой,и это видно по его постам здесь,на форуме.Он тут с 2017 года,но пишет что "самый старый",когда я в игре с момента её выхода в 2015,его не замечаешь в упор-он сам набивается,чтоб его "заметили",а затем начинает ныть всем и тут,и в анкетах пользователей,и в личке в PSN,какой я плохой,в очередной раз довёл до слёз сопливого ребёнка...Все признаки шизофрении-на лицо.))) Пишет сам пустой,никому не нужный флуд,захламляя форум в пустоту,а когда ему говоришь "успокойся"-начинает говорить что я-тролль,и мешаю ему "помогать" на форуме...Нет,ну воистину больной на голову человек...И я ему неоднократно писал тут об этом.Но наш "баран"-не понимает этого в упор...Воист
24559Name:Dollfaced00612020-11-12 23:38:39
Матоло,кто такой Тамше-мне неинтересно,и что он строчит-тоже.Просто спамит сообщения никому ненужные,да и бессмысленные.Просто с ухмылкой на лице наблюдаю за всем этим безобразием)
24558Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-12 21:19:34
I don't understand the hostilities or know the history behind them - I am of the yrs in life that simple things can bring great joy - but yeah, I will stop talking now

Thanks everybody for all the advice and I wish you all well in your gaming endeavors - hopefully see you all in the vestibule some time!

24557Name:Matolo2020-11-12 19:24:26

No, you're not the oldest player here.))) You're just a freak, crying like a girl when people start paying attention to you.That's what you wanted.))) Go wash your face, asshole.)))

24556Name:Tamshe20172020-11-12 16:25:30
I went online in 2013 to play RER and RE6

I am probably the oldest player here playing resident evil

I have done what I could to help new players on this forum.... even the sick person poison weeper

I have also done a lot of work on gamefaqs

I show respect to old players and long time players as they have a wealth of experience.

While I also respect new players, some must be blocked.


true to form
24555Name:Matolo2020-11-12 15:38:33
Tamshe, I won't even answer you.Just too lazy.Read on the Internet how game servers work.On what principle, maybe then, you will finally calm down with your delusions and absolute ignorance of the topic of the question.)))
24554Name:Matolo2020-11-12 15:31:47
pa-pappys8675309,I assure you, you should not do this.It's infuriating.Don't be like a Tamshe player.Who licks everyone's ass, making them look like Gods just because one of the old players played with him,and together-they showed a relatively decent time.Personality is nasty and slippery.Like a slug.It just makes me sick.)))
24553Name:Tamshe20172020-11-12 15:26:11
post #24544 is false or fake news

Makorintan finished the game with Pa-pappys. Pa-pappys did not see when he left as the lag did not allow it

Therefore Makorintan did help Pa-pappys
24552Name:Matolo2020-11-12 15:25:53
Dollfaced,ты читаешь этого "Tamshe"?...Его послания тебе?...Обрати внимание,его-игнорируют.Его в упор не замечают.С ним не разговаривают.И тем не менее-уже трижды ОНО пытается докопаться до меня.Сначала просто сообщения лично мне,без употребления моего ника,ну типа "и так поймёт",теперь тебе за меня писать стал в переносном смысле.Как жалкий безхребетный слизняк,который не в состоянии даже ник написать того,кого упоминае постоянно в суе.Мразота редкостная,а ты говоришь,как тут не ругаться матом.)))

How can you stand yourself, you lickspittle,pathetic semblance of a human being?...You're like a twisted spineless slug who sees himself being ignored.)))
24551Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-12 14:41:00
Trust me Matolo, when you drag me through the next WS I will be singing your praises loud & clear too ;) :D
24549Name:Dollfaced00612020-11-12 09:03:06
Действительно,одно и тоже,как-то утомляет.Могли бы что-нибудь новое внести,да видимо разработчикам лень
24548Name:Matolo2020-11-12 07:40:53
pa-pappys8675309,that's right.Talk and complete the game with the Tamshe player.He knows a lot of interesting things that mere mortals-never even guessed.)))

... Tamshe, especially for you-the Internet speed is fundamentally important only when players connect over the network directly.And not through a server that has its own speed, and it does not depend on the speed at which players connect to it.The connection of players inside the server is at the same speed, and why the player who has the speed of less will always be disconnected offline from the player whose data transfer speed is noticeable faster.It's like a kindergarten,into your knowledge.)))
24547Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-11 19:52:40
His fingers & wits are very fast too! lol. I learned a lot from that run, to implement it at the right moment and with the the right timing is the key - for example, in the seaside village he made vulcanblubber and pedro kill each other with bewilder, just so many quick thinking moves that saved the day while I'm struggling to reload my rifle LOL - playing solo I never really thought about the value of bewilder & never use it, now I see

I just hope he's not embarrassed I mentioned his name.

I hope to get to play with all of you veterans when time and opportunity allows, looking at your rankings and completion times this past weekend has me convinced I'm talking to some very good players in this thread that could teach me a lot
24546Name:Tamshe20172020-11-11 14:41:49
The speed of Makorintan.'s internet is very fast

It is possible to not see him at times during gameplay. His result was left at the rankings, that is the same as Pa-pappys


A nerd is some one like all of us who spends too much time on a computer

This is from a sportman's point of view, that is someone who plays physical sports


I would think that a "partner" would help Dollfaced get those high capacity and damage parts offered recently
24545Name:Matolo2020-11-11 12:56:04
Dollfaced0061,не знаю,что там забавного было...Обычная лесенка,как всегда...Хоть-бы нового чего придумали...А так-одно и тоже,уже который год....)))
24544Name:Matolo2020-11-11 12:53:54
opa-pappys8675309,уоu're wrong.I'm like а Pollin.Average in its class.Makorintan, about which you wrote below-belongs to the class of people nerds.He dragged you to the very end,and then disconnected, so that a bad result and a spent attempt would not be counted on the server.Even I'm not interested in playing with them.Yes, they do not play on a standard PS 3 controller, but on something else,so it is simply impossible to move in the game from a standard controller, I checked it personally.But they'll give you a rifle anyway.The main thing is to pump it correctly,and put the right details on it.Congratulations, in short.)))
24543Name:Dollfaced00612020-11-10 21:47:45
Ладно,ещё увидимся,работа по будням,некогда играть да и если получается зависнуть,то на выходных.Было забавно с этим Weekend Survivor.Пока без комментариев.Как говорится,ещё не вечер))
24542Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-10 06:29:48
Matolo, I saw you in the lobby queue but didn't want to risk ruining it for you, I played WS Friday, Saturday I didn't play WS and I played again Sunday morning, I thought I was done. Then I saw it would let me play again Sunday night, I saw a guy I didn't know in the queue and took a last ditch chance. I thought maybe he was like me and together we might get 20 lvls but he was like you guys, very very advanced and he dragged me through. I was surprised to say the least, he would've got much better time without me I think . I'm still kind of stunned by the lvl of speed required and that people can achieve it but I got a lot of understanding from it too.

And I thank you again!
24541Name:Matolo2020-11-10 01:40:49
pa-pappys8675309,as you with,but you shouldn't have refused.You'd get that rifle, too.I could have dragged you all the way to the end.

Thx again,Pollin.
24539Name:pollin2020-11-09 15:47:58
I'm average compared to those with powerful weapons and such, and I still face long delays in relation to the last ws with graveyard, it seems that there were less delays,
is that each one has a different way of playing
24538Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-09 15:20:39
Some insanely good completion times from you guys on WS, holy smokes!!!

Unbelievably good players, I have been awed by what I've seen this weekend from a number of players I did co-op with on different missions, completely humbled by them, and to read you guys scores for WS you must be just as great.


(Thanks for you encouraging words pollin, and thank you to makorintan again!)
24535Name:pollin2020-11-09 15:12:41
great you did it yes i just saw the rating grid you are there so this is guaranteed
as for being a beginner I think you shouldn't worry too much about it, but in a little while you'll be fine, I think most players understand this
I spent most of the tickets and couldn't play with everyone, I apologize to the staff, but I really enjoyed this weekend

matolo also thanks for the two great matches
congratulations to everyone who completed their missions :)
24534Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-09 09:25:42
If the data uploaded properly and I get the gun, next I need to learn how to master evade cancel - I tried it a few times last week and it takes some getting used to, I ran out of ammo a lot just messing around in code red with a magnum full burst - it's tricky, especially under pressure

and thank you again for your offer, I'm sure I will be brave enough to take you up on it some day, but try to remember, I am nowhere near as fast as you guys, I'm like a turtle compared to the truly seasoned veterans
24532Name:pollin2020-11-09 08:55:28
you can count on me if you need to, i'm glad i got this very good weapon that will help you in most events, yes makorintan is a player with a lot of experience, i see him there almost always, as you are starting it is normal to find others more powerful more is normal this I think everyone has been there, just the help for going through a ws like this is already worth it :)
24531Name:pa-pappys86753092020-11-09 08:45:30
No pollin I didn't get it, well not really - somebody named makorintan just finished carrying me through it and it was all him/her - he/she played like a work of art, unbelievable - I think that was the name, he disconnected at the end but I saw the screen 30! It was unreal, he/she was like a cobra darting in and out tearing it up, I never saw somebody so fast, I felt like an idiot compared to them LOL - really, I tried sending messages of thanks, it didn't tell me no such user so maybe they got them (???) I truly hope so, it was a beautiful thing to see! LOL

And thank you for your gracious offer, it is an incredible amount of skill to pass that test and I'm thankful you would work like that to help me :)

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