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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
21031Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-13 11:32:47
And how do i know which 100 LRC's will actually require piercing? I mean I have 2 shotguns with built-in piercing (m147S sonic assist+ and 'GraveDigger)
21030Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-13 11:03:03

Then I have to ask, is piercing 5 required for this 100 LRC? Yeah thanks man, I was totally surprised by the 6 slot (steady shot) TAP shotgun.
I thought it was gonna be a level 98 decimator, like I always get. It's definitely gonna help me in the 100 LRC's.
21029Name:Tomahawk2017-12-13 09:40:37
Hey. I'm pretty slack on forum of late. A lot to read there so I skimmed. Pertinent is shotgun build question. If I recall correctly you got a 6 slot steady TAP? Um fucking good find, dude.
I agree with Kin Jo; "quick load" is unnecessary. Pretty much a wasted slot imo. Unless you're competing for high rank.
I, personally, build as follows...
Full burst, focus, piercing,fire, bsaa, capacity.
When current lrc has no call for pierce I'll swap it out for fire rate.
Increased fire rate on shotties is bomb. Bomb as fuck
21028Name:Harlock-SSX2017-12-13 00:44:30
Haha, very good mon ami. You always know how to put totally BS facts in games in very amusing and eloquent words. Keep "Rolling" hahaha!
21027Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-12 22:46:43
The rather ridiculous & contradictory quest for THAT magical top-tier, reduced-power Lvl.50 gun that lets me put my dancing shoes on before&after piano recital is basically what did me in on Revs1 after I got the Plat on it TBH~
21026Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-12 22:42:06
...when I discovered my Rares apparently use Jimmy Hoffa's (cement) shoes as a holster/come w a piano tied to your ass almost equally impressive as the bonus dam/stats they get, I was so overjoyed I never used them again.

The entire Hunter/Fenrir-infested snowy mountains/airport segments in Abyss made that one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.

TOTALLY helped out on those levels where its dicey to Trin even w a meat-shield & door/elev. exploits etc, for example~
21025Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-12 22:36:58
Ouch, lols...TBH the "Legendary" guns from Revs1 kinda got castrated (Mura still rocks & Rider is -situationally- good, but the rest are mere shadows of themselves)...HR was always the bottom-Legend but now is basically bottom gun PERIOD it seems...fuckin gold action/pin kept melting w each shot we took, I guess lols.

...on the +-side Rare's have
drastically improved IMHO.
It always pissed me off Rev1 had no sprint, forcing me to carry a dink-dink just to move fractionally quicker...
21024Name:Harlock-SSX2017-12-12 21:22:04
Hey Kin~Jo. No man, even with a [Speed Shot]-Tag and a pretty high level Firing Rate part (I'm talking Lv. 17 and up) the HR still sucks in my opinion and is, like Tony posted, useless. At least for my taste of a weapon ... I got one from farming and even with 30+ upgrades to FR AND the FR part combined still doesn't work out for me.
21023Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-12 20:25:08
Speedshot HR might be OK...dunno tho/never got one yet~
21022Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-12 12:11:42

The high Roller was good in revelations 1.
What happened to it?? It's even slower now, and IMO, useless. In revelations 1 with a fire rate 4 part and a character who had machine gun mastery 3 or higher, the high Roller had a decent firing speed.
21021Name:Soulless_Persona2017-12-12 09:29:26
@Tony: Add piercing if you need it for that LRC.

Anaconda is my favorite magnum in normal play but it is too slow otherwise...even when I played with the Basilisk it is just too slow sadly.

ARs/Machine Pistols are good on a few LRCs when it comes to getting your rockets/bewilder back...again..depends on the LRC
21020Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-12-12 06:50:35
kinjo; i believe you are exactly right. with the right parts it will exceed the performance of the basalisk. just like with the right parts a longrange+ amr will exceed the performance of the sledgehammer. (the real question is what is an AR highroller good for?).
21019Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-12 05:44:12
kicks like a mule tho...I don't find that a prob, but just general heads-up/FYI~
21018Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-12 05:41:38
It has a slower fire rate but good Anaconda LR+ is my preferred Event Magnum, Serpent is 2nd fav.

Ticket Puncher & Mr.Train are good too, but I find they empty a bit quick for me (which usually means dying just for ammo)

I REALLY want a Basilisk, but suspect the added crit on my LR+ would outperform it on beefy enough modes/enemies where any difference would really matter anyway~
21017Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-12 02:22:20
What's anaconda good for ?? Just Normal game play?? I haven't seen anyone that uses this weapon for events.....or even for farming. What's up with that ??
21016Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-11 20:30:15
granted I also dont FB my shotguns...I use Brst2 on TAP/Brst1 on Gravedigger, dep'ng which one I'm using (they currently have clips divisible by 3&2, respectively, though so this is why so specific)
21015Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-11 20:27:40
I never use the reload part, personally (armor/dodge if need be & I almost always rock the Pixel in Skills too)

really doesnt take long to get the ammo in/dodge to cancel rest of animation IMHO...thats more a part for if you're going for time rather than just to make it through (assuming time isn't currently your priority)~
21014Name:cvan8bells2017-12-11 00:57:50
Tony, use Force ammo for the push. Works well with Electric,Ice and sometimes fire. If you're not using a Steady-shot mag you probably need anti-recoil.

For the shotty you can swap piercing with bsaa if need be.
21013Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-10 19:11:35
Wait one more thing, on the
level 100 LRC's , I see alot of players using a Magnum (mostly python and 2005m) that freezes enemies and at the same time pushes them far back and get them in a group to use bewilder. What parts are they using??? I want my Magnum to be able to do this. Thanks in advance.
21012Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-10 18:35:19

Ok, But what about piercing 5 ??
21011Name:Soulless_Persona2017-12-10 13:26:18
Cap, Fire, Fullburst, quickload, focus and BSAA lol
21010Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-10 12:27:16
I just acquired shotgun TAP. (steady shot) with 6 slots.
Can I use the same parts I use on the gravedigger? Fire ammo, full burst, focus 5, etc ?
21009Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-10 09:29:30

OK great! I tried a muramasa ( long range) with full burst, electric ammo and electrocute 10. And whoa, major damage. I'm trying to cut my time shorter on my IHC run by only having one weapon with charge shot 'C' . That's my 6 slot pale rider. I really don't want to be charging shots on all 4 weapons. That drives me crazy after just 20 minutes .
21008Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-09 20:30:17
yup, my main had electro on his guns/support had the E.Ammo...the support method of IHC is great for that, depending on w setup you're running~
21007Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-09 19:51:18
Ok if my partner has electric ammo on his weapon for shock support on IHC....can I add only the 'electrocute' part to my weapons.. and if so, will it increase the damage I do???
21006Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-09 18:25:18
Blue, right on - never tried but fig'd as much...using an SVD w any Charge & Brst1 will put both in same spot before muzzle jumps tho, I know that (dunno bout Brst2 & FB it'll jump out). don't even need to fully chrge for th effect/just start it & shoot...useful for IHC support as SVD has high ammo count/bad recoil~
21004Name:cvan8bells2017-12-09 14:10:54
Friendly PSA- anyone needing parts might want to play both LRCs at lvl 1 this week. There are decent part rewards for both missions.
21002Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-12-09 03:48:32
kinjo & tonyfresh; thank you. / & kinjo i know for a fact that you are exactly correct about charge and burst not working correctly together.
21001Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-08 21:15:05
I havent tried, but from w I hear any Charge w any Burst just results in 1st shot being charged, then reverting to base dam & w/e multipliers are in play etc...

Might be wrong there but I doubt it. Final Shot/Charge DO work together tho, for sure~
21000Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-08 18:41:48
My other 2 guns were a M2009 LR+ (or w/e - "Mr.Train" type/LR+ flavor) & my M1891/30 LR+, if curious.

The SR+ Rider was doing equal max dam to the LR+ Mura but not as often (crit rate/range penalty etc)~

In that lot from best-worst was Muramasa LR+, Pale Rider SR+, M2009 LR+ & M1891/30 LR+ how I had em set, anyway...
20998Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-08 18:33:26
Blue, yes it does...I used split/shock method w ChC/F.Shot this last 2 best guns were Mura LR+ & P.Rider SR+ (short range plus/NOT a typo)

I was getting app.18 million a go.

happened to mess up a charged F.Shot early & was defo weaker so can confirm that for sure (calc's are all off base dam tho so quick estimate of %'ll likely be way high, FYI)
20997Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-08 14:27:49

I think so. I'm not like 100% sure. But i know a trick with final shot. When u reload, just try to reload 1 bullet at a time.... That way, u will have final shot will every single bullet you have left. Oh and FYI, Final shot 10 increases firepower by 100%
20996Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-08 12:27:57
On ps3 " service is unavailable. Please try again later." is the message I've been getting. Guess it's undergoing maintenance?
20995Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-12-08 12:26:39
does final shot work in conjunction with charge shot?
20994Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-08 10:19:04

OK thx!
20993Name:Soulless_Persona2017-12-07 15:12:03
It does protect from all of that lol
20992Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-07 14:44:19
Just need some clarification on this, does coat of armor also protect against scagdead grabbing you and glasps????
20991Name:Soulless_Persona2017-12-06 08:54:54
RE6 Survivors, Onslaught, Siege and Predator are not split screen
20990Name:Prince Of Darkness2017-12-06 07:47:11
Hello, Does anyone know if the resident evil 6 dlc like onslaught survivors and the rest can go split screen? Please reply if you do thank you.
20989Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-12-06 05:06:52
andrya4us: if your looking for a really fun first person shooter that you can play and talk to multiple friends at one time. i suggest battlefield 3. check it out. i personally think it's the best game ever invented. especially in conquest or rush mode. just my opinion.
20988Name:andrya4us2017-12-06 03:54:45
My point is-Rev2 is indeed a fun game in comparison. DO take it lightly! Don't waste u'r time and Brain cells on this worthless game. Take a break and live your life. All the best!
20987Name:andrya4us2017-12-06 03:52:08
Hi Folks! Please Allow me to barge in a little.
I just want to say that all frustrations shown here by many-rewards,rng,Ranks,gears-are NOTHING compare to other games...Lately I tried other shooter games(Counterstrike type) like Call of Duty,Overwatch,StarWars Battlefront, and let me tell Ya that THERE U HARDLY find a team/reliable player, BUT MOSTLY Snipers,Lurkers,Modders,Cheaters, Selfish people who trolls on hard working-honest players. They stay always out of view or behind front lines and kill U as U spawn. They want always 1st place/prizes, tho they are already powered/buffed. Very sad.
20985Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-12-05 17:35:08
learning something new all the time. :-)
20984Name:cvan8bells2017-12-05 03:09:45
Also Blue, I posted a response to your question on your boards.
20983Name:cvan8bells2017-12-05 03:08:48
If I remember correctly, Dogs, Glasps and Revs all have full damage buffs w/no vital target area. Scagdeads, Vulcans and Executioners have partial buffers and do have a weak spot. Ironheads, Afflicted, Rotten and Pedro can all take full damage.
20982Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-04 13:43:02
Never heard anything about that...think I haven't done IHC since before then/didn't notice.

I DO fully remember glasp/dog IHCs being absolute dickbags though, lols~
20981Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-12-04 01:20:26
kinjo: capcom put a damage buffer on the ihc probably 6 months ago. on this ihc i'm getting almost double the damage i was with the buffer on.
20980Name:Kin~Jo2017-12-03 20:56:57
When did they remove the damage buffers? Didn't hear anything about that...

I haven't played IHC in forever tho (I forgot about it/consolidated a bunch of parts & ended up leaving myself short for IHC P2 parts etc) nice to see w difference that makes to Ichor/dog or the glasps~

(wouldn't that typically require an update though? Either way, I got it in 2 runs so I'm happy...1 would be nice, lols)
20979Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-03 08:45:53
Finally got my official Factory sealed DUALSHOCK 3 controller. For $30. I got lucky. With so many fakes (good fakes too) out there. Especially on e-bay. FYI....if you guys are trying to buy a real controller..if the top of the box is light blue or sky blue. ITS FAKE. the real box from Sony is a Dark Blue(navy blue actually). And check the model # at the bottom.
It should be CECHZC2U.
20978Name:tonyfresh5502017-12-03 08:35:17

That's new info to me. Damage buffer??? Damn and I really thought my weapons we're doing pretty good damage. Oh well.

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