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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
18108Name:No Continues2017-02-26 04:11:17
@kin- jo, you unlock lie down by getting all the campaign medals from every chapter
18107Name:andrya4us2017-02-26 01:33:56
Oh, Remy, PlayGames, Kin-jo - sometimes I find/like Rev.1 better than 2- for the challenging play. Look, in an Abyss run I got bored, so I died very quickly, in look-a-like 'enemy co-op play' SO, all of 'them' had 'speed skill'. What happened is: I crippled an Ooze, then a Baby Draghinazzo knocked me down from behind, then the crippled reached me and along with the Baby D. constant punched me;soon and a Tricorn & Pincer joined them. I didn't know HOW to get up, since 'they' kept me down...Well played for AI creatures! I was impressed!
18106Name:andrya4us2017-02-26 01:21:50
OK, since 'some' people put it that it goes: last time I talked about Rev. stuff, so I suppose now I'm 'allowed' to speak about something 'out of the topics'...Well then:
@Kin-jo - thanks for the understanding and quick response. Since I know U're a joyful person, I warmly recommend to play 'Deadpool' (I currently play it), it will entertain U quite well! Wanna tell Ya that, since I have a proper weapon Loadouts for WS, IHC,LRC, I find farming and playing Rev.2 less attractive than ever! I like this 'CHAT ROOM'-with all the grudge and friendship- more entertaining than the game itself!
@Soulless - welcome back, O most Honorable Lady (though I know U just passing by). Some of 'us' missed U here! But, I really appreciate if U point me what I must do exactly to unlock BG lie down gesture...would You kindly, Darling?
18105Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 22:47:04
Never did catch a Burglar tho...

Wanted Reaper but goes auto/no chance
(actually I re'd beg him to spare a dead one they have chance to be zombie...he disappears after awhile, that's it)

I always wanted to send a copy save file to Dev's/let them see what I did to/with their game (no modding/pure vanilla)

My own lil' Hotel California

18101Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 16:35:39
You should have seen my old Sims was like a psycho museum, lol. Threw parties w bathrooms only in 1 wing/sold door as guests went.

Ended up with everyone as a personal display/iron garden fence around em...went as brutal as I could.

(Even Death cpuldn't free them...he couldn't get in/kept circling house & going away lol)


Absolutely NOTHING bout THAT in database~
18100Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 16:25:00
I try to ind if am unsure for same reason (bad info sucks, lol). Such as have heard/supposedly/in my exp, etc...

In various games co-op we have come up w excellent results just spitballing etc, discounting that can be a mistake IMO.

Ideas are just as important as facts, you may not want to sell yourself short~
18099Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-02-25 14:10:41
i just know that it sucks to get bad advice, so from now on i won't say a word unless i'm 100% sure of what i'm talking about.
18098Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 11:47:09
Really the only part you had a bit off was "lie down" being end of "Temper Tantrum"...if someone finds that to be outrageous, maybe they ought to invest a size or 2 up when purchasing undies, were basically right - I just gave a bit of detail.

(I forget HOW you unlock "lie down" Gesture, but it definitely IS done in the Campaign)
18097Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 11:43:00
No worries Blue...believe it or not the forums were actually INTENDED for people to request info & help (tho lately you'd have a hard time noticing, lol)

A good chunk of that info (Tags/LR+ beating Rare on IHC & no ability to lose/give guns etc) I was given most of these specifics from remy

Don't ever feel bad about using forum as was intended.

I have some exp but wldnt call myself a pro, just a major/rabid fan...but I appreciate the compliment :))
18096Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-02-25 11:15:20
Kin-Jo; thanks for setting that straight, sorry about the bad advice guys, i'll shutup now and let the pro's answer the questions.
18095Name:Soulless_Persona2017-02-25 10:50:55
I love the "Sit Down" gesture...But yes, it is unlocked through certain means through campaign.
18094Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 08:51:30
PS its QUITE funny seeing one plyr do Yee-haw! gesture lined up on another plyr using Sit Down gesture...just saying

I also occasionally molest the mannequin using Body Builder...y'know, for luck & stuff before a tough run...
18093Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-25 08:46:07

"Lie Down" is a gesture unlocked through Campaign

(in REVS1 SRs/ARs & MAGs all had Pierce...dunno bout REALLY seems to me MAGs don't anymore, maybe am wrong). ANY named/Rare gun OR Sonic Assist+ Tag gives the gun Pierce1. Pierce5 part gives 3Pierce (oddly), which goes thru 3/does more damage on second/tertiary hits (magnums do 100% on 2nd&3rd hits). Adding Prc5 to a Prc-tag weapon is a waste tho (it'll just go w highest/dnt stack). Your best choice is Pierce5 on a good non-prc tag of choice OR a named/Rare gun for Prc1/Dam+20%/RoF+10%. I prefer Rare. Tho in IHC LR+ IS better, ANY other mode I prefer Rare.

And no, you cannot donate guns/nor can players steal yours if a disarmer knocks it off goes back into your kit if you didnt even pick it back up.
18092Name:TerraSeeker2017-02-25 08:18:45
Andrya4us - There's a gesture called lie down. I'm not sure how you get it, but I think it's on the wikia. The drake has innate piercing. Also the p10 had piercing in campaign, but they took it off for mode for some reason.
18091Name:Soulless_Persona2017-02-25 07:13:41
My, my, the boards are active since I have been gone. Nah, a lot of people care about the spawn glitching in general. Eve is just very vocal on the thing in general.
18090Name:Darkstar2017-02-25 07:09:05
No Continues - Don't be bias. If your not calling out others here for voicing something or debating whatever it is you do not have the right to tell me to do anything. Not that I really care what you want.
18089Name:John2017-02-25 07:03:53
No she's not the only one. The thing is most experts players have left this game and the board too. But some average dudes like me are also irritated to see that Capcom makes no difference between people using regular moves and people using the game's flaws.
18088Name:Darkstar2017-02-25 06:59:34
No Continues - lol. No. Just No. Reverzer0 does well digging his own hole. And I'll speak whenever I feel like it.

How's that?
18087Name:No Continues2017-02-25 06:43:17
@Darkstar- You are the only one that cares about that, so please STFU!
18085Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-02-25 05:03:21
andryus4; question 1; i think you just make your player throw a temper tantrum and they just lay there when their done. question 2; not sure about decimater but (sonic assist +) has piercing abilities, or you can just add piercing parts to any gun you want. question 3; i would like to know the answer to that myself. i get a lot of the same guns over and over again, it would be really nice to share some of them with friends.
18084Name:Darkstar2017-02-25 04:58:26
Coop would be a viable option. Reverzer0 can't spawn Glitch. Can't say he still won't cheat on solo playing.

I should remind you Reverzer0 since your good at pulling the victim card. Your not. It's a nice attempt but the real victims are your competitors that are cheated from their hard earned rankings. Nice try though
18083Name:andrya4us2017-02-25 03:06:37
(shhhh! don't mind me, I'm not meddling in the fights here)
Guys I have 3 simple questions: 1) How do U make Gina 'lay down'? - 'coz when I connected with another player with BG costume, she was laying on the ground - I now, I now , no 'nasty' remarks please:):):)
2)Which one Shotgun has 'piercing' ability? Are the legendary(ex: Decimator) included?
3)For a PS3 user, there is 'no way' to exchange weapons/parts between players/users? I would like to 'donate' some Lev.100 weapons and lev. 10 parts...THANKS in advance.
18082Name:TerraSeeker2017-02-25 03:00:45
Jeffersonnino - It takes 2^19 level one parts to make a level 20 part or 524,288 parts.
18081Name:jeffersonnino62017-02-25 02:35:38
Does anyone actualy know how many lv 1 parts it takes to make a lv 20 part ... not that it really matters
18080Name:John2017-02-25 02:26:11
And I understand competition, I tried to do the best several times on lrc40s, I know how you try to spare bits and pieces , to run faster to next monster... I was motivated by the idea of improving, getting closer to my friends, not by being ranked or by beating others.
In your case the best defense is to invite players in Ws or lrc so they see what you can do.
18079Name:esmigo0122017-02-25 01:45:55
Will it be that nobody of Capcom passes for here? That place turned a total mess, nor he/she is to speak in itself of the game, but to discuss =(Will it be that nobody of Capcom passes for here? That place turned a total mess, nor he/she is to speak in itself of the game, but to discuss =(
18078Name:John2017-02-25 01:34:43
No Rever I don't side Darkstar because she's a girl, though I love girls.
I'm average player anyway so my opinion is an opinion, but time manipulation in online competition can not be justified. My Ps3 sometimes leave me on the ground 10 seconds before I resurrect, even this is no reason.
I'm not always agreeing what Darkstar says, I think you have great skills, but I also think it is a terrible shame not to be able to determine precisely what is to your credit, and what is to the glitch credit. I put the blame on Capcom for not fixing this with a DL patch. Would not cost a lot.
18077Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-25 01:29:01
John you really don't understand anything in the competition... Yes they have right talk thou I have right to defend. I'm out. later~
18076Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-25 01:22:13
John, dupe interfere the ranking, every % & fraction of a sec counts. Also grinding on your will result different fruit in grinding.
18075Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-25 01:15:25
John, what if you are in my condition competing with those spawn glitcher with terrible connection, what will you do? & Why you became unjust? Maybe because Darkstar is a female so you sided her am I right?
18074Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-25 01:07:29
Darkstar, if you don't want an outrageous comments then shut down already.
I only have limited time at my aunt house and bringing all my stuff there is just a drag.
18073Name:John2017-02-25 00:54:47
Nutty and the others have the right to feel and say that glitching and cheating are similar when you manipulate the timer. They don't have to challenge anyone.
I don't have Xbox but the dupe glitch does not interfere with ranking. Having 6 slots Amr and lv20 parts will not make you a great player if you have no talent.
18072Name:esmigo0122017-02-25 00:27:13
Our where's the popcorn for more this round? well the other trapaceito ALUCARD could come here to defend himself, but even this dignity he has. .
18071Name:Darkstar2017-02-25 00:12:07
Reverzer0 - We can both agree that you won't be making outrageous comments and blank statements in the near future unless you can back it up yourself.

I am actually pondering if you should just move into your Aunties place. You know that bad internet connection of yours and all.
18070Name:Darkstar2017-02-25 00:09:18
Reverzer0 - In other words... not practicing what you preaching.

18069Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-25 00:07:43
Still there Darkstar?
18068Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-24 23:55:17
6 whole, Entire slots huh?

I still can't believe it...and I didnt even need Cialis!
18067Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:54:15
Darkstar, give me a capture card and good internet connection so that I can show what you want. There are also some events that I admit I did the spawn glitch due to counter my defective connection. Just accept you lost many events from me. You're just the same as esmugo, plain talk, mouthing bla blah blah blahh
18066Name:Darkstar2017-02-24 23:39:59
Reverzer0 - Let me help you out. You going to record your gameplay of this challenge? That way you can't spawn Glitch. The people you challenging can visually see proof and they can then attempt to take on your challenge.

See how that works?
18065Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:35:16
Darkstar, repost.
18064Name:Darkstar2017-02-24 23:32:05
Reverzer0 - In order to challenge anyone.. you have to be able to do the same and prove it. Can you prove this "Challenge" you speak of to other players?

18063Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:26:34
Darkstar, what is that stupid question. You already know the answer. lol I'm out. Goodluck with Neisra",
18062Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:23:46
Darkstar, I also noticed I'm beating a cheater like plus engrave to your brain that I'm playing with defective connection yet you still lost. Nahhh bla blah I still want to say more but forget it~
18061Name:Darkstar2017-02-24 23:19:48
Reverzer0 - Seriously you cannot be this densed. Why would anyone have to take a challenge from you.

Trying it your way now. Your reasons should be interesting.
18060Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:18:26
Darkstar, where did I exactly cheat on that event? You react again because you see I got better time than you on that event isn't it.
18059Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:13:18
Hey you two barkstar & esmugo, you still have the nerve to say hypocrite on this board thou what you showing right now is a total hypocrisy.
18058Name:Darkstar2017-02-24 23:12:49
Reverzer0 - Why would these guys have to take a challenge from a cheater?

Trying it your way now.
18057Name:ReverzerO-2017-02-24 23:08:53
Darkstar, judge yourself 1st before judging others. Simple arithmetic isn't it,, cheater.
18056Name:esmigo0122017-02-24 23:07:02
Darkstar Allucard also and did a tremendous hypocrite, modify his SAVE in the program and does she still want to prove innocence, how devils does he think that will deceive the capcom? lol
18055Name:RichWoz2017-02-24 23:06:11
it's Guns N Roses you can't even get that right! I'm done talking to you now!

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