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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
21356Name:Tamshe20172018-02-21 19:47:27
Thanks. I got a m18 long range plus purple which i expect is attractive and a 4 slot purple steadyshot hydra. I will test the hydra with fullburst but expext my 5 slot steady shot tap to be best until i get a 6 slot steadyhand. My 5 slot decimator works in lrc and have not been replaced by 6 slot models
21355Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-21 16:40:31
Well another Rainbow 'handgun triple shot'. What am i gonna do with 7 of these now ? Damn.
21354Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-21 14:59:22

We'll find that AMR.... It can't hide much longer :)
21353Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-21 14:54:30

Im almost to 1000 hours of playing. Thanks man.
21352Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-21 14:53:04

One rainbow was 5 slots(short range)

The other was speed shot with 4 slots
21351Name:Tamshe20172018-02-20 20:40:50
I was using similiar technique in 8.6 with an amr. I got one in 5.2 rainbow 6 lot. then again after playing duo and solo at level 90 or below , i used fully rested character and got a 4 slot purple (untagged) in 5.2 (i play the game like an rer event no life .Enjoy it like i can. Remember this : Wife first , job second or 1st too , game 3rd )
I have seven muramasa rifle with 5 slots and two with 4 slots. That's why i will like to know if you can get a lvl 100 mura with 6 slots without playing an event. (i did get a 6 lot in 5.2)
21350Name:Tomahawk2018-02-20 18:30:36
Hmmm I can connect to RE.Net now
but failure to upload my LRC result.
21349Name:Tomahawk2018-02-20 17:48:52
Is it just me or is PSN down right now?
21348Name:Dean Smith2018-02-20 12:24:20
So Tonyfresh and I were farming and we'd open chests while holding specific weapons and we would get that same weapon type we have yet to get an Lv 100 amr from it sadly but it's worth trying we hope you get good results I found 3 100 pythons but I have a 100 serpent 6 slot so I didn't want those same goes for 2005m 329 and 1819 though the only good one was the 1819 because it was better than the others
21347Name:Harlock-SSX2018-02-19 21:38:48
Hey Tony
Hmm, very peculiar: My only AMR 100/5 [Short Range] (yeah, "GREAT" I know ... O_o) in 790 hrs of gameplay came from IV-4. Maybe keep on raiding that level and you will get one too, hopefully with a WAY better tag than mine ... Good luck!
21346Name:Tamshe20172018-02-19 19:58:17
was the rainbow mura 6 slots ? Last night I got a purple 5 slot anaconda sonic assist. ( from rer ) i play lvl 90 regularly online and have gotten better results than if i played at lvl 100 alone. I had also used a fully rested character. The anaconda was from one of the stages in 4.
I cannot complain but it will help when Capcom gives away a 4 slot amr in an event as some guys with 2000 hrs have not gotten one
21345Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-19 18:35:07
Maybe I shouldn't complain about when am i getting an AMR. Last night I got rainbow muramasa again from 4-4. After that, I go to 6-3.... first box I open, Purple Muramasa (100/5). I now have 'EIGHT' LEVEL 100 MURAS.
21344Name:Tamshe20172018-02-19 01:38:20
a speedshot palerider lvl 99 with a capacity of 6 could not match the level 93 basilisk with same capacity even with greater capacity part added ( 9 with cap lvl 14 and bsaa vs cap 11 on basilisk). Any way the pale rider failed with electric ammo ( rated 1 shot every 3 sec ). The m18 rifle also failed with single shot , but worked with fire rate part ( fr 0.74 vs basilisk fr 0.75 ) . Within error a fullburst electric rifle or magnum should give you up to 100 % (or more) damage plus critical hit damage . Now considering udl fire rate = 1 for other muramasa suggested by steam community
21343Name:Tamshe20172018-02-18 21:37:27
using a basilisk lvl 93 magnum with electric ammo lvl 10 and "push back" ammo in lrc40 with character at lvl 10 or 20 , i got 999 damage followed by 1250 damage , then 2250 three or 4 times and even 3366 against an ironhead using single shots. A pale rider single shot will be next. Since i cannot see why my electric mura rifle damages properly or why it fails sometimes , i am evaluated what to do with other muras for WS.

I could not find where i got the info on the problem with the ps3 vs ps4 " in double stacking " or not understanding why an enemy dies suddenly my electric mura rifle with fullburst while viewing its life. PS3 with cd rer2 and upstar tv. There were some discussions between ps3 /ps4 consoles and pc
21342Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-18 14:49:38
I got the platinum trophy for Revelations 1 !!!!!
21341Name:Dean Smith2018-02-17 09:45:55

I just posted the link incase you needed it or anyone else did I simply put the first translator I had/found
21340Name:Tamshe20172018-02-17 09:43:02
Dean , it is much easier to use the chrome browser which either asks if you want to translate or just right click on the webpage and choose translate. I got the video link from the comment section under weapons in the Japanese wiki for rer2 , but one can also use youtube for tips or pleasure. In 2018 its much harder to get great weapons or parts. Events are our best hope
21339Name:Dean Smith2018-02-17 04:59:47

If you continue to have problems with the site or need to translate it this will make the whole site English
21338Name:Tamshe20172018-02-16 21:51:30
Watch offline farming madness by Centurion VAC (2015) and solo lrc and evade cancel usage
21337Name:Tamshe20172018-02-16 20:48:57
its working now
21336Name:Tamshe20172018-02-16 20:26:34
Hey guys I cannot view the Japanese wiki by "kouryakutsushin" for rer2 nor rer ..forbidden 403 error using win 10 or vista
21335Name:Tomahawk2018-02-16 18:13:39
Oh yeah I see what you're saying
21334Name:Dean Smith2018-02-16 12:27:48

No I mean killed me on any lrc ever It was the one level with invisible zombies in the sewer I was fighting a invisible fire zombie When a invisible scagdead kills me in one foul saw grab saying Surprise mother fu***r and dead me on the ground first lrc death ever.
21333Name:Tomahawk2018-02-16 11:02:18
Dean Smith,

What the hell? What level are you playing at? I had to die intentionally a handful of times before I even reached that scagdeadass foo'. I mean, not that I had to try to die. But y'know.
Oh do you mean sapped you clean of crystals?
21332Name:Dean Smith2018-02-16 09:55:16
The first enemy that killed me in a LRC Haha
21331Name:cvan8bells2018-02-16 09:50:07
Haha yeah, I've got a hate/hate relationship with him.
21330Name:Dean Smith2018-02-16 08:57:24
He may be small but his ego and everyone's hate for him is HUGE
21329Name:cvan8bells2018-02-16 08:54:01
On this week's episode of Famous Assholes: The mini/flaming Scagdead - he may be small in stature, but he's a really big dick.
21328Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-16 08:40:27

I could give you some info.
Send me a friend request and I'll message you back.

PSN: CocoSnicker12
21327Name:Dean Smith2018-02-16 06:27:09
Okay so I made time for Revelations 2 again so I will be playing it every Sunday which means I need tips For,
IHC, LRC, Farming. Which includes skills weapons parts+
My Weapons Would Likely Be
Level 100 Serpent 6 Slot Level 100 Muramasa 6 Slot Level 100 2005M 6 Slot and Level 100 5 Slot 329 Magnum
Until the events with the Level 100 Ticket Puncher and Level 100 SR+ Anaconda I also got Level 100 Shotgun's AR's and SMG's
My Active Skills Will Be
Rocket Launcher Ice Bottle Electric Bottle and Bewilder
My Passive Skills Will Likely Be
Magnum Master Rifle Master Evade Extension Evade Duration Evade Cancel and Magic Pixels???
Pleas tell me what parts skills weapons Everything you think I should use
Thank You.
21326Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-15 16:03:19
I can still (even temp) clear a spot on my FrndsList...I just have to go thru 100 to find one, lols~
21325Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-15 15:58:48
Customisations too, like I believe his GTAV editor lets you access the iFruit stuff w/o an iPhone (ALL of it/even the hidden ones & your own blends) & hear is much better interface than say Xploder or other Mod Menus

He flat-out makes the entire Mod-Menu for his stuff tho~
21324Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-15 15:55:18
Yeah, apparently he's quite a good one too...most of his stuff is cheats, but his interfaces are supposed to be REALLY good (easy but comprehensive) & he tends to do games that are gen'ly viewed as hard-to-mod as well.

IIRC some of his stuff also fixed the odd stability issue on the odd game here & there too...may be wrong there though~

(he sounds pretty talented for a modder tho, that's kinda cool in it's own way - TOTALLY recognize the name tho, lol)
21323Name:Tomahawk2018-02-15 14:45:36
Dean Smith,

Sure mate. I'll put it on your message board.
21322Name:Dean Smith2018-02-15 11:55:38
Kin jo,

Lol i never knew he was a modder i just saw him on Re5 leaderboards and thought WOAH 1400 plats.


I found out that you meed Euro and you need to buy it from the European ps store.


Do you mind if i friend you? I'm not sure if you have max friends like Kin jo Lol just lucky i met him on Rev 2 before then.
21319Name:Tomahawk2018-02-15 11:16:09
Funny you say "rubber ducky" cause that's what I used to use ;). That and the mallard(?) duck. Until not too long when I got vector and lupo. Those are the only two I've purchased I think.
21318Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-15 04:51:25
I actually missed it, but until recently I didn't even use Avatar's (my current one is actually the 1st one I've ever used aside from the default smiley box, hahaha)

I'm not sure if Prince was asking about PSN or RE.NET tho...I assumed he meant RE.NET (in w case that's a negative, big 10-10, rubber-ducky, quack-quack). If he meant PSN then yeah, you're totally right...Obviously, by your current Avatar, lols~

(BTW, Vector wasn't ALWAYS your Avatar was he??? I thought I re'd you using a different one WAY back when we 1st got on each other's Friends Lists)
21317Name:Tomahawk2018-02-14 16:41:16
I just saw it when I was getting the playable dlc and thought oh yeah that's pretty neat.
21316Name:Tomahawk2018-02-14 16:20:18
I meant for PSN. I think that's what he was asking.
21315Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-14 14:36:03
Also Dark Nacho is a VERY well-known modder...him having that Avatar doesn't necessarily mean much.

Tomohawk saying he's got it himself is more reassuring that it can be got though...Nacho has actually made mods for MANY extremely popular games that are heavily preferred by mod/jailbreak gaming community (including GTA5) - like a mad hoodoo-wizard-lych, lols~
21314Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-14 14:31:26
Wait, do you mean a Vector Icon for RE.NET, or for your PSN Profile Avatar? If RE.NET, then no...PSN I dunno, but is very likely - they prettymuch have an Avatar for every Main Char/Boss in any game they put out (some are on the PSN Store beneath that game's DLC/others are on that weird, tedious to scroll Avatar Page...which for me, LOVES to improperly display a lot/require refreshing etc while trying to look through them)

I thought you meant RE.NET Icons until Tomohawk said it was his current, lols...that is one TINY, moldy U.S.S. Operative, lols!~
21312Name:Tomahawk2018-02-14 11:23:53
Yeah there is a Vector icon. I have it. It's my current.
Just search the game in psn store, go to its page, and click dlc/add ons. It should show up.
And by the way pardon my incorrect info regarding electric ammo. I forget...
21309Name:crevladal2018-02-14 04:11:05
TONY, yes good shootgun try with fullburst,cap,focus5,fire10 and cad20 , best are fossoyeur and gravedigger, if you can control recull.
21307Name:tonyfresh5502018-02-14 02:53:42
Shotgun m147s (steady shot) with 5 slots. Is this good enough for LRC ..?
21306Name:Dean Smith2018-02-14 00:50:46
Prince Of Darkness,
There is a Vector avatar BUT You cannot purchase it I looked it up and I found it but there's no "Add to cart" so i'm afraid you cannot get the avatar Look up the profile Dark__Nacho__XD on you're ps3/ps4 or the official site.
21305Name:Prince Of Darkness2018-02-14 00:13:25
Well thank you kin jo also thank you for the tips for farming xp on ORC I didn't know there were message boards for profiles
21304Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-13 20:13:08
Prince of Darkness

I don't think there IS a Vector Icon...he's part of the Wolf-Pack off RE:ORC, which isn't supported & AFAIK only characters from supported games are available as Icons (including playables, npc's & enemies)

I missed that after getting squarely kicked in the balls for my Attendance, or would have said WAY earlier, sorry~
21303Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-13 17:20:08
Like, WAY back (on a mobile) the thing would prettymuch sign you out if you looked away from the screen (which was annoying), NOW I have personally been on at LEAST 5x spread throughout 12AM-Noon (sleep) & even after getting up again, yet I get no attendance cred as I guess I didnt need to login thru all that...seriously, Fuck YOU, Perfect Attendance!
21302Name:Kin~Jo2018-02-13 17:16:50
REALLY enjoying how the site also seems to keep you logged in even LONGER after the new, terribly bad, horrible layout I get off work, checked RE.NET & CVan hadnt left his reply yet...before I pass out a few hours later, I see his reply. Wake up/pre-work runaround & walking TO work I go on-site/need yo login...reset to DAY1/500Pts...

Fu-KING Sweeeeeeet~
21301Name:crevladal2018-02-13 13:22:18

You can use the message board after logging in with your CAPCOM Account.