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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
22396Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-24 21:44:27
Hank ?? Haha
22395Name:Tomahawk2018-06-24 21:32:48
H4nk is best character tbqh imho roflmfao ;)
22394Name:Matolo2018-06-24 21:25:52
Kin Jo,I never came into your online lobby room.I just saw your session at the blue door once.About Hank and Chris Redfield with his athletic build-I saw this hybrid in the form of modification for the game on Steam.It looks cool (Hank with Chris ' body),but it is quite ridiculous-to the head of Hank's body is screwed Chris so what it is,only t-shirt painted in darker tones.This is not a joke,just people in the RAID on Steam-make different mods, not just for weapons or items of the maximum level.I told you all this because you said yourself that you're not Hank in the lobby, and I said that in person I haven't seen you,and I don't know what you look like.Anything can be.Even muscular Hank.)))
22393Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-24 19:20:48
...or (with friends) occasionally try to line up a perfect "I lay down & you yippie-kay-yay on my face", etc~

(Team-building isn't just a skill, its an ART FORM, lmfao)
22392Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-24 19:17:30
I haven't been playing lately (balls-deep in MGSV:TPP &)...I lay in wait for a 2nd LR+ Mura & still, I smile - lols~

Not sure if was a joke or not, but I don't recall ever meeting you in-lobby...I also virtually never play as Chris, either...tho I DO use the bodybuilder pose several times w strategic positioning to make it look like I'm humping the mannequin fairly often~
22390Name:Tamshe20172018-06-24 19:00:05
Deetona helped someone in lrc 40 and collected his/her second trophy. He/she will probably help in this one as well.

In 5.2 i used my 329 short range plus with a lvl 90 character . It appeared to be missing enemies as well wasting bullets. I was standing at top of the slope in a WS position and shooting at enemies running down the furthest slope to my is not because of homing ammo unless i was shooting a hidden enemy. The rifles had no such problem
I found a 6 slot pale rider long range last night while Tony found another AMR
22389Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-24 07:41:57

I agree. There's really nothing good at all. As for Cerberus, in order to be effective for LRC use , you have to attach a firing rate part of at least level 18 or higher. I probably won't use it, but still will get it to add to my rare weapon collection:) LRC 100 has nothing good either so that's why I really didn't bother doing it.
22388Name:Tamshe20172018-06-23 17:19:42
This weekend survivor has terrible prizes except for the cerberus ( that and a green donkey you will never find on ps3 ). I am going to attempt solo again and still try to enjoy world cup .
Not only do these shotguns shoot up in the sky , but all guns when there is a lag or glitch as you "stumble" while shooting wasting bullets , cancelling your evade during fullburst
In 5.2 , I came across another problem which iirc was mentioned by Sas. (forgive me Capcom ) . My anaconda missed targets running down a slope in solo mode even as i aim directly at them ( long range only , but sonic assist ) , while the rifles did not. I am going to retest and also confirm with my 329 short range plus
22387Name:Matolo2018-06-23 14:08:14
Kin Jo,I don't know what and how you're dressed,and what's on your head when you're in the RAID mode lobby...I've only seen you online once.And suddenly,you are really Hunk,with the body bodyBuilder Chris Redfield.It could be.)))
22386Name:Matolo2018-06-23 13:59:22
I.H.C.,Write to support Capcom, that you cheater, why write here, on forum? It's a godforsaken place where whiners sit and Capcom doesn't read it.However, as and administrator forum here too, there is no...Capcom will remove your record from the ranking grid.Although I think this will not happen-they are now in full swing work on the remake of Resident Evil 2,it is now simple not before-need to quickly release the game in the world to cut more money from the fans.Although the fact that a cheater on the forum says he's a cheater-that is a paradox....)))
22385Name:Tamshe20172018-06-23 11:45:50
Would you be helping now or getting people killed ? You should really help the new ones
22384Name:I.H.C.Number 12018-06-23 11:03:21
I got my 1st place trophy in IHC, what the hell capcom.. It means you dont care anymore in this game or events..thats why pause glithers and hacker getting a rank and trophy...
22383Name:Tamshe20172018-06-23 06:37:38
I played lrc100..tower mission
I missed the previous daily event for 2 life crystals
I used Pedro for daily event...tower mission and did not get the life crystal
I played the daily event for 2 life crystals and the single crystal event was still there. I got 2 life crystals
Use Pedro again and played the single crystal event....guantlet 4 ep 2 (4.2 leon running through the streets backwards) and got the crystal
22382Name:Tamshe20172018-06-23 02:19:19
Off topic rer level 1 only
Not many of you have played rev 1 at lvl 1 only. (a thunder raptor is recommended)
Piano Andy , who is playing rer2 a long time , was well known to host abyss stage 14 at level 1.
While everybody taught he was crazy , it is achievable. My friend and I have done it at least once with an online gamer.
If you are fed up . you can try the "trench" stages at level 1. I believe someone is still hosting lvl 1 only (according to my friend)
22381Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-22 11:25:30

I played with desertsteve a few times...he seems like a good player...didn't throw bottles @ me.
22380Name:Tamshe20172018-06-22 08:32:24
I want to correct a mistake which Tony reminded me in video with DJ and Deetona
Desersteve was once my psn friend who knows the game well and cannot join renet.....not Deetona who still enjoy killing players and making them waste life crystals.
Teddy bear Wo0kie was also hosting , but i have played with him in rer abyss 20 and ghost ship
22379Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-22 07:40:40

Thanks. I did it the hard way...I wrote 10,10,10,10...makes one level 12....4 more 10s makes another 12, 2 level 12s make 13.. and so on. I'm just glad I know now and I figured it out cuz it was driving me nuts. Haha
22378Name:Tamshe20172018-06-22 07:16:59
wow Tony that is correct
It takes 2 pcs of lvl 10 part to make a lvl 11
It takes 2 pcs of lvl 11 to make a lvl 12
It takes 2 pcs of lvl 12 to make a lvl 13
To make a lvl 13 from a lvl 10 , you to multiply 2 by itself (13-10) 3 times . That is 8 pcs of lvl 10 to make lvl 13 part
to make a lvel 16 from a lvl 10 , you 64 pcs 2 ( x 2) 6 times
Lvl 17 (128 pcs)
Lvl 18 (256 pcs)
lvl 19 (512 pcs)
Lvl 20 (1024 pcs)
You are correct . (I will have to recheck why 1024 lvl 1 make a lvl 10 as it appears to be 512)
22377Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-22 07:04:45
It takes 1,024 Capacity 10s
to make just 1 Capacity 20.

Unfucking believable;)
22376Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-22 06:01:42
Ok so for some reason this has been driving me crazy and I needed to figure it many Capacity 10s does it take to make 1 capacity 20. So far it's taken 128 capacity 10s, to make 1 capacity 17. Did it on paper...but I don't think I want to continue..haha
22375Name:Tamshe20172018-06-22 05:31:41
Try Carla for mining the depths. She has a strong 10 secs counter
Rooftop.. try Sherry EX and let urbisto or chain saw kill for you. You will need the 10 secs and 7 secs. counter attack before they arrive. We can practice steel beast and mining the depths if you like ( i am a bit rusty with the controls and may mix it up with rer2 ). Although the online videos are different , you can learn the spawn patterns
22374Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-22 04:48:29

I prefer the stages with zombies since I know their movements and can counter their attacks much better than the J'AVO enemies. My favorite stages are Rooftop Mission and Mining the Depths.
22373Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-22 01:54:00

Lols...well, today IS a special occasion - landlady's doing unit inspection.

I'll be just a H.U.N.K. of H.U.N.K. of Kin~Jo love...for her& her alone, lmfao~

(*cocks gun*)
22371Name:Tamshe20172018-06-22 01:05:21
re6 is my favorite re game. Read the comments on my profile.
Getting 150 combos were extremely difficult for me although i knew the spawns. I suggest the video below for Jake and steel beast map. Carla was used for my first 150 combo on steel beast.
This is no joke while playing events , i spent 5 hrs straight , 1 to 3 days. (My friends from all over the world would take 2 to 3 hrs with weaker characters)
22370Name:Harlock-SSX2018-06-21 18:36:23
Well well mon ami Kin~Jo ... I'm not really sure if maybe you even ARE vested in that costume described by you while you are playing on your PS3 system hahaha!
22369Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-21 18:25:58
If anyone has noticed, I know I have....that the PS3 disc version of RE6 mercenaries is more difficult than the other console versions... just look on YouTube. No wonder I can't get the 150 combo and 1 million score!!!
22368Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-21 18:13:29
Mars, tamshe

Glad you enjoyed the video. And yes, finally CAUGHT ON TAPE!! Now the whole forum can see the stupidity of this moron , and just how far he will go , so he can wait till you get killed and do stupid gestures next to you.

I hereby present mr.deetona with the idiot of the year award. :)
22367Name:Mars2018-06-21 17:44:31
good video! well done, haha. really delightful!
thanks for the link
22366Name:Mars2018-06-21 17:13:07
Tony, Tamshe
next time you will get mura lr+ 6 slots from ws. unfortunately, you must wait 6 ws events.
22365Name:Tamshe20172018-06-21 16:39:47
I enjoyed that video. It looks like DJ is playing again . He has caught Deetona on video
It looks like Deetona hacks very well . I was looking to see if he played the lrcs and ws. He came first as promised on IHC. What is also amazing is that rer players avoid spammers of voice commands , but rer2 players don't ?????

Tony iirc you now have a better mura for WS. good find . This night i also found a red 6 slot 147 shotgun and a red 5 slot long range version . My 5 slot lr mura was a vanilla or a rainbow. I am still hoping to find a six slot mura and a 6 slot steady shot shotgun
22364Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-21 12:38:43
Also I could be wrong, but am pretty sure Tamshe's a dude (not that it even really matters) DO know that's just an icon, right?!?

(for example, I am NOT sitting in my living room all decked in black, wearing a gas mask & helmet)
22362Name:Kin~Jo2018-06-21 12:35:55
Damn, son!

At least their dhiarrhoea has identifiable chunks...I STILL have no idea WTF "eye corn" is~
22361Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-21 11:02:16
Here's a video uploaded by dj on YouTube.
22360Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-21 09:42:39

Good find !!
Yesterday I also found Muramasa 5 tag. ;)
22359Name:Tamshe20172018-06-21 06:19:19
Muramasa long range 5 slot.....Yaaay
22358Name:Tamshe20172018-06-21 04:12:02
Matalo or posion sweeper or # 22224
Cvan, thanks for the video again.Very interesting...There is very soulful music-I cried a pot of 7 liters of tears, while watching, I have a swollen nose,and I took out a box (200 pieces)-paper napkins on the snot,drool, and tears...Whimper...Good video... =)))

You dont even get replies. You dont have friends . You dont help . You do not give any advice to new people.
You do fill people's message inbox about how they play. You are poision... most likely
22357Name:Matolo2018-06-21 02:21:52
The girl with a blue bow and nickname Tamshe2017 continued to whine, cry, and shit the forum with her flood.))) Full paragraph.))) I'll go, I'm tired of laughing at poor people.))) Bye
22356Name:Tamshe20172018-06-20 23:45:54
poision sweeper ( also identified by Sas iirc ). He has no site buddies and was / is identified as a TROLL
attacks the only person who defended him .
makes rer2 ingame music make him cry......
By the way Tony has done rer2 events in solo mode , where as you have one game and has not done so.
Bad talks Wo0kie and play events with him the next day. Bad talk every body . "Ladders "????
22355Name:Matolo2018-06-20 22:12:33
Soulless_Persona-don't use the mod saves in the game,giving them a "fair" achievement-I had the one video on YouTube,to understand that the person sitting stupidly on the mod saves in the game,and thinks that no one but he-did not know.And I don't have to say that it's not.))) З500 hours in-game time-know about RER2 more than you can imagine.I just didn't have anything to ban,I don't languages scratched as the women in the market incessantly,as you do.Chao.
22354Name:Matolo2018-06-20 22:10:37
ha ha Tamshe,block me quickly.To me such friends as you,or TonyFresh550 are either chatting non-stop,all right-would be the case,and so the verbal diarrhea about anything,or as some like Tony,who come to you in the mission with a level restriction,like people would help each other and not stand and look stupid as you killed,while doing nothing (TonyFresh,I think I forgot how you a year ago, came to me in a mission where there was fire Pedro on the stage Wossek for allegedly help but don't do anything,I'm shooting for 3 rounds,as in not the Deluxe version-the abolition of bias is impossible for two people to resolve all mission, and after all complexity in a game is divided into two, but you stupidly stole, and did nothing,you big pig)-are not necessary.TonyFresh,Capcom is on PSN my ID to write.Only AMV contrast to the same Soulless_Persona-don't use the mod saves in the game,giving them a "fair" achievement-I had the one video on YouTube,to understand that the person sitting stupidly on the mod saves in the g
22353Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-20 20:42:43
Matolo psn I'd is

22352Name:Soulless_Persona2018-06-20 19:50:28
The RNG in Rev 2 is shit tbh honestly. Rev 1 ha gotten better cause of the rare finders (in the remastered) but it still takes a lot of time...

Eh I will be fine. I wouldnt do it if I knew I would get fucked over tbh
22351Name:Tamshe20172018-06-20 19:37:31
I suggest looking at youtube videos. You must know the spawn pattern . With luck better spawns , your time will be reduced

Matolo should give out his psn id , so people can block it. Then he will hardly have psn friends as well. lol
22350Name:Tamshe20172018-06-20 19:18:07
No love lost honey
I did not want you to report it. Deetona might have been reported , but honestly working people hardly have time for the RNG in RER2 , RER and many games.
I cannot blame them or anybody else
22349Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-20 19:01:19
I'm using 2 rifles and shotguns for this LRC 40. I'm thinking maybe I should switch
to 2 AMR with electric ammo and 2 shotguns. I'm trying to beat my previous time of 6'26.
Any suggestions?
22348Name:Soulless_Persona2018-06-20 17:19:11
I do not understand you or your logic...Make shit harder for myself on an already poorly designed mechanic? Go for it love. No one forcing you sweetie. Eh, I messaged PSN if that makes you feel better. I will let you know if I am still here in a week <3 RE aint gonna do shit regardless of what you message them LOL. I know that without a damn doubt with all the shit from forever ago cause that was reported MULTIPLE times and not dealt with when people were exploiting it for IHC

Also honey...gonna be honest, most of us have played the first game when it came out (like me) and most of the games in general so eh...Cool statement.

A pro is who you think it a "pro" in your eyes and by the looks of it that would be no one that makes top rank in this game.
22347Name:Tomahawk2018-06-20 11:22:28
22346Name:Matolo2018-06-20 10:52:58
A theater of four or five actors,one of whom has chronic verbal diarrhea.Fuck the corn in your eyes on the missions page with the level limit.Tamshe2017,rest of yourself now, fucking the whole forum your chronic verbal diarrhea.
22344Name:tonyfresh5502018-06-20 07:19:58

Haha yeah, I love that song!
22343Name:Tomahawk2018-06-19 22:48:01
LoL wtf, Tony. "Ack right" haha

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