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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
21948Name:Tamshe20172018-04-20 21:42:55
with the free game you are limited to most of ep1 events and missions or stages. You cannot unlock katana
21947Name:xcattt2018-04-20 21:09:45

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21946Name:Tamshe20172018-04-20 20:34:16
7.3 which is a normal stage
21945Name:Tamshe20172018-04-20 20:15:35
ws52 what is that 5th mission ? is it a special stage? (addon stage ?)
21944Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-04-20 15:26:13
@ Tony
Sounds great! I'd like to play RE6 Mercenaries with you as playing Revelations with your OP guns is like being led by the hand;)
21943Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-20 11:39:51
Those fucking slingers.haha
21942Name:cvan8bells2018-04-20 09:40:44
Oh how I missed the agonizing hell of this LRC 100 lol.
21941Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-20 07:42:19

Ok sounds good!!
21940Name:Tamshe20172018-04-20 07:37:03
post #21933 The catacombs stage which was WS mission # 30 was 5.6 .
The link is
21939Name:~Morning Star~2018-04-20 01:34:52
I'm always happy to play with you tony I'll text you when I'm free to play my work schedule got Crappy I'll be way more free May
21938Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-20 00:53:10
I got Resident Evil 6 now .
I'm looking for a partner to play the Mercenaries with. If interested, just message me.
21937Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-19 20:17:18
Oh that WS, yea Bewilder was the best way to kill everything on that one. I was so shit back then lol
21936Name:Tamshe20172018-04-19 19:40:25
I will post the link when i find it again. It was one of yours that i got watching TMF's detailed guide on fullburst weapons excluding muramasa. There was a link there. I am not seeing it again. It was in the last stage of catacombs which was the last mission , when you have to kill most of the enemies (all in that area) , then break the medal
21935Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-19 19:09:39
Speed load needs more FR for sure...LR+ should come up eventually for WS rewards

I will have to see if again. I cannot even remember that run rofl
21934Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-19 19:02:04
3 rifles is a good set up if you have two amrs...if not do two magnums. Both are good set ups
21933Name:Tamshe20172018-04-19 18:56:27
Thanks . I do have 5 slot speed shot mura though , but not the parts. I do not have that mura lr plus yet, but hoping to get one. I am in fact using a speed load.
I saw a speed run with both of you , using a hand gun , assault rifle , a rifle and a magnum. It was quite entertaining. The WS(lvl 70) last mission was 7.4 , I think , Leon and Sherry stage or catacombs with all the elites. Using bewilder was the quickest method was'nt it? Great job. How ingenious !
21932Name:Tamshe20172018-04-19 18:38:05
On ws for solo runs , I realise from recommendations and video , my setup is not right , as 1 lose seconds using three rifles and a magnum. I should use another magnum , replacing a rifle , but the rifle is so damn effective.
No pain no gain. I will try to get 4 solo runs on next WS lvl 100 as i think i have a better gun than the first prize. It all depends on other prizes or the actual 1st prize
21931Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-19 18:27:53
.65 FR is honestly fine in terms of fire rate..I recommend at least that FR...If you have a LR+ Mur then yes FR is recommended but otherwise, give it more power more than anything imo. It wont make that big of a difference unless you are doing an LRC...

Commentary can slow you down somewhat cause I have messed up myself a little bit while talking lol. Otherwise, it is about getting used to it.
21930Name:Matolo2018-04-19 17:57:32
We put him down, though.))) :)))
21929Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-04-19 17:09:16
@ Matolo
Playing with you was a pleasure! I wasn't sure whether we would finish the mission though - one of the slinger monsters fell off the roof of the truck and a lot of the bullets could not reach him. And as for lv 20 parts - I hope they do not make grinding for parts such a chore in the next Revelations game. It was interesting in the first Revelations that certain parts appeared in some missions but not the other. This meant that replaying some of the levels could help you find more of one type of item. It would be cool if we could select what level parts we get for playing the levels.
21928Name:Matolo2018-04-19 15:01:37
...Yes,and, SAS, thanks again for yesterday's help.You did a great job of not throwing away the extra crystals of life in vain for me. :)
21927Name:Matolo2018-04-19 15:00:05
I said only that I have 2 details 20 levels "Daze", and no more.Challenge? Who? ...What for?...For what?...For me personally-have in the Arsenal of a couple of parts the highest level-it's great,but it does not say anything.Need understanding the game-there is a game,and all...And I absolutely don't care what that means.Although many and here,on forum,Yes and in the most game-utterly lost the brink of between game and reality, and of reason-in including.Here is that most offensive.I have a couple more parts (damage and rate of fire) from passing with the disk version of the game,but have not yet found a decent option arms,in which these details are set,because to combine them (as already mentioned here before-incredibly long and very difficult,one detail 20 level on average,combined for about six months-it's true,and if you sit at a game for 12 hours a day,maybe a month and cut,extracting the parts to combine)....And more...Sas_, thanks to you again for yesterday's help.You did a great job of not throwing aw
21926Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-19 11:22:21

Thanks. Yeah on
PSN : CocoSnicker12
On the forum : tonyfresh550
21925Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-04-19 03:59:36
@ Matolo
Seeing how you said that you have two lv 20 "daze" parts, I hope that you did not think I'm challenging anyone when I said I had one. But then again - I'm talking to a largely male audience here, so this kind of interpretation was to be expected;)
21924Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-04-19 03:37:16
@ Matolo
You are absolutely right: I did not discover anything new, nor did I make a claim to do so in the first place. My message was meant as words of consolation to anyone who is concerned about it taking long to get lv 20 parts. I think sometimes words of kindness can make all the difference.
21923Name:Tamshe20172018-04-19 02:09:02
One thing i noticed in TMF's video on tips for WS , was that he did stage 1.5 in 2m 47 sec. He had 2 muramasas similiar to mine, but firing rate was 0.65 and he had fire ammo on both , while i had electric on one of mine and fire ammo on another. Besides his running commentary slowing down his run , i can only match his ps4 time with mine. I dont know if his firing rate could make all that difference with fullburst, but the Steam community did recommend i should increase my firing rate
21922Name:Matolo2018-04-18 21:53:52
You haven't discovered anything new.I knew all this,and did 1.5 years ago,when I was sitting on the usual version of the game on disk (not Deluxe), and had only 75 cells in the inventory for the combination of parts.Put the right parts in the junk guns,and permanently destroying them,combining the details of the desired level.Do you already have two level 20 "Daze"?...It's great.I already have 2.The two parts 20 level "Daze".")
21921Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-18 21:03:08
Also I finally added you Tony. I didnt know you were that username
21920Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-18 21:01:31
Tommy? I havent seen him in forever and I havent played with him in a while tho

21919Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-04-18 20:08:03
For anyone out there who is impatient getting lv 20 parts
This may seem like a banal statement, but the game - despite its frustrating RNG - is still meant to be fun. Don't turture yourself by looking at your lower-level parts and thinking: "This is bad. I won't max out this part until the end of the year." Instead, put this lower-level (say 17) part in a gun you won't mind destroying when the time finally comes. I've been lucky getting 6-slot machine pistols at level 100 through either events or through random drops, and I've equipped one of them with lv 19 daze and quick reload parts. Now these parts are intense! With a reload speed this quick, playing Revelations 2 is starting to feel like Revelations 1... at last. Now recently, I've been lucky to finally get another lv 19 quick reload part and I'm about to level up daze, too (about to = in 2 months lol). In 2 months I'll destroy mu current machine pistol and build a new one using two lv 20 parts. In the meantime, I'm having a blast using the gun with low
21918Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-04-18 19:50:41
@ Tony
I'd love to play with you, but I'd like to know when you'll be available to play beforehand :)
21917Name:Iceman-live-de2018-04-18 19:31:02
l needed 4 000 h intense farming to complete
4x Damage Lvl 20 & 4x Capacity Lvl 20
w i t h Event rewards i n c l u d e d
Lvl 18 = +51% Damage
Lvl 19 = +55% Damage
Lvl 20 = +60% Damage !
21915Name:Tamshe20172018-04-18 17:27:19
Keep up your excellent work Cvan
21914Name:Tamshe20172018-04-18 17:13:44
Sorry TMF , just men are not as good as women when it comes to multitasking. Hence the distraction as you did a running commentary . Good video though
21913Name:Matolo2018-04-18 16:16:29
cvan8bells,Its serious? Well, then why didn't I get any of this at the last minute?...Ridiculously.I'm watching the awards.The last few months-almost all the trophies for tests,including ladders-is nonsense,except of course weapons.)
21912Name:Tamshe20172018-04-18 15:47:48
There is no easy way to get level 20 parts. It will take at least 1000 hrs and over 6 months. With level 18 parts you should be ok . However if you want to be in the first 10 , you must have maximum level parts and amrs
Here is another video on tips how to play weekend survivor , (most people cannot do intense farming because they have to work , go school and/or do house chores or other activities). Level 18 parts , solo by TMF206 :-
21911Name:cvan8bells2018-04-18 14:58:50
Actually multiple IHC events will offer lvl 15 and 16 parts.

Maybe best to do some research before calling out someone for being blind haha.
21910Name:cvan8bells2018-04-18 14:44:13

There are Cap, Dmg, firing rate and quick load parts lvl 12-16 offered on multiple WS events and at least 1 IHC event.
21909Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-18 14:33:50
Just FYI

If anyone plays rev1 and needs help leveling up or getting a Trinity Bonus ,or just wants to farm for weapons on Ghost Ship, let me know and I will be more than happy to help you. I've actually been playing that game much longer than rev2. I've got about 1400 hrs of game play . So message me if interested. Or give that person my PSN. Thanks.

My PSN: CocoSnicker12
21908Name:Matolo2018-04-18 14:02:00
Tonyfresh550,I'm sorry to interrupt,but...What are you,blind? In recent time, these activities provide only a nonsense,but not the damage,magazine capacity,or rate of 12-16 levels.Don't be blind.)))
21907Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-18 12:45:39

But we can make level 20 parts a little faster. Lately IHC and WS events have been giving out DAMAGE and CAPACITY 16 parts.
21906Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-18 05:21:04
In other news....the rev2 rankings have now been updated!!!

I still get my eagle. LoL
21905Name:Matolo2018-04-18 01:54:20
Like i see... Problem of the language barrier and the level of proficiency in foreign languages is still being discussed...Bored read your posts...One the same theme, you themselves she not got? Heh....) Off
21904Name:Tamshe20172018-04-17 22:39:08
I guess they should have used Japanese people to design their campaign. There are so much cultural differences that they probably offended the Japanese.
About english translations , I want to believe that letters and sounds are used , as there are no letters equivalent to the foreign ones so their words cannot be pronounced . A typical example is YHWH which is pronounced as several letters not in the english dictionary. The sound of word cannot be imitated properly or english letters are insufficient to pronounce that word. Another example Chinese Xiamen is pronounced something like Charmin , or Wang pronounced something like "Wong"
21903Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-17 19:17:46
...that actually reminds me of Ad campaigns that went VERY wrong, much the same way.

NA Ad branches trying to market Japan released KFC as "chew your fingers to the bone", & Pepsi had "Wake your ancestors from the dead"...there was one for Home Alone or Home Alone2 as well (period this hap'd), but I forgot it.

...They figured a English-Japanese dictionary would see them through just fine~
21902Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-17 19:14:14
I think he may have been using straight Google translate (somebody over at the Big G sure has a sense of humour, as far as some of them go/dialogue-wise) & then structuring in his nat. lang. (as basically anyone who doesn't know OTHER said lang's setup/rules WOULD)

Like "Wa tashi wa Kin-Jo" in Japanese would be me itroducing myself, but does NOT literally mean "my name is Kin-Jo", in structure...
21901Name:Tamshe20172018-04-17 18:52:26
I have to be honest here and you should not put me in your black books.
Matolo's english language was not that bad in the beginning.
However he could not understand Kin~Jo who use advance english language ( poetry , jokes , reference people etcetera , etc) . This is where communication fell apart . He made a mistake similiar to what we will do writing in a foreign language , and all hell naturally broke loose
21900Name:Iceman-live-de2018-04-17 17:59:41
1024 x Lvl 10 = 1 x Lvl 20
i needed 4 000 h intense farming to complete
4 x Damage Lvl 20 & 4 x Capacity Lvl 20
good luck
21899Name:Tamshe20172018-04-17 17:31:00
Dont you be scaring people here (joke intended). Events matters here. You must have 1024 of capacity part level 1 to get a lvl 10 part. Multiply this by 2 if you want a lvl 11 part, Don't forget the RNG (random drop).So i will calculate from lvl 7 to lvl 20 using code red and events , and guess it will take 6 mths to a year for me to get one. It is unlikely i will get one
21898Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-17 16:33:02
Let's see who can answer this question.. how many capacity 10's does it take to make one (1) capacity 20 ????

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