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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
7890Name:AzGudAz2017-02-25 23:57:25
LOL (yes I did) I have seen you bum using yippee kai before butt it always makes me laugh somehow.
You need some counselling for that necrophilia man. lol What console is Fort Woe going to maybe beat you on? 360 or xb 1?
7889Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-25 15:59:05
Maybe it is my Bell End ?

i can;t stop L0L

u want funny?

7888Name:CarvedBard42017-02-25 07:30:46
Do not miss the greatest challenge of all time!

WS32 who will win?
7887Name:AzGudAz2017-02-25 01:19:42
OOO A real live 6 slot Decimator. A must have for any level player. (unless your lucky enough to have one already) Maybe Fort woe would like one.
I like to watch the funny vids and bloopers that Darkstar puts together. Eve makes good funny. Yours are funny too man. You just can't stop humping the beasts. And you speak to me of counselling. lol
7886Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 15:24:21

all you noobs better grab this while you can, this only comes around once a year...
7885Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 14:52:03
Do the Wesker HUMP

i make funny
7884Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 13:49:24
and i was just making a 'funny'
7883Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 13:47:23

hahaha just saw it man, i get the backstory now .

keep up the good work
7882Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 06:30:51
Take a look at this.
Gina's husband is rotten drunk and finds out she banged Leon. He tries to beat her but he's too rat arsed She tries to please him orally and he explodes right in her face.

Short and sweet and my attempt at making a funny.
7881Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 05:37:21
@ james
and 360 found out that I was taking RE points from her to give to xb one. Thousands of em. LOL
7880Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 05:30:09
No counselling needed my friend. lol And 360 and xb one are just referring to the machines not my human love life man. I'm honest and true to the wife.
The 360 knew I was seeing xb one because xbox live dobbed me in.
7879Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 03:10:16

It's al'right 'm8 we kno ya clean

the pause'glitchers anonymous counseling has helped you immensely , i know you're a changed man now, and play by the rules lol

LoL and memories aren't the only thing she can 'store' inside her...

''By that I mean I have bean seeing xbox one behind her back. But I always come home to my 360 and she always forgives me. ''

But... If you've been cheating behind her back, how then, can she be forgiving if your betrayal is unknown to her...

hmmm . curious. but I wonder who Ms 360 and Ms ONE secretly are that you're talking about here

7878Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 01:41:19
I am guilty of cheating on my xbox 360. By that I mean I have bean seeing xbox one behind her back. But I always come home to my 360 and she always forgives me.
7877Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 01:37:06
I love my 360 man don't talk like that about her please. lol She maybe getting older and slower in a world of racier models but she stores some good memories that the newer ones can't copy. :-)
7876Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 01:22:19
@Jamo boomer wang
Look forward to the vid. I will try for under 2 minutes on the 40 and will be happy to get that if I can. Yes it's a pause fest for sure but there will be no pauses in my runs fkn oath mate.

I noticed your eye catching comment too. Stick to the fair play and I hope you don't go over to the dark side. If you continue playing this game that is. Good luck with the game.
7875Name:AzGudAz2017-02-24 01:05:01
Welcome back "FAIR ENOUGH" I thought you were done playing. Can we expect more of the same from you or are you going to play ligit and maybe show some vids of your gameplay?
7874Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-23 20:49:08
His Channel is ; OBBEYCAS

''i play fair always and i have fun doing it no matter what level you are'' If your method is 'fair' then what is 'unfair'
7873Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-23 20:34:20

I did 1'45 on the 360, I feel a 1'44 is the legit limit on this piece of shit ' console when you're really pushing it L0L

- Video on the way matey =)

- Also this level is soooo time glitch friendly... a fkn novice could just pause in all the right places and get a believable time
7872Name:Liv3forblood2017-02-23 12:32:36
What's obbeys YouTube channel called?
7871Name:Obbey2017-02-22 16:44:17
I forgot to post the link. Lol
7869Name:AzGudAz2017-02-22 07:07:45
Well done mate. Great time. Very effective weapon set.
7868Name:Obbey2017-02-22 05:17:53
Here is the video (Warning: Super amateur). Lol
RE Revelations 2 - Level-Restricted Challenge 189 (Lv.1/1'51"XX).
The quality is bad, but I think you guys can see. lol
7867Name:AzGudAz2017-02-22 04:52:50

Cell phones can be good quality mate. If you can tell what's happening on screen the quality of picture doesn't matter that much .
I subscribed to your YouTube channel already. :-)
7866Name:Obbey2017-02-22 04:36:15
@Hey, Az... I'll try to record a video with my cellphone. Lol James told that the 1'50" is the target... but it is too hard. D; I almost did in 1'52", but the last enemy didn't spawn where I thought he would. lol
7865Name:AzGudAz2017-02-22 03:42:58

I did a time of 1"39 @ lv 40 on LRC 189.

James reckons it can be done in 1"50 at lv 1. Now that is sensational and I look forward to seeing it in a vid soon maybe Obbey's 1"57 would make good viewing too. Well done pal.
7864Name:AzGudAz2017-02-22 03:06:25
@ Do they actually spawn that quick on LRC 189 James?
7863Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-21 19:01:35
yes target is under 1'50 my friend ;) u can do it!! #Rob Schnieder
7862Name:Obbey2017-02-21 17:22:15
I think I can do LRC 189 in less than 2 minutes, I'm working on it. My best is 2'02", I love this mission.
7861Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-21 14:17:02
@Thanks Cassi

yeah haha you could do better with your fellow Brazilians over this lone Australian I think in upcoming WS ;)

I lover playing with you too- I love playing all my friends =) if the connection was better, the time would be better, but still a fun run ! Thanks for playing
7860Name:Obbey2017-02-21 01:40:45
@James, I watched the video, some lags made me stay stopped and see the enemies already died when they appeared to me. Lol Anyway, I loved to play with you.
7859Name:Obbey2017-02-21 01:38:09
After 5 days without internet connection here I am. Hello to old and new players. I'm happy, my internet came back to me, now we can marry. <3
7858Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-20 23:12:27

Here I cum
7857Name:Skeletor2017-02-20 03:41:43
I've gotta say that I'm kinda pissed off that I spent so much time working down th health on the Invasion of huge creatures event just to have it vanish from the events section while I was playing... how the hell is it going To be there one second and disappear right in front of my eyes and in turn rips me off by not letting me kill the f****r!
7856Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-19 13:04:06

..1 week later hahaha sorry it took so long , many problems on the way ;) enjoy

RE:Revelations 2 WS.31 mit OBBEYCASSI

7855Name:UMI20212017-02-19 09:47:35
TK i will send you a FR.
7853Name:TK x RiicK2017-02-18 21:25:23

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

7852Name:Obbey2017-02-17 16:06:42
@Az, pretty good time.
7851Name:AzGudAz2017-02-17 04:34:45
Really I got a bronze. I will look. Been busy getting to grips with this

My 1st ever YouTube video.
7850Name:ShadowSlayer692017-02-16 14:32:36
@Az, congratulations on the bronze on IHC now that supreme king of cheaters has vanished under the waves.
welcome to the ever growing batallions of shadow vs bob slayers; tick tock, the last grains of sand are running out - adieu, fils de pute :)
7849Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-16 02:44:10
L0L Azza

lol....his 'wife' said dirty things on my msg board a long time ago but always a laugh , n deleted them too when she realized the magnitude of what was said....

I'm positive someone with a bright and colorful imagination such as urself can piece together the conversation between us with whats left of mine alone L0L ;

And I think bob is jealous of how much followers i have after i cheated him out of his 1st place.. well's isn't so nice when it happens to you now is it bobbi!?

hahahaha and he is all lonely without P-1/4 (pequtre) around hahahahaha

Hey if you make a youtube account I'll be your first subscriber man! ;)
7848Name:AzGudAz2017-02-16 01:30:11

Not so "silent BOB" after all. I thought I would share the heartfelt message I received on my board before it disappears.....

"" What is your youtube account, you little slut of the forum, who sucks the slut of james, shows your video slut of small cock""

If a youtube account is what I need to show records of my gameplay I will look into it and see what I can do. Maybe over the weekend.
7847Name:AzGudAz2017-02-14 05:43:25

I make a solemn promise to all players and fans of raid mode.
From this day forward I will never log a time using the pause glitch in any LRC events as an honourable man and a man of his word.

How many others are willing to make the same promise here on the record? And keep their promise I wonder?
Don't be like TIC TOK that's what he wants.
7846Name:AzGudAz2017-02-14 04:07:07
from now on I will call you TIC TOK. ok TIC TOK TIC TOK screwing with the clock, you can't fool me I have been around the block. I know what you're up to but not everyone can see, you might fool them but you don't fool me. James played the same trick to show you could be beat, it's just a shame that you went and made him cheat. Obbeycas too got fed up with your shit, he played with the pause glitch and made you take a HIT. Tic Tok Tic Tok the clock begins to chime, why bother playing when no one believes your times.
Your super quick times make you look real slick, when everybody knows your the Level Restricted TIC. So the last thing I will say to you is suck my FKN Dick.
7845Name:AzGudAz2017-02-14 03:31:55
See now you got players going over to the dark side with you. So sad that the events are so corrupt. Your times always have the air of corruption radiating from them like the smelly green gas coming from rotten feet. I have watched your antics for months and months and yet you are still playing and nothing ever changes. Your dug in like a Tic.
7844Name:TK x RiicK2017-02-13 18:54:52
I need a partner to make rare weapons and events

7843Name:Obbey2017-02-13 11:21:37
Since now I apologize for using the pause glitch on WS, but I will not let BOB take my rank anymore.
7842Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-12 12:15:33
SALTY OLD GOAT is also known by all as L'Abattoir.
7841Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-12 12:13:06
Just wanted to give everyone some valuable info. If you do a ghost ship speedrun at level 40 and get the no hit bonus. You will be rewarded with 1,780,000 BP. Big thanks to a great partner SALTY OLD GOAT. We will post what a level 40 Trinity run will be shortly.
7840Name:Obbey2017-02-12 02:09:22
I'm willing to help those that can not complete Weekend Survivor alone (GT: Obbeycas).
7839Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-11 16:40:07

Level Restricted-Challenge no.185@level 40 ◊ Speedrun style ◊ 1'45 x


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