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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
7692Name:King Louie2017-01-21 07:44:18
Sorry yall I ran outta love. Bout to buy some now and I got season pass I'm ready to conquer
7691Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-20 00:48:10

thanks for watching m8, the decoys were a pain to get right lol

3 of a kind eh? haha now its my turn to take a gamble...I hope Miss Fortune treats me nicely...and I get lucky
7690Name:AzGudAz2017-01-19 16:51:39
good use of the decoys pal. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I did the casino and got 3 of a kind 3 Aces "39.
7689Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-19 15:46:02

It's finally here, extra info in the description =)

Level Restricted-Challenge no.177@level 40 ◊ Speedrun style ◊ S0L0 WR [1'22 Russian style]

@Venom Kisser

Sorry I thought if you wanted to play LRC40 C0-0P you would ask me for it ;)
But now I see some co-op times to beat maybe hahaha , we shall play
7688Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-19 14:30:16
''kiss your face with poison'' L0L =P

I will obbey cas.

But I said your name in post 7653 and you did not want to punish me with the kiss of death (poison man?) lol
7687Name:Obbeycas2017-01-19 03:29:41
And I thought you would offer help. Lol
7686Name:Obbeycas2017-01-19 03:24:10
Don't tell my name or I will kiss your face with poison (Poison man? What else).
7685Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-18 21:32:17
L0L free advertising
7684Name:CarvedBard42017-01-18 19:01:55
"send a friend request or message to 'OBBEYCAS' on xbox360"

7683Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-18 14:46:40
@C a s p a T h e G h o s t L0L

it was funn playing the LRC40 C0-0P with you last time man and we do 1'42 in little time few tries beating your old of time 2'24 with me Ahaha if we had more time and change strategy could be much better too!! nice job =)

We can try the new 40 sometime too if you like, just message me ;)

ALSO **anyone** reading who has no 'serious' partner or wants some to play Code Red, LRCs with or work on medallions feel free to send a friend request or message to 'OBBEYCAS' on xbox360 or his profile here IDFK

good friendly guy who won't bite ;)
7682Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-18 14:33:24

most of the modders r on the 'beach' getting 'bummed' by jay

R u my fan? L0L ~ tell me i cheat please , It wasn't a gold tower this time, buttt....

[XBOX360] Level Restricted-challenge no.177 C0-0P 1''36 with JenvyFox7 PREPARE TO LAUGH@MUSIC!!! AHAHAHAH

ALSO welcum back...i know your tru iden-tity
7681Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-18 14:23:49
♫♪Fock the Modders, Fock Fock, the Modders

BANG BANG nigaa, BANG ♫♪

ModderFocker Fock the Modders yee yee nigga ♫♪

I pull the trigger now yu niggaz is canon fodder , so shit u gotta modd 2get in tha top 10 , aint gotz no skill , why u bother , ModderFocker ?

♫♪Fock the Modders, Fock Fock, the Modders

BANG BANG nigaa, BANG ♫♪

ModderFocker Fock the Modders yee yee nigga ♫♪

I pull the trigger now yu niggaz is canon fodder , so shit u gotta modd 2get in tha top 10 , aint gotz no skill , why u bother , ModderFocker ?
7680Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-18 14:13:02

Yeah man im so gutted, almost had a fkn 1'19/20 LEGIT vs 'your time' if only i had more time last week to really milk it for i got!!! hahaha good run though , you pushed me - In the last few hours I ended up playing it C0-0P and I didn't get around to playing the 100 either . I recorded the 1'22 and the near perfect run where i fucked up HARD, just need to sort thru all the footage and ill post a link to vid here n u can see just how I did it and whats reallyy possible L0L ;)

Feel free to try your luck @ the slot machines m8 don't wait up ;) I'll run it@40 soon enough this week and perhaps the 100 maybe but it's not my fave

BTW , check your msgs on xbox!!! lol
7679Name:Obbeycas2017-01-18 13:21:38
Boyz and girlz that want to play and get fun... come on. Let's play together to don't feel boring. Play alone is boring and boring and boring...
7678Name:Messinwidyahead2017-01-18 07:02:38
Too many modders on this game. Modders don't deserve any awards they cheated to get. So if you're a modder and you sit there admiring your gold towers think about this' no one respects you, and most of the time it's plain to see who is modder and who isn't but there are the sly ones that hide it still. Focker the Modders BANG

7676Name:AzGudAz2017-01-18 04:44:23
@ Peter Part her Legs (8 legs)
I see you failed to get that monkey off your back in the woods. So close pal.

Hello king louie. (hey wasn't that the monkey kings name in the jungle book?)

Oh I'm the king of the swingers yeh , a jungle V I P, I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what's a bothering me. Oobi do, I wanna be like you hu hu I wanna walk like you talk like you ooo ooo is roughly how I remember the song. lol

I will be gambling in the casino soon.
Will wait for you to hit the coin 1st and see what the stakes are this time. I won't roll my dice till I see what you got skip.
7675Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 22:52:41
Jonathan, are you referring to me as 'KING' ?? L0L

Last I checked you were the 'KING' of rev1 man, you earned that bro.

You haven't missed much, only the events on rev1 i think!!>?? . ...hmmm wat else?

Oh yeaaaa wait a sec L0L

that bitch 'OUTBREAKZEALOT' came crawling back , he got fucked up again HAhaha mannn some people just don't get it... I raped him with a few of my signature posts ~ im still waiting for his response..guess a few months more?

scroll down n read posts 7630 onward for sum L0Lz HAhaha

good to have ya back man see you soon :)
7674Name:firey52017-01-17 18:20:40
I'll be back soon. What's up King. And everyone else. What did I miss?
7673Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 13:37:36
** Spider James, solo in fact is so boring, but Coop is very funny! **

I agreee

is why i am co-op only mostly , with the rare exception for sum levels here and there fact i got all my medal in boring i would rather play with shitty noobs/any1 than alone...what a gauntlet haha
7672Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 11:29:54
Hi Brazilian Version of Barry! No, you are soo fooonnie KarllooWe =)

Well...I'm glad at least someone got my name HAHAHa check my msg board...

Yes I am Australian spider-man shooting my long thick white ropes of 'web' everywhere ~~~~~

- This LRC40 could be fun ONLY cus doing stealth attacks with 'Right Trigger' with knife to kick revenants over and rape them with shock AMR sounds tantalizing !

You + Eric should go for a new WR again amigos =)
7671Name:CarvedBard42017-01-17 01:40:33
Spider James, solo in fact is so boring, but Coop is very funny!
7670Name:CarvedBard42017-01-17 01:37:14
Hi Peter Parker! You so funny James....
7669Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-16 21:41:42

.... Casino + Factory boring. fuck those LRCs.. think I might sit these 1s out , have fun guys

PLUS there's no Weekend Survivor?? C'mon LeCrapCom
7668Name:King Louie2017-01-16 08:09:30
Hello friends lol
7667Name:Obbeycas2017-01-16 03:59:23
@Shiny, stop increasing your time. This way I won't beat you. Lol
7666Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-15 17:12:34

I'm home ;)
7665Name:Obbeycas2017-01-15 13:37:52
Hey, guys. Someone willing to get medallions or do events with me? I finally have Gold and now I wanna use it. Lol
7664Name:King Louie2017-01-15 01:44:44
Got season pass yall
7663Name:AzGudAz2017-01-14 01:06:42

A monkey has taken the lead on 100 @ 100. By milliseconds. I won't beat myself up over it though. A monkey should feel right at home in the trees too I think on the 40 @ 40.

Have you seen Gone In 60 seconds?
7662Name:AzGudAz2017-01-13 16:54:00
aahh now I see your 1"06 on the XBone 100 @ 100. I will have a go at it mate when I get my precious back from the Hobbits room. I had it in the living room but he stoles it from us. (said in my best Gollum voice)
7661Name:AzGudAz2017-01-13 03:25:47
I did the woods event on XBone today and it felt like the characters on there run (holding the A) slower. Like they have lead boots on. And they slide when they stop like Mario. The blurred vision for further away enemies takes a little getting used to. as well.
7660Name:AzGudAz2017-01-13 03:06:26
@G Stinging Genatals
1"23"77 I think it was buddy. I was getting an impression there was a lack of interest on the "wreck em ended" levels this time and totally missed the lv 1 ranks in last events so quit while I was ahead lol. I will remain with 1"03 0n the 100 @ 100 because that time is feckin quick. Shocking how rusty I was at lv 1 too.
7659Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-12 12:37:55
@AZ - got lost in the woods?

No, I don't concede, I only played the 40@40 once so far. lol?? Haven't even touched the 100 yet either, but i'll remember ur time of 1'03 -

What did you get on the 40 then? I see you played@ level 1 now? I'll join you guys there soon, i actually like this 1 a lot .

Juts more busy than usual im afraid this week m8, hopefully ill get to play later 2nite.
7658Name:AzGudAz2017-01-12 04:28:51
@Phoenix Marie
Where are you dude. I am still ranking quicker in the woods on the 40 @ 40. Most unusual. You usually have bumped me down by now. And no show on the 100 @ 100? I need to know if you concede defeat or not so I can move out and rank lv 1s.
7657Name:Obbeycas2017-01-12 02:51:17
@Shadow, falou comigo? rs
7656Name:Obbeycas2017-01-12 02:47:42
@Darkstar, I saw that. Practically everybody use the Pause Glitch and competition there is hard this way. But I met some good fair and fun players and I wanted them here... :( But I also have good friends here (and my friend got her PS3 back). The PS3 was not mine. Lol
7655Name:Obbeycas2017-01-12 02:35:23
JAJJSSKAHSKSHWWKSNHSKAHSSKJSSHS!!!!! I'm super happy!!!!!!! I got the Live Gold yet. ;DDDDD Let's go, friends. Let's enjoy the life because sometimes good things happen. Lol
7654Name:ShadowSlayer692017-01-11 19:11:46
ola amigao, faz um tempinho que nao jogamos - espero que ganhes ouro logo!
7653Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-11 19:03:02
@ 0'bae C a s p e t a

'' I wanna play that LRC with you'' you mean the one in the Forrest after I posted about it!?!? hahaha...

L0L you are a Zombie now, GRRRR!? you are going to eat my brains out!? GRRR GRRR!!! hahaha

No problema about not having live gold , you still owe me a Weekend Survivor run ;) If/when you get gold I'm sure you'll let me know, if you don't get it, it's no problema too
7652Name:Darkstar2017-01-11 17:03:44
Obbycas - Heya Obby somewhat I am everywhere lol. I just recently joined the Xbox community through the One. It is a better community from experience and most of my close friends are from other platforms.

Sorry you went back to the Xbox, I truly believed you would of done very well on ps3 had you stayed. I hope you still continue to pursue your goals and adventures should you choose to go back.

PS3 once was a great community at least then when I seen and experience it with the people there, now it's just full of Pause glitchers and long story short and for the sake of my mental health I could use a break...


7651Name:Obbeycas2017-01-11 16:29:33
@Darkstar, you are in everywhere. Lol
7650Name:Obbeycas2017-01-11 16:19:43
ADR... I'm a zombie. GRRRRR!!! I wanna play that LRC with you, but without Live Gold I can't. I would get it today (my boyfriend's mon would gift me), but my luck is soooo high... Maybe next month.
7649Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-11 15:44:51
oohh boyy L0L u r 'on top of my dark wood' now r u ?

1'23'77 is absolutely amazing man!! really good job- I hope im 'AsGoodAs' you , ill try to get as close to 20 as i can get. good job on the 100@100 as well
7648Name:LobelFeraBr2017-01-11 08:16:20
we are the worlldddd....

come on to dady

i am the perfect god machineeeee
7647Name:AzGudAz2017-01-11 06:53:14

Ooooo the Phoenix won't like what I have done to him in the dark woods. (40 event @ lv 40) He will be fuming I think. It will be short lived but I am happy to be above him for once. lol
7646Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-11 01:45:58
@ShadowSlayer69 , Shadows from 69ing

WowL man, I honestly couldn't have said it better myself , I took a screenshot it was sooo good ~ you really hit the COFFIN NAIL on the head this time L0L

Cheers m8 =)
7645Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-11 01:23:49
I mean ffs this isn't NASA space camp,
but i bet they want to RIDE my ROCKET...
even to think that the words of truth go right through them as if they aren't even listening when u r yelling..dare I say; could there be even a louder voice that has a hold on them, nullifying the most logical and factually sound of responses?

Hmmm contemplations, I'll leave you with this; what could make some1 so blind, that they can't even see the truth, when it's fucking them balls-deep in the ass, and the truth starts to slowly drip out; metaphorically speaking of course..but we know I'm not L0L

hmmm that's very visual now isn't it??
7644Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-11 01:18:44
When u see people write/say anything bad/good ~and you really listen, you'll get clues as to what kind of person they are based of how they talk and this can also be seen as reflection of how they're feeling and their emotional+ physical state/condition of their body in that moment influencing speaking/thought processing or attempts@ expressing/conveying their thoughts/ideas to others and how exactly they go about this, especially if you ANALyse the language tools and tone being used ~

so if it's hateful or ignorant things + everything else in that negative category, you wonder what's really happening to them in their life currently, that would affect them so much that they can't see clearly in something so straight and simple to follow as a fkn forum.

7643Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-11 01:17:10

''James - I believe you have a friendly open mind and a humor that can make anyone's day and much more last a entire lifetime.

I find it hard for anyone to see you in anything in the negative truly. ''

Haha wowL, thanks again for that and all your kind words, really =) I'm glad my words have touched you and I hope for many others also like this.

But for some people, I do not really care or judge them so much based on what they say here, as ridiculous and stupid as they can cum of as.. even our most recent cynical clown from the crazy-circus..this is just a forum, i am, and always, have fun ~ be it 2mess/fuck with OR offer advice for those that need/ask/beg/moan for it

7642Name:ShadowSlayer692017-01-10 22:19:41
@OutbreakZealot, nobody who reads the forum needs to ask why ADR was banned from posting (except you, apparently) - as the standard bearer of the movement to rid the game of the cheating scum who poison the 360 leaderboards, he was targeted by vermin who faked offence at his entertaining witticisms, and the cheat-loving losers at Capcom obliged. A simple glance at weekend survivor results shows that ADR's main account Pheonix Marie still registers scores. I know how much you love to research minute details of the game, stop acting ignorant and accept the truth

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