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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
8421Name:AZ2017-10-16 20:03:17
Level Restricted Challenge 256 3"04

8420Name:AZ2017-10-16 20:00:45
Level Restricted Challenge 255 00"58 seconds
8419Name:Black 0n Black2017-10-15 05:13:02
revelation1 stage20 abysse lv37
8418Name:Black 0n Black2017-10-10 03:25:23
8417Name:O b b e y2017-10-03 08:00:46
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 251 / Noob run
8416Name:O b b e y2017-10-02 15:30:54
Usted o su pareja necesitan matarlo o verlo morir.
8415Name:Lichgestalt942017-10-02 10:12:23
Hola, cómo puedo conseguir el personaje de Gina ensangrentada de este evento?
8414Name:gordogordao2017-10-02 04:10:57
@ obbey

Thanks for the save!!!
8413Name:O b b e y2017-10-01 14:52:43
I'm free to help someone that needs help in the LRCs and WS. ;)
8412Name:Marko Moans2017-09-29 15:13:02
Oh the memories . 1 year ago WS.22

good tunes and times
8411Name:OutbreakZealot2017-09-28 20:52:53
Ouch! Well, yeah, I don't forsee this being a challenge I will be meeting at Level 1 anytime soon.

Probably will need a full-auto burst shotgun, with Level 10 Fire Ammo, Level 10 Extended Burn, Anti-Recoil 5, Easy Hit 10, Damage 20, and Capacity 20

Or 4 shotguns, with that spec on them. I don't see the 270 damage cap being effective on rifles/magnums, because it seems to me that the healers can heal faster than the burn damage, at level 120.

At least the shoguns can do up to 1890 damage per tick, because the bullet damage is considered to be 7 separate rounds, individually capable of up to 270 burn damage per pellet, everytime you fire a shell.
8410Name:AZ2017-09-28 15:50:39

search youtube for level restricted challenge 192 outbreak. Kill em all.
8409Name:OutbreakZealot2017-09-28 05:38:43
Ok, so here is my question: Do you have to actually beat BOTH Executioners to finish the LRC 252?

Here is what I ran into, as I blew 18 life crystals and 60 minutes completely wasted on this, once already:

When down to the final two executioners, when they were each about half health, two infected spawn that have Barrier/Poison/HEALER. Now, I don't know how to do any of the stupid spawning glitches or time cheats, and have no desire to learn.

I am more interested in whether I overlooked something more obvious, as the healers effectively removed ANY possible chance of actually completing this before the timer ran out. I had the full 30 life crystals, so I wasn't worried about ammunition.
8408Name:OutbreakZealot2017-09-28 04:26:12
Oh, I'm sure it is gonna take me some time to get back into the swing of things, here. Seems like the community has a little bit of change to it, and for the better.

I see Capcom has kept the reward % as low as they were, when I left. Getting a LOT of black/yellow albums for weapon drops out of the Code Red difficulty, still.

Although, I did manage to snag a 5-slot, lvl 100 Magnum Pale Rider(Purple). Males a big difference for my LRCs, having a 3rd Fire weapon with high cap.
8407Name:AZ2017-09-25 18:02:01
LRC 250 SOLO 6"23
8405Name:AZ2017-09-25 15:49:16
LRC 249 1"35

I think the Evil Monkey was pointing at Chris Griffin (WoollyYew) hoping for the link to the real 1"31 video lol

Catch up on the forums to get the Family Guy connection.
8404Name:OutbreakZealot2017-09-25 08:41:55
I think you posted the incorrect link. That is for a YouTube video to an episode of Family Guy. But, Bravo on the 1:31 time. I ain't been on in quite a while, but looking at the ranks, looks like Capcom finally got rid of the time-glitchers or they moved on to newer titles.

Maybe I'll start farming and playing regularly again. CoD: Black Ops III zombies is getting a little boring. Time for a change of difficulty.
8403Name:Monkeyspunk2017-09-24 21:10:33
LRC 249 1"31 xbox 360
8397Name:JL972017-09-10 09:39:41
Soy nuevo en esto
8396Name:JL972017-09-10 09:38:28
8395Name:Fedulaev2017-08-31 14:46:08
приветы всем.есть кто поможет в пару вопросах?
8394Name:O b b e y2017-08-30 07:54:33
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 243.
8392Name:Black 0n Black2017-08-28 04:53:33
And the naze
You do not know about xbox uno
And I like it ;)))
8391Name:AZ2017-08-28 04:13:30
Shut up BOB trying to put players off playing Rev1 on xb one. You are player repellent Mr Crabs.
8389Name:Black 0n Black2017-08-28 02:46:39
Lol I already received the gluttony 5 !!!
I can help the actual players, but not the inactive forumers !!!
8387Name:Black 0n Black2017-08-28 00:54:48
Who to join me!
Tomorrow on rev1 again!
Ghost ship is already for me !!!!!!!!!!!!
8386Name:AZ2017-08-28 00:20:01
@ James
I have the newer precious more than he does lately. I should throw my old precious into the fires of mount doom but I can't it's mine, my own myyy PRRREEECCIOUSSS.
8383Name:J a m e s2017-08-27 22:44:11
8381Name:AZ2017-08-27 21:16:15
@ James

Not much. Just BOB being BOB and his fan BADBACK PHYSIO using a quote from the movie Forest Gump I posted, on xbone forum, and attempting to use it as a lack lustre humour tool with ill effect. I think they hope I will TAP OUT if they push me but not likely to happen. If I stop playing it will definitely be a personal choice and not through coercion. : )
8379Name:J a m e s2017-08-27 18:13:20
What did I miss?

8377Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-08-26 05:00:19
Just for the record....Tic Toc digusts me. Learn sarcasm AZ!! Stupid is "AZ" stupid does.
8371Name:Black 0n Black2017-08-26 02:02:13
i love " evelyn "
8370Name:Black 0n Black2017-08-26 02:01:14
to be or not to be
8367Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-08-26 01:29:07
Wow, my HERO has joined the conversation. Rock on big Bob.
8365Name:gordogordao2017-08-26 01:18:04
Oh my God
Long Dong is here.
8363Name:J a m e s2017-08-26 01:13:09

kkk baby
8361Name:gordogordao2017-08-26 01:11:22
Your keyboard is with problem ..... exchange it.
8360Name:gordogordao2017-08-26 01:07:35
You could not satisfy me
From bogan it's small
8352Name:J a m e s2017-08-26 00:11:27
HAHAHAHa what is your gamertag?????

Lets play
8342Name:gordogordao2017-08-25 05:10:59
You're the active one then .....
8341Name:J a m e s2017-08-25 03:07:25
Who invited me?? a little birdie ...I know more than you about these 2 players... they are both my friends. hahaha what are you?? A fire man whose tears are used to extinguish the fire??

Gordo, please do not cry - this is a public place amigo .

And are you a cheater or modder? I am not talking about your ass with golden trophy , but if you insist... pull your pants downs boy L0L
8340Name:J a m e s2017-08-25 02:56:35
No you are both my friends lol . but this gordo is not him...

Cassi is more intelligent and cool and very friendly. this gordo doesn't know what you mean by 'modified' weapons L0L

plus they use english in a different way ...
8339Name:gordogordao2017-08-25 02:46:38
Who called you in the conversation,
Go take
at the
You are the active
Or passive?

Quem te chamou na conversa,
vai toma
voce é o ativo
ou passivo?
8338Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-08-25 01:59:06
Gee James,,I wonder who Gordo is???? Lmfao. Wonder why he doesn't use his modded weapons on this tag?? Hmmmmm
8337Name:J a m e s2017-08-25 01:05:35


Hey Amigo I know who you are....your 1 site buddy gives it away ...

''The tears will put out the fire, kkkkkkkkkkk'' ... you don't use your brain for a video game...but you say your 'tears' will put out this fire kkkkk that must make you fireman sam? ahahaha can i call you next time there is a fire that needs to be put out?!?!?! hahahaha

haah.... bottom line: they do not cheat or care for high ranks. everyone plays for fun now. only the REAL cheats and modders care for fake virtual trophy they can fuck their own ass with , but even they stop now it looks like. 360 is dead

soon when rev1 cums out on xbox one no one will be here... just the noobs who only have EP1 content... hahahaaha
8336Name:gordogordao2017-08-24 22:46:39
I was forgetting .... If you want to talk about abortion you have to look for a religion forum or something, here is a game forum in case you do not know.

ja ia me quiser falar de aborto voce tem que procurar um forum de religiao ou algo parecido, aqui é forum de jogo caso voce nao saiba.
8335Name:gordogordao2017-08-24 22:23:58
My age does not interest you, but I'm not crying.
You must have a 4 or 5 to be crying like that.
Cry baby baby cry kkkkkkkkkk
I do not cite your name, it hurts because
Did you serve the cap?

minha idade nao te interessa, mas nao sou chorao
voce deve ter uns 4 ou 5 pra ser chorao assim.
chora bebe chora kkkkkkkkkk
Eu nao cite seu nome ta se doendo porque?
serviu-lhe a carapuça?
8334Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-08-24 21:44:18
Gordo...What are you 12 yrs old??? Grow up!
8333Name:gordogordao2017-08-24 20:31:07
Cry baby cry........kkkkkkk

chora bebê chora......kkkkkkk
8332Name:J a m e s2017-08-24 16:42:33
Damn you!

Im HUNGry 4 french food now..


it's...Time to 'chew croissants and eat pussy' ...and I'm allll out of croissants

cum out' cum out wherEVEr you are Mari'ano =P

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