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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2836Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-20 18:14:01
PS+ Is well worth getting now anyway. By switching to a subscription based service, it allows Sony to provide a much better and stable network.

Yes, coming from old generation console, which was free could be a shock, but I would recommend the investment. Free games every month, some good some bad, but over the course of a year you could discover some Gems which would-or-could otherwise go unseen. Extra discounts, but mostly a better online environment for players.

DDOS: Before someone points out that the servers are down, this has absolutely nothing to do with Sony or for that matter if the PSN is paid or unpaid.
DDOS attacks are very tricky to counter and what's more are designed to cause disruption.
2835Name:MRX2017-01-20 02:01:10
il lord you have to have ps+ no matter how many accounts you have.
2834Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-19 17:15:41
Thanks, I'll try with the second account method .. maybe I understand how it works.
2833Name:MRX2017-01-19 03:39:41
il lord.
I have found the answer. you was right all alone. i have two accounts on my ps4 and one of them(not this one) has ps+. and as long as you have ps+ on one account anyone who has an account on that ps4 can co op. this is what i read "One PlayStation Plus membership allows all local accounts on the subscriber's 'Primary PS4' to use online multiplayer through their Sony Entertainment Network accounts. The PlayStation Plus member does not need to be logged in on the PS4 for other users to play online."
2832Name:MRX2017-01-18 13:11:59
it wasn't a glitch I had no problem doing co op. unless you get it free with the demo. which I doubt. but I will find out thursday.
2831Name:MRX2017-01-18 01:46:48
il lord I don't know. as I have played co op two time with no problem. maybe it was a glitch. I'll try again today. my playstation 4 is not even a month old. but no matter how old it is it would still use the same firmware. 4.?. or maybe it is because I only have the demo. and they let you play for free on the demo. I bought the full game from ebay and it is suppose to be here thursday. I'll see then.
2830Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-17 16:37:09
Hello MRX,
and how? If I go to the blue door tells me I can not access online without ps plus.
2829Name:MRX2017-01-17 07:32:03
il lord. I have a playstation 4 and do not have playstation plus and I can play online.
2827Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-13 19:41:55
Thanks to all of you my friends .. The problem is that with the PS4 must be paid (playstation plus) for playing online.. Bah!
2826Name:Darkstar2017-01-13 05:02:59
Poor Luke... never mind Soulless gotcha lol.

Your in good hands Luke!
2825Name:Soulless_Persona2017-01-13 01:24:19
Welcome you two! If you need help with grinding let me know cause I dont mind helping with grinding for a bit with you guys
2824Name:Nick220119852017-01-12 09:54:55
Hi Luke! i also moved the new year on the PS4. I will say one thing is much easier to play than on PS3, even with a bad weapons . I'm searching for AMR and Muramasa but i think soon i find them . /Nick L.A./
2823Name:Darkstar2017-01-12 05:14:38
Luke - I am surprised and happy you went to PS4! I'd gladly help if I was on here! I hope you been well and your new ventures here will be great!
2822Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-11 19:13:06
Goodmorning everyone.
New year, new console (PS4) and a new beginning (we started from scratch, without rare weapons) with raid revelations 2.
2821Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-10 20:56:10
Looks into Crystal ball... Yez.
2820Name:Black Fox2017-01-10 09:40:54
Are all of the event prizes for this month going to be bad?
2819Name:devilmaycrydbt12017-01-05 15:23:23
hi there :) anyone wanna team up and try to take down one of the giant creatures together to unlock bloody gina? psn heroof98
2818Name:Mac2017-01-04 19:45:09
Darkstar, yep is up another 19h. lucky i did not destroy the parts.
2817Name:Darkstar2017-01-04 16:29:52
And IOHTC is up. Enjoy
2816Name:Darkstar2017-01-04 12:49:25
Hopefully just a break. If they remove the event it would render the Charge shots players acquired useless.

But never know...
2815Name:Mac2017-01-04 10:41:59
no announcement and just stop like that?
2814Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-03 21:46:07
KODAxCHROME - I only got to shoot with Kodachrome on 3 occasions before it was officially killed off and the lab in the US stopped development.

Did put one roll through my XPan II -
2813Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-03 21:42:22
It looks like they may have phased it out as of 2017.
2812Name:Mac2017-01-03 18:31:13
Did anyone know why there is no invasion of the huge creature for this month? is that wont be return?
2811Name:Soulless_Persona2017-01-03 16:46:04
I know where to get those and we can do that easily :3
2810Name:KODAxCHROME2017-01-03 16:28:33
Atm looking to unlock toolbox upgrades and lv up moira , outside of that my concern is minimal .it took 600+ hrs to get where i was , i don't expect to get back there any time soon lol.
2809Name:Soulless_Persona2017-01-03 15:56:31
Chuck: Cool, it will at night when I am able to play. I will message you when I can :) Just let me know what all you need to do.

Indeed, the game also works better than on ps3
2808Name:KODAxCHROME2017-01-03 15:43:44
I suspected you would be willing to help London . I'll be on tomorrow , I'll message you when in game .
Love the ps4 , multi tasking is a big pluss , and the graphics wow .
2807Name:Soulless_Persona2017-01-03 14:42:27
Koda: Dont mind helping lol
2806Name:KODAxCHROME2017-01-02 23:43:04
My ps3 crashed all data lost :(
got ps4 , now looking for ppl who dont mind helping low lv players .
2805Name:Black Fox2016-12-27 08:03:22
Well at least with a Banshee everyone can have a level 100 SMG they don't feel bad about destroying to get the parts.
2804Name:devilmaycrydbt12016-12-26 04:40:48
weird i go to online events; nothing there, under the game itself. Revelations 2 ps4 but can see it here.
2803Name:Darkstar2016-12-25 03:57:06
Happy Holidays everyone!
2802Name:devilmaycrydbt12016-12-24 08:50:04
hello fellow RE fans :) happy holidays
2801Name:Gapson2016-12-24 00:49:13
@Under... Maybe on IoHC we get something better like a P10 SR+ ;-)
2800Name:Underaglassbell2016-12-23 16:53:02
I have to say, I do like at this point how are blatantly just trolling us now with the worst prizes to date.

I will probably run this Weekend Survivor for the hell of it as passed on the last few. If anyone needs help and has a stable connection then I can probably assist on one or two of the three event days WS is running.
2799Name:Underaglassbell2016-12-23 16:47:26
WS 29 - We get to ring in the new year with a..............

Banshee :(
2798Name:Mac2016-12-22 10:05:22
@hnksavior, i really hope is not, if they stop all the event, i may quit this game, coz for those that have complete both story & raid mold and beside the practice and finding partner we play Event, if they stop this i dont see the point i should continue playing.
2797Name:Bigvess2016-12-22 04:41:58
Will do Black Fox
2796Name:ItsHorky2016-12-22 02:01:56
I really hope not
2795Name:hnksavior2016-12-20 08:09:20
I looked at the online events page and there aren't any new scheduled events taking place and they usually show up a day before the new events take place. Did they quit them?
2793Name:Soulless_Persona2016-12-17 23:38:07
For lvl 40 LRCs and WS, I generally use Electric
2792Name:ItsHorky2016-12-17 23:00:35
But what would be better? Electric or fire?
2791Name:Soulless_Persona2016-12-17 22:13:17
Got the same kind of AMR...All cap upgrades.
Parts: Electric/Fire, Fullburst, Cap, Damage and homing
2790Name:ItsHorky2016-12-17 21:29:55
I finally got a rainbow AMR after almost 950 h. Unfortunately it's a [short range +] but it has 5 slot. Would like to hear your opinions and set up for this weapon for WS and LRC, as it's not as good for HC because of the tag.
2789Name:raptor2016-12-15 02:03:02
dose anyone know if they totally stopped the giant creature invasion or is it a temporary pause to the event series
2788Name:Black Fox2016-12-14 11:03:15
I disabled my friend request settings to prevent spam. Would it let you message me? If so an you need someone on New Years for the next WS let me know.
2787Name:Bigvess2016-12-12 06:53:34
Black Fox Your settings wont let me friend request you
2786Name:Black Fox2016-12-12 04:58:21
Do you still need help? If so Im on PS4. My PSNID is "Evil_Black_Fox" if you want to message me.
2785Name:Gapson2016-12-12 00:14:35
Bigvess i can help you, send me friend request, my ID is Kristova_Noha

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