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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3350Name:MRX2018-02-24 01:11:32
Doesn't anyone come to this forum?
3348Name:MRX2018-02-16 12:27:11
I have a problems with bewilder. some times it works and sometimes it don't. this is how I use it I aim it right at the one I want it to work on and sometimes it works and sometimes it don't . I also have tried it just throwing it in the middle of two or three. and it sometimes work and sometimes it don't. am I doing something wrong or is bewilder just a hit or miss thing?
3347Name:Stretch2018-02-13 19:53:43
@devilmaycrydbt1 Thanks, for adding me as a buddy
I'll make sure to send you supplies in Revs1 PS3+PS4 versions, everyday I sign-in... And hopefully the next 365 days in-a-row._. So that I can finally check that acheivement, off my
!!Also, and most important!! Wishin you a speedy recovery, and a Healthy+Prosperious New Year
+Since you've cleary survived the G-virus, after all the years... You can survive thru anything :) :)
And don't forgot~»> "Gamers never die, they just Respawn" :) .__. :) !!God Bless My Friend!! **Peace Out**
3346Name:@Fabian_Gutierrez_2018-02-06 15:13:40
Hola como puedo participar en un evento o alguien que me expliquen como puedo hacerlo?? soy nuevo en esto gracias :D
3345Name:ramon leal2018-02-06 00:42:30
3344Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-02-05 23:35:13
Hello, Fellow hunters of the B.O.W's, I have discovered I have Leukemia, The flu, arthritis, nerve damage, scoliosis of the spine, the list goes on but like Leon I will not give up! I ask for no pity, but it would be nice to get help in my favorite game before my time is up.
The only thing helping my mind rest is my gaming of RESIDENT EVIL. Thank you CAPCOM and everyone reading this.
I'm hoping I can beat or see at least one monster fall before my time is up, never been able to use bloody Gina. Honestly, it would mean the world to me. But as i say, I ask for no pity, but perhaps a friendly Hand.
Good luck to us all, may RESIDENT EVIL live Forever! :)
3343Name:BlackLeviatha6662018-02-02 17:35:05
Damn i just found a muramasa speed shot 6 slots !!!
This weapon is insane with that high capacity,no recoil and insane firing rate.
Yesterday i got another amr long range with 5 slots.
Cant say i'm unlucky xD
3342Name:Black Fox2018-01-30 09:42:35
Does Capcom know there are tags other than short range and long range? Someone should inform them that steady shot, sonic assist, speed shot and speed load exist.
3341Name:NavySeal742018-01-29 03:42:02

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3340Name:Black Fox2018-01-14 11:29:51
We started last year with a Banshee. Capcom should just give everyone an AMR or Unscripted for every year they have been signed up for this site or on New Years.
3339Name:Gapson2018-01-13 19:10:40
@SuperMJCoolMaster maybe you not have buyed all four epizode
3338Name:SuperMJCoolMaster2018-01-12 16:29:42
Hi guys,I'm fan of RER2 and new event has released. Weekend survivor no.47. But I can't play it!Do I have to play coop with someone or...
3337Name:Black Fox2018-01-10 08:24:10
26M health left for IoHM
3336Name:BlackLeviatha6662018-01-03 07:38:46
OMG just found 2 more amr's !!!
Thats 4 x level 100 amr's in 6 hours time !!!
2 with 4 slots,one with 5 slots,and one with 6 slots and long range.
Is it just luck ?
Are is it a common weapon this days ?
3335Name:O b b e y2018-01-03 05:45:18
I have 200+ playtime on Xbox 360 and still didn't get Auto-reloader 5 and now on PS4.
3334Name:O b b e y2018-01-03 05:43:04
@Vambo and @Stretch, I want GSC Trinity to get STARTS 2 and/or FBC 2. I need a part that gives me Auto-reload since I have no luck on getting Auto-loader 5. Lol
3333Name:BlackLeviatha6662018-01-03 01:42:40
Did they increase drop rate off rare weapons are something? Under 70 hours raid game play,and allready have amr x2 (4slots),serpent (6 slots),ticket puncher (6 slots), and a lot off good magnums,and snipers with steady shot.
3332Name:Zekrom6762017-12-30 13:35:30
Please capcom, why doesn't Jill Valentine have any costumes in raid mode for REV2? It could easily be done like the other characters. Will there be a future dlc for her in this game even though it's kinda old Now? Then again REV is being released on switch now too so more players will start playing this game again if they aren't already.
3331Name:Vambo2017-12-28 22:29:58
@obbey. PS4 yeah ? Message me m8 I’ll be happy to run ghost ship chaos weapon runs or trinity for you. Play most days based in Uk
3330Name:Stretch2017-12-27 19:30:58
@O b b e y Sent you a Buddy request and I'll try to send you a friend request on PSN... My PSN ID: FishingFool987
Mostly I've just had time recently, to play Co-op farming weapons in Revs 1~»>Raid mode~>CGS...
But hope to start playin Revs 2~»>Raid mode again, soon._.
And we can play Co-op together, to farm for gold, if you want I usually do CR-Gauntlet 6-2, for that...
Have 2 weapons with Level 10 Greedy-part, think? get about 300-350k in 2 minutes And occasionally, will get a Rainbow weapon in Gauntlet 6-2, also...But usually prefer farming CR-Gaunlet 8-6 for
3329Name:O b b e y2017-12-25 14:05:50
I wanna reach*
3328Name:O b b e y2017-12-25 14:05:12
Hey, guys. Treasure Hunter 9 is almost ending. Can someone, please, help me getting weapons doing GS or GSC? I know it's Christmas, but if someone is free and playing, please help me. Insannareach at least 6,000 points. Thanks!
3327Name:Razeram2017-12-25 10:20:15
already send you a request
3326Name:devilmaycrydbt12017-12-24 13:59:45
Please add me ill help you with chests, and send you ammo in revelations 1. :) Happy Holidays!
3325Name:crzydvd2017-12-22 19:08:02
Unless they change their pattern, here are the next weekend survivor rewards
Weekend Survivor Weapon rewards:
47. Banshee
48. Overlord
49. High Roller LR+
50. Decimator
51. Ticket Puncher
52. Chicago Typewriter SR+
53. Zaytsev
54. Bushido
55. Cerberus
56. Serpent
57. Dagger Fang
58. Gravedigger
59. Firebolt
60. Muramasa LR+
3324Name:O b b e y2017-12-15 05:05:21
Is there someone here aiming to collect all medallions and also do a good time in the missions? Add me if you want it: Obbeycas.
3323Name:Vambo2017-12-14 02:50:38
About time Capcom fixed grenade launcher bug which has ruined many of my ghost ship chaos runs on revelations solo and co-op. Patch it plz.
3322Name:O b b e y2017-12-06 02:29:18
Is there someone free to help me farming gold? ID is Obbeycas.
3321Name:O b b e y2017-12-02 13:38:08
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 270 Solo
3320Name:ramon leal2017-11-26 23:42:21
Level restritec 268
3319Name:ramon leal2017-11-26 23:41:19
3318Name:Alex Wesker2017-11-16 09:10:04
Thank you very much Madara (Dark9-Dragon-Red). I and the community code red never distrust you and I send you my answer you welcome friend.
3317Name:CarvedBard42017-11-15 07:50:09

Hi my friend!

I do not know what this results screen error is ... I only know the pause failure and modified weapons
3316Name:Dark9-Dragon-Red [Roma-Italia]2017-11-14 22:09:58
@Alex Wesker! this is you test that want understand of the event 258! why was 6:10 of timer ! and in this event 264 was one new test! the error of time of screen was fix capcom finally fix this error!
3315Name:Dark9-Dragon-Red [Roma-Italia]2017-11-14 21:45:18
RE re2 players and friends my test in the event # 264 of the error of time of screen was successful !!! and everything went back to the ranking right and normal! now is ranking right, but now 2017 no much players in this game !!! If capcom fix this error ago 2 years back, all ths ranking be right! anyway thanks to capcom for fix this error! late but I fix it!
3314Name:ramon leal2017-11-14 07:48:39
3313Name:Black Fox2017-11-14 06:15:21
Well 2017 is almost over. Lets hope there is a good prize next year since we didn't get anything this year for any RE2 events.
3312Name:Dark9-Dragon-Red [Roma-Italia]2017-11-13 20:08:05
do not worry players of this game yesterday I did a test to this game!
3311Name:Stretch2017-11-12 22:05:40

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3309Name:ShreDjent2017-11-08 18:17:26
Sorry I meant to say-
My bad
3308Name:ShreDjent2017-11-08 02:13:34
I believe the toolbox upgrades are
Achieved when completing certain gauntlets that has escaped my memory :\
I do remember it costing alot of coin tho lol
Good luck!
3307Name:Desmound102017-11-07 12:31:29
How do I get the tool box upgrades??
3304Name:iLosTpera2017-10-16 05:00:24
noname you will receive it 1 week after the event has end
3303Name:(1290938) noname2017-10-13 05:26:43
When we are going to receive the items of the past event: Invasion of the huge creatures 31?
3302Name:KODAxCHROME2017-10-12 21:07:12
Rare and ultra rare Wepons cases were always a rip . May as well just get the wepons case or parts case and save the rp
3301Name:Mac2017-10-12 12:34:09
Silly Reward Rank on Wanted Challenge 21. basically is just waste of time to do this event if you already gotten the parts and Weapons that offering on SSS rank at Special Rewards.

1st, the Serpent (Lv48, 5 slots) is slow you down and that's only lv48?? why not is 50??
2nd, all the Ultra-rare Weapon Case that i transfer and i get the weapon in Lv46 & Lv48 with max 3 slots.... you got to be kidding... this call Ultra-rare???? i can get better at GSC for my 10 minutes run.
3rd, a bunch of useless custom parts from the Reward Rank.. i get a Poisonous Lure 1 from ULTRA-RARE case, but when i transfer a RARE parts case i get Poisonous Lure 2.. i was like whats??? Rare is better then Ultra-Rare???

conclusion here... if you are not going for the top 5 ranking, dont waste your time to do this event...
not complaint.. just feel silly...

hope capcom can make better and more interesting event.
3300Name:KODAxCHROME2017-10-12 05:47:16
Ok so how is it we unlock Rachel ooz ? Could have sworn on ps3 it was dlc.
3299Name:KODAxCHROME2017-10-11 13:29:35
Rev 1 is back ?? Sweet
3298Name:KODAxCHROME2017-10-11 09:58:32
Dang looks like a returned a tad to late , could have used a 100 muramasa .
3297Name:Yan2017-10-08 16:22:21
Thanks. Good to know that rainbow is still existing. I will go on further. Best luck to all:)

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