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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3417Name:Michael kerr 1802017-07-28 21:12:25
54.56 on weekend survivor was tough as f needed that shotgun and shotgun master skill
3416Name:Godless2017-07-27 18:30:35
And while we're on the topic, geez... I really suck at this game.
3415Name:Godless2017-07-27 18:28:41
@AZ While I do agree with you that it should ring some bells, I don't use that single oddity as iron-clad proof that someone is cheating (but it does make me wonder). In situations when I have to use considerably more ammo to take down an enemy than someone else (the Scagdead from last week's LRC comes to mind, #232 I believe), even though our setups are exactly the same or nearly that. I just attribute it to the other person being a much better player than I, and/or having knowledge of some factors that affect the damage output (in this case from burning) that I don't know. Regardless of the reason whomever deals more damage, I don't believe it to be from cheating, just that the person is a much better player than I.
Even though my weapons are set up nominally, I still like to see the person's setup. If it's the same as mine, and I can't even come close to a run as good as him/her, then at least I can sit there and think to myself "holy shit, I suck at this game" lol.
3412Name:Darkstar2017-07-27 07:48:25
Az - Bullets from weapons hitting accurately vary on platforms, not to mention burn damage also varies and not to mention skill in using said weapons also varies from player to player. So no, it's not quite clear, are you implying someone using the same weapon build will have same results? It doesn't make sense.
3411Name:AZ2017-07-27 07:39:55
Examples of what? It's a simple comparative test that anyone that is able to build the exact weapon can test for themselves on the same event etc. I don't think I can be any clearer. Does the gun the viewer built kill the same as the one displayed in the vid? Hand that wields it? lol My advice on that is try not to miss. : )
3410Name:Darkstar2017-07-27 06:56:53
Az "If the gun set up is exactly the same for you as it appears in a video yet lacks a noticeable performance for you compared to the video then alarm bells should be ringing."

Examples so I have a better understanding of what you mean because I do believe a weapon even with the same parts will still rely heavily on the hand that wields it.
3409Name:AZ2017-07-27 06:48:30
" While the weapon-showcase at the end of stage-runs is helpful (and I actually prefer it), I don't understand why it should be a requirement to rule out cheating."

If the gun set up is exactly the same for you as it appears in a video yet lacks a noticeable performance for you compared to the video then alarm bells should be ringing.

3408Name:Darkstar2017-07-27 06:45:38
I have no problems with people who cheat in games, that is something that is and always going to be. Aside from myself having guilty pleasures and fun at public humiliation.. I do have a problem if a player tries to front the impression that they are legitimate as a guise and ruse. Players who know they cheat but try to put on a heroic impression.

Also if I offend your friend, friend of friends or whatnot... I really don't care. Each person is accountable for their own actions and I am someone who doesn't go with the "flow" just because that person or persons is of relevance to you. I'll still judge as a individual.

As for Capcom, no every game has it's design flaws, while it contributes to the mess of the events... myself and every person has the choice to continue or not to play the game.
3406Name:Darkstar2017-07-27 06:34:18
It has been a long time. What we have here are "hidden gems". Players that continually seek recognition and respect but do not want to earn it.

But one thing they all share is they are really bad at falsifying event data to look legitimate when they really are not.

As for the other stuff my mentors know I can hold my own. Aside from the shared weapons and items I got I must say I am pretty proud that I come this far and accomplished much on my own.

3405Name:AZ2017-07-27 06:04:25
Most people don't give a shit what people say about them and have no desire to be accepted by any kind of community here. Cheating on video games has been around before most players here were born. Cheat codes on start up on the early RE games were published in magazines for unlimited lives and ammo etc. i'e PlayStation XXX OOO (D-PAD) UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT etc and hey presto 99 lives or whatever. Basically finding shortcuts and loopholes in games comes with the territory. Sad but true depending on how you look at it.
3404Name:WornOutSmiles2017-07-27 05:59:07
Why would you even say that? As far as I'm aware, nobody does that. Even if they did, I don't even think I'd have a problem with it. The time is still being obtained legitimately, so what does it matter? I guess whether someone does it or not depends on if they care about being credited with someone else's achievement...

And yeah, cheaters won't stop just because someone disapproves, so any complaint is pretty irrelevant...
3403Name:AZ2017-07-27 05:46:29
If someone else has your account downloaded to their console and plays events for you that too is unfair. Especially if you have a friend that is a serious pro. And records the run as if it were you.

It's no good trying to name and shame cheats because it's like water off a ducks back, it just rolls right off. Try them, find them guilty but with no power to pass sentence on the guilty parties theres fuck all you can do. And around and around you go reaching no end in a vicious circle. It's been like that for a long time. The more you point them out the more they will do it as you have already labelled them cheat so that is what they will be and feel no shame or fear of whatever you do or say as you don't work for Capcom. In effect you might make more cheats because they will do it just to piss you off and star in one o your name and shame videos.
3402Name:Darkstar2017-07-27 02:37:19
I started building like a mini database of known and suspected players that manipulate the time in events across all the platforms. It has helped me quite a lot especially when keeping track of those who enjoy changing their names around like Bob lol.

Mr. Kaos, I already know you will not present or record your game play, still could prove me wrong though. I find it rather shocking you are preaching ethics though. Enjoy relaxing with those stolen trophies.

3401Name:WornOutSmiles2017-07-26 20:27:31
Funny how quickly he decides he doesn't want to talk, after coming in the way he did. I don't really care enough to argue with or question cheaters, I already know who does it. Regardless, I don't consider it "childish" for the community to want fair competition...

3400Name:Darkstar2017-07-26 11:05:44
Was that an attempt to avoid my question?

Do you or do you not have video of your WS runs?
3399Name:KaosXV2017-07-26 10:22:31
never argue with a fool they will drag you down to their level,then beat you with experience..
3398Name:Darkstar2017-07-26 08:35:30
Kaos - Insinuating that people have no lives because they play a video game is pretty lame. Nice try using that card though. I can tell you right now just looking at your event history that it is structured (poorly) at best.

See, I knew I came to this community for a greater purpose. I await your response.

3397Name:Darkstar2017-07-26 08:15:34
oh dear..oh dear. Ok let's do this your way. You have any video runs of your Weekend Survivor runs *archived* anywhere?

3396Name:KaosXV2017-07-26 07:17:36
But that's not stop me to continue playing the same to all the others...have a life and not stay only on your video games...peace
3395Name:KaosXV2017-07-26 07:13:21
No hope left...definitely,ok guys continue acuse people if that make you happy
3394Name:Darkstar2017-07-26 03:38:41
Reminds me of a WS a month or so ago when Carved was asking me about Kaos, and I said you know... he was actually just on my Twitch feed watching? Enjoying? Seeing how much he needs to glitch? lol that was so funny.

Kaos - you should of at least said hi or something. Anyways, I don't see how relaxing it is to sit there for hours spamming the pause button. Care to retract your statement sir?

3393Name:WornOutSmiles2017-07-25 23:04:28
Rich coming from the likes of Kaos, seeing as you're equally guilty of playing WS last minute and spamming the glitch to get 1st. Don't consider that relaxation personally, but then each to their own I guess...
3391Name:Darkstar2017-07-25 10:06:51
*Upcoming Huge Creature Event Q&A setup/basics/advance Guide

For those who have questions on Huge Creatures please take a look at short 8 minute video. And please read the Description first thank you. I will repost this every month for new players or anyone that may need.
3390Name:Darkstar2017-07-25 10:03:55
Kaos - Well don't hold back now, who are you calling Children? What makes you think you're the only one playing to relax? Why should I or anyone care what your preference or expectations of play is?

3389Name:Nearyah072017-07-25 02:52:16
You can add me here on X One. Username is the same. Anything in particular you need a team up for?
3388Name:KaosXV2017-07-24 13:00:22
Guys why take this on that level,I lost the interest on revelations 2 a few months ago but is ridiculous how personal is 4 all...I play to have a relaxing time and De-stress but the way a few of you acuse each other are insane,I see children crying and assume not are young kids most of you...
3387Name:chillvibess2017-07-23 04:02:19
New at this . Anyone wanna buddy up and help me out
3386Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-22 22:22:11
I'm talking about all our conversations in the past not now . :)
I know your opinion about this you told me a long time ago and about the weapons ,We normally watch the runs but there's allways the beginners that like to see what parts people put on their guns .They can allways try to msg the player asking anyway.
3385Name:Darkstar2017-07-22 11:40:10
I'll still watch your videos even if you don't follow me, I really made them for a few close friends and my mentors. I believe Luso is a outstanding person and swell guy overall.

Yes I should of had just messeged you privately in regards. Thinking back, I definitely would had done that instead, I am not without flaws. Being honest here, if you didn't mention or gave a excuse/reason to your videos, I most definitely would had overlooked it.

Well just re-read your original post dear...the excuse/reasons were really really bad. I mean it was up there amongst the things I've heard and seen in my time here.

3384Name:WornOutSmiles2017-07-22 08:38:59
Luso, I don't understand what makes you think our opinions are so different? I haven't said anything beyond disagreeing with the necessity to show your weapons at the end of an event. I still stand by that too, especially on One.

Everyone has cheated at some point on this game, and provided it isn't Spawn Glitching, or something which exceeds the limits of the game; I'm all for it. If I could make all my dream weapons appear in my game, I probably would.

There's always gonna be disagreements on who cheats and what is considered cheating, but it will continue to happen irrelevant of what is said...
3383Name:AZ2017-07-21 20:39:30
Disappearing weapons
3382Name:AZ2017-07-20 15:27:06
Some N.W.A
3381Name:AZ2017-07-20 15:15:10
I don't give a fuck about foul language mate. Say what you like fuck it.
3380Name:AZ2017-07-20 15:12:50
I believe there is a song for every situation in our lives.
3379Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-20 09:02:39
I don't care about the means I use to threat with that kind of people ,mostly I do that to piss them off .
And to me the subject is dropped and buried too .Like I said .I don't care anymore .
I'm gonna do my life ,have fun with my game and put it on the shelf once and for all .
3378Name:Darkstar2017-07-20 08:30:21
Bob... yes of course Bob. You really shouldn't give him anymore attention. There really isn't much else in terms of public humiliation he hasn't brought on himself, long before I even did those videos. It did however, bring me to see a side of you that I find pretty disgusting. Rape, violence, threats... I don't find that amusing at all honestly even if it is towards someone like Bob. It doesn't make youe responses any better than Bob. He's obviously trolling you and looking to get a rise out of you.

What I will say is...I do believe you are above all that nonsense.

As for discrediting you, no not really. It raised suspicions yes. But take it as you will, I really shouldn't even be talking about this matter anymore.
3377Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-20 08:10:12
That's what I am doing .But with your comment you descredit me when you knew I was at war in xbox 360 with BOB .You could sent me a msg via youtube or xbox live and ask me about what happened .
I too would like to know what people think of what I said about cheating .

My great friend I shouldn't be here thanking you for believing in me but I have to .So a big thanks to you .
I unsubscribed from your channel but I still keep you on my xbox live cos you are very special to me even with the big difference of opinions we have .
3376Name:Darkstar2017-07-20 07:57:18
I think the showing the weapons is more maybe towards USB/PC platforms where it can be edited. Xboxone doesn't have that and I don't think items can be modified anyways.

Anyways Mr. Luso, the matter I dropped it. I trust and believe Worn's words 100%. What I feel, say, or think about at this point in time is irrelevant. If Worn believes in you, then I will sit down and shut up.

So please continue to enjoy your game play and carry on as you were.
3375Name:WornOutSmiles2017-07-20 06:09:26
I don't understand why showing weapons is all of a sudden an issue, especially here on One? Considering 99% of the time people come to simply watch the run and/or copy strategies, I don't see the point. Plus the fact (at least I) record my runs at the results screen, just in case of an error which stops the recording. So if I proceed past the results screen, let the time upload and then the game freezes while I'm scrolling through my weapons; what then? I mean, I've probably been asked for my weapon setup twice in about a year, and myself and others can just write down what we just used upon request. Parts used are pretty obvious anyway...
3374Name:Darkstar2017-07-19 23:26:01
I'd say preach it dear, don't stop now.

Although I am curious now to what your stance is on Community acceptance of what is deemed fair by the majority of competitors in these events.

As for pointing fingers, I suspect friends, acquaintances, friends of friends more often than not simply on the basis that the Dirtiest players are usually people close to you.

Your case.. of not posting videos with matching run times certainly isn't the first by the way...neither was it something random I just decided to follow up on. Oh no my dear, there are quite a few players that have non corresponding video/posted scores.
3373Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-19 21:25:28
After exposing all the ways of cheating in this game ,at least the ones I know of ,you take your own conclusions on what cheating really means .What concerns to me I'm so fucking tired of this suspicious bullshit ,I'm so fucking tired of this so called fair play when we are not fair with ourselfs .I'm so tired of so many hypocrysy in this game .
An advice to everyone ,play the game ,cos you payed for this crap .Try to have fun with it .Be true to your convictions and play the way you think it's right .If someone points the finger at you ,ignore them or say them to fuck off cos it's the best way of dealing with this bullshit that crapcom created .
3372Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-19 21:01:49
Post 3371 (continued)

In one way or another we are all cheaters ,that is make clear in every dictionary and someone that denies it it's a fool or can't read.
3371Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-19 20:58:41
By Reading the various defenitions in many dictionarys we conclude that Save swaping is cheating only by the simple fact that you are taking advantage of a glitch in a game to your own self profit .This don't applies to xbox one .Everyone can do it but it's unfair cos xbox one players don't have access to it so they will allways be in disadvantage in relation to the other platforms .
Cloning weapons and parts is cheating to cos you again are taking advantage of a glitch in a game to your own self profit .Everyone can do it but if you are not lucky with rng or don't have a friend that have good weapons you are literally in disandvantage .
By giving or accepting those guns you are cheating cos again you are taking advantage of a glitch in a game to your own self profit .
Time spawn glitch is another way of cheating that anyone can do cos everyone have the pause button in their controller so again you will be takng advantage of a glitch in a game to your own self profit .
In one way or another we are all che
3370Name:Darkstar2017-07-19 20:49:43
Mr. Luso, I believe it were the reasons you stated behind your video run and the posted time that caught my attention. If you had not said anything I probably most likely would not even see it. Yeah it was the reasons...

It was pretty bad lol.
3369Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-19 20:41:55
Definitions of cheating
an act of gerrymandering (dividing a voting area so as to give your own party an unfair advantage)
Type of:
deceit, deception, dissembling, dissimulation
the act of deceiving
violating accepted standards or rules
dirty, foul, unsporting, unsportsmanlike

unfair, unjust
not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception
not faithful to a spouse or lover
adulterous, two-timing

having sexual relations with someone other than your husband or wife, or your boyfriend or girlfriend
3368Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-19 20:35:34
I wrote e-mails to and capcom telling what was going on .I even threatned them that I would unsubscribe from and never buy a crapcom game again . I'm still waiting for an answer until today ,almost 2 years passed and still nothing .
3367Name:Luso Warrior2017-07-19 20:28:06
Welcome to the world of RE REV 2 and the circus people and capcom turned this game into and the worst part is that I'm not innocent in all of this cos I participated in this justice bullshit .There will allways be cheaters ,there will allways be glitchers by the simple fact that capcom don't give a fuck about this game .
3366Name:Godless2017-07-19 14:02:03
I guess I'm kinda glad I'm not good enough to place 1st in events and therefore have to either start recording my playthroughs or be labeled a cheater.
While the weapon-showcase at the end of stage-runs is helpful (and I actually prefer it), I don't understand why it should be a requirement to rule out cheating. Does that mean that there are also weapon glitches in this game too? Like, this is kinda ridiculous that Crapcom don't give a fuck about fixing glitches and removing cheaters, cuz they're ruining the game for legit players. Good players that actually focus on trying to get the top spots in events... of which I sure as hell don't count lol.
3365Name:Darkstar2017-07-19 09:17:25
Az - I got the editing software bit and pieces. I honestly don't really care what is added or deleted as long as the main run and time is in the run. But like I mentioned, seems a bit far to go that kind of distance...

then again who knows.
3364Name:Darkstar2017-07-19 09:10:19
Az - I don't know about all that. Seems like a lot of trouble just to run and record an event lol.

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