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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2758Name:Evie2017-02-26 03:55:59
EleGiggle, James
2757Name:CarvedBard42017-02-26 03:43:04
OMG James, I've never laughed so much in a forum post
2756Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-25 15:00:08

**Australian Didgeridoo music starts playing as James takes off his clothes and walks to the ring**
''oi lets fkn rumble ya cunt''

Carved Bard-ANNOUCER;

''In the RED corner, all the way from Melbourne Australia , weighing in @ 69er Kilos and 5'11 tall JjjjjjaaaammmmmmEEEEssss!!!! **the crowd and bitches go wild *

** faggetly hip hop music starts playing**

Carved Bard-ANNOUCER;

''and, In the Blue Corner, all the way from the comfort and protection of his own fort . . . wha, what's this ladies and gentleman?? Looks like Fort Woe,, is a,, Noe Show!! L0L#funny Brazilian Laugh#

**the crowd boos in disgusts and throw bottles and chairs around **

James starts dancing funny on the center of the boxing ring to entertain the now disgusted crowd in an attempt to calm them after this most unsettling news -

2B cunt'inued
2755Name:AMR Hunter2017-02-25 10:59:13
Basically what I was saying is that we shouldn't get excited since he has no results over the course of a year and the one result he has is with one of the best players. There probably won't be a competition.
2754Name:CarvedBard42017-02-25 10:27:59
Sorry guys, I need promote this battle ;)
2753Name:CarvedBard42017-02-25 10:23:59
Fort WOE are you ready?
James are yor ready?

2752Name:Darkstar2017-02-25 10:18:16
I definitely would not remember players through the Blue door. More than anything Fort Woe is a total random and has no relevance other than Chance that he played with our beloved Wornoutsmiles.

I am excited to look forward to this WS challenge.
2751Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-25 10:00:13
Yup, I've been asked about 6 times by different players asking if I remember him as a result. If I remembered, I'd have already revealed their GT if only to stop people asking.

Hey, I guarantee if I asked others the GT of the Blue Door Random they played 1 LRC with 13-14 months ago, they probably couldn't answer either...
2750Name:AMR Hunter2017-02-25 08:12:05
The only time I see that Fort WOE was awarded anything was LCR 73 (Jan of 2016) where he did a coop game with wornoutsmiles.
2749Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-25 07:58:39
"The Greatest Challenge of all Time"?

I can guarantee he either won't show up, or he'll just spam the Pause Glitch to get 1st.

Feel free to prove me wrong though, Fort...
2748Name:CarvedBard42017-02-25 07:32:47
Do not miss the greatest challenge of all time!

WS32 who will win?
2747Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-25 06:07:13
Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the Steady Shot, I just can't use it. I'm not nearly as good as some people in terms of shotgun control, but I see a TAP and I instantly think "Recoil". Obviously with a Steady Shot I end up shooting the floor. Granted though, that thing is ridiculously over powered if you just remember there's no need for recoil control.

Damage on shotguns is pretty much completely pointless BTW, the damage comes from the Fire; not bullets. Play a Lvl.100 LRC with a Decimator you'll do 1 Damage per bullet, add a Damage 20 and you'll do 2 Damage. Fire Rate and Capacity are all that matters on a shotgun.
2746Name:AMR Hunter2017-02-25 04:11:45
I mostly use the steady shot tap shotguns. Even though the decimator has a higher damage it doesn't seem to kill any faster when I'm at level 1. Also, I try to make copies of the guns you gave me if I am going to change the parts. That way I can keep your setup.
2745Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-25 03:46:13
I don't like the Decimator, never had many good nor consistent burns from it.

AMR, just go to the Events Page and you can see upcoming events/rewards.
2744Name:AMR Hunter2017-02-25 01:48:32
Where do you see that info? Is it on the main page somewhere? The last ws weapon was a bit of a letdown. I only kept it because it was from a ws.

You could always dupe your decimator if you want more. I only have 4 of them
2743Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 22:06:43


you already have a Desemenator you use it all you're videos , only a true fan knows this ! =)
2742Name:Darkstar2017-02-24 15:42:45
Omg WS Decimator. It's a miracle!

I want it I want it!
2741Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-24 15:30:33
@Fort HOE

hahahaha.... 7days left til WS32 S0L0 challenge fgt
2740Name:Darkstar2017-02-21 05:40:23
AMR - Everything Gilgamesh said is correct. I was using a level 8 executioner part for the AK. It was a fast faced stage with Giants and Napads and bewilder works wonders with Blob puddings.

Here's my recent lrc188 run.

Also here is a coop run of Gilgamesh coop run of the same lrc stage. Pay close attention to the cool down on skills when he is using the handgun with executioner.
2739Name:AMR Hunter2017-02-21 05:32:55
Thanks for your reply Gilgamesh! I didn't know that about the executioner part and I could definitely use that in my runs. My next step is to build an executioner weapon and practice with it.
2738Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-21 04:55:58
And also like how you saw Eve one shorting enemies in the head with the AR is because those enemies were sploder heads any damage to them will basically kill them like the use of an electric bottle or even a knife to the head will kill them even though you're at level one, say if your on a map with no sploder heads and still needed excecutioner instead of using an AR you'd just put executioner on a AMR or shotgun to get the kill since you can one shot things on the map. Here is a video of my friend NolubeNowarning using executioner with an AMR pay attention to his rocket cool down at 44 seconds in the video
2737Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-21 04:47:19
Shotguns do more damage because yes like you said instead of shooting one bullet like other guns shotguns are packed with "Pellets" and also fire ammo on the shotgun amplifis that mechanic, to get the most out of your shotgun ideally you want this set up for a six slot.
Fire ammo, Focus, Full burst, Capacity, Quick Load, BSAA and or Close Range ( last couple parts are mainly up to your discretion depending on LRC's and what tagged shotgun you have ) if you need any shotguns hit me up my dude.
2736Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-21 04:41:38
Usually when you see people use handguns/ machine pistols or/and assault rifles they are using that weapon for Executioner, Excutioner basically allows you to get your abilities back faster by killing anenemy with said executioner weapon

Example: if I use bewilder or my rocket launcher within 15 seconds of an LRC and I need it again within another 15 seconds to get an optimized time I will use an executioner weapon in between the cool down to get it back faster to use my rocket sooner.
2735Name:AMR Hunter2017-02-21 03:43:09
I was watching a few videos of this weeks LRC and seeing a few players like darkstar using an assault rifle to do a head shot kill at level 1. Did I see that right?
Also, why do shotguns with fire do so much damage but assault rifles or machine pistols with fire don't? Is it because the shotgun shoots a lot of bullets for each shot and each one does fire damage?
2734Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-15 20:02:12
...yes moist



nom nom nom
2733Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-15 19:59:44

this clown said something else? when I didn't check here for 12hrs L0L??

Man, my finisher would have been (without exploding in his face; Shrek; ''That'll du Donkeey..That'll du''

he's lucky i didn't see what he wrote L0L....

Well's kinda late n shit buuuttttttt

2732Name:CarvedBard42017-02-15 15:11:43
@Ra Ma'at

It depends on the weapons and their ability, usually leading players do these events at level 1. Do a search on YouTube and see several videos on this subject. If you need any other information we are here to help.
2731Name:Ra Ma'at2017-02-15 13:00:32
When it says to play at the lowest level possible what would you recommend?
2730Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-15 11:34:28
Cookies make me happy too.
2729Name:Fearthese2017-02-15 10:18:17
I like cookies too triple chocolate chip in fact
2728Name:Fearthese2017-02-15 10:13:45
Noted, my bad.
2727Name:Lance Konig2017-02-15 09:08:46
Fill the chat with sweets and love peeps.

Who am I kidding, I hate drama but will sit back and what it if I am not involved. 10/10 hypocrite I am
2726Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 08:56:41
Yea really dude we just ended the whole situation and you want to add more fuel to the fire hmmm... please delete your comment
2725Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-15 08:54:39
Yeah, cause talking more BS after the situation has died down is a fantastic idea. Someone get this guy a cookie...
2723Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 08:34:30
Valentine day stream hype PogChamp
2722Name:Lance Konig2017-02-15 08:24:42
Ivy plz.

LOL, you will probably be seeing me tonight cause I do plan to stream Yayz
2721Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 08:20:29
Yes Happy Valentines Day London, I'll be seeing you later tonight Kreygasm
2720Name:Lance Konig2017-02-15 07:54:51
Wow people need to calm down. You guys are getting at PS3 levels of argument at points.

The next WS will settle the score. Curious to see who will win

Also Happy Valentine's Day! Spread the AI- I mean love
2719Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 06:31:43
Thanks everyone, have a lovely Valentines Day.
2718Name:WornOutSmiles2017-02-15 06:05:37
Gotta agree with Ivy, let the Leaderboards do the talking, so the forums can be used how they are intended to...
2717Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-15 06:03:46
Fair enuff Meshy lol
2716Name:AzGudAz2017-02-15 06:03:25
Fort Who ???
Is that you TIC TOK ???
If not then challenge TIC TOK BOB i'm sure he will play fair (ye right) lol His time will no doubt be present on WS 32 also. Without a vid record of it.
2715Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 06:03:04
I believe Weekend Survivor is still some ways away going back and forth in the forums until will solve nothing....
2714Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-15 06:01:07
Go back down into the basement and wait until ur summoned for WS32 , bitch - time to chain u up .
2713Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 06:00:54
I'm sure me and the rest of the community would appreciate if you'd both stop and just settle it on the leaderboards please no more responses to each other from here on out otherwise I'm sure you'll risk the supspesion of your Account(s) from capcom but I must say that was a damn good laugh.
2712Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 05:58:42
Ok let me start off with this while I also do not condone the use of the pause glitch in any way, why come to the Xbox one forums and do this take it to Xbox 360 or where ever else it happen!

James and Fort Woe you've both already settled on a match WS32 settle it there please take this drama out of the Xbox One forums before this we've had a healthy community of people just trying to help each other.
2711Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-15 05:58:31

... Ive done 39s on the 360 , even have videos hahaha

where are yours bitch? are they in Wonderland with Michael Jackson?
2710Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE ?2017-02-15 05:55:37
Empty words

In the meantime you'd better practice or hop of daddys dick

I don't need to practice m8 , instead ill be fucking ur mummys nice ass n stretch it nicely while ur sister watches hot cum drip out and waits for her turn....
2709Name:Gilgamesh2017-02-15 05:55:08
Holy... What've I've missed...
2708Name:Fort WOE2017-02-15 05:49:48
lol that's all you got all you keep talking about is your shitty times that you glitched on Xbox 360 like damn don't you get tired of getting fucked In the asswhen James I bet your dad did LMAO and trust me a 43 IS NOT IMPRESSIVE THAT IS SOME STRAIHJT ASS especially wih the dupe glitch on Xbox you pathetic bitch

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