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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3677Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-17 07:40:51
Those that have shown they can do "it" had better give themselves a big round of a pause for totally exposing themselves, rather stupidly, to be the spawn glitchers we now know you are. So sad that Bray Kinbad led you to do it. But I guess he served his purpose.
3676Name:Cesar2018-01-15 22:53:19
3675Name:Bray Kinbad2018-01-14 01:01:53
Who knows how to do it?

Who does it but nobody knows?

If you do it everyone will know.

And a bad reputation will grow.

So the seeds of discord have been sown.
3674Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-11 04:16:58
@ Burping Fire
I will grind 8-6 with you dude no problem. You never know something rare might drop along the way.
3673Name:Bursting Fire2018-01-11 00:03:13
Ok ,so we gonna grind 8/6 like fools to get another character up to 100 cos I only have albert LOL
Do we have a deal or do I have to do all the work ????
Man please say yes cos doing all these with 2 controllers is boring as shit .
Another thing ,I request you to do ws with me this time .
3672Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-10 20:44:30
@ Dreykosan7
OK man. Win or lose it's all good.

@ Lucky Bursting Shatanic Fire

I can watch all those on your youtube as a subscriber. Too many links dude one is enough to find all on your channel. lol

And if I co op with you again and you use Albert Wesker I will leave the room because your use of the IMBECILE SORRY gesture is becoming insulting at times and it pisses me off k.
3671Name:Bursting Fire2018-01-10 05:14:30
Yes ,there's more . :)

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 279 2'11 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 280 3'32

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 280 2'31 CO OP With Azgudaz
3670Name:Bursting Fire2018-01-10 05:12:17
SHHHOOOOO Imbecile ,you gonna get sick after watching all these LOL

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 274 2'37

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 273 1'53 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 273 2'01

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 275 3'40

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 277 2'04

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 277 1'37 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 278 2'47

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 278 2'43 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 279 2'22

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 279 2'11 CO OP With Azgudaz
3669Name:DreykoSan72018-01-10 01:12:54
Videos and screenshots of my progress are on my profile,send me a fríend request same gt as here.
There are a few reasons why i didnt go to ps4, i like it but i choose xbox.

About contest and that, i leave that a lot time ago on xbox 360, if i win or not its ok for me.
3668Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-09 03:21:49
Now there's a name I haven't seen in the LRC rankings for quite a while. And straight to 1st place. Well done Dreykosan7. Hope to see some gameplay video's soon. If not it's ok because nobody seems to be sharing any on XBOX ONE anyway. A few videos on YouTube though from PS 4 and steam, although the majority fail to state which platform in their title etc, giving the impression that the same times can be achieved on all platforms and most people know that isn't the case.

Question....Which platform is the quickest and best for frame rate and performance? PS4 ? Steam? or Xbox One? (don't say 360 or Switch you will only be a lying Joker)

I am surprised you haven't gone PS4 along with Shinny and Carvedbard. They would prove to be more of a contest for an experienced player like you. But I will look forward to "TRYING" to beat you. lol
3666Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-01 22:13:15
Level Restricted Challenge 278 CO OP with Bursting Satanic Fire
3665Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-01 21:32:10
Level Restricted Challenge 278 solo
3664Name:firey52017-12-23 13:26:11
Lol at least I can get my own orange name. And what kind of person congratulates someone for being carried through?? Hahaha! Sorry Buddy, you have never nor will ever make me tap out. I'll play when I want, help who I want, and compete when I want, any time I want!
3663Name:Marko Moans2017-12-23 10:39:30
she shoves , CRYSTAL BALLS , in her ass

mmmmm cheeky slut, ill let you C U M in first place as you play solo by yourself and your vibrating controller...
3662Name:ShadowSlayer692017-12-23 02:18:24
game's dead, bro, unplayable with the freeze rate...
3661Name:Marko Moans2017-12-19 16:32:27
fuck this place is dead.
3660Name:Bursting Fire2017-12-13 01:23:40
Level restricted challenge 270 - 3'12

Level restricted challenge 271 - 2'00

Level restricted challenge 271 - CO-OP with Azgudaz - 1'49

Level restricted challenge 272 - 3'17

Level restricted challenge 272 - CO-OP with Azgudaz - 3'22
3659Name:AZ (England UK)2017-12-12 02:51:51
Level Restricted Challenge 271 CO OP with Bursting Fire
3658Name:no name2017-12-07 07:30:57
Hi does anyone want to team up level up n get level 100 weapons
3657Name:Marko Moans2017-12-07 04:19:27
@Bursting Fire

only 85 hours clear time and you're sporting a 6 slot Unscripted and AMR lol?

Who were you ?
3656Name:Bursting Fire2017-12-05 02:59:19
Lrc 269 2'37
3655Name:ShadowSlayer692017-12-01 16:18:44
@ghost, oui, on gagne toutes les recompenses pour completer au niveau 1, il ne faut pas repeter la mission.
3654Name:ghost2017-11-30 18:10:29
salut je me poser une question je vient de finir une mission evenement avec le level 1 et je me demander si quand on finit avec le niveau le plus bas on gagne toute les recompenses afficher ou juste la recompense pour avoir fini en lv 1 parce que la il offre le magnum courte porter plus mais jai vu que on pouvez gagner un degat lv 14 si on finit avec un level 40 et moins mais moi jai fini avec le niveau 1 et un degat level 14 cest mieux qu'un simple magnum du coup si quelqu'un qui parle français pouvez me repondre ça serait super sympas merci
3653Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-29 03:30:29
This is interesting. An article on using MODS and CHEATING.
3652Name:Marko Moans2017-11-25 11:36:07
WS.45 Shotgun Drake (Shit Range+)


It would seem the.. ...Mr.Train has departed

...Not to worry, if you're patient , you might get your 'ticket' punched soon.. lol
3651Name:Marko Moans2017-11-25 11:25:16

REVELATIONS is part of trilogy, or so im's also more than a coincidence that there should be 3 FOLEY sisters in the story
I predict in 2018 rev3 or early 2019 we'll have concrete info or a an actual game.

i don't mind waiting, so long as RAID MODE is done right and they give us the best fucking raid mode possible, with addition on of a proper story.

It's just a matter of time the guys- I hope the longer we have to wait , the better the final product will be .
3650Name:WornOutSmiles2017-11-25 10:25:05
I'd be very surprised if they didn't. Here's just hoping they learn from their mistakes in Rev.2...
3649Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-24 05:04:21
Will there be a Rev 3 ??????
3648Name:WornOutSmiles2017-11-23 08:19:45
RIP Rev.2....
3647Name:Marko Moans2017-11-23 05:59:23

3646Name:Marko Moans2017-11-23 05:57:11

FuNNy maN

hahaha only if she saw the 1st msg, would it appear that way to an oblivious reader -

the 2nd msg is read as me replying to what someone wrote, if that were the case and you showed her - it implicates you also, making for an interesting reaction inDeeD L0L


You order is on it's way , I think .

3645Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-22 21:03:48
Bless that blacksmith. I hope my Black Friday order arrives soon. Thanks man.
Wife saw it packed her case and went to her mothers.

No I joke.

Not shown her yet but as there are no
replies from me of a similar nature I guess she will simply think I am being hit on by a gay guy. lol
3644Name:Marko Moans2017-11-22 10:16:53

hahaha Oh? tell us how that goes, not much to gauge , believe it or not you got the clean ones haha...consider yourself lucky in that sense m8 ...but boy oh boy would i have been in trouble had you gotten the reallllly hott dirty descriptive ones about myself and what id do - then its awkward, for minute or 2..then we'll laugh hard about it...or maybe you would have been in for a good time L0L ...hahahahaha oh wait... i just re-read the ones u got...hahaha yeah Lettuce know how she takes it...

And hey funny story man, this also happened twice with EVE as well recently...although I must say they were dirtier, poor EVE...something to laugh about - the APP+ play up for me with messaging and loading, it can get sent to the wrong person...

And your order is on the wait, the BLACKsmith is at worK
3643Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-22 05:40:31
@ Marko messages
Sent to wrong person yeh right. The wife is gunna be so worried when I wind her up after I show her what you wrote. lol
I think I will leave a good one on screen for her to "accidently" see and gauge her reaction.

And apology accepted. Hey who else but Quagmire???/

And glad you still have your rev 2 raid addiction even if mainly for WS.

3642Name:Marko Moans2017-11-21 15:24:57

Marko Moans in stunning High 'Definition' , as described by AZ ...geee wizz cap'tain that sure sounds like a 'High Definition' of me.

Hahah Gee thanks man! kind words. I'll never leave this game dude -I love Weekend Survivor in C0-0P with my partner too much, it is my main thing and has been for so long....

...Hmmmm I need to apologize for the dirty messages I sent you accidently ..who knows , maybe you enjoyed them , only joking HAHAHA!!

..damn xbox..the trouble of writing from PC ... I was playing with my B00MER-WANG and my finger slipped

Don't worry Cap'tain....I'm NOT going to make u bend over and throw you down on my bed, only to commence the POUNDING of your ass with my 'SLEDGEHAMMER' , as if i was to initiate the 'excavation ' of your DIG site'

Absolutely Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Marvelous
3640Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-21 03:43:41
obscurity post was copied and pasted from here.
3639Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-21 03:32:25
@ Marko

the state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant:
"he is too good a player to slide into obscurity"
synonyms: insignificance · inconspicuousness · unimportance · anonymity · lack of fame/renown/honour/recognition · non-recognition · ingloriousness · limbo · twilight · oblivion
3638Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-21 03:21:06
@ Marko moans
You have always found time to put great advice to people here in the forums James. Top bloke. You have helped me many times in the past. If you don't play rev 2 raid anymore and slink off into obscurity, I would just like to say Thank you boomer wang your a legend.
3637Name:Marko Moans2017-11-16 15:24:00
Finally as per RAINB0Ws

You'll want to ONLY play CODE RED difficulty , as code red is the ONLY place ( + selected online event prizes ) where you can obtain level 100 guns of rainbow rarity

Stage 5-3 is an excellent level to farm in solo, simply because you can open all 4 chests right behind you , either continuing to play if you find something of value or exit out and repeat until you do -

I'd offer to play with you and help myself, but I don't play rev2 much anymore or busy with other stuff, so I'm not sure how long it would last even if we did - You'd have more luck finding others first . Do feel free to go ahead and add me if you like and perhaps if I am free we can play a few , no promises though. Also happy to answer any questions about raid mode here...hahahaa others may make an appearance too .

GT: J a x i d e n t

Happy RAINBOW hunting, Leprechaun lol
3636Name:Marko Moans2017-11-16 15:12:05
About the C0-0P and waiting around,

most are casual players and have weak guns, even most level 100 players , as for actually finding others to play with - well that depends on the time of day/night you look thru the blue door.

I'd suggest making an LFG (Looking for group) post in the REV2 game hub on xbox and specify what you want - I would also say to leave it up for a few days so anyone can see if you're lucky you might catch something decent like that (quick tip: you can set the 'start time for a few days to a weeks time in advance so u have greater chance of people seeing it + you can view post history and 'repost' previous LFG posts, hope u r not confused by that)

Asking here is a long shot . 1 because this place is fucking desolate and all the usual suspects have since gone, I'd say you were lucky I'd responded lol

and 2. only a very small % of the player population actually use the forums here, worse yet they are unaware of its existence and function of this site along side RAID MODE on
3635Name:Marko Moans2017-11-16 15:01:31
Dear Mr. 7

It's really unfortunate you were unable to complete Weekend Survivor no.44 for the Legendary lv.100 6 Slot Mr.Train (2005M) magnum.

After all, that's as close to a 'pot of gold' a wee leprechaun could have hoped for when wishing upon a RAINB0W .L0L

I had 2 other friends who missed out on that yummy sexy mangum , sad to think CAPCOM is just handing out these guaranteed level 100 6 slot guns.

And then there are the people that need/want them the most and are simply not getting them, or unable to - due to being unaware or being to weak to complete in solo. the solution is co-op in the case of being too weak to finish.

and roughly only [ 30 ] people on XBOX ONE in the world get this prize.
3634Name:Sle7ven2017-11-11 20:57:11
Hi all I am kind of at the stage where I can't really improve for some reason can't find a rainbow gun . Would like to co- op with some of you but whenever I try match making I just sit there for ages . If anyone is interested in me joining them pls send me a message on Xbox one to MrSle7ven .
3633Name:Marko Moans2017-11-10 15:10:46
Chew Chew , all aboard Mr.Train . next stop - Orgasm Orchard
3631Name:Marko Moans2017-11-01 04:16:38
LRC. no 260 C0-0P
3630Name:Marko Moans2017-10-29 05:15:06
Unfortunately not.
3629Name:Auchinleck19592017-10-29 04:00:07
Now that RE 5 and 6 are on xbox one will there be support on resident
3628Name:Marko Moans2017-10-29 03:23:48
and Kratos is also a baldie explains why he's angry all the time lol

Na... Nyte Blayde AKA Josh Birk is a character from 'Saints ROW 3+' he's a funny/silly character , the jokes on you if you haven't played it L0L

The similarities were there and i couldn't resist

3627Name:Nitephall2017-10-28 19:11:57
@Mimickry Marcus: No my alter-ego is Kratos from the God of War games. That guy don't take no shit.
3626Name:Marko Moans2017-10-28 06:19:54

Nyteblade is Josh Burkes "Alter-Ego'

G00D EVEning EVE,

I didn't bother to have my equipment hooked up when I hit that time cus my luck was so horrible. Lucky for you, I recorded the run via xbox lol , I'll have to find it and send to you sometime . it could have gone better.
3625Name:AZ (England UK)2017-10-27 19:36:47
LRC 257

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