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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2990Name:Luso Warrior2017-05-30 16:58:21
My run of Lrc 215 is here in case someone wanna watch it .
2989Name:Darkstar2017-05-30 02:21:29
Congratulations to Gallivant. You are now the R3dm4n of PS4, Reverzer0 of PS3, and Bob of 360! I am not surprised you will spawn Glitch WS last minute. Thanks for proving my suspicions though Gallivant! I do have a nose when a player is full of poop.

Glad to know you can never achieve a top trophy without spamming the pause button!
2987Name:Darkstar2017-05-25 04:14:30
James - oh I can be a pretty mean B**** when I need to be.

I believe that anyone that will go through so much trouble to "TRY" to wreak havoc on a great community deserves it and maybe even much more. I do wonder.. what if Mr. Gallivant has some mental issues or some instability or is Bipolar? Would that not make me the offender and bully on a mentally unstable person? I may not ever know because Gallivant doesn't seem to post on the forums... So....

Sir Gallivant... go Gallivant somewhere else and please take your clones with you.

2986Name:H e l h e i m2017-05-24 18:34:22
''Nu uh'' L0L I can imagine you saying that in a girly voice ;)

so you deny it that you would like to see that, then you continue to talk about his ass 'deserving' it L0L Oh, I'm certain you would want me to do that to him, but I know you would enjoy 'serving his ass justice' yourself - hahaha ,

this is the [DARK] staR i love

And Penelope is just the name of an ASSistant to a Detective . Miss Penelope . thought it was fitting with all the detective work and snooping around you are doing L0L or maybe I made it up??? oh well!

@Zhyar MW

Why?? you only played 82hrs and earned 430 medallions? L0L

NO. xbox360 save is for xbox 360 only > PS3 is for PS3 XBOX ONE is for *drum roll* XBOX ONE

Start over. Earn a few Million. then come and talk to us here and maybe we can swing some guns your way -
2985Name:Zhyar MW2017-05-24 17:03:41
I've switched to Xbox One, but lost my game data for RER2! It's still on my 360, but is there a way to get it back on One?
2984Name:Darkstar2017-05-24 08:43:25
James - Nuh uh. I believe he is very deserving of a full kick of that trophy up his you know what. Well you do it of course. And why Penelope? I don't even like that name.

2983Name:Luso Warrior2017-05-23 23:04:12
Nice to see you evolved that much since the 360 times ,keep up the good work .

You know I admire you my friend so here one more time .YOU ROCK .

@Everyone else
Have fun :)
2982Name:Luso Warrior2017-05-23 22:58:51
Anyway nothing of this matters anymore ,I play this game for fun nowdays ,my aim is to make my times better without worrying with spam glitchers or whatever cheats people use now cos I simply don't care but please don't mention my name cos I'm out of circulation .

Thanks for the good fun these days.

Thanks for defending me when I was not here .
2981Name:Luso Warrior2017-05-23 22:56:06
@Fort Woe
Thanks for the laughs and I love you too .Sorry about the late posting but I don't read the forums for a long time and I think I know who you are .I don't remember your name but seems like you remember mine .Anyway you still the same BS looser ,even your writing didn't change anything .The happiest day of my life on the xbox 360 was when I beated demon legitimately ,he got banned afterwards and I'm still here on re net ,my account still up and the name still the same cos I don't have nothing to hide.
I used the spawn glitch in one of my last lrc's on the 360 and made it public ,I never hided it .
I don't need to prove anything to anyone cos I never claimed to be a top player and I never made a world record ,I abandoned the game cos I was tired of people like you that have no skills not even to get on the 10 top leaderboards without cheating assuming you are the person I think you are like you were doing on the coop leaderboard with a infinite rocket launcher .
Anyway nothing of this matters anym
2980Name:H e l h e i m2017-05-23 21:42:05
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Level-Restricted Challenge no.213 [XBOX ONE] 2'16xx 1440p

Not bad considering all bad luck at the end and that this was my first time playing this LRC ever.
2979Name:H e l h e i m2017-05-23 21:39:34
** Exactly, shove it up your ***

HAHAHAHA you would love to see that EVE

only the tip, i mean beak on that 'eagle' shoved in his 'ass'

2978Name:H e l h e i m2017-05-23 21:36:50
'' Well have a seat and I will tell you. ''

** James sits down on the couch and gets 'ready for some BIG** news **

Good work solving the mystery, Penelope! CASE-CLOSED

2977Name:Darkstar2017-05-23 08:02:02
To emphasize. Why would someone spawn Glitch then unlink their account and not get ranked and lose out on the stolen Trophy? Well have a seat and I will tell you.

Gallivant faked his leave of this game first of all and passed the stolen trophy from WS34 to Azura his alt account. Which makes me conclude that...

Gallivant prior.. stole and spawn glitched all his Top 3 and top 10 trophies.

on LRC 213, he still stole a gold eagle. So...Mr Gallivant, you do know what to do with that gold eagle right?

Exactly, shove it up your ***
2976Name:Darkstar2017-05-23 05:46:48
I got it! Azura is actually Sir Gallivant alt account same as Nemesis Kkkk from WS35. All Mr Gallivant did was unlinked himself from WS34 so his spawn glitched 1st rank will go to his Alt Account.

Lrc 213 came so Mr Gallivant used his alt account "Azura" to steal the leaderboards leaving his main and Nemesis alt account out to avoid detection.

When I posted on Azura Messege Board I should really be posting on Mr Gallivant Messege Board aka Fuhrer Bradley.

You sir are Poop!
2974Name:Darkstar2017-05-22 10:50:27
Level Restricted Challenge 214 solo

Level Restricted Challenge 214 co-op
2973Name:Darkstar2017-05-19 16:11:52
OMG... WS36! How did Capcom know I wanted a Bushido?!! What MIRACLE!!

I want it I Want it!
2972Name:Jake4life2017-05-17 14:29:01
Jake is so cool he's the best
2971Name:Jake4life2017-05-14 08:08:37
@hunter cause of the new IT movie can't wait
@darkstar yeah that was a scary one lol
2970Name:Darkstar2017-05-14 04:23:03
I love Stephen King Pet Semetary.

"Sometimes dead is better." - Jud Crandall
2969Name:AMR Hunter2017-05-13 21:35:11
You are referring to Stephen king's IT but I don't know why?
2968Name:Jake4life2017-05-13 20:59:04
Has anyone seen red balloon I seen it last on Jackson street in Derry a scary man told me that if i come with him ill float too
2966Name:Darkstar2017-05-13 05:37:30
Level Restricted Challenge 211 Solo watch?
2965Name:Jake4life2017-05-11 18:27:33
It's big and so thick love the photos and videos I have of it I have 16 photos and 6 videos I love them and will keep looking at then and always will he's got a nice big thick juicy dick
2963Name:Jake4life2017-05-11 17:41:34
I love it when James fucks me 24/7 it feels so good with he's hard dick
2960Name:Jake4life2017-05-11 08:11:14
@hunter awww I'm still down there
2959Name:AMR Hunter2017-05-11 06:25:21
Now I regret talking to you.
2958Name:Jake4life2017-05-11 04:50:48
@hunter the red balloon that's down your street
2957Name:AMR Hunter2017-05-11 04:45:58
Thanks. What do you mean by red balloon?
2956Name:Jake4life2017-05-11 04:09:29
@hunter I'll give you a red balloon and then you'll float to
2955Name:AMR Hunter2017-05-11 03:10:04
@jake huh?
2954Name:Jake4life2017-05-11 02:57:19
We all float down here and if you come with me you'll float to
2953Name:Darkstar2017-05-10 03:01:46
Mmmmm what to do... nothing I can really do to Spawn Glitchers I've dealt with. So...

Gallivant Phase, keep those trophies. I don't want them after you tainted it. I'll just go get another one that isn't touched by your hands. But you can take those trophies and shove it up your ***.
2952Name:Darkstar2017-05-10 02:51:00
Gallivant really made it easy. I mean I'm not even making this up lol. He unlinked his account during his rage I'm certain before WS34 results were in. So naturally, WS34 he would not be ranked. Top 1st goes to the second top 3 person.

Gallivant returns under a new name, plotted this obvious act of revenge against (me) I suppose lol still unranked from his recent departure WS34 expoding him quite easy I might add....

2951Name:CarvedBard42017-05-09 23:29:16
I suspect the same Eve.
2950Name:Darkstar2017-05-09 21:13:40
You see Gallivant... I truly do believe Xboxone community have the fairest competition out of all the platforms. I wouldn't ever suspect that some random person or persons would just come out of the blue to break that streak of fair gameplay that this platform has.

Given enough time... I'd probably forgotten but your recent event history is not forgotten. Oh yes! I eye the leaderboards like you would not imagine.

Your not very bright Mr Gallivant. You are actually very sloppy I might add.
2949Name:Darkstar2017-05-09 20:55:53
I am also certain Mr Gallivant made another Account Nemesis waited till last day spawn glitched on both account just to bump AEC and I on the leaderboards.

2948Name:Darkstar2017-05-09 20:42:12
I figured it out. Who amongst us here departed recently from WS 34 and unlinked his account? Who recently was stupid enough to call out Wornoutsmiles? See the connection yet? Fuhrer Bradley aka Gallivant Phase. So you unlink your account from WS34 ( which I suspect you also spawn glitched) came back to WS35 with a new name to spawn glitch again. Don't believe me? His event history is the same as Gallivant Phase.

James was right, you really are gallivanting around.

2947Name:CarvedBard42017-05-09 05:36:19
Super professional players always appear in WS
2946Name:Darkstar2017-05-09 04:17:03
Unless I see video evidence I'm going to say Top 1 and 2 on WS solo spawn glitched.
2945Name:Darkstar2017-05-08 14:53:25
Level Restricted Challenge 209 Co-op lazy partner
2944Name:Darkstar2017-05-07 15:00:46
Lol. I don't even take WS seriously. My response is same. You should see my mentors play. I'm not even close to their speed.

I really enjoyed our run. And just from watching I do believe your skillful to finish any WS solo hun.
2943Name:AMR Hunter2017-05-07 14:48:05
When you watch Eve on YouTube you know she is good but you don't know how fast she is until you actually play with her. My character was huffing and puffing through the whole ws. I had a blast playing it but have so much to work on. Thanks Eve!
2942Name:RUSSIAN CHRIS 32017-05-07 13:09:37
Майкл Керр 180 thanks for very awesome game
2941Name:Michael kerr 1802017-05-07 12:45:44
Thank you Russian Chris 3 57 mins was tougher than id thought
2940Name:Michael kerr 1802017-05-07 11:20:59
Weekend survivor anyone???
2939Name:Darkstar2017-05-07 11:00:11
Amr hunter - I still have my ticket today. Can try to run coop with you if you like before event ends. Send me a invite to DarkstarEve.

I am on PST 7:00PM now
2938Name:AMR Hunter2017-05-07 08:46:14
Well no zaytzev for me. Got stuck on a level or two even though I was playing well. tried to respawn on level 28 to get more ammo and of course it is a no respawn level.
2937Name:Darkstar2017-05-07 04:43:57
Thanks hun. I still haven't lol. I'll try one in a bit.
2936Name:WornOutSmiles2017-05-07 03:20:32
You need to download an app. Just put a Blu Ray Disc into your Xbox and it'll prompt you to download it, if you haven't already got it.
2935Name:Darkstar2017-05-06 08:12:44
I have the Slim one. I haven't tried any disc yet, may take a look if I have time. Thanks!

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