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About RE NET

About Resident Evil.Net

Resident Evil.Net is a completely free web service linked with supported games that makes use of the uploaded data of players from across the globe to enhance the Resident Evil experience.

What are the recommended specs for Resident Evil.Net?

The recommended specs are as follows:

Resident Evil.Net (PC Website)

  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7; Macintosh OS X Leopard or newer
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version)
  • Necessary plugins: Adobe Flash Player (latest version)
  • About cookies: This site uses cookies. Although this site can be viewed with cookies disabled, cookies must be enabled in order to correctly use all of the features. Please refer to your browser's manual or help feature for information on enabling cookies if they are disabled.
  • About JavaScript: JavaScript is used on multiple pages on this site. These pages may not be correctly displayed or certain features may not work if JavaScript is disabled. Please refer to your browser's manual or help feature for information on enabling JavaScript if it is disabled.
    *Some of the graphs may not display correctly on versions of Internet Explorer older than 8

Resident Evil.Net Mobile (Mobile site, Smartphone app)

  • iOS (iPhone etc.): iOS 4.2 or newer
  • Android: AndroidOS ver2.2.x or newer
    *Some Android units may not display graphs correctly even if they meet the recommended specs.
  • If you are a Windows Phone user, please use the mobile version of the Resindent Evil.Net site instead.
What are the recommended Smartphone specs for Resident Evil.Net?

Resident Evil.Net Mobile (Smartphone app)
-  iOS (iPhone etc.): iOS 8.0 or Newer
-  Android: AndroidOS ver2.2.x or newer
(Some Android devices may not display graphs correctly even if they meet the recommended specs.)
(If you have a Windows Phone device, please use the Resident Evil.Net smartphone site.)

Is Resident Evil.Net a subscription-based service?

Resident Evil.Net is completely free. There are no registration or usage fees whatsoever.

How do I register on Resident Evil.Net?

You can register on Resident Evil.Net by visiting on a PC or smartphone connected to the internet.

What do I need in order to register?

In order to register on Resident Evil.Net, you will first need to create a free CAPCOM Account.

Can I view Resident Evil.Net on my gaming system?

Yes, Resident Evil.Net can be viewed on PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4, and Wii U™.

How can I view Resident Evil.Net on my smartphone?

Resident Evil.Net provides a version of the site optimized for mobile devices, simply visit the site using your mobile browser.
Additionally, the Resident Evil.Net Mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android.

How do I save my CAPCOM Account ID and password on Resident Evil.Net Mobile?

You can save your CAPCOM Account ID and password by accessing the following menus on Resident Evil.Net Mobile.

  • iOS users
    Settings > RE.NET > Account Information

  • Android users
    Launch app > Settings > Account Settings
I can't see any graphs in the smartphone app.

Some devices may not display graphs correctly, even if they meet the recommended specs.

When is my play data uploaded to Resident Evil.Net?

Your data is automatically uploaded when the Results screen is displayed at the end of each play mode.
(In order to upload data, you must have enabled the Auto Data Upload setting in the in-game Options menu, and your gaming system must be connected to the internet)

When is the data updated in the game and on Resident Evil.Net?

After you have logged in, pushing the [Synchronize / SYNC] button will add your data to the synchronization queue. If there are no other users in the queue, your data will be synched immediately. If not, your data will be synched as soon as the data of the other users in the queue has been processed.
Although the queue is processed sequentially, if the server is under heavy load it can take a few hours for your data to be synchronized. Once you have pushed the [Synchronize / SYNC] button, it will not be reenabled until your data has been synched.


*Resident Evil 7 / Umbrella Corps does not have a [Synchronize / SYNC] button.

Do I need to register a Resident Evil.Net account in order to unlock in-game trophies or achievements?

You do not need to register on Resident Evil.Net in order to unlock in-game trophies or achievements.

What are RE Points?

RE Points are awarded for actions such as logging into Resident Evil.Net, and taking part in online events. RE Points can be used to unlock various items available on Resident Evil.Net.

Are items shared across platforms?

No, items and Points can only be used for the platform on which they were earned.

Which icons can I use for my profile?

Although web items (including icons) are unlocked separately for each platform, you can select from all icons unlocked on all platforms when configuring your icon on the Settings page (icons unlocked on one platform will however not be displayed in other platforms' inventories).


How do I earn RE Points?

RE Points can be earned as follows:

  • Logging in on RE.NET (A consecutive login bonus is also awarded if you log in every day)
  • Unlocking Web Badges
  • Participating in online events

*Some Web Medals also award RE Points when unlocked.

Can RE Points be purchased?

RE Points are not for sale.

What are Online Events?

Online Events are held regularly on Resident Evil.Net, and allow players to compete under different rules using their game data. RE Points are awarded both for taking part and according to the rank earned by the end of each event. (certain events also award other prizes.)

How can I take part in Online Events?

You can join most events simply by meeting the following requirements when playing a game that supports online events, no further registration is necessary:

  • Your gaming system must be connected to the Internet
  • You must have linked your accounts, and enabled the Auto Data Upload setting under the in-game options menu (Certain online events may require separate registration, please check the entry requirements for these events)

*You can check your event progress by selecting "Event Details" under each online event.

Can I remove the event panel on my Profile page?

No, this is not possible.

What are Web Records?

Web Records are exclusive additional game-related records for Resident Evil.Net, and are split into Web Badges and Web Medals. They are unrelated to in-game trophies and achievements.

What is My Collection?

My Collection displays an overview of the items you have unlocked.

What are Unlockable Items?

Unlockable Items displays the items available for unlocking with RE Points. A variety of content is available, including exclusive costumes only available on Resident Evil.Net, files that delve deeper into the world of Resident Evil, and icons and wallpapers to customize your Overview.

Is there a friend feature?

Friends on your gaming system's online service that have registered with Resident Evil.Net will appear on your Partner List. Friends that register later on Resident Evil.Net will appear in the Partner List when their friend information is updated. In order to update your friends you must re-login to your gaming system's online service.
Resident Evil.Net also has its own friend feature called Site Buddies.

What are Site Buddies?

Friends made on Resident Evil.Net are known as Site Buddies.
You can register Site Buddies by sending a request to other users on Resident Evil.Net.
Once registered, you'll both be able to access features like comparing stats.
*Registering Site Buddies has no effect on your game system's (PlayStation®3/Xbox 360/Steam) friend feature.

What is the Partner List?

Friends on your gaming system's online service and Site Buddies you have made on Resident Evil.Net are collectively called "Partners". You can view and manage your Partners on the Partner List.
Partners can compare each other's stats and post on a shared message board.

I want to change who can see my list of Site Buddies displayed on my Profile page (PC site only).

The 2015/1/19 update added a Partner tab on your Profile which allows other users to see your Site Buddies (there has been no change to your friend list which is not displayed to other users).


You can change who can see this list as follows:


For the PC site:

1. Log into Resident Evil.Net, and hover the cursor over your username on the top right.

2. Select Settings from the drop down menu.

3. Select one of the options under "Site Buddy list permissions".

4. Click "Save changes".

5. Confirm the changes by clicking "Change settings".


For the Smartphone site:

1. Log into Resident Evil.Net and select Settings form the side menu.

2. Select one of the options under "Site Buddy list permissions".

3. Tap "Save changes".

4. Confirm the changes by tapping "Change settings".

I cannot change the wallpaper on the mobile layout.

Wallpaper cannot be changed on the mobile layout. Changing the wallpaper under the site settings page only affects the PC site.

Where is the Overview?

You can access your Overview as follows:


1. Login on Resident Evil.Net
2. Select the Red controller shaped icon located upper screen
3. Select Game title and Platform

I want to change title / platform

Please use the following steps to change the title or platform:


PC site
1. Login on Resident Evil.Net
2. Click on "Select game" at the top of the Lobby
3. Click on the platform icon displayed next to the title you want to view


Smartphone site
1. Login on Resident Evil.Net
2. Tap the game title logo displayed to the left of the Record menu
3. Tap the platform displayed next to the title you want to view

Can I deactive platforms once activated?

No. Platforms cannot be deactivated.

Can I share points from one platform to another?

Points can be transferred between platforms that use the same game account (i.e. Between PS3 and PS4, and between Xbox 360 and Xbox One).


Points can be transferred as follows:

PC site: Hover over your username and select Settings, and then RE Points.

Smartphone site: Tap the icon at the top right of the page, select Settings, and then RE Points from the pulldown menu.

Smartphone app: Tap the icon at the top left of the page, select Settings, and then RE Points from the pulldown menu.


* Transferring points is free

* Points can be transferred an unlimited number of times

* Points cannot be transferred between different CAPCOM Accounts