Nov.04.2016 - Nov.18.2016

The Merchant in Resident Evil 4 plays a pretty important role for the player, and no doubt everyone remembers his legendary sales banter. According to the Merchant, which of his wares needed a certain amount of "guts" to go along with its price tag?

  • The Minethrower, a new kind of experience


  • The incredibly powerful Broken Butterfly magnum


  • The Red 9 and its unforgettable sound


Let's go over the results starting with
B, the Broken Butterfly.
The Merchant's pitch for this overpowered magnum is "I see you have an eye for things. Gun's not just about shootin'. It's about reloadin'. You'll know what I'm talkin' about.". He's right about the reloading part, but the word "guts" is nowhere to be found.

Next up is C, the Red 9.
The Merchant had this to say about the most powerful handgun in the game: "Ahh... A choice of an avid gun collector. It's a nice gun stranger.". It's quite the choice, but again there's no mention of "guts".

That leaves us with A, the Minethrower!
This is one of the more particular weapons in the game, as the mines have a fuse and only explode after a set amount of time. The Merchant's words were "Not only will you need cash but you'll need guts to buy that weapon.".

He never quite went into detail about what that meant, but it's the right answer as far as this quiz is concerned!
Answer: C
A dog, man's best friend

See you soon for another quiz!

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