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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1923Name:Michael kerr 1802018-05-27 06:29:52
I usually use 1 electric and 3 fire on weekend survivor
1922Name:no name2018-05-26 20:36:32
I made my weekend survivor weapons half electric half fire. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and everyone uses all fire. Anyone who beat weekend warrior solo, not use all fire?
1921Name:SR9e992018-05-26 18:51:24
Hola,queridos lectores,me gustaría saber si alguien podría ayudarme a conseguir glotoneria 5,he estado a punto esta mañana,pero norman me tocó por intentar huir de el... es curioso porque el primer norman no suele tocarme...
Que mala pata, gracias de antemano y espero esperar respuestas...
1920Name:rrojas2018-05-25 23:44:26
Best place to farm weapons? Currently level 32 abbyss i only have stage 1 and 2 but i cant do stage 2 solo.
1919Name:rrojas2018-05-25 13:29:28
Thank you so much!!
1918Name:rrojas2018-05-25 11:26:44
ok i was getting some food ready i am going to connect, are you on? there must be a easier way to communicate, do you have facebook? we could write there...or something
1917Name:meemaw2018-05-25 11:03:07
stage 1 is my preference some like stage 2 better
1916Name:meemaw2018-05-25 11:01:44
grinding is better for stage 1 abyss. drop your level to 22 and mostly run to end. Takes bout 3 min to 5 depending. 120000 round bp but youewant help Monte44 is my ps4. easier when one runs it on stage1 get same bonus except no damage bonus is extra andless chance getting caught, but 2 can run if timing right
1915Name:rrojas2018-05-25 10:32:02
age doesnt really matter, right now i should focus on unlockiny abbyss stage 2 right? For farming and grinding right?
1914Name:meemaw2018-05-25 10:04:13
But let me know and ill give you my ps4 name. I really dont use a mic unless showing the elevator glitch on floor. I have dogs and they do bark, But can if you want, If not that ok no offense and good luck and have fun playing. Great game
1913Name:meemaw2018-05-25 10:03:08
rrojas i can help you. Only thing is like myy name I am a grandma at 53 and some people dont like playing with my age. People forget nintendo n ps was my generation. I got abyss done on my own exceept one level and ghost ship kicks my butt. But I can beat norman when I do the short route to get to him. I need trinity on the ship also. I like to run with the zaytsev cause the fire rate is insane and can get annoying lol.
1912Name:rrojas2018-05-25 05:08:44

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

1911Name:Mickkie2018-05-24 05:34:46
Can anyone help me get trinity on ghost ship please?
1910Name:Raziel Hamalach2018-05-23 10:39:19
Hola no me habia sucedido este caso llegue a mi casa y valla sorpresa al momento de querer jugar al buscar partida rápida me dice Fallo al buscar bueno dije voy a crear una partida y solo decía creando sesión y así se quedó cargando y no se quitaba me pueden decir que es lo que paso? Por favor
1909Name:Olaf2018-05-23 04:38:50
rrojas, You can get supplies from people on this website for the campaign, but the guns you buy off this website is for Raid Mode only.
1908Name:rrojas2018-05-23 01:35:24
Hola hablo espanol acabo de encontrar este sitio web y bueno estoy teniendo dificultades en modo infierno en revelations 1, como funciona lo de recibir recurse de amigos de aqui? Si compro un arma en este sitio la tendre en la campana o solo en el modo raid?
1907Name:rrojas2018-05-23 01:34:49
Hi, i am new to this site, only found out about recently, currently i am playing resident evil revelations 1 and i began my infernal mode run, is true that i can ask fro supplies from people in this site? Also if i buy a gun from the store do i get to use it on the campaing or is raid mode only? Thanks.

1906Name:E1_T102018-05-21 22:05:39
Solo cuentan los moustros que tienen nombre en su barra de salud
Y la sincronisacion luego tarda y asegurate que este conectado si lo haces sin coneccion no falta decir que no van a contar.
1905Name:tatsumiRT2018-05-21 15:09:43

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

1904Name:meemaw2018-05-21 09:46:15
ok ty Tony, did a few co op and noticed couple more added. Wish ghost ship had some wanted but no ! on mine. Ty for the info. Got to 170 but wow its a work out
1903Name:tonyfresh5502018-05-21 08:46:44

The more co-op games you play...the more wanted enemies appear. I usually do about 6-8 ghost ship runs with random players before I do the wanted stages. I had about 5 wanted enemies per stage.
1902Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-05-21 07:00:06
i'm no expert but I'm pretty sure you need to keep grinding each level again and again. You can exit the level once u killed the wanted enemies and they'll still count.
1901Name:meemaw2018-05-21 01:20:26
question on wanted challenge. Is it always 1-2 in a stage. I play at right level and hit medallion at end. I still get 1-2 a stage 3 if im lucky. Been at it for 2 days and kinda tedious when zenobia only stage with ! mark and you get 2 at the most. Is there a rhythm to this or just the way it is thanx
1900Name:tonyfresh5502018-05-19 11:40:05
Thanks Iceman !!!
1899Name:Iceman-live-de2018-05-18 15:30:55
congrats to tonyfresh 550 & Rayfield for top ten ranking
& very special thx to the 11 stand up comedians for 24 h reward delay
happy hunting
1897Name:Rayfield2018-05-18 14:11:24
@tonyfresh550, thanks for the grats and likewise on the event! Same goes to everyone else who participated.

@M a r t i n M i l k, Ikr? Stage 5 Abyss would've been perfect for exactly 66 kills. Time ran short that day but it looks annoying af even for me.. XD
1895Name:meemaw2018-05-17 07:50:33
nice to see they addressed the cheating. Puts some faith back into trying the challenges. Maybe try again one day, main goal is this trinity on ghost ship that kicks my butt lol. Have fun all gaming
1893Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-05-17 00:55:01
@Rayfield If u could have just gotten 66 more kills..
1892Name:tonyfresh5502018-05-16 16:53:03

I've heard people have been ignored by in the past...but I still had to try. And to my surprise , they responded promptly to my email about this issue so I'm glad as well that they fixed it. And congratulations on your rank, I always see you at the top of these events!! Maybe we can do a Ghost Ship run one of these days !!

My PSN: CocoSnicker12
1891Name:Rayfield2018-05-16 15:38:41
From what I'm seeing at this very moment, it appears the issue has been resolved and the event leaderboard is back to normal. I recall seeing a player get booted from a Killcount event in the past for using cheats, so I'm glad RE.NET is keeping this stuff monitored so far.

@tonyfresh550, I agree and it's a damn shame. No one deserves to have their time and effort wasted. Don't let that discourage you because cheaters never truly win.
1890Name:tonyfresh5502018-05-16 09:59:03

It happened right before the event ended. I had just gotten my rank #11 back ..... after playing 5 hours nonstop. I think it's bullshit and I've decided I just won't do REV1 events anymore. Not only was it time consuming....but a waste of time and effort.
1889Name:meemaw2018-05-16 08:05:13
heads up to those who still play re revelations. You play raid avoid John-Milller-- Helped him out for 2 hours straight n had let dogs out n let him know, and send me back message saying jes us fukn ______ (you know the last word) gudbuy his english lol. Wow gratitude. couldnt wait 5 min or less. Oh well he only on trench so sucks be him on abyss lol
1888Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-05-16 04:21:56
Agreed. People who use cheats or boosts themselfes can leave the events imo ^^ you know who you are :)
1887Name:Rayfield2018-05-16 02:55:15
Heh, wow....I just now saw this myself. Killcount Challenge 25 (PS3), 11 players ranking 1st place at 82,000 kills each, 121:59'36 total play time, 66,665 overall enemy kills, etc. Seems legit! It sounds like pure trolling considering such notion would be to get a rise out of everyone.

Anyway, much kudos to all of the legitimate players out there. Keep it real. ;)
1886Name:meemaw2018-05-15 22:49:33
Yeah I noticed theres cheating also. Im on a ps4 and went on raiid to play and someone had infnite rocket launcher. I know pc can be modded but not ps4.. Makes challenges pretty much worthless. Like all games they dont care bout cheaters
1885Name:Iceman-live-de2018-05-15 16:41:21
RE Rev 1 event 'Killcount challenge 25'
yesterday 7, now 11 player on rank 1 with
same score, playtime, defeated enemies (less than score!) and same weapon use
1884Name:cvan8bells2018-05-15 11:26:38
Jdojunior -
The creature might have been between less than 1% and 0%. It can still have HP when the meter says 0%.
It's not truly over until there is a skull icon next to the health meter and the status of the mission says 'preparing results'.
1883Name:Jdojunior2018-05-14 22:37:47
Hi Folks.

Please someone can tell me why the event Huge Creatures #38 was ended ( 0% ) and I can yet play in my console ? What kind delay is this? My location is Brazil...same hour/time as NY.

1882Name:BillVez2018-05-14 19:17:39
Come on guys! What's up with the killcount event that just ended? Seven top players with the exact same score, the exact same (short) play time and the exact same three preferred weapons? This is ridiculous. Does anybody watch this stuff?
1881Name:Kin~Jo2018-05-14 14:02:48
Could be wrong, but don't think there is...I don't recall ever seeing Chris w a beanie as an Icon/Avatar~
1880Name:Olaf2018-05-14 07:28:07
Can someone please tell me if there is a snowy mountain Chris icon and how to unlock it if there is one.
1879Name:Tomahawk2018-05-11 11:35:02
I usually quit via pause menu if I make too many mistakes and waste time in the earlier floors and it lets me retry no prob. It was just that one time I mentioned it seems it punched my ticket because I was too deep. Or so I thought. Idk.
1878Name:Kin~Jo2018-05-11 07:18:49
I seem to remember finding the held PS3 button being the fastest general way to do quit w/o penalty...can't re a specific prob w logging off/on, but DO re avoiding it - mb didn't work & I forgot or mb I was paranoid about Account Link Code & RE.NET connectivity, I kinda forget which~
1877Name:Kin~Jo2018-05-11 07:14:50
Disconnections/hard-quits don't afford the game the chance to finalize that data tho...and if I remembered wrong, well, this is some REALLY good LSD~
1876Name:Kin~Jo2018-05-11 07:14:36
IIRC you can, but have to using PS3 button & either hold (for controller off/quit game/system off etc black menu) or press & select from XMB. I seem to remember Triangle button over Signed In Icon/logging off & back in via XMB also working too.

When you quit game via ingame menu it still has a "saving" period AND (for some reason that makes ZERO sense/likely multi-stages vs just 1 & medallion hits/saves between) it bones you in WS but not IHC, both being once-a-day Events.
1875Name:The Noid 232018-05-11 00:57:03
1874Name:Tomahawk2018-05-10 12:17:20
I've quit WS via the pause menu before and when I went to retry it wouldn't let me. I suppose I was up to about floor 10. I don't know if that makes a difference...
1873Name:cvan8bells2018-05-10 10:21:56
Noid 23 -
Yes, you should be able to quit via the pause menu if you're almost out of time.
If you're almost out of time and you die (especially in the Graveyard) it's probably best to manually quit the game with the home button, at least that's how it works on PS3.
1872Name:The Noid 232018-05-09 23:32:44
Can you quit Weekend Survivor the same way that you can quit IHC and start it over again? Without having to wait for the next day?
1871Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-05-09 22:18:27
How many more years until Rev3 :/

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