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Series Discussion


1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1676Name:MartinMilk2018-01-19 01:18:05
@ Vambo lmao triggered much? Have u seen my stats latley? it clearly says i'm level 50 and chris isn't my main character. Haha get real! And i'm not saying it dosen't take any skill.. But it's more about who spend the time to get the really good weapons and parts rather than pure skill.

If you disagree, fine! I don't give a _ enjoy your game! x')
1675Name:Vambo2018-01-18 18:42:21
Hey Martin how can you say that???? Have you checked your progress in revelations lately?? Have you completed it ? Try using your lvl 30 something sailor Chris character and start raid mode from lvl 1 to 50 getting a trinity bonus on each. Then do it on ghost ship. That takes skill. :).
1674Name:TsukiSensei2018-01-18 03:26:19
Having issues with my raid leaderboards. For some reason i can only see 1 pertain, it i play this game a lot with my girlfriend on her ps4. Why can't i see her medallion
1673Name:MartinMilk2018-01-17 23:28:52
@ Pretty Survivor B I can see where u are coming from.. The Revelations games dosen't take that much skill it's more of who are crazy enough to spend endless hours in them. But as you say, it's fun to kill time! RE6 survivors headshots however.. that takes skill ;)
1671Name:TerraSeeker2018-01-17 11:27:36
Firey5 - I don't know why you would compare S ranking the campaign to Trinity bonuses. Trinity bonuses require among other things to take no damage while killing all enemies on a raid mode stage. It's not at all comparable to the generous S ranking requirements of time, kills, and deaths. Anyways all I've seen players of Revelation's raid mode do is spam fullburst and stand somewhere. I hardly see the appeal in that gameplay. RE6 is a lot more interactive.
1670Name:TerraSeeker2018-01-17 11:27:33
Firey5 - I don't know why you would compare S ranking the campaign to Trinity bonuses. Trinity bonuses require among other things to take no damage while killing all enemies on a raid mode stage. It's not at all comparable to the generous S ranking requirements of time, kills, and deaths. Anyways all I've seen players of Revelation's raid mode do is spam fullburst and stand somewhere. I hardly see the appeal in that gameplay. RE6 is a lot more interactive.
1669Name:firey52018-01-17 03:38:17
Nah, I've been a fan since the first release on PSX. Revelations events grow tiresome when you no longer need the weapons, but as far as gameplay, yeah, I had a much easier time S ranking 5 and 6 than getting my solo ghost ship trinity (yes, it was without gluttony 5). I just appreciated the change of pace after the utter disappointment that RE6 was for me. One armed baby play the events? Sure. Unlocking gluttony 5 solo? I'm going to go ahead and doubt that :)
1668Name:Vambo2018-01-16 19:07:49
@zombo63 since the turn of the year I’ve been running GSC with 9 RF equipped and not got a bean. Very rarely got a lvl 50 weapon never mind a BW. Think Capcom tweaked the already very poor RNG system they use, yet you view various communities players are successful!! Maybe they push a button for certain regions. I don’t know?? But the time and effort one puts into there product , we gamers should be rewarded more!!! I’m quite sure Capcom are sick of complaints. Shows they don’t care!!!
1667Name:Vambo2018-01-16 19:07:22
Really!!! Tee hee!!!
1665Name:Pretty Survivor B2018-01-16 18:10:57
As an RE fan who still plays RE:DC, RE0, Dino Crisis 1 & 2, RE2, 3, etc. the gameplay model of both Revelations games is completely unappealing to me-- but when you're bored they aren't bad. The issue is seal clubbers who think they're good, when a 1-armed baby could play REV 1 & 2.
1664Name:Pretty Survivor B2018-01-16 18:06:24
<Martin> Revelations 1 & 2 is TGT'd at a casual gameplay audience. Hold the trigger on 1 enemy for an hour. The knowledge of enemy types + fast item management of 6 and 5 is non-existent. By RE fans you do mean post-RE4 bandwagoners, right?
1663Name:firey52018-01-16 17:48:02
@zombo63 Using rare finders is your best bet. There are only 6 orange weapons in the entire game. I've only found 1 of them ever and I had 9 rare finders equipped when it happened. Seems my best drops have surprisingly occured during treasure hunt events. Not sure if that plays a factor, but when those events are not going on, I can literally find better weapons in the in-game store than the dumpster load I get on chaos.
1662Name:MartinMilk2018-01-16 03:29:31
@Pretty Survivor B it would have been just as repetetive as any Revelations game.. RE fans seem to like that kind of grindyness.
1661Name:zombo632018-01-15 16:44:24
does anyone know how to find orange weapons? I ran the ghost ship caos 249 times, never seen an orange weapon. a pink weapon yes, three or 4 purple, all the other white yellow or green, sometimes blue. thanks to all those who want to share experience or theories
1660Name:Pretty Survivor B2018-01-15 10:09:35
Martin. It's a single-player Outlast mod. Use your brain, seriously. What POSSIBLE events could be inclided that wouldn't be autistically easy and mind-numbing for Outlast 3? "Pool Table Challenge Event #5!"
1659Name:MartinMilk2018-01-15 09:11:32
Anyone else think it was super lazy of capcom not unlcuding events for Resident Evil 7? Just imagine a kill count challenge on Mad House difficulty with infinite ammo off! It would be alot of stragety in where in the game you had your save point to farm fast kills and which weapons to use.. hmmhmhm..

I mean whot he hell care of global stats? -.-
1658Name:Faust3332018-01-14 19:29:36
I am having the same problem @Hennep... I head towards an herb at the exit to a room in the Tunnel,, a room with a couple of Mold Monsters and the game crashes for me. So frustrating. I am playing with Steam.
1657Name:TerraSeeker2018-01-13 13:16:36
PS4 controllers are designed so the fingers fall naturally on L2 and R2, so it made sense to have the standard aim and fire commands linked to them. So aim is switched with the taunt button, and the fire/melee button is switched with the herb button. It doesn't really cause problems during normal gameplay, but if find yourself in tight panicky situation needing to heal or even counter you're probably going to go with the one you're more familiar with.
1656Name:Juvialoxar2018-01-13 08:39:44
yo todavia tengo ps3 ahi es para ver si un crack me ayuda en el barco fantasma
1655Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-13 04:21:57
They flipped the controls on RE6/Next-Gen?


Most people playing it are prior fans re-purchasing/re-playing the game...not like THAT would screw them up any~

(Any previously supported game SHOULD have support on future iterations/releases IMHO...not doing so would only serve to reduce appeal - and considering a re-release STILL costs the Company/structure is ALREADY in place, NOT doing so is like saying "Don't buy this", more or less)
1654Name:Vambo2018-01-13 04:06:23
If anyone needs any help on revelations on the PS4 check out the community “revelation trinity UK” we will gladly help
1653Name:Juvialoxar2018-01-12 14:46:49
hi i need help in ghost ship
1652Name:TerraSeeker2018-01-12 11:23:53
I just want to say it's kind of a disservice not having events or accounts linked for RE6 on next gen. The game runs and looks a lot better on PS4. It's shame to have to go back to ps3 to play in events. Not to mention the controls are flipped.

1651Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-11 22:30:45

2yrs+ & wont give me even a Revs2 crappy-Tagged/Slotted 100 AMR, but it JUST gave me 40,000Pts when I logged in for Revs1 Killcount Challenge...which I haven't even participated in, hahahah~

(Guess my dog did pretty DAMNED good while I was at work past few weeks - attagirl!)
1650Name:MartinMilk2018-01-11 04:57:08
If I had the chance, I would fix this broken site for free, give me a weekend.
1649Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-11 04:18:54
If I had to guess, eventually w new games/platforms (RE7/Switch etc) likely they freed up the space on the server by homogenizing them to just the CapCommunity page link~
1648Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-11 04:11:06
No prob...come to think of it, there used to be a chat scrawl way back, it would scroll a banner of current convo's/topics right off login etc...think THAT was also CapCommunity/ALSO completely vanished, bet is same resource tho~
1647Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-11 04:06:32
IIRC those were all highlit threads from CapCommunity or w/e they call may have to go there to find them...

*FUCKING tweet-sized posts/char limit - I had to make a 2nd post JUST to add that sentence above the bitching I'm now doing...might as well make it worthwhile, right?!? SO FUCKING ANNOYING, having to butcher replies into like 2 sentences...*
1646Name:Timmyboy2018-01-11 04:05:20
Many thanks kinjo
1645Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-11 04:04:11
If you're talking about the Topics that used to be listed in the scrollbox at the bottom, they seem to have just disappeared after site maintenance a few cycles ago (they changed a few things in layout/believe that was one of them)...the pathways are likely still there, just no apparent interface to ACCESS it off RE.NET anymore (all you get is the general one listed at top/varied platforms Revs2-dedicated one now, by looks of it)
1644Name:Timmyboy2018-01-11 03:44:39
Where can I get the list of threads on the forum please? Can't seem to get it???
1643Name:MoKill2018-01-10 22:42:09
Why has my score not corrected for Invasion of huge creatures 34? I know its only a little more than 1.7 mill. But would of put me over the 20 mill. Score Same happened with 33 He had 3 % when l started Finnished before he was 0% What gives ?
1642Name:MartinMilk2018-01-09 21:26:43
Well, comparing the online on PS3 vs the PS4 you will understand why there is a fee.. it's like a 1000% better.
1641Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-09 17:06:15
didnt stop them from NOT BC'ng PS3 after Xbox library got remastered (& was hailed as a MAJOR advantage over PS)

I disagree PS+ is justified...shameless $-grab forcing ppl to take what was once optional..."only a bit" multiplied across ALL subscribers & for WHAT?!?

NO thanks~
1640Name:MartinMilk2018-01-08 06:00:24
@Kin~Jo The ps+ is justificed since it's not expensive, there are PC games that has a higher monthly fee, on PS4 you know that every game will be playable online. And plus the free games and cool features you get with PS+. I personally don't see the issue, but a few $ here and there really dosen't break my bank so that might be why.
1639Name:MartinMilk2018-01-08 00:33:19
@Kin~Jo since Microsoft were so successful with the backwards compatability I have a hard time seeing Sony not making the PS5 fully backwards compatable. I do see that as the way to go since making 'The last of us Remaster PS5 edition' makes no sense.
1638Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-07 20:21:40
Odd marketing strategy (if consoles are your business/ $$$-flow). Also a shameless $-grab...PS+ wasn't selling enough - so they crammed it down Next-Gen's throats/FORCED it.

1637Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-07 20:20:26
also, your games wont be obsolete in a few years...any (decent) PC can play PC games, be they current or past.

I see consoles opening up to mods (mainly cuz ppl were just doing it ANYWAY, lols), but killing Backwards-Compatibility & paid service subscriptions were just a plain idiotic way to go...IMHO it showcases ONLY the downsides of consoles & highlights PC benefits.
1636Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-07 20:14:54
IMHO biggest .istake Sony made was MANDATORY PS+...I should have the option to "benefit" or not - I already pay my ISP to connect online.

With that & console commands (A.K.A. "debug menu" JIC massive glitch/bugs etc) there is prettymuch no reason NOT to go PC.

Did PC not get a re-release/that's why they missed out?

Guaraunteed there are better mods out there than the extras anyways tho~
1635Name:Demonslayer952018-01-07 09:25:33
@firey5 i bought it at my local gamexchange when they guy working there picked up the disc from a bottom shelf he flipped it over then resurfaced it without asking me they keep game disc behind the counter so people cant still them gamestop also keeps used game disc behind the counter
1634Name:firey52018-01-07 09:09:19
@Demonslayer95 It is safe in that it won't damage your PS3, whether it reads or not just depends on the quality of the resurfacing. Wherever you're buying it from should be able to demonstrate its playability before you buy it, especially if you request them to.
1633Name:Demonslayer952018-01-07 05:50:34
is it safe to use a resurfaced ps3 game keep in mind im not able to get cash refund
1632Name:MartinMilk2018-01-06 22:50:09
oh that's right, the PC guys never got the new features that was in the re-released version of any RE game really. However the bigest flaw and mistake from Capcom ever was to not make RE6 PS4/One compatable.. I even think they could have easy made RE5,RE4 and even REZero work on this site..

RE6 last gen is worth it over the new releases just for this reason alone.
1631Name:firey52018-01-06 20:13:34
@Kin~Jo Current gen thing. Only available on xbox one, PS4, and maybe PC if it wasre-released for PC a few months ago. Didn't exist on 360 or PS3
1630Name:MartinMilk2018-01-06 16:02:26
I don't see the PS+ being an issue personally. You get a pretty great service for it plus many free games each month.. and also if you are big into Resident Evil the PS4 community is way way biger than on any platform. But a good PC is always to preffer!! :) However, the Umbrella Corps community is even smaller on there. Keep that in mind!
1629Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-06 15:44:18

I would have played it, but Next-Gen/PS+ just to Co-Op outright kills that idea...gotta save for a better PC - mine's been pulling a pension for like a decade now, hahaha~
1628Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-06 15:41:19

Is that a recent addition/Next-Gen thing or has it always been that way?

I never noticed before if was always like that, lols~
1627Name:RigoWong2018-01-06 08:40:47
I have a problem with the event records, I do not upload the results and I synchronize all the Resident Evil 6 games, revelations, revelations 2 and nothing happens
1626Name:MartinMilk2018-01-06 07:38:37
I wish Capcom didn't give up on Umbrella Corps so early.. They should have done what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six Seige.. They could have saved the game if they really cared.. I wouldn't mind a free version. The fact that it is even still on the psn and steam is a scam since it's a online only (pretty much) game that has no players almost.. Either it should be free or it should be removed.. just my thoughts on the game in 2018..
1625Name:firey52018-01-06 01:46:21
@Kin~Jo RE.NET refers to level 50 weapons with blue icons as '51'. You now have normal 50 weapons (with a familiar aqua green icon), and now there are level 50 weapons with a blue icon that have seriously beefed up stats, can have an additional slot, and take no penalties from tags (lightweight doesn't bring down firepower, sonic+ doesn't take a slot away, etc.). They are still labeled level 50 in game, but refers to them as level 51 under weapon records.

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