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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24352Name:pollin2020-07-08 08:32:56
hello, your time is very low for who just starting out.
I advise you to start a game save from zero, if you want to receive the event prizes!
24351Name:mikusaki2020-07-08 06:18:28
and... in the events, don't show my highscore. why this happen..?
24350Name:mikusaki2020-07-08 06:13:19
how is the process to receive the prizes after the huge creatures event?
24349Name:pollin2020-07-08 03:37:06
yes I had some problems related to the network, something routine here, but I hope to be all right for the next few weeks!
good job at ws and restricted by all of you!
thank you :)
24347Name:pollin2020-07-08 03:03:00
only one!
24346Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-08 01:23:40
Will be waiting for next Weekend Survivor,Level Restriction 100,prepare yourselves.Arigato for understanding
24345Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-08 01:20:32
Matolo and pollin,dears
You was out too long,something happened?I hope,youll be fine. P.S.Spasiba,tovarichi,spasiba
24344Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-08 01:17:46
No.After your finishing shot if enemy dies,you will get a special reward.For me its not important.
24343Name:mikusaki2020-07-07 23:48:33
hello. to have bloodied gina i need both huge creatures or just one is enough?
24342Name:pollin2020-07-07 02:19:31
hi guys
I believe there will be someone who can help you if not in this one in the next ws, if by then I can help I will post here, my connection is very bad lately
24341Name:jasonchungnastu2020-07-06 11:56:25
If have,please tell me as well
24340Name:jasonchungnastu2020-07-06 11:55:00
Have any Pro will help me finish the weekend survives and level re......?
24339Name:pollin2020-07-06 10:49:14
hi guys
hello, yes this is normal, until both are dead, you will receive your prize
24338Name:PietroGalactico2020-07-06 09:20:07
Hello, in the event about huge creatures, i killed the Plague, but the event still online. What happened? (srry for my bad english)
24337Name:Matolo2020-07-05 12:51:52
Dollfaced,There's no point in checking them.All players with levels 125,127, or 255 - are cheats.The maximum level in a RAID is 100.Also pay attention to the fact that players with the avatar of the game Rev. 2-also,have been modified save on the computer - avatar of the game Rev.2-can be set only when modifying the save game via computer,there are players with level 100,which have the Bazooka equipped as a normal weapon,firing bursts of grenades+have infinite ammo for all weapons,I'm not talking about what the weapons they have-also,modified(characteristics of fire,damage and recoil of weapons, hacked on the computer),it is everyone has known for a long time.There's nothing to check.
24336Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-25 20:42:04
Good day to all.Check a player with nickname Eldweis,on the past week I watched him,his raid lvl was 127.Going to report about this
24335Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-20 02:32:49
Yes,it was completed.Also I hate level (4-3),was 28,with Glasps and Disarmers,really shit.But Im glad it was over.Will see in the next IHC and Weekend Survivor of course.Next with level restriction 70
24334Name:pollin2020-06-17 06:31:52
Hi Dollfaced
yes two of the missions that i hate the most, however it was better than i expected i had a lot of problems in the coop, but overall it was cool, you guys were very well,good luck for IHC!
24333Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-17 01:40:37
Very well worked,guys.Final levels in completed Weekend Survivor was 29(1-6) and 30(3-2).And 21(8-3)protecting and challenging.Will waiting for next Weekend Survivor and Invasion of course,prepared some special for meeting)
24332Name:pollin2020-06-16 10:48:28
hi Matolo
thanks :)
24331Name:Matolo2020-06-15 00:01:48
Hi Pollin.You too.Be carefull. ;)))
24330Name:pollin2020-06-12 23:57:25
hi guys
Weekend Survivor 89 [Lv. 60] - Floor Guide
graveyard at on 21 floor
thanks centurion again
good luck and good game to all!
24329Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-05 00:00:45
Good day to all.Konichiva again,next Weekend Survivor will be hardest,because level restriction is 60,so prepare yourselves. P.S. Konichiva-Japanese (Hi).So GL and HF to find a partners!
24328Name:Matolo2020-06-04 16:35:17
All questions related to Capcom must be submitted via the form in support of this site.Capcom does not read or moderate this forum,it is created only for users, Capcom is completely "purple" to your questions here.
24327Name:Matolo2020-06-04 16:30:47
...I forgot to tell you-the "Weekend Survivor" and "Invasion Huge Creatures" missions are available only once a day,at 15.00 local time.if you failed the mission, you will not be able to complete it again on this day.You need to give up if something doesn't work out,and start the mission again.The exception is the day when these missions start,they can be completed at 9.00, and at 15.00 local time.
24326Name:Matolo2020-06-04 14:22:29
Todo el Maligno,You need to have all four episodes of the game, get all 5 medallions for all raid missions, otherwise only a mission with a level 40 lrc will be available from online events...Everything else is server bugs and glitches.
24325Name:crevladal2020-06-04 09:14:07

j ai une session tous les 2 jours pour l evenement des tians , qui d autre a ce probleme?
24324Name:pollin2020-06-03 12:42:49
Todo El
this happened to a player some time ago that didn't have all the episodes of the game, maybe there is something wrong with the information that the event says
24323Name:Todo El Maligno2020-06-03 09:05:19
Hi guys.

The actual gigant event says "EP1 Mandatory" but I can't play. Any idea?
24322Name:pollin2020-06-02 11:08:15
hi guys
tonyfresh is always welcome in the ps3 community!
nothing changed my friend
24321Name:Matolo2020-06-02 06:06:02
TonyFresh550,Hello,My dear FRIEND.I'm looking to you everywhere,and so worred! I miss to you so much.SO MUCH!!! =)))
24320Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-31 05:28:18
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been to PS3 forum
24319Name:pollin2020-05-24 01:55:37
Hello, yes, the last five stages were boring to do, I got very buggy stages, but it all worked out in the end!
you did a good job too
24318Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-24 00:51:57
Incoming next Invasion of Huge Creatures,so prepare yourselves.Will see in 01.06.2020
24317Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-24 00:48:59
Yes,that was a real challenge in the end.Last 5 levels,including RE6 graveyard.Final level is 7-6,hate him so much with a small size places and a lot of fucking Glasps
24316Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-24 00:41:09
Hm,if I know,some from anime film(Resident Evil Damnation),where Leon and Ada searching about Las Plagas,and a President of Slavian Republic Svetlana Belikova,remember that.Fun anime film
24315Name:Matolo2020-05-23 04:44:23
The truth prevailed.For lrc526, the first two places were canceled.Third place (a player with the nickname Pravocator5) - also took the prize,playing with a hacker.The player from Russia,is very bad pumped.Play badly.For 5 minutes and 16 seconds, this mission,playing with it, even a very strong player-can not pass.Again, our "good" hacker tried.It was also necessary to notify Capcom.I believe that his result was left only because his playing time is more than 2200 hours.But once again, it is impossible to achieve such a result with this player,I played with him several times.Even now.This is 100% the work of a hacker-partner.
24314Name:pollin2020-05-22 18:22:05
hi guys
Weekend Survivor 88 [Lv. 100] - Floor Guide
thanks centurion vac again
graveyard at stage 26 ,no respawn
good luck and good game to all
24313Name:Matolo2020-05-20 20:24:39
Dollfaced,Well, maybe you're right.I won't argue with that.I don't play the fourth,fifth,or sixth parts.Once I started playing the fourth part, it was about 11 years ago, I played,saw what Capcom did with the game,and starting with the fourth part of the game - the "Resident Evil" series of games-for me personally died.RAID in Rev.2 I'm drawn to the atmosphere and playability.I haven't seen a statue of Vladimir Lenin in games for a long time, or posters on the walls with the slogans " Rich Island, Beer, Factory", or messages on the radio by Svetlana Belikova in normal Russian without an accent.Thank you for your contribution to this game Mikhail Ignatov, who knows Russian very well.Remember the reception at the entrance to the factory building? ... "welcome to Hell". :) In short, while playing this game....:)))
24312Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-20 12:03:14

Maybe you right,maybe not.Old players leaving,new players coming.But its so dissapointing about enable games on PlayStation Store,nothing new,nothing special.In free time I just play Resident Evil 5,and I not forget about events in RER 2.Long time wasted and cannot be returned.About you,need some patience and guts.
24311Name:Matolo2020-05-20 09:57:04
Dollfaced...I already wrote below on the forum that now in search of an alternative to this game.Everything that can be found from weapons or obtained as a trophy-I found, or received.The game is boring and monotonous in itself,all the events from year to year are cyclically repeated,and somewhere in the third year of active "training" in this game you begin to understand that all this is boring.Here is only alternatives almost there is no on Ps3-console is dead essentially, all games on PS3, where was online game-closed server, into online not available to play...
24309Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-20 06:41:38

Im not surprized about your answer,each player choose,what weapons are best for him.Im only newbie in online events.You are have more experience in online events,I saw that.But anyway each of us must more practice and all will be OK
24308Name:Matolo2020-05-19 22:03:58
Dollfaced0061,I've been playing this game for more than five years...Do you think I don't have level twenty details? ....There are, and in a sufficient number of all available species. :)))
24307Name:Matolo2020-05-19 22:00:34
Dollfaced0061,The Decimator may be the very best shotgun in this game,but not for me.To very end of the muzzle of this shotgun - you need to tie a heavy brick, so that the bullets would not fly into the sky, but into the opponents.Too much recoil if you put the "full burst" part in it.The Tap 192 shotgun with the "steady shot" tag is much better.For me personally.I have three of them already (Decimator's)-lying around in the inventory,since I can't use them because of the recoil
24306Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 21:53:02

Maybe you right.Lvl 20 parts you must create yourself.Formula of creating is
Lvl 10X32=Lvl 15X1 and Lvl 15X32=Lvl 20X1.Requesting non-stop playing,months and maybe years.Better save these parts for greater idea
24305Name:Matolo2020-05-19 21:31:23
Sometimes everything goes wrong there...For complex missions,they often give you all sorts of nonsense, and for easy ones-something worth paying attention to...In any case, weapons with this tag were never given, and I never received parts higher than level 16 either...Strange approach to the prizes for the sometimes incredibly complex tasks.
24304Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 09:26:20

Yes,its so strange.I thought if harder event,it will better reward.Just a little random chance
24303Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 09:17:26

Its fine.Maybe I can be wrong,but anyway tme will show.Will check it out in Friday,when Weekend Survivor starting.So keep fighting for good fight,Tommy Gun is not easily to get,and Godfather of course.Gangsta Stylish)))
24302Name:pollin2020-05-19 08:15:24
yes, you are right, sorry for my mistake, but I had not participated in the previous level 70
24301Name:Matolo2020-05-19 07:50:16
I wonder why in trophies for passing events, they never give a part of the 20th level, or a weapon with the tag "steady shot"?...

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