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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
21997Name:Tamshe20172018-04-26 18:02:05
It looks like you shotgunned everything and pushed back your enemies . Great job. Hell Ya!
21996Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 17:37:28
Like a hard freeze or one of those temporary skip-beat ones, Tony?

...I Plat'd the game but didn't really get too into GS runs - I don't recall ever getting a freeze w G-Norm...I'm on disc, is yours digital?

(usually if you're gonna get a prob, it's on a digi-copy)
21995Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-26 15:08:15
I know Capcom won't fix the glitch on Rev1 raid mode where the game freezes at the beginning of the ghost Norman fight. But I gotta say after putting in about 1400+ hrs of my time into this game, it's still fucking annoying. Yeah, I'm still gonna play it but fuck! I hope when I get my PS4 and get this game , that they have fixed this shit!!!
21994Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 14:25:53
Also get your shit straight...I am not American & it was NOT me who even accused you of being a troll (though I agree 100%).

And saying "I don't understand" is VERY different than saying somebody talks a lot to say nothing.

nice attemp at backpedalling time don't forget the unicycle, my little dancing bear~
21993Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 14:16:47
Absolutely reminds me of that song "I'm just a Cossack...I'm just waiiiiting here for you."

Could have at least brought some Vodka, fuckface~
21992Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 14:13:31
I call absolute bullshit that you were all super-friendly & nice, while I am just picking on you, Matolo. fact, IIRC I made a joke (like a fake ad about people kicking from lobbies for NO reason at all), which WASN'T even directed at you, & YOU began our dialogue with a bunch of incomprehensible nonsense...about how I "talk water" - yet somehow am "muddy"...."100 words to say 2" & other such total crap.

I call you a dick & an asshole, well, because you ARE.

I re-iterate: Fuck Off, Perestroika - lest we Stalin your ass~

(I will at least try to help people...I have not seen you say or do a SINGLE thing to help anyone - only seen you taļk a bunch of shit. On 2 levels, between what you SEEM to be trying to say, as well as your pathetic English).

If you REALLY needed Tamshe to clarify what was said, then you are also completely retarded.

And in conclusion, eat me.
21991Name:cvan8bells2018-04-26 13:48:11
And now breaking news on another famous asshole: the Tank/Healer Executioner was seen frolicking through the park today.
Word has it that he tried to ride down the slide but it collapsed under his massive weight.
21990Name:Dean's Alt2018-04-26 06:24:01
"Iceman,you wrote a non-related set of words like Kin Jo"
Well this screams ASSHOLE To me so yeah please go and fuck off You are one fucking mental Jackass Matolo Good riddance
21989Name:Matolo2018-04-26 05:22:35
By the way...I always just said I didn't understand.In response from Kin Jo-there was an even more intricate string of unrelated words.And in the end-I'm a dick and ass.))) Purely American humor.I appreciate that.But in addition to all-and even trolling accusing.)) Well, quite funny,really.We can't properly explain,we write strange abbreviations,and you-if you do not understand-it means,asshole,get sued,and so on...Funny you guys.))) Since you fun,and without you-at all, simply remarkable.I guess I'll take the Kin Jo tip,and I'll just get out of here.Communicate-it is still,several...Anyway, I said all that intended.))) Don't forget to once again "wash" my bones,and tell the World about how bad I am,ass ,asshole,etc.Good luck hunting heads.
21988Name:Matolo2018-04-26 04:53:32
Thank you for clarifying.Now I understand what was discussed.
21987Name:Matolo2018-04-26 04:48:37
Kin Jo,
The dog barks,the wind carries.It's you.Old Russian saying.I didn't insult anyone here.If I write that I do not understand something, or I do not understand something,then it is true.But you are talking packs of insults in my address.You're being very ugly, like a 15-year-old kid.Like I told you.Yeah, also...Don't tell me what to do and I won't tell you WHERE to go...Also, an old Russian saying, and also-you are dedicated.And nobody was going to Troll you here.I have better things to do than figure out whose mold in the sandbox,"says English cool."Kindergarten what-that...All the blessings.
21986Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 04:24:46
...He went through a few "phases" while sitting under that tree, lols~
21985Name:Tomahawk2018-04-26 04:17:28
Lol. This made me think of a bunch of Buddha quotes I read yesterday
21984Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 04:16:25
I can say from personal experience that the game will not shut down on a 6hr timer.

Games DO run w memory & cache restrictions, I could see that doing it. In greater detail, the items "disappear" from store list as you sell/it fills up, BUT (should you start buying them back/combining as you go), the "missing" ones that got cut off of list "re-appear".

Simply put this means the game IS caching them (which strains memory).

Sorry to say Tamshe, but that douchebag Matolo is the one starting it...he doesn't get to talk utter dogshit & skate off for free in name of "peace". Whereas if he would either shut the fuck up or (maybe) just try not being a soppy wet cunt all the time, perhaps things would go better.

...NO reason he couldn't simply say "I don't understand" - but NOOOO, he has to be a flowery twat about it & we are all supposed to just take his shit, simply because he's an asshole?!?

Sorry, but FUCK THAT~
21983Name:Tamshe20172018-04-26 04:02:23
Guys..... Peace
This is what i understood from Matolo:-
He did not like the rewards in events for 4 months , except for weapons
If he plays code red for 6 hours , the game crashes and goes to the main screen. You can lose weapons or parts.

From Iceman who understands english well , this he told Matolo:-
If you win parts and weapons from code red , use them (open the records) , then you sell them. You will get too many in the stores (where you buy level 95 weapons and parts "to be level up") . The game will stop because the "store" is full (or has too many items)
No need to fight , not understanding one another
21982Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 03:54:37
Language barrier or no, "asshole" translates loud & clear, no matter the lingo.

I cannot think of a SINGLE post you have made that doesn't seem like you are trashing someone at some there it is, I guess~
21981Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 03:52:18
I have honestly not seen ANYONE post more unintelligible gibberish in the forum than YOU, Professor Douche-Tits (and that IS honestly saying something, over the years)...

...if that wasn't enough, you then tell people who make PERFECT sense that they are "stringing unrelated words".

Jesus fucking CHRIST, man - give your head a shake~
21980Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-26 03:43:58
As much as I appreciate you talking shit about me, Matolo...

...Perhaps try LEARNING the language before criticizing others who actually SPEAK it. You don't see me using horribly disjointed Cyrillic to talk about what an asshole you are & how poorly you speak Russian now, DO you?!?

Good to see your word is as solid as your English - didn't you say you were leaving some time ago?!?

Also, for all your critiques, where are YOUR contributions or well-put, on-topic, game&forum-related posts??? I haven't seen ANY - just a bunch of bullshit & insults.

So fuck off, already...sure hope THAT is put clearly enough for you, dickhead~
21978Name:cvan8bells2018-04-26 01:00:31
21977Name:Iceman-live-de2018-04-26 00:44:21
look at his english on his messageboard and former posts
and you see that he is trolling us
21976Name:Dean's Alt2018-04-26 00:07:37
Ice made perfect sense AS WELL AS KIN JO you just can't understand them because they use Proper English which is beyond your translating knowledge.
21975Name:Iceman-live-de2018-04-25 20:55:51
@ Matolo
non-related set of words ?
in your discussion with Sas you show us your english skills
and now you don't understand my simple words ?
Sorry that i tried to help you with your:
"I'm kicked of the game" -problem
Happy reloading
21974Name:Matolo2018-04-25 18:29:11
Iceman,you wrote a non-related set of words like Kin Jo, sorry, I don't understand exactly what you wanted to say...Bye
21973Name:Iceman-live-de2018-04-25 14:47:33
@ Matolo
if there are too many sold weapons & parts in ingame store
the game skip to ps3 main menue to clear ingame store
21972Name:Matolo2018-04-25 13:38:14
For me, it's not surprising,I deliberately did this accent-as in the last 4 months for events taking place in the award give no unnecessary nonsense.Only weapons even more-less.About the game itself I will say from personal observations - the version of the game on disk-version of the game from the Ps-Store the same both fly to the main menu of the console, every 6 hours of continuous play.Be careful at the time of departure-as mentioned below,you can lose items or weapons for completing the mission at this point...
21971Name:Tamshe20172018-04-25 08:40:31
I have the disc version of rer2 since Nov 2017. I got 4 serious hard crashes with this game. The ps3 turned off after i finished a mission. Today i played daily events and 3 mission " 5.2 " and it crashed after 5.2 ( i didnt get my damage part lvl 10 ).
I read Matolo post on ps3 crashing.
The ps4 also has/had problems with this game :-
This has been a scary experience and I have been considering another ps3 ( because i have many games )
21970Name:Iceman-live-de2018-04-25 02:35:33
@ Matolo
it's not a wonder
damage, capa, rof, speedload & daze 14,15 & 16 will follow
event rewards are repeated in two loops
21969Name:Matolo2018-04-24 08:21:45
Capcom had a conscience, or someone died...For one of the tasks-give damage 15 levels-it's incredible...
21968Name:Tamshe20172018-04-24 02:12:23

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

21967Name:cvan8bells2018-04-24 00:59:43
Thank you Tamshe :)
21966Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-23 22:09:12
I need to put more Rev 1 runs out anyway...Most of the ones I have are unlisted. I had some trinity runs I did for Chaos and regular GS but never posted...IDK if I even have my GS run. I may look and see
21965Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-23 21:57:30
Well I wrote a comment bout how I hated the snail-trail Revs1 Rare's gave you.

I put it better, but RIGHT when I posted, it decided to instead log me out & shitbag my comment entirely/making it completely irretrievable...NICE job, RE.NET!!!
21964Name:Tamshe20172018-04-23 20:08:55
you have been very lucky to get level 47 thunder raptor and lvl 47 serpent. People who spent more than twice yours have not gotten these as an item drop. I got a thunder R lvl 32 x 3 slots in trinitying. I was lucky in events to get lvl 48's.
It will be interesting to see videos of ps4 ghost ship chaos
21963Name:Tamshe20172018-04-23 19:56:26
Congrats Cvan on lrc rankings and all others.
This lrc 100 ... damage part lvl 15 . wow
21962Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-23 16:15:10
Tony: The Serpent I have doesnt have much recoil either cause of the blue cases negating the negatives (EI the lower move speed and the increased recoil) and there is a new part you can get for Chaos Trinity called STARS 2 which lowers recoil by 60% and is an auto-loader as well lol. It is so overpowered. If I get a TR I would use it for fun regardless tho
21961Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-23 15:48:47

If you get the raptor, which of course has more power than the standard L.HAWK, I think you'll like it. Work great for ghost ship speed runs (very little recoil) . nothing against Serpent I have 3..level 47 and 2 level 48.i still use them , but not as much. But you're right about the regular L.HAWK....a little to weak. I've had to hit enemies, especially tanks with burst , after burst, after burst. I don't care about waiting for cornucopia to do it's job..but all the time?? Fuck!! I wasted alot of ammo with that weapon due to it's low firepower. LOL.
21960Name:cvan8bells2018-04-23 15:13:27
On this week's episode of Famous Assholes: the Tank/Shield Slinger. Why is it such a dick? Sitting from afar, it would give you the finger if it had one.
21959Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-22 21:30:20
Tho if using to Bew & lock Elites the MP-AF is likely best option (so doesn't pierce into an enemy angling to hit said Elite & cancel their carefully planned/set up attack)~
21957Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-22 21:25:40
I would REALLY like a 100/6 Speed Shot NSR47...I have a hard time telling w one I prefer tween the MP-AF/NSR47 w Daze - the SMG shoots faster (I can dance thru enemies like a lumberjack in a cuckoo-clock, completely untouched), but the AR seems to have extra range/overall Pierce w/o sacrificing SMG ammo of Speed Shot by using Firebolt to compensate.

I have found them (& my Speed Shot P10, also w Daze) to be invaluable in 100 LRC's in the Gun Shop (thanks to Remy/Graywind for the headsup on that ages ago w I was new & had only weak guns)~
21956Name:Kin~Jo2018-04-22 21:19:03
Bit of an older post from SAS, but HELL YEAH, I LOVE Daze on SMG'S & any NSR47 AR (rest of the AR's kinda suck - but THAT puppy is NICE)

I have a Speed Shot MP-AF & both a Beelzebub & a vanilla/Tag-less NSR47 in 100/6 & w/e one I take they are essentially set the same w Daze & RoF parts (I don't ever use Reload myself...easy enough to do quick via Ev.Cncl after last shot/standard reload/Ev.Cancel again, once full - IMO it shaves off enough time to do w/o using that Part).

Both those guns do a high % Ammo effect & hold 100/1's deadlocked in place (perfect for Bew, if you stun an Elite/ensure he gets nailed)
21955Name:Tamshe20172018-04-22 18:55:07
Since i have only been able to improve my times in code red by a few seconds for code red and ws , I offer new tips here from xbox forum ....AZ (England..UK ) ....AZGudAz...some reference to Soulless
LRCs but could be used in WS solo
21954Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-21 19:31:49
Tony: L.Hawk is my favorite mag but is a bit too weak for speedruns lol. With the new cases and weapons my Serpent can shoot at 2.15 and has 6 slots <3 But would still love to have a Thunder Raptor eventually. I had a lvl 38 one with 4 slots on PS3 at one point
21953Name:Tamshe20172018-04-21 19:20:34
Off topic
If you have time , watch this.(interesting):-
Also watch the slides before it
21952Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-21 18:29:01

Yeah I got the TR from ghost ship. It's a level 47 with Max slots (which is 4 for ps3 version) enemies just melt like butter when I hit them with the full burst. I keep the capacity at 6 and I love it. I actually use it more than my 5 slot level 48 SERPENT. Lol
21951Name:Soulless_Persona2018-04-21 17:17:05
The first few stages of lext WS doesnt seem too bad...hope the ending isnt ass haha

@Tony: TR is a great weapon. My friend and I got blued caused full slotted Serpent on the PS4 and that gun is amazing :D
21950Name:tonyfresh5502018-04-21 10:21:42

Sounds good. As for Rev1.... yeah it's that thunder raptor:)
21949Name:Tamshe20172018-04-21 08:48:46
Another bug in gauntlet 2 -3 . I got stuck between first case (part or weapon) and nearby tree trunk. I had to give up or quit
21948Name:Tamshe20172018-04-20 21:42:55
with the free game you are limited to most of ep1 events and missions or stages. You cannot unlock katana
21947Name:xcattt2018-04-20 21:09:45

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

21946Name:Tamshe20172018-04-20 20:34:16
7.3 which is a normal stage

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