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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
18836Name:Tomahawk2017-04-27 15:20:14
Terra? You mean Toma.
I don't have have 3 muras I have 1. My point is that if the game can't even tell what ammo you're using and drop accordingly how could it drop weapons according to your loadout?
Having said that I do still think there's something in what you're saying. I seem to be finding a lot of short range and long range tags. I almost always carry 2 long range+ rifles. One a mura, one a BAR. I just feel a little disgruntled that I find mostly trash when others seem to have a lot of luck. Even when I grind a lot.
18835Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-27 14:36:49
TerraSeeker; you just told us how intuitive it is in your own words. you had 3 mura's, why would you need rifle ammo? my method does still work off i tried it on my son's profile several nights ago and pulled a decimator 100 with 5 slots in approximately 45 minutes. i don't know if that was just a fluke or not because he took his playstation with him when he left so i didn't get a chance to try it again. that's why i asked if anyone who uses my method was still getting rainbows. but the weapons are usually only 4 slots when your off so i prefer not to go that route. usually it's just dissappointing.
18834Name:Tomahawk2017-04-27 08:42:10
Shouldn't your old method still work with deactivated? In theory it should, right? Or did I miss something?
18833Name:Tomahawk2017-04-27 08:37:43
This works for you?
I don't know, man. This game isn't even intuitive enough to drop the right ammo for what your using. I'll have a loadout of 3 snipers and a magnum, not fire a single shot from the latter, and all 3 boxes will drop magnum ammo. That happens a lot.
I tried turning off RE.Net and grinded for over 3 hours last night. Didn't seem to make a difference at all. I got an overlord and 2 decimators but all below 100. Garbage.
18832Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-27 06:53:42
i know i have asked alot of this community already but i need anyone who has multiple lvl 100 characters and a mic and speaks fluent english to friend me on psn so we can try different experiments in a controlled manner. my psn i.d. is the same as here. my son just doesn't have the time because he has a fulltime job, a woman and 3 kids.
18831Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-27 06:26:02
i'm sorry i didn't answer your question properly. you only have to be logged into psn to play online and do your daily missions. although you do have to be logged into in order to play lrc's, ws, and ihc's.
18830Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-27 06:15:36
TerraSeeker; i know it works because i remembered last night when i was trying to go to sleep. when me and my son first started playing this game he got signed into and was trying to get me to do the same but i couldn't figure it out. but we were playing together through the blue door. we got 3 badass weapons that day. he got a purple svd speedshot 100 with 6 slots and i got a rainbow muramasa speedshot 100 with 6 slots in one run. a few runs later i got a rainbow palerider sonicassist 100 with 6 slots. it took me another week after that before i figured out i had to setup a capcom account in order to get on then it took me at least a month before i found out about the forum. and i've been on everyone's nerves every since.
18829Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-04-27 04:30:09
You can turn off re net for options menu
18828Name:TerraSeeker2017-04-27 01:15:26
Blue how do you expect players to work together when one isn't logged in. As far as I know you have to be logged to play online.
18827Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-26 15:29:52
esmigo; you know how well my old method worked, but this is all i have since they changed it. opposites attract. so if your looking for a muramasa carry an svd or an 1891 or both or visa versa. and if your looking for a tagged weapon, some tags are easier to find than others. longrange+ being the hardest to find. the more you kill with whatever tag you choose the more often you'll see it. turning off does work fast and well but in my case they're usually 4 slot weapons, not always but usually. i do have another idea that i haven't tried yet though. two players working together with one on and the other off i'm thinking that might take away some of capcoms control. because believe it or not they are suppressing the rainbows otherwise it wouldn't matter whether it was on or off. i'm sure that everyone can understand that. either way it is still going to be random but somewhat predictably random. i know i'm making as much sense as a box of rocks.
18826Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-26 12:23:34
The only method of getting good weapons is.
18825Name:esmigo0122017-04-26 11:41:23
Blue , I also think Capcom has changed something, could you post your new method on the youtube channel of someone here in the forum?
18824Name:Tomahawk2017-04-26 09:33:40
Okay so post it in the comments section of darkstar's latest video. Or if not that specify where. You want to help, we want the help. Well, I sure do.
18823Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-26 08:38:55
Darkstar; i was never looking for credit for anything and i'm still not. i was simply trying to help others who don't have the time to farm for hours and hours on end like i do. when i posted my original farming method on my message board i had no idea what the consequences would be. for 2 days after i posted it i was getting messages about how everybody who tried it was getting rainbows left and right. 1 guy even called me a genius because he got 3 in 1 run. then all the sudden it just doesn't work at all. so the last thing i want to do is show this to everybody because they'll change the coding on this too.
18822Name:Darkstar2017-04-26 07:52:44
Blue - I left this messege also on your board here. I'm more than happy to record and test a farming method for you or any other methods you like. Feel free to messege me on Youtube privately or post the method on any of my videos and I'll be glad to record and test it for you with Credit due to you.
18821Name:Tomahawk2017-04-26 06:01:15
Okay tell me how to lure what I want I'm all ears
18820Name:Tomahawk2017-04-26 05:51:47
That's weird; yesterday I got a purple MP and very soon after a rainbow drake.

BlueDevil, you were getting 10 - 14 a day?!!
18819Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-26 04:20:21
Darkstar; i'm so sick of hearing this random bs it's unreal. there is a randomization to it yes, but there's not at the same time. i'm not posting anything else about methods on because they'll change it. it's computerised. somebody programmed all of this. so the computer has no choice but to follow the programming. and they have techs to fix any problems that arise, like my original farming method. this is my last request to you. friend me on psn and i'll tell you how to lure certain weapons and certain tags on the weapons that you get. the only reason i can still do this is because i didn't put anything about it in my original post. if it was truly random i couldn't do that. if it was truly random finding a rainbow would happen as often as finding a damage 10 or a capacity 10 because there are almost as many variations of rainbow weapons in this game as there are parts.
18818Name:Darkstar2017-04-26 02:56:34
Bluel - I don't know what to say, I highly doubt any changes. The rares is all RNG and luck. Just this morning I was farming for 30mins for fun, first run of 8-6 got a MP purple, and then within 10minutes I got another purple drake. Sometimes I farm an hour or longer literally nothing. It's really just either you get lucky or you don't.
18817Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-04-26 02:29:49
I don't type anything in my message board so I dunno
18816Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-04-26 02:21:17
quick question for anyone who cares to reply; just recently i posted my farming method on my personal message board. within two days capcom changed something in the programming. my question is. was this change for everyone or a personal attack on my profile? because for me, if i try to use my method it's like putting on 4 lvl 100 named weapons. all parts and weapons go green and stay that way. the only way i can pull a rainbow now is to turn off. when for the last six months or so i was pulling 10 to 14 a day on
18815Name:Gapson2017-04-26 00:16:36
Sorry, i forgot, You are always right.
18814Name:Darkstar2017-04-26 00:08:50
No Continues - The other perfect example of a intolerant casual gamer. Step on my toes and I'll step on yours.
18813Name:No Continues2017-04-25 23:55:05
If you ignore darkstar and just let her rant to herself, then eventually she will go away...........its almost like when you listen to the radio and that song you can't stand comes on, just change the station for a while!
18812Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 23:25:18
Come to think of it now I recall Lordpegasus saying something similar along the same lines. Seriously Gapson, your feeble attempts at mockery is second at best. But I love a good debate. Do entertain me.
18811Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 23:15:25
And Gapson the Donald Trump reference doesn't faze me. I can tell you have a low tolerance and understandingof what is deemed acceptable by the Community. Every top player in this game understands that skill and movement will determine the winner in these competitions whether through backup save or shared items they still need to prove themselves.

18810Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 23:10:58
I believe you do not truly understand "Glitch."

Backup save, weapon sharing are Tools. If a PC player gives themselves the best weapons within the game limits (example 6 slot steady shots or a PS player edits their USB save for the same items) I wouldn't care to be honest. I will still look at the players movement and how his or her execution of using those weapons and overall performance.
18809Name:Gapson2017-04-25 22:47:29
Darkstar i have no problem with using the glitch, I can not understand why one glitch you admire and second hate. Who say which is good and which is bad? Capcom? God? Donald Trump? :) Let the both glithes legal or let the both glitches illegal.
I not need your weapons and parts(i happy with my), i know its small part of sucess.
Some parts translated "by google" :D
18808Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 21:52:18
There is a Community acceptance when it comes to players who choose to use backup save and have endless retries on the events. I wish I had backup on Xboxone that way I can get better times on lrc100s. My point is.

Respect for casual gamers? Absolutely! I do expect the same when it comes to the Competition side. If this game Revelations2 isn't about competition we would not have a ranking system in place. Respect should always go both ways.
18807Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-25 21:51:35
Exactly, it is not bad to make a copy to your saved data, on the contrary it helps you. Sometimes your ps3 may become attached, by a power outage or something like that.
And then when you turn it on, you look, and you see that your data is damaged.
If you copied it at good time, remember the usb is a helper.
18806Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 21:33:39
What we have here is Gapson a casual player who most likely farmed and grind all his items. Probably won't even use a USB save for all his hard earned items. Probably buy red crystals too rather than use backup save. All fine with it. Then there is intolerance to the competition side (remember there is a ranking system in place in this game) where said casual player is intolerant of those who do compete for ranking in this game.

Wants tolerance for casual gaming but is intolerant for the competition side.
18805Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 21:27:50
I recall just last month... March 8th posts to be exact when I explained the benefits of having and utilizing backup save for PS platform and weapon and item sharing for Xbox.

Irregardless, I still have to prove it on the event field. My offer to you still stands Gapson, your more than welcome to my weapons if you believe it will make you a better player.

18804Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-25 21:24:13
If You mean the crystals of Life that IS not cheating , all those .
Who practice LRC 100 And 40.
18803Name:Gapson2017-04-25 21:17:44
Chayan, duplication glitch is not a glitch or i miss something?
18802Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-25 21:08:35
Gapson :

Darkstar does not use glitch , And I see that You do not know how to respect, i Saw un your comment, that You insult my partner mayday , he IS a great player that You are clear ._.
18801Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-25 20:50:59

Chayan13xd is.


Thanks again, I do not understand, because only my partner very much accuse him, no one can force upload videos.

I as your partner and friend is my responsibility to defend it, at the end and I am the one who asked the question, if I wanted to be my partner in the LRC.
18800Name:Gapson2017-04-25 17:00:27
Darkstar you use glitch in game too, than where is problem? ;-)
18799Name:Miss Rachel2017-04-25 14:20:43
I have no doubt on isra, he is a good player thats why Chayan choose him as a partner..but i hope he also upload his gameplay like chayan, so we have another guide in the lrc's and it also a big help for us here..about the rankings, i have a doubt to Lucky Striker and L...
18798Name:Tomahawk2017-04-25 14:17:09
Chayan, what's name of channel?
18797Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-25 13:56:38
My videos, if they look very nice: D
18796Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 13:46:55
IsRa - I really don't care about the quality of your videos. I care about the gameplay. I'll be subscribing to you. Looking forward to it.
18795Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 13:31:58
For the good of the board I'll messege you privately if you agree Neisra.

I do know your PSNID.
18794Name:Tomahawk2017-04-25 13:31:29
Andrya4us, thanks for your advice earlier. I neglected to acknowledge it at the time. Cheers mate
18793Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 13:30:46
IsRa don't take it personally. I consider myself very fair and even forgiving hence my "offer." It really has little if any of what transpired in the past. Think if it now as...

Curiosity. Unless you are blatantly just lazy and don't want to. Then again you have nothing to hide in terms of your gameplay right?
18792Name:Chayan13xD2017-04-25 13:29:12
Exact tomahaq, lots of shit with this theme.
18791Name:Tomahawk2017-04-25 13:26:09
Is there somewhere else you could be having this discussion about glitching allegations? It's getting kinda spammy :P
18790Name:IsRa2017-04-25 13:22:39
I need to buy a Samsung Galaxy because my phone has bad quality :(
Just wait, please, Miss police.
18789Name:IsRa2017-04-25 13:20:03
Yeah, whatever you said, empty wall.
18788Name:Darkstar2017-04-25 13:15:14
IsRa not practicing what he preaches doesn't make me hate him. Whether you say it once or twice you better be able to back it up yourself. Otherwise like I said it makes you a hypocrite.

My offer still stands IsRa or whatever name you decide to change to next. A smartphone video will do. Don't be selfish and just have Chayan record the coop plays.

18787Name:IsRa2017-04-25 13:10:12
ONLY ASKED ONE TIME, ONE. To Jomi. Where is he? He get a life.

"Others"? Yeah, sure, blonde girl. Please continues...

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