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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
20725Name:Harlock-SSX2017-10-17 05:53:12
Roger that, partner!
20724Name:cvan8bells2017-10-16 15:17:57
20723Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-16 13:56:03
Gotta love that for Peace Walker:
"You, all 350 of you...I need your help, so I tied balloons to each of your asses & took you to an oil rig so that I may ask - will you fight for ME?!?"

Should've been called Metal Gear: Stockholm, am I right?

Lols...I just find it funny, gotta recruit somehow I guess~
20721Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-16 13:40:39
Hahaha I hear that on it was Costa Rica desperately needs me to violate international law (by kidnapping peole to build an army/Peace Walker), but since I gotta work tonight anyway I ran these last LRCs in last 2 hrs of their window...wasn't even gonna but I slept in (must be CR's coffee supply...shouldn't have hit the plantation, I guess lol)

I also hear the IHC/Costume, Har...that annoyed the PISS right out of me (I dont even really use it but NEEDED it, y'know?)
20719Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-10-16 05:57:40
going to a casino and pulling the arm on a slot machine is an RNG. this is definitely no RNG. ( IT SHOULD BE CALLED CAPCOM'S WITHHOLDINGS ).
20718Name:Harlock-SSX2017-10-16 05:44:44
Mon ami Kin~Jo: You are speaking directly out of my heart as well. I am about to quit RE REV2 (after approx. 580 hours done in approx. 1 year) out of the same reasons like you. Too many great titles rest unopened on my shelf and the RNG in this game is nothing more than a "public lady" to put it in sugar coating. I only wish to kill the HC for that extra costume out of completionist reasons and to play WS with good friends and partners, since this is the ONLY event that gives me some motivation and excitement. In my wildest dreams I'm wishing for a 2nd AMR, but then ... you know the story: Selling a ton of snow to the Inuits is an easier task ... Tabarnak!
20717Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-16 02:44:26
I had a Steady Tap 100/4...I ended up ditching it for my 100/6 Decimator tho

Steady SG's rock...would be nice if it ever gave a decent one.

Not kidding tho, those listed guns are literally the only good guns the RNG has ever gave me, not just highlight examples.

Were I to list the rest of my 100/6 guns you'd see they are all Event Prizes (I actually farmed Firebolt 100/6 tho - never really use it tho TBH)

Just saying over a 2yr spread & an hour or 2 invested (I have less than 1K, but not by a lot) that is pretty sad...virtually no point to an RNG by then/may as well Event all the guns, hahaha

You can run after being kicked in the cholies too, but do you REALLY want to? is all I'm saying.

Consider definition of rational reason to expect farming to be any more fruitful than it already has by my point of view, so I just do Events when I feel like it now~
20716Name:TerraSeeker2017-10-16 02:29:46
I actually use a 4 slot steadyshot AMR for WS. I imagine being twice as strong as a muramasa should make up for the lack of a damage part. There's also a 4slot steadyshot drake I use for lrcs. The recoil is just so much better than other shotguns.
20715Name:TerraSeeker2017-10-16 02:18:33
A and B controls are the same except with how you crouch, so why is B considered like RE6? You can't even crouch in that game.
Also Siege is dead. Playing in that event often consists of reading as I wait an hour for someone to join.
I actually like REV2 raid mode better and REV2 in general than REV1. You can actually complete code red on your own unlike Abyss using normal weapons. As far as the game not giving me weapons I like goes. That's to be expected I don't find any of them to be special. If I got a level 100 steadyshot AMR. It wouldn't make me happy. I would just recognize it as a powerful tool.
20714Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-16 01:49:38
Definitely, a 4 is only good for farming...only 5 AMR I got was a 95 or lower.

I got a Sledgehammer w 6 but it was like RIGHT when I started/not even Lvl 20.

after that I didnt even see another until I got aforementioned 95, & another 4 slot 95 & a 99...ALL but Sledge were plain to boot/not even a tag or part in them

only got a 100/4 Mura (plain) to boot, a 99/6 Unscripted & a 100/6 Firebolt

beyond that it hasn't even given me any Rare's or anything that wasn't directly achieved via Events

(including farmed Event prizes like Firebolt & 100/5 Ana LR+ & M1891 LR+...rifle it gave AFTER Nutty got me my 100/6 same-type in an Event anyway)

IIRC the only other 100/6 guns it gave me PERIOD were a P10 Speedshot (which is good), a reg NSR47 & a SR+ Sam Edge

Anything else wasn't Lvl.100 or had 5 or less slots.

Over two YEARS...that's pretty damned bad, lols~
20713Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-10-16 00:09:44
Kin~Jo; i really wish you could've tried my method before they patched it over. it was insane. but the only amr's i can find now are either rainbow tricksters or purple 4 and 5 slots. in my eyes no weapon is worth having unless it's a 100 with 5 slots or more.
20712Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-15 22:21:49
That & that damned silly job thing...what a pain in the ass, hahah~

(I really do apprec offer tho Blue, not snubbing...just honestly not too keen to farm more is all/at least 20 untouched games, let alone started&unfinished...gonna get cracking on them)
20711Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-15 22:19:38
I DO appreciate the offer Blue...and TBH if I had less of a backlog (defo if was in my 1st year on it) I'd try it out...let's be honest, Cap isn't about to fix the broken RNG all of a sudden NOW - but what they came up with is just sad & pathetic as far as a system for player's means of armament goes (if you even NEED a method to try to convince it to give you something useful, that's prettymuch all the signs you need).

Maybe I just dated the guy's sister & he remembered to code me in there non-grata/I'm the only one, hahaha

As an example though I have JUST started playing PeaceWalker...which came out like 6years ago & I've owned for 3minimum. Totally not kidding about the backlog, GTAV Online & Revs2 have singlehandedly bogged me down with unnecessary hours - I had a blast, mind, but there hasn't been a single thing in either I needed to do some 5-600hrs ago on each

Which MAY have something to do w the many X-#/yrs-old games that have been sitting unopened, even, on my table for X # of years, lols
20709Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-15 21:59:30
I appreciate the offer Blue, but I honestly have just too big of a backlog to keep pouring farming time into me crazy bit I fig an RNG ought to just work w/o needing to make it think you have about as much chance as a de-clawed kitten. Worst part is this RNG (before I ever bought the game) used to be WAY more generous.

Apparently when they "adjusted" that, they approached the job with EXTREME Christmas Caroling for donations in Jerusalem now, hahaha

Tony, for sure agree w you...I thought 1 was bad that way - until I played 2, haha

1 it sucked you basically only got a chance (keyword here, lol) at 50's on GS. In retrospect the under-50 guns it gave were usually pretty good though (I often found myself using different guns/cycled inventory a lot more, too). Miss that Parts/customization setup like the best GF I ever had, too

In 2, you get SFA & then have to break something JUST cuz they wanted microtransactions, really & doing so makes you play more/fig is higher odds
20708Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-10-15 21:52:55
tonyfresh550; if you can see it, those so called insults are giving you the opportunity to find better weapons if you use them as bait.
20707Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-10-15 21:44:07
Kin~Jo; you have helped me so much even after i was such an ass to you. please let me help you find some good weapons. re-friend me and lets play together for a few hours and if it doesn't help or you're not impressed then just delete me. but i have learned my lesson about posting tips on here. i can do something 6 times in a row but as soon as i post it, it's over.
20706Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-15 21:33:58

I agree. Both RNG are terrible, but rev2 is the worst. At least revelations 1 events on ps3 has been giving good weapons from the last few events. Actually not only good, they're rare as well. I've gotten a level 48 Serpent with 5 slots from wanted challenge. And a few months got, 'thunder raptor' from ghost ship. RNG is a little better I say.... Sorry rev2, but you have given me crap so far.... ( giving me 3 rainbow Chicago typewriter and 4 mpm handguns is an insult :)
20705Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-15 17:27:14
Been on a mad Metal Gear kick lately...I have the entire series for PS3 except Rising & haven't even begun til about 2weeks ago.

LOVING it!!! I also have Lost Planet 1-3, every PS3 Assassin's Creed (except newest...Rogue, I think?) Souls trilogy (Demon->Dark2), Uncharted 1-3 & a buttload of stand-alones like Remember Me, The Last of Us etc...

I REALLY don't see why I would keep farming when literally the only good weapons I have in Revs2 are (scheduled) Event Rewards...that is just sad as far as RNG's go & is literally a waste of my time & obstructing me from productively/enjoyably gaming.

Just seems stupid to ignore all my other titles simply so I can spend all day, every day discovering the "grab bag" I keep reaching into is actually a steaming, used/discarded colostomy, lmfao~

(I DO Like Revs1&2 as games in general...but by FAR both easily have the WORST RNG's I have ever SEEN, w Revs2 undoubtedly taking the cake)
20703Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-15 17:11:47
Well I've had plenty of 4&5 slot 95's & one 4 slot 99, but nothing that's actually useful on the AMR'd figure I'd at least have a crappy 100 by now, right?!?

I used to think Revs1 had the worst RNG in the world...until I played Revs2, lmfao - no contest for the title there/hands-down winner, hahah!

I FINALLY got a Mura tho! Only had to wait like 2yrs for the Event & not sched'd to work thru it (back to that lovely RNG, again)

Honestly tho I am really only playing Events w appealing prizes these days...2years of farming F/E.Ammo2's & High Rollers/MPM's, the gloss has grown a dull sheen by now, lols~

(kinda refreshing to play a game where you can actually find gear reliably rather than some half-assed rummage-bag w weak "prizes")
20702Name:Harlock-SSX2017-10-15 05:36:06
Kin-Jo mon ami loyal. Long time no hear/write/play together which made me quite miss you, although I see you online sometimes but sadly not on RE REV2. Have you finally got an AMR rifle or is this game still not treating you like it should since you would definetely deserve one?! Tabarnak alors! And I can see that you haven‘t lost any of your touch with your linguistic skills-je suis impressionné mon pote! Hope to see you on the battlefield soon again...
20701Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-15 03:22:00
I gotta do em anyway...not lookin forward to the 100

Likely end up munching crystals like Cookie Monster w a bag of meth-filled Oreo's there (gonna be glad for USB w that one I'm sure), Lmfao~
20700Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-14 23:28:29

Yeah 'C' works fine for me. But 'A' let's you swing the camera around so that your character is facing you... You can actually see the gestures your Character does. Wouldn't work on 'C' the camera would do a 360 on me.. Lol. But yeah on the LRC I'll let you know.
20699Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-14 15:34:35
I use C, too lol~

Do they face camera automatically on A, Tony? Never tried it

Been on a mad Metal Gear kick/missed LRC req...working tonight but free tomorrow if Har doesn't make it.

What's kicking, Harlock?
Hope all's good out ther w you, mon amis

"Ne laissez pas les batardes a mis en-place", hahaha~
20698Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-14 07:35:49

It worked. It was A.
20697Name:cvan8bells2017-10-14 06:55:04
Tony, I think that only works with the A or B configurations. If you have the patience to learn a new config I think B (RE6 style) is best suited for this game.
I use C as well. When I started gaming again I was used to RE4 so I never learned the newer style. One of these days I might find the patience to learn B.
20696Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-14 03:58:05
Im using C-1
20695Name:cvan8bells2017-10-14 00:26:13
Tony, which control config are you using?
20694Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-13 21:16:54
Does anyone know how to make your character face the screen when they do a gesture. I've seen people do it on their youtube videos. When I try it, the camera will spin around again and my character will have its back towards me.
20693Name:Mars2017-10-13 18:50:10
kideih: I think you have taken part two times one day. For creature event a day starts and ends at 3 pm (15:00) Japan Standard Time. Damage calculation is
[Total Damage] ÷ [Number of Times Data Received] x [Event Duration]

see also: *Creature Event Damage Calculation on page
20692Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-13 17:47:50
Beezlebub ain't much to motivate me for weekend survivor 43. But charge shot 'c' level 8 is. :)
20691Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-13 15:19:02

OK sounds good!
20690Name:Harlock-SSX2017-10-12 14:50:23
Hey Tony. I won‘t be back home until SAT night. If you haven‘t received the needed assistance until then, I will lend you my hand and guns for LRC and the Level-up for the desired characters.
20689Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-12 09:24:07
Is anyone available to help me with level restricted challenge?
20688Name:kideih2017-10-12 06:21:49
I like to report a problem with the damage points I made on Oktober 10th in the gigant invation. I made over 3 million points and just recived 1 million. Where can I report this?
20687Name:Tomahawk2017-10-11 17:20:16
Utilising back up save for events will save a lot. A LOT.
20686Name:TerraSeeker2017-10-11 14:25:13
There's nothing wrong with using less than level 20 capacity parts. A weapon with a level 15 capacity is only going to have 8 less shots or so, and when you get a better version you can reforge it with more capacity or likewise damage. It's the natural order.
20685Name:Tomahawk2017-10-11 12:15:07
Not particularly. But sonic assist+ tag comes with built-in piercing +1.
I recommend you read through that weapon building guide I posted. It'll answer a lot of your questions.
20684Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-11 12:06:57
I have a drake also... (sonic assist +) level 100, but only 4 slots... Is this good for LRC?
20682Name:djkazogi092017-10-11 11:31:34
Shotgun M147s...

*For casual players:
Damage or Close Range, Capacity,
BSAA, BURST+1, Focus, Fire ammo

*For full Burst players:
Quick Load or BSAA, Capacity, Full Burst, Piercing, Focus, Fire Ammo..

*Capacity is only 4. so, it is recommended to upgrade all to Capacity...
20678Name:Tomahawk2017-10-11 10:02:07
I used to use extend burn instead of bsaa which would work similar to close range I suppose but I eventually found that the extra fire rate and capacity from bsaa is a better option. Higher the fire rate, faster the burn.
20677Name:Residentzombie2017-10-11 09:32:44
Killed Plague. Woot my first huge creature kill. I would build M147S as: Upgrade Capacity 30 times, Capacity 20 (Use BSAA until you make Capacity 20), Burst +1 or Full Burst (if you are using Evade Cancel), Piercing 5, Fire Ammo 10, Focus 5, and Close Range 10. That is a great weapon for LRC events and you need at least 1 more shotgun build similar to it.
20676Name:Tomahawk2017-10-11 09:17:51
M147S shotgun LRC build:
Full burst, focus 5, piercing 5, fire, bsaa, capacity.
(my preference)
20675Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-11 09:08:54
Got a shotgun m147S (no tag) , level 100 with 6 slots.... I want to use it for level restricted challenge..... I heard full burst and fire ammo work well on this weapon. Can anyone recommend a good setup or what will be good for the last 4 slots? Thanks.
20674Name:cvan8bells2017-10-11 08:18:57
Plague is at 45 million for anyone interested.
20673Name:Residentzombie2017-10-11 01:38:21
You can kill Neil with a Level 100 character and crouch power with only 1 rocket launcher shot. Then run around and see what you get, if nothing good then quit and retry.
20672Name:Residentzombie2017-10-11 01:36:22
Yes, but keep in mind you can also get Level 100 weapons on occasion from red drops and you want to also finish the stage if you get multiple Capacity or Damage parts or if you get a red Capacity or Damage part as well.
20671Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-11 00:22:50
Resident zombie
Will it work if I also just open the boxes to see if i got purple or rainbow, if not I just retire?
20670Name:Residentzombie2017-10-10 21:45:54
Yes after 8 to 10 sessions farming if you don't have any purple or rainbow weapons turn off your system and repower it up. Don't just quit the game in the XMB, but actually turn off your system. This resets the RNG and gives you a better chance at getting purple/rainbows. Also enter VIII-6 at Level 100 when farming. It doesn't matter if you are online or offline when farming.
20669Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-10 20:51:01
Also does it make a difference if your farming on or offline?
20668Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-10 20:38:04
I heard that when you are farming for weapons and parts on code red 8-6 ...if you don't get any rainbow or purple albums after 30 minutes...log off and log back in to get a new account link code and this will improve your chances of getting rare weapons. Can anyone confirm this ?

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