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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
20318Name:Iceman-live-de2017-08-22 19:35:25
[2017-8-22 13:00]

RE NET will be undergoing maintenance according to the schedule below,
Resident Evil.Net will be unavailable during this time.
2017/8/28 @ 10:00 (Mon) ~ @ 21:00 (All times are JST)
*The maintenance end time is subject to change.

*Online event and game data sent during this maintenance period will not be stored. !!!
Resident Evil.Net apologizes for the inconvenience. (really ?)

RE Rev1 'Tower Of Doom 20', RE Rev2 LRC 241 & 242.

RE6 'Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 17' is also affected.
20317Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-22 15:43:06
ya VATS, loadscreen (time in partic) & framerate breakup are key signs is going bad...always a good time to peek at savefile size there...under 10Mb should be fine.

did you ever hear of or try the manual cache clear, Terra? With NOTHING else done you ought to see improvement, if only for an hour each time - even w a save over 15Mb
20316Name:TerraSeeker2017-08-22 11:51:52
I used to play Fallout 3. Everytime I used VATS I worried it would freeze. I ended up reinstalling everything, so I could finish the dlc.
20315Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-22 08:46:12
thanks but i've always been the savior of the wasteland, not the villain. it's just not in me. you might not know this though. it's easier to find ammo for the aliens gun if you walk around in the dark because it glows.
20314Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-22 07:54:41
yep, it is a secret perk unlocked via Cannibalism perk. I wont spoil it but it's cool, google "new vegas meat of champions" if you like, too much to type & not omit anything~
20313Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-22 07:39:11
kin~jo; evidently not because i have no idea what your talking about. on newvegas right.
20312Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-22 06:20:41
BTW - have you found the "Meat of Champions" perk? Just curious, lols~
20311Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-22 06:17:01
No prob/glad it helped...the manual cache button combo before the Main Menu isn't very general knowledge at ALL - AFAIK there is no official documentation on it (even tho Beth obvs coded it IN there on at least most if not all their PS3 games)

So basically your only way to know is word-of-mouth or stumbling upon it in forum (where it seems a likely troll-job just to annoy people, really), lols~
20310Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-22 05:40:25
kin~jo; great advice. it worked perfectly, just like you said. thank you.
20306Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-22 03:08:55
Remember not to repeatedly overwite the same save tho...Beth games are NOTORIOUS for corrupting this way...your best bet is to save a couple times & if things are good delete the earliest ones before your next playthrough or after you quit.

a couple overwites here & there ought to be OK tho but a new save is best (aside from needing to tidy later).

Interesting you saved like that...that actually goes along a method I have heard recommended (as quests open/closed also adds to cache/mem, focussing on a specific DLC I have heard works).

the BEST opt's are adjusting autosave, have a garage sale & the manual cache clear prior to main menu loading tho.

You should DEFO see results w that, especially how you described having saved.
20304Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-22 03:00:23
Hey, Blue...wanna tune the radio? It sounds funny & my necklace is in the way (lmfao/jk)

(I'm assuming you played that part...damned guy in the cell kept talking over the warning signals & blowing my head off by proxy, lols)
20302Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-22 02:11:51
i just have the 4 saves. 1 at the beginning of each dlc so i could go back and play them again if i wanted.
20301Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-21 20:26:50
No prob Blue...that $#!+ can kill a great game in record time, lols (helps to know some bypasses or ways to at least lessen).

One last thing, it gets annoyed if you have tons of saves (beyond mem on system each one takes, it seems the more entries in there the harder a time it has finding its correct place in registry/stack). Also do not repeatedly overwrite saves...they are prone to corruption this way w these particular games
(handy as overwrite would be logical step to keep saves down)...most try to keep 10 saves max to avoid this/clean house before startup. Works best w autosaves minimised or off entirely, obv's.

Forgot that/is good to know~
20299Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 16:51:52
kin~jo; thanks again. i'll try that because i am a bigtime hoarder on newvegas. i have 4 save files and each one is 14mb so that's probably not helping matters much either.
20298Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-21 15:49:14
side note: Oblivion has no trophies so the screen sequence is different but the buttons/manual cache clear is same & you still want to start holding ASAP & BEFORE Main Menu/start screen, just for sake of info/clarity
20296Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-21 15:43:43
Blue - w New Vegas (or really just about any PS3 beth game I know of from Oblivion up), when you start the game most have a notice/hit X & screen blacks out, then proceeds to load trophies (yellow line w 0-100%) before proceeding to Main Menu/hit START

Some debate the timing being the black screen BEFORE trophy load or just before 100% before Trophy-load screen closes.

Anyway, I press /hold buttons immediately after hitting X myself & the buttons you press/hold simultaneously are R1&R2/L1&L2/START&SELECT

on fallout 3 if you did it right you should see the press START text on screen briefly show&disappear until you release the buttons - DONT release before you see "press start" displayed even if just before disappearing (ie FO3)...3 is the only one I DEFINITELY re indicating success via disappearing script/reappears upon button release.

Beth games also get buggy AF once save file exceeds 10mb
(ash piles from energy weapons in particular & hoarding causes this to spike as game respawns items/uses m
20295Name:cvan8bells2017-08-21 13:06:24
Last call - anyone else need help getting that Gravedigger?
20294Name:remy72017-08-21 11:38:12
Pacoro- really isn't a rare situation, anyway I took a look at your event history and it looks like sometime between lrc 92 and 221 you've hacked your save or added cheats or something, so yea you won't get a rank for events or receive rewards on your account, you'll have to make a new account to receive ranks and/or prizes

Blue and nutty- lol too funny....
20293Name:cvan8bells2017-08-21 09:29:22
There is something extra special about getting to the 24th floor (Snow Hill), working on a better solo time, and the enemies completely stop spawning haha.
20292Name:cvan8bells2017-08-21 09:27:00
No problem. I am sorry if I accidentally killed you a couple times, it was pretty late and I wasn't playing as well as I should have been :)
20287Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 07:22:35
i apologise to this community as a whole for having to see all this b.s. to find any information your looking for.
20286Name:Pacoro2017-08-21 07:22:34
Hello everyone, I have a very rare situation. I´ve playing the online events sice a while, but never get a reward, do anyone know hot to reclaim those rewards? Or what do I have to do?
20276Name:Leonhardt2017-08-21 04:33:28
cvan8bells thank you for your great help on this weekend survivor
20274Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 03:14:05
to my current friends: if for any reason you feel i've done you wrong. or just want to delete me because of all the bs i've caused. don't feel bad, just do it and i'll understand.
20273Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 02:34:44
and just to clarify this. i'm definitely not looking for friends. trust me when i say your all better off without a bitter old bstrd like me as your friend. you all deserved an apology so i gave it.
20272Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 02:16:22
actually since i'm at i want to apologise to everyone of you that i've deleted. none of you deserved that with exception to the one of you to which i had to beg you to play with me the one and only time we had ever played together since we met and then you cut me down and ridiculed me instead of trying to help me like the people who i had deleted or weren't friends to begin with. no excuses. i apologise to you all from the bottom heart. i'm truly sorry.
20271Name:Tomahawk2017-08-21 02:00:01
Delete this
20270Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 01:36:10
kin~jo: i'm so so sorry for being an a.hole and deleting you. you've helped me out so much over this time i could never repay you.
20269Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-21 01:16:15
kin~jo: thank you, i used to play fallout newvegas ultimate edition, which is a bethesda game. should i go back in there and clear the bugs as you described earlier? because i had alot of trouble with that game to the point i would have to shutdown and restart the last save.
20268Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-20 09:03:32
the bugger of the cache is it can save/hold over bugs & glitches. Most games use a temp. cache that voids upon quit/exiting & a new one is made at startup. Problems occur if they didnt do much in way of checks to clear even a temp. cache tho (ie Red Dead)

when it's a dedicated cache, ESPECIALLY if you have no clue how to clear (or, say a secondary/unconsidered cache such as web) gets to be time to hang on to your budgie-smugglers pretty quick, lols~
20267Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-20 08:55:37
By sounds of it you browse web via ps3 as well (I seem to remember mention of this some time ago)...that is also a cache but separate yet it WILL have an effect for sure - especially if has been some time since last "housecleaning".

On top of that sometimes games get a bogging issue with the cache (Red Dead/virtually any Bethesda game, etc) & game or system off/on ought to fix (tho w Beth all L/R tabs +start/sel held before trophies complete loading until "press start"/Menu screen does it manually)

The 2 together (game&web cache) I imagine would be just a total blast, heheheh~
20266Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-20 02:00:51
kin~jo: thanks, i'll bet your exactly right because just a few days ago my playstation was running really really slow so i cleared everything. cookies, cache, history and authentication information. it's been running fine every since.
20265Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-19 21:55:45
There ARE a few rare/freak gameplay bugs that occur now & then (who/when seems random/uneven).

One infamous one is the revive & get no ammo tends to happen mostly if using at least one AMR in WS but is not limited to AMRs (people w/o them have had it) nor WS (it has happened in reg Raid, Dailys & LRCs/WS).

Sounds like a little cousin of this bug. Thankfully temporary...restarting game or PS3 (to clear cache) should do it.
20263Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-19 19:16:26
Darkstar: i have to thank you once again. when i went in to turn my aim speed down, i found that it was at 1. so i tried it at 5 and the cancel evade worked better so i turned it up to 10 and it works great. of coarse i still need a bunch of practice. but thank you again.
20262Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-19 19:02:44
i don't know what was going on the last two ws's but everything loaded itself back up perfectly this time. i was a happy camper.
20259Name:Kin~Jo2017-08-19 08:05:03
Typical WS loadout I see is 2 AMRs, a mag & SR.

I have no AMRs so I use 2mags/2SRs & the 2 masteries. I take Ev.Cncl/Ext&cnt catch. last one is Pixel or w/e I feel like.

on Events I tend to bring 4masteries, and Ev.Cncl & typically Cr.Pwr

Tho I DO approach No-Revives a bit differently.

anyway thats just me & my observation of a typical WS loadout I see.

Also, Blue, its not a penalty - the max ammo pool for a mag is 44...that reloads when you die. The gun itself SHOULD be reloaded just like the AMRs do tho - if it is only giving you 44 in the gun (not pool), then that is a bug/most unusual.

I cycle my guns as they empty from weak->strong & they all fully reload at each new Stage, so I typically ought NEVER even need reload until at LEAST Stage 20-25.
20258Name:cvan8bells2017-08-19 07:28:14
I'm not sure if Tomahawk's musical references are clues to your internet issues but I've been having problems.
Not with connecting but really bad lag, delayed spawns, dropped frames, etc...
It was bad on my solo run and even worse on the co-op run I just did, to the point where it was like we were playing 2 different games a couple of times.
My connection isn't great but usually it's not this bad.
To test I ran part way through the LRC40 a couple of times and there were no issues.
IDK...maybe the upcoming solar eclipse is to blame haha
20257Name:Tomahawk2017-08-19 03:29:01
Yeah they really want you they really want you but I do too
20256Name:Tomahawk2017-08-19 03:11:20
I am doll eyes. Doll mouth. Big veins. Bad skin
20255Name:andrya4us2017-08-19 01:42:57
Hey, guys! Can somebody advise me about some Rev2 Net-connecting issues? I cannot establish a connection for a buddy 'invite'
First I had Net.Cable, and buddy Wifi-I worked!
Now I changed to 'FibreLink' Wifi, buddy wifi-Doesn't work, can't join! Same happened with me and Nutty...
I can't put the Old Cable back, 'coz is no more, only Wifi router...
ANY clues, hints? Thanks.
20254Name:cvan8bells2017-08-18 16:39:12
Here is the set list for Weekend Survivor 40 -

Floor 1) 3-6
Floor 2) 2-4
Floor 3) 3-2
Floor 4) 5-3
Floor 5) 4-5
Floor 6) 5-4
Floor 7) 1-1
Floor 8) 4-1
Floor 9) 2-6
Floor 10) 6-1
Floor 11) 2-3
Floor 12) 1-6
Floor 13) 3-5
Floor 14) 7-5
Floor 15) 8-3 (Graveyard/no re-spawn)
Floor 16) 4-4
Floor 17) 7-4
Floor 18) 7-6
Floor 19) 1-2
Floor 20) 4-3
Floor 21) 1-4
Floor 22) 3-4
Floor 23) 8-4
Floor 24) 7-1
Floor 25) 8-6
Floor 26) 2-5
Floor 27) 3-3
Floor 28) 6-3
Floor 29) 8-2
and the encore...
Floor 30) 5-5...all that's standing in the way of you and a sweet new Gravedigger...a plane full of Rotten and a few pissed off Revenants.

None of the stages are too brutal, but there are some time drainers on this one.

Good luck.
20253Name:Tomahawk2017-08-18 12:59:03
So yeah, I'd rather play with a person who is keen as mustard than a person who is "good" but indifferent or such. Meh, whatev
20252Name:Tomahawk2017-08-18 12:52:55

Ah okay I get ya. I honestly don't care about "good players". Enthusiasm is what matters to me..
20251Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-18 11:43:45
tomahawk: the only reason i carry a magnum on ws is for the close quarters maps. and as far as the 3 amr's, that seems to be the only way i can keep up with the really good players such as yourself. even with them i'm always playing catchup. because i suck like that. i just feel fortunate to even be able to play at all. even if it is poorly.
20250Name:Leonhardt2017-08-18 04:11:51
I need some friends to play Revelations 1 e 2 please add me on psn the id is LuciferHardt.
20249Name:Tomahawk2017-08-18 03:04:15
Not feeling very enthusiastic about this WS but if anyone needs help to complete it I'm happy to do that. Just message me your PSN ID. It's gonna be dependant on whether or not we're online at the same time but yah. The offer is there
20248Name:Tomahawk2017-08-18 02:29:39

I suppose the only reason for carrying multiple shotguns is for the purpose of speed. But also carrying too many weapon mastery skills calls for sacrifice of other important skills. Like no way in hell am I using 4 of 6 skills on mastery.
20247Name:Tomahawk2017-08-18 02:25:02
I typically use evade cancel, can't catch me, evade extend, hurler, crouch power, and sniper mastery. If I need another weapon mastery I will usually drop evade extend. But it depends on the event.
20246Name:Tomahawk2017-08-18 02:19:33
I don't see how carrying AMRs would affect your magnum ammo. I think it's a little weird that you take 3 AMRs. Personally, I would take one mura and sniper mastery. For the ammo. Snipers reload real quick unlike magnums. Which is why I avoid using magnum mastery. Reloading leaves you vulnerable. Also the ammo pool/reserve is piddly. I did use magnum mastery on this current LRC 100 though because I needed it for that slinger. To force it into position. Last time I used a force rifle but this time I opted for magnum because the scoping time screwed me up.
20245Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-08-17 19:05:04
you cannot respawn on lrc 240. just so everyone knows to come prepared.

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