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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
17164Name:andrya4us2017-01-22 03:05:18
It seems that's another WS's crappy rewards...SVD Overlord is good, but not that good...Since 'they' didn't give damage/capacity/charge C reward lately, I followed @Dj's advice and I started to farm V-3 looking only for parts mentioned...but takes time...I'm already bored after 5-6 unlucky runs...oh well, I'll continue Castelvania 2 instead...
17163Name:andrya4us2017-01-22 02:56:38
@Remy-that's right! Along with better weapons and skills, came the laziness and bore that diminish the will to play well...First time I've done solo GS, without Corn.,Glutt., Pouches I struggled to hell, rellying on dodge and melee(easy grip+herb drop) saving ammo for final gauntlet...Now that I have SOME of those useful parts, I don't fight with the same concentration and will...
---lately I was thinking that it would be cool to have in RErev.2 an 'Agent Hunt' mode, to control an Executioner, Revenant, even Neil (Napad Suck Balls! in RE6) and to have custom/unlockables skills for them(I would like weapon steal+shield+speed) to punish those 'agents'/characters...BUT I realize that(like in RE6) powerful players/or cheaters exists too, first they'll equip fire bullets+full burst-NOW THAT'S A DREAM SMASHER!
17162Name:RichWoz2017-01-22 02:35:28
Thanks Gapson I wasn't sure & I do need the help. maybe u can do 2 WS runs?
17161Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-22 00:48:47
That WS is 27th isn't it? I predict no sleep before work (I do weekends), lol...
I see a large farm in my near future as well...
17160Name:Gapson2017-01-22 00:17:48
Kin-jo i have free WS run, if Richvoz no need help ;-)
17159Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 22:55:34
Nice, dj...hopefully slots are generous.

17158Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 22:52:29
Funny you say that remy, I almost said Glut rather than Corn but meant the combo shebang.
I have seen GS done w/o Corn/Glut but not Trin'd (which I dont have myself). Usually side-deck approach/speedrun from Players I joined.

It's also funny when you hear can't dodge w absolutely CAN, I've done it - they likely got locked up in a "flinch".
I would view it as a fun gun to soothe some rage blasting an annoying Lvl to Hell before trying again...not a huge explosives guy myself, usually only where needed or if SH hits fan (CAREFULLY)~
17157Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 22:44:08
Rusty tho...forgetting how to throw 'nades SUCKS
17156Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 22:43:17
I found the major mistake made in No Hope is people literally just show up/drop in.

I consider the gear/enemies & go shopping 1st...when it gets blood(& whatever THAT was)y it SURE is nice to have, uh...bullets 'n stuff

Not all (some are very tough), but S-ranked a fair few (Solo & Co...occ'ly Co's a liability I find). Mostly the EX3 event levels/both Char's (except Ada)
17155Name:remy72017-01-21 22:36:37
Lol no gluttony?
And yea I suppose with a filter it wouldn't be bad, it would do damage to players and their skills tho, which I already saw. They become reliant on it and don't improve at all.
Btw you can get through the whole ship without gluttony, you just have to build your weapons right
17154Name:djkazogi092017-01-21 22:09:37
3 days farming.. V-3 and VIII-6
17153Name:RichWoz2017-01-21 17:07:03
I'd also like to add that there's NO HOPE for me beating no hope difficulty in RE6!
17152Name:RichWoz2017-01-21 17:00:15
Yeah I thought they might be LOL. Also, I do agree that they should have better filters,that's why I only play with friends now I just hope (fingers crossed) that someone will always be around to help me or I can help them.
17151Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 16:30:26
Slightly different but No Hope/RE6 was like that w skills & Co-Op Host could disable 8 Ammo etc, in case filtering term was "?"

And I WILL admit, a few of those dumps were blessings...
17149Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 16:27:02
I dont think it would defeat the purpose so much if they had a filter option for pairing, so if you didnt want IRL in your game/partner cant use it. It really does suck after the "Neat!" effect wears off though, in truth...

I mostly base that opinion of hours of thrilling, unpaused gameplay taking a dump, or rolling several joints while you wait for Cornucopia reloads on GS, however & to each their own. It WOULD remove the issue though~
17148Name:RichWoz2017-01-21 09:04:35
@ Kin~Jo,I have to say that I really enjoy your rants & if ranting makes u feel more calm after then it's a win win!
I also feel the need to rant sometimes & it's a relief just to get it all out!
17147Name:remy72017-01-21 07:41:17
Idk, lol, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the game if it was available.
I saw several players use it, and really it doesn't help much. At the end of the match I'd end up with more kills even using slower weapons, and the Normans they would struggle.
There are builds tho for using the rocket launcher available in game (single rocket launcher)
17146Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 07:27:01
Nutty, usually my rants are before the midway point (puffing)...then after I am either over it or unconscious. My sister tells me this is what marriage is like, lmfao~
17145Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 07:23:43
TBH, I really don't see the big deal about the's handy/kinda cool, but also sucks in several ways/is largely overrated IMHO. Many of the guns can be far more lethal/effective & 2 IRL dudes easily becomes a F*g nightmare VERY quickly...
They should have just made it an unlockable & added a pairing/matchmaking filter option for it so you could welcome/reject Rocketeers etc.
17144Name:esmigo0122017-01-21 02:42:01
Nutty e E Kin jo...
In this new event of the revelations 1 I am being contabilizado, but generally the CAPCOM me desclassifica the day to deliver the prizes, therefore and tao ruim, nao know go to be proscrito..
If I nao win more any prize in the future events and have to do another PSN, interest that nao game more, have 300 hours of game and find a lot of sacanagem this!
17143Name:nutty2017-01-21 02:35:44
kin"jo it is fun it is the point of the game but it really bugs me but my puff intake goes up so that keeps me calm and I do enjoy a good sulk
17142Name:nutty2017-01-21 02:23:58
kin"jo it is most annoying I am so close lucky I love my dog or I would have kicked him by now as he is white his arse is like a bulls eye under his tail
17141Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-20 23:09:51
Nutty, that must be a crazy LRC, you got last one (havent tried this one yet/bn too busy)...IIRC that stage has no aids (barrels/generators etc) & napads/raskaplanje to boot...this easily ='s a bad day

About esmigo, doesn't being banned on RE.NET ALSO disallow you from using the site under your profile? I have heard ppl cant even change their Icons etc, so wouldnt logging in/posting be effected as well? I don't know, but one would figure this is (logically) sucks but easiest way to see is participate in an event/see if score is tallied...ban should not be in effect if score counter is still active (logically shouldn't even need to finish it so long as score rises, but mb I'm wrong)
17140Name:nutty2017-01-20 19:14:06
if you have been banned for using IRL you can play but wont get prizes or rewards in future events you have to start again under a new psn id for R.E.R2
17138Name:RichWoz2017-01-20 14:47:06
yeah I'm on the PS3
17137Name:TerraSeeker2017-01-20 12:58:47
MAD96 - The reason you didn't get bloody gina is you or someone your cooping with needs to deal fatal damage to one of the creatures so that you witness the end. The fact that you only dealt half million would make this extremely difficult without a partner with powerful weapons.
17136Name:esmigo0122017-01-20 10:58:45
If I knew I would not have put, can someone tell me if in the future events I will receive leaving to use the infinite bazooca?
17135Name:remy72017-01-20 10:13:31
Yea, you won't get the prizes, it's cheating/hacking, IRL doesn't exist in the game. Not sure about future events on your profile tho, I don't think so but I may be wrong
17134Name:esmigo0122017-01-20 09:21:41
Galley at revelations 1 events and banned from using infinite bazooka? Because I used the last event and I still have not won the u__U awards
17133Name:MAD962017-01-20 07:33:32
@RichWoz do you play on PS3?
17132Name:RichWoz2017-01-20 04:10:59
No problem & I hope u get her soon too.
17131Name:MAD962017-01-20 03:37:32
@RichWoz thanks, didn't catch it at first, probably because my question was somehow ambiguous, but I understand now. Hopefully I'll be getting BG costume very soon.
17130Name:RichWoz2017-01-19 08:57:56
Good news for u MAD96! I checked your stats for IHC & YOU DO have mission cleared there! so, you should be getting BG soon, if u don't I have no idea why.
17129Name:RichWoz2017-01-19 08:45:00
It's OK to ask questions & yes you have to make the HC explode (kill it) to win BG just weakening it isn't enough to get her. that's why I asked u if the HC exploded or not & if you have a gold medal for the event saying mission cleared if you have & did all that you got her, if you don't then u didn't get her this time.
17128Name:MAD962017-01-19 07:52:11
@RichWoz What do you exactly mean by if the HC exploded? you mean that I personally had to finish them off or I just needed to weaken them so that other players could take them down? I apologise formy ignorance about this kind of stuff, I'm new to the events.
17127Name:RichWoz2017-01-19 06:48:09
Oh, thanks I haven't played II-01 in awhile so I'll add it to my farming list.
17126Name:RichWoz2017-01-19 06:29:01
it doesn't matter if you assisted or not, all that matters is if the HC exploded or not. that's what I'm asking u as long as one of u made it explode both of u should get BG.
17125Name:MAD962017-01-19 04:55:40
Fuck it, my weapons are weaker than a baby's wrist and I haven't got any lvl 100 in days, so why bother to try anyway?
17124Name:MAD962017-01-19 04:48:09
No, I actually didn't kill ny giant, I just "assisted", but that's it. And my farming strategy is doing II - 01, all four boxes are close to each other so it's almost immidiate checking what vynils you get and decide to finish the mission or just repeat it.
17123Name:RichWoz2017-01-19 03:16:31
I still say it depends on which HC you killed because players that already got BG might have gotten her first so that means those players probably killed HC #1 so maybe players that killed HC #2 might have to wait a couple of days
I have 2 questions that will help first, did you see the creature explode? second in your profile's event page do you have a gold medal & does it say mission cleared in the HC event?
if you have both of these then u got her, if you don't then somehow u didn't. that's the best thing I can tell you.
17122Name:RichWoz2017-01-19 02:49:27
@ Gapson I agree that is the fastest farming mission,plus the fact that u can win a lot of gold & XP,but for me after awhile of playing that mission over & over without getting anything good I feel like ripping my hair out after awhile & decide to play other missions.
17121Name:nutty2017-01-19 02:34:48
LRC sulking
17120Name:nutty2017-01-19 02:09:52
LRC am now stamping my feet very annoyed
17119Name:Azerty19692017-01-19 01:17:23
cherche français pour les évent suis pas top pros mes je me débrouille bien donc ça français me le dire
17118Name:nutty2017-01-19 00:59:36
LRC hard 27/28/29 at lv 1 so annoying lots of swearing and no no no no and of course sh-t sh-t lots of been dead
17117Name:Gapson2017-01-18 23:16:53
Hi guys!
About farming: I play only VIII-6 level moore than 300 hours and my highest dam. and cap. part is 18 and 2x charge shoot C 10, 2x charge shoot C 9. I get many rainbow an purple albums, but most of them is useless(only with 4 slot) An this happend me only one time:
@MAD96 Event is ended, if you not get costume-its lost. Maybe you cant send your score or miss one hour limit to send score after event is ended.
17116Name:RichWoz2017-01-18 14:14:09
Thanks dj those are some of the missions that I farm on. IDK sometimes I find it more frustrating when I check the boxes first & don't find anything that I want.
@ MAD96 it also depends on which HC you killed dj killed the first one (at least I think so) if u killed the second that might be why u haven't gotten BG yet.
17115Name:djkazogi092017-01-18 10:57:52
RichWoz, try my strategy...everyday i farm only on V-3,V-5 and VIII-6..because that stage you can open the 4 chest easily at the beginning.. If you didn't find damage or capacity parts there ,just quickly press start and give up the mission and restart again..and also always go to store section to buy some parts there..everyday im farming not only for rare weapons,also for the damage and capacity parts..
17112Name:djkazogi092017-01-18 10:08:48
Hi mad96, i got already bloodied gina.. Are you sure you witness to killed the huge creature? Because you cannot have it if you didn't killed anyone of the creatures in the last event..
17111Name:MAD962017-01-18 09:52:09
@RichWoz I see, thanks for the info

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