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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
7857Name:Skeletor2017-02-20 03:41:43
I've gotta say that I'm kinda pissed off that I spent so much time working down th health on the Invasion of huge creatures event just to have it vanish from the events section while I was playing... how the hell is it going To be there one second and disappear right in front of my eyes and in turn rips me off by not letting me kill the f****r!
7856Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-19 13:04:06

..1 week later hahaha sorry it took so long , many problems on the way ;) enjoy

RE:Revelations 2 WS.31 mit OBBEYCASSI

7855Name:UMI20212017-02-19 09:47:35
TK i will send you a FR.
7853Name:TK x RiicK2017-02-18 21:25:23

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

7852Name:Obbey2017-02-17 16:06:42
@Az, pretty good time.
7851Name:AzGudAz2017-02-17 04:34:45
Really I got a bronze. I will look. Been busy getting to grips with this

My 1st ever YouTube video.
7850Name:ShadowSlayer692017-02-16 14:32:36
@Az, congratulations on the bronze on IHC now that supreme king of cheaters has vanished under the waves.
welcome to the ever growing batallions of shadow vs bob slayers; tick tock, the last grains of sand are running out - adieu, fils de pute :)
7849Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-16 02:44:10
L0L Azza

lol....his 'wife' said dirty things on my msg board a long time ago but always a laugh , n deleted them too when she realized the magnitude of what was said....

I'm positive someone with a bright and colorful imagination such as urself can piece together the conversation between us with whats left of mine alone L0L ;

And I think bob is jealous of how much followers i have after i cheated him out of his 1st place.. well's isn't so nice when it happens to you now is it bobbi!?

hahahaha and he is all lonely without P-1/4 (pequtre) around hahahahaha

Hey if you make a youtube account I'll be your first subscriber man! ;)
7848Name:AzGudAz2017-02-16 01:30:11

Not so "silent BOB" after all. I thought I would share the heartfelt message I received on my board before it disappears.....

"" What is your youtube account, you little slut of the forum, who sucks the slut of james, shows your video slut of small cock""

If a youtube account is what I need to show records of my gameplay I will look into it and see what I can do. Maybe over the weekend.
7847Name:AzGudAz2017-02-14 05:43:25

I make a solemn promise to all players and fans of raid mode.
From this day forward I will never log a time using the pause glitch in any LRC events as an honourable man and a man of his word.

How many others are willing to make the same promise here on the record? And keep their promise I wonder?
Don't be like TIC TOK that's what he wants.
7846Name:AzGudAz2017-02-14 04:07:07
from now on I will call you TIC TOK. ok TIC TOK TIC TOK screwing with the clock, you can't fool me I have been around the block. I know what you're up to but not everyone can see, you might fool them but you don't fool me. James played the same trick to show you could be beat, it's just a shame that you went and made him cheat. Obbeycas too got fed up with your shit, he played with the pause glitch and made you take a HIT. Tic Tok Tic Tok the clock begins to chime, why bother playing when no one believes your times.
Your super quick times make you look real slick, when everybody knows your the Level Restricted TIC. So the last thing I will say to you is suck my FKN Dick.
7845Name:AzGudAz2017-02-14 03:31:55
See now you got players going over to the dark side with you. So sad that the events are so corrupt. Your times always have the air of corruption radiating from them like the smelly green gas coming from rotten feet. I have watched your antics for months and months and yet you are still playing and nothing ever changes. Your dug in like a Tic.
7844Name:TK x RiicK2017-02-13 18:54:52
I need a partner to make rare weapons and events

7843Name:Obbey2017-02-13 11:21:37
Since now I apologize for using the pause glitch on WS, but I will not let BOB take my rank anymore.
7842Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-12 12:15:33
SALTY OLD GOAT is also known by all as L'Abattoir.
7841Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-12 12:13:06
Just wanted to give everyone some valuable info. If you do a ghost ship speedrun at level 40 and get the no hit bonus. You will be rewarded with 1,780,000 BP. Big thanks to a great partner SALTY OLD GOAT. We will post what a level 40 Trinity run will be shortly.
7840Name:Obbey2017-02-12 02:09:22
I'm willing to help those that can not complete Weekend Survivor alone (GT: Obbeycas).
7839Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-11 16:40:07

Level Restricted-Challenge no.185@level 40 ◊ Speedrun style ◊ 1'45 x

7838Name:Obbey2017-02-11 10:19:56
Guys, WS at Lv.100 is so easy and I am not seeing nobody doing it. The game already died?
7837Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-11 06:56:57
I offered to meet you in person, but your cardboard box didnt have address numberson it!!! Lol Dude,your girlfriend beat you up!!!! TRUE STORY and you know it. If you wanna know who truly called your job then simply look across the room. Have you tried to pick up anymore xbox loves late!y? PATHETIC! P.S. I still have the emails s if you dont want them posted,,shut up
7836Name:firey52017-02-11 06:35:17
Wow, tell ME to be a man and own up? Yet you still deny that you called my job, got me fired, and are STILL laughing that my daughter and I lost our house and had to sleep on a cold garage floor? Over a game?? Oh yeah, you won't own up, all you do is hide behind your devices and make phone calls because you're too scared to do anything in person. And since you want to bring race into it, no, I've called you plenty of things, master sure isn't one of them. If I'm still here because you can't stop me, posting what I want and playing what I want, well then I'd say that makes you quite the shitty plantain owner.
7835Name:AzGudAz2017-02-11 06:17:06
You two JEDI use the force. I have seen it. : ==0000=#################>
7834Name:CarvedBard42017-02-11 03:59:08
I dont use headset with Shiny too ;)
7833Name:AzGudAz2017-02-11 02:58:11
@ James
Well shiny said he was the runner and for example on the steel beast 6-1 I positioned myself to kill axeman up the dead end stairs and shiny did the same only way back so not being able to communicate what each intended to do we lost a heap of time. Nobodies fault really it happens when 2 deaf mutes co-op I guess. It was good to co-op with a great player though and most gratifying.

@ shiny
Thanks shiny we must do again man.
7832Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-11 02:25:21
@Azza ya m8 should be good

''You have headset and mic so may be better'' ouch L0L u n shiny played? this is new to me

lol playing with a mic automatically makes a better run? lol we'll c m8 , we'll c
7831Name:AzGudAz2017-02-11 01:19:40
I be fresh tomorrow morning and you can do ya pubetub thing no problem. Bound to be a sloppy fun run but fun all the way. Shiny and I did ok last time, not brilliant but ok with no headsets and mic. You have headset and mic so may be better. 360 I assume?
7830Name:AzGudAz2017-02-11 01:09:36

1. 7-4
2. 4-3
3. 2-2
4. 5-5
5. 6-4
6. 4-1
7. 3-1
8. 1-3
9. 1-5
10. 2-4
11. 1-4
12. 5-4
13. 3-6
14. 5-2
15. 6-6
16. 3-3
17. 3-4
18. 4-6
19. 7-1
20. 6-3
21. 5-6
22. 2-3
23. 6-1
24. 7-5
25. 5-3
26. 4-2
27. 8-2
28. 8-6
29. 7-6
30. 3-5

Happy hunting.
7829Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-11 00:01:26

*System hard wired no wi fi for optimum connection potential. * fkn luv ya m8 didn't read my 1st post this week about the 100???? I get spawn delays in S0L0 on 8-6 weird, it sux ball , bard wins that 1 - im not even goin to bother, he could do 33 maybe ;)

Morning time 4 you is fine or in the after noon for man lol yeah we'll give it a go n see whats up lol you might even end up on pubetube if ur lucky =)

7828Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-10 22:59:35
I was referring to ME being back. You can lie to the new people all you want. You know what you did,be a man and own it. Playing with randoms has NO effect on how many wanted there are. Just the name above the enemy. Hows the job going? Lol Btw.when you refer to me, call me what you do on the plantation....That would be MASTER!
7827Name:AzGudAz2017-02-10 20:26:08
No ligit 100? Carvedbard threw down here which must have inspired Monkeystash to get 0"34"80. WS has kicked in but it wouldn't take much of your time to do a 100 run for us would it? I will try to do a WS run with you if we don't clash time zones as your on the other side of the planet you may be asleep when I'm awake. Msg me a good time of day and we can run it mate. System hard wired no wi fi for optimum connection potential.
7826Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-10 19:40:51

oi m8 , i havent hada chance to play the 40@40 again since last time

- for now i'll get to work on posting my run of 1'45 n u'll c ''ALL MY OWN'' secrets here....there's parts where ull c i could have been faster not sure if ill give ita notha try

anyway hahaha...maybe it will inspire shiny to try again
7825Name:firey52017-02-10 17:22:10
@Obbey I did not say you HAVE to play co op, I said it is the BEST way, don't worry about Psycho, hopefully you can read better than he can. He just finds any excuse to hold a grudge against me for something I didn't do and apparently doesn't know when to quit.

@Psycho What do you mean back? I never left. Nor will I ever.
7824Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-10 13:20:51
Obbey, someone gave you some false info... You DO NOT have to play co'op. I.e ghostship...The game generates wanted enemies with random names.Even if you NEVER play co'op you will get the same amount of wanted enemies....This was the playing field stays even....Glad to help
7823Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-02-10 11:08:43
Oh no.... Guess whos back and living with a WARM FLOOR beneath him???? Lol
7822Name:firey52017-02-10 10:13:18
@Obbey yes they will still count, but that doesn't really do anything for quicker kills or resetting the stages with wanted enemies. The best way is to play with as many different people as possible, on the stages that aren't the wanted stages (most people do ghost ship). Then once you've played a few co op rounds of GS with other players, go back and solo the wanted stages at level 50 for easy damage and kills.
7821Name:Obbey2017-02-10 04:44:18
Guys, if I end up the current run after killed the named enemies will it count in the Wanted Challenge on Rev 1?
7820Name:AzGudAz2017-02-09 21:03:06
Careful where you throw that boomer wang. lol You could take someones eye out.
7819Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-09 17:09:20
*hot juicy Aussie wang*
7818Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-09 17:01:41
[the dick diary's, mit J'hhames pt.2]

Looks like they want another hot serving of my .... ~~~~~

talk about 'sloppy' 'seconds' cum over ere 8===000=D~~~ [ B0B+Mari'ANAL ]
needing to spice things up with sum hot juicy Aussie wang do ya?? haha this never gets old...
whats that? why that's my taste of creamy victory ~~~
7817Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-09 16:54:17

Ahahahahah thanks for bringing that to my attention amigo

...oh my dear BoBBi/Maria


how do ur lips feel from my dick..and the back of your throats/? red lip stick marks down to my balls n thighs, good job maria... B0B you could defs learn a thing or 2 from ya lady here n ur up next m8.

OMFG..c'mon u used to be a bit quicker than that!?? My 1'45 is legit ( i recorded it) but i can do lower with better run.... hahahah I will time glitch this LRC like you have after Ive set the best i can and rape u again n again n again n again n again again n again n again n again harder n harder/technically not rape if ur on ya knees begin me for it ..low 1'20-30 hahaha

Looks like they want another hot serving of my .... ~~~~~

talk about 'sloppy' 'seconds' cum over ere 8===000=D~~~ [ B0B+Mari'ANAL ]
needing to spice things up with sum hot juicy Aussie wan
7816Name:CarvedBard42017-02-09 10:06:03

1'39 its hard to me...
7815Name:ForgetSoul2017-02-09 08:06:24
I've been having troubles with the RE app and the website... it's odd because on the app it shows that, for instance, I have never played the Pax Aeterna 15 Challenge (it displays the following information: "Rank: -"; "Score: 0"), but wait! in the website it says I have played; as a result, I'm rank 362, but then! when I check in the app: BOOM! the users on that position are not displayed, but let's say the ranking list keep going with 364 users, 365 users, 366 users, and so on. Well! it does say I have achieved only one medal for the 15 times I've played before! I'm looking forward participating on "Mining the Depths Dominator 6" but if all is for nothing... well, why to bother. I just want to know if anyone can help me out.
7814Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-09 04:13:41

This guy n his family of second n third accounts have been doing this shit for over a year L0L
7813Name:Monkeystash2017-02-09 03:10:23
ye I noticed that 26 second time was gone from the 100 LRC too and been replaced with your 25 seconds. He is now corrupting at lv 1 on LRC's Upsetting people on HC too. When will it end for this guy?
7812Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-09 02:53:35
@B0B n Mari-Anus

hahhahaha some1 wise once said; BOB fucked off to LV 1 on the 100 b4 your times could be publicly viewed side by side in the rankings. What a faggot. ''
7811Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-09 02:50:21

My friend, test you might on the LRC40@40 Race , i just raped B0Bs time \ legit hahahaha 1'45.... to prove whats possible here, even on slowest platform

@B0B n Marianaus

suck my dick n balls ~ i fkn flogged ya . im gunna slap my hard wet sloppy dick n balls all over your faces for cheating ...i bet you 'bite off' more than you can 'chew' this time

open wide, James is cumming, inside ~~~~~~~~~

[everyone wants a taste of the Australian and starts to cheat to receive the same punishment as B0B n Mariano]

7810Name:AzGudAz2017-02-08 21:51:09
Seeing a few mid mission aiming speed / camera speed adjustments reflecting in some times ay? lol Let the clock wars commence. lol
7809Name:MAYBE IT'S MAYBELINE ?2017-02-08 18:31:15
Hello guys n galz , Ive been out of here for sometime now L0L

100@100 corrupt ewww I will time-fuck that hard , try legit 1st maybe

40@40 better for every1, but still glitched L0L c'mon le Bobbi ? I will compare against my own times first, but i suspect foul play xD

...hilarious to beat time glitch legit!!! hahaha

7808Name:Darkstar2017-02-08 11:41:17
Well looks like I got a fairly quick response from Capcom this time. We shall see if they take action.

Have a blessed week!

7807Name:Obbey2017-02-08 09:53:30
@Jay, if you know, can you tell me the corresponding color of the monsters? I found this, but I don't know the right color: Regular, Tank, Rogue, Berserker, Boss. Thanks again and sorry for that much questions.

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