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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
8086Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-21 08:28:55
..SOrry to fully burst ya bubble m8


[XBOX360] Weekend Survivor no.37 with OBBEYCAS 44'22

enjoy the music and light shows (jay this is what i was playing in partychat L0L)
8085Name:Monkeystash2017-06-20 20:02:07
@ Obbeycas
WS 37 co op attempt AZ and Obbeycas
8084Name:AzGudAz2017-06-19 21:59:58
WS 37 SOLO 52"34
8083Name:AzGudAz2017-06-19 21:57:37
Sorry I missed your post. I was a bit busy trying to get a little better time on xb one. I kept having to sly off from a barbecue we were having to do that. Also I was in and out the pool cooling off and having some water fun with the wife and kids and by the end of the day I was worn out tired. Woolyew also asked me but I couldn't make it happen. The co op we managed to hook up for is the one I have ranked. The run I finished when you were disconnected and I was left all alone from floor 20. : ( I have the video. I will post a link to it later today and you can get some idea what I was seeing and how useless and uncoordinated I can be in co op without hearing anyone's intentions or instructions in my headset. ( due to language barriers) if it's not English I may as well be stone deaf. : 0
8082Name:Obbeycas2017-06-19 10:39:24
Hey, Az! Will you do WS with me today?
8081Name:AzGudAz2017-06-13 00:58:37
Level Rstricted Challenge 219. solo 1"13

8079Name:Sir.Crimson2017-06-08 18:31:22
How do I go to the store for this site lol
8078Name:Darkdrizzlered2017-06-08 16:06:22
my records doesn't show in the leaderboards too AZ uu so sad//
8075Name:WoollyYew2952017-06-04 16:09:42
Level Restricted Challenge No 217 Coop With Obbeycas 1;20
8074Name:Darkstar2017-06-02 04:43:41
Going to burst your ego further here Bob. You are a "mod user". There are many that can use mods. Your not some mod creator. See the difference? In other words your not "special"

You are a cheat, a liar, hypocrite, and a "mod user."

Now see that hole you been hiding in? Good that's where you belong.
8073Name:Darkstar2017-06-02 04:19:02
Silly Bob you are in no position to denounce anyone. Motivation? At this point in time, even if you played "Straight" as an arrow it would not matter. You're still nothing but a common trophy thief and waste of cyber space.

Do yourself a favor Bob, do what every glitcher does in this game, sit in your little hole and wait till the next spawn glitchable event comes around.

So stupid lol.
8072Name:JESS BOB2017-06-02 00:39:48
A little rat to the rats on this forum, I denounce the usual mourners of this forum, darkstar the beautiful black American, azgudaz the big white american, and the gay australian james, thank you again for your criticism motivates me, haha pause Glitch is really for you forumers, good games the chickens
8071Name:AzGudAz2017-06-01 16:55:53
Sonic Assist + ???? nobody knows I guess.

As for BOB, he is a body louse making peoples crotch itch. No matter how much you keep scratching you just can't get rid of it without some Capcom ointment. But Capcom won't sell you any ointment so the itchy louse keeps biting.
8070Name:Soulless_Persona 4.02017-05-31 20:17:05
We all know that B0B did not want to win this WS. No one can beat the king of Revelations 2
8069Name:AzGudAz2017-05-31 05:10:12
If hit radius and piercing is on the gun already adding easy hit would make the hit radius the size of a rottens head and with the piercing there should be no head left on the rottens shoulders when hit with a 6 slot sonic assist+ AMR am I right. : )
8068Name:AzGudAz2017-05-31 04:56:40
On Sonic Assist+ guns do you have to add easy hit and piercing to "activate" the increase in hit radius and piercing enhancements or are they just on the gun anyway? I have been playing this long enough to have worked it out but I haven't. Other players may also like the answer to this too.
8067Name:Darkstar2017-05-30 03:08:49
There are very few stages that the spawn glitch is effective. Stages like LRC215 actually requires great skill and movement and execution to gain a awesome time. You will never see any spawn glitchers or players like Bob because they don't have that skill or movement to steal trophies.

Isn't that right Bob? lol
8066Name:AzGudAz2017-05-29 21:55:50
Also there are a few regular names missing from LRC 215. Mine included. The only time in like forever I didn't do them and I could have been 1st.???? But I can't help but wonder if BOB would have allowed that to happen. I doubt it. BOB must like you D Cookie.

Surprised you are not yet revealed on xbox one BOB. I know your on there somewhere. Maybe KaosXV?
8065Name:AzGudAz2017-05-29 21:44:24
And BOB jumps out from the bushes to take silver on WS 36. What's the matter TIC TOK too scared to upset Dreyko for gold? No video again I suppose? You will both have the glitch cops breathing down your necks.
8064Name:AzGudAz2017-05-29 21:22:41
I found one split screen co op but it's from 7 months ago
8063Name:AzGudAz2017-05-29 21:09:44
Can anyone provide me with a link to a video with anyone playing local CO OP Weekend survivor please? : )
8062Name:Darkstar2017-05-25 04:04:40
Uh oh, looks like Bob got triggered by my recent Glitcher video compilation that I was blessed with a response.

Bob, you should be thanking me. I gave you a few seconds of fame or is that shame? That is nothing compared to what you done to the community here in comparison. Nonetheless, you are nothing but a common trophy thief and waste of cyber space.

Don't forget to drop a like on my video Bob! Appreciate it!
8061Name:AzGudAz2017-05-24 20:23:36
@ Jimmy Spanky
Surprised the Kafka drawing icon escaped your attention. Closest thing I could find to a fence. : )

" she really just wants me to fuck her right there against the fence she's leaning against "
8060Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-05-23 21:28:33
@anyone interested in seeing how it's done without having to change your settings during the game

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Level-Restricted Challenge no.213 [XBOX 360] 2'19'45 1440p quality (not view able on some devices)

Hahahaha Az why did you change your name to 'tyingmylaces' ????? I was comparing you to an actual milf that did that..unless you wanna get spanked again?? bring that Azz here boii

8059Name:Darkstar2017-05-23 02:58:54

LRC 213 Heroes

I am still waiting on a few friends to submit their lrc runs, hopefully none of them will be promoting use of the glitch. Those of you who uploaded their runs, I thank you for not giving into the temptation of glitching back.

I'm actually quite surprised the PC platform has the cleanest competition for LRC 213.

8058Name:AzGudAz2017-05-22 15:40:07
Interesting results back when the 213 event map was played when it was event 147.

Rank 1 Obbeycas 2"17"81

Rank 2 Terry bogard 2"18"29

Rank 3 Carvedbard4 2"20"30

It was event No 79 too way way way back. Carvedbard4 s name is in the ranks there too. You simply missed the 213.
8056Name:AzGudAz2017-05-22 15:16:30
"If you're going glitch ' don't be a Bitch , either break the game and push the spawns to limit and rape B0B or don't do it at all" lol
8055Name:Darkstar2017-05-22 08:51:27
I personally am interested to see the people I know (friends) resisted the temptation to Glitch back known Glitchers.

8054Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-05-22 07:21:52
eh, fuckit 2'19 will have to do.
8053Name:CarvedBard42017-05-22 06:40:34

You're so funny! I simply do not play this event ... I played cooperative because Noobbeycas asked, I do not like to pass anger
8052Name:Darkstar2017-05-22 06:06:35
I already know or have a good idea who is spawn glitching on the solo LRC 213. And Azgudaz, this isn't just you, I am actually going to be watching for my site buddies/friends or both for video's that ran this LRC.

I will be looking for the solo videos for all friends across all platforms.
8051Name:AzGudAz2017-05-22 06:01:41
I will leave BOB for you. You can teach him a lesson " again" no doubt. As for beating my time I care not. It's just a game.
8050Name:AzGudAz2017-05-22 05:22:04
I can put up a video if that would suit you both, inclusive of the speed and camera adjustments for all to see. If it's not too controversial. Is that ok?
8049Name:Darkstar2017-05-22 05:10:32
It is a standard I hold even when it comes to friends. I definitely expect my "friends" to not promote the Glitch. It is a fair standard.

Looking forward to the videos when the event ends.
8048Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-05-22 04:59:04
L0L you're like that milf who bends over deliberately in front of me and pretends her shoe laces are undone only to tie them back up sticking her ass out because she really just wants me to fuck her right there against the fence she's leaning against

'Oh I'm just tying my shoe laces up'

L0L no rule against changing your settings - just don't fuck my friends out of there hard earned scores in the process ' If you're going glitch ' don't be a Bitch , either break the game and push the spawns to limit and rape B0B or don't do it at all.... it's the people in the middle that try to get 'normal' times to wary of .

If I beat your 2'22 I'm going to laugh so hard
8047Name:AzGudAz2017-05-22 04:01:47
Is it against the "rules to change your aiming speed and/or camera during an event mission?
8046Name:Darkstar2017-05-22 03:10:11
All I want to add is with these two lrc stages Glitch friendly I will be looking for video evidence. No video proof I will naturally assume the times are glitched especially in the top 3.
8045Name:AzGudAz2017-05-22 01:16:47
Are you saying my time is imposable without changing camera speed and aiming speed a couple of times on a mission?
8044Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-05-21 23:49:15
Az why did u time glitch the fucking 40 man? I'm gunna have to spank your ass hard
8043Name:Marveryk2017-05-19 14:02:03
recorde re revelations 2 sem escapatoria, episodio 1>>>>>> MARVERYK
8042Name:WoollyYew2952017-05-18 23:24:24
Level Restricted Challenge No 213 (X360) Solo 2;31:
8041Name:AzGudAz2017-05-18 18:05:24
The name you have has me wondering. Are you a killer bitch and female or do you kill bitches and a psycho woman killer stalker serial killer type crazy person? And have you killed 40 women?
8040Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-05-17 03:57:11

PS4 to XBOX360 !?!? Hmmm I must say..that's quite the downgrade in systems

Sure , I can run you thru some levels and if you want to take it 1 step further I can fully stock you up with all named guns 6 slots -

My gamertag ; ADR JaiDe N feel free to send me a friend request or message and we'll take it, from there -
8039Name:killabich402017-05-15 22:09:59
Can anyone take me on a weapon marathon to help build up my skills its killing me lol I had game on ps4 and every character was level 100 now I have xbox
8038Name:Monkishexpert462017-05-11 21:52:26

8037Name:DreykoSan7 De Mexico Wey2017-05-11 11:07:01
@mi amigo
Yeah my friend just for fun haha
8036Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-05-11 03:06:56

@El DoctoRRe Dreykosani' Hi Amigo , Yeah man always for fun this game , I only play every 21 days for WS it's still fun for me too ;)

@Psycho ouch . Can i still work on your farm? I want those juicy melons
8035Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-05-11 00:49:56
This is the last time I will address the loser known as firey5. Quit trying to make yourself look hard. You're damn girlfriend beat you up you skinny toothpick swallower. I am the one that left in all 3 marriages you moron.I am not pathetic like you trying to pick up British xbox pu**y. As far as my restaurant goes. It allowed me to retire @ 43, how in the hell is that failing????Dude your just a abusive dad that pisses in the bathroom sink and allows your little girl to come in and see it cuz you were so drunk.I was just gonna let you believe I called your job. Well screw it,heres the truth. Ask Kim who did it you drunk piece of crap..As far as meeting you??? Name the time and place beanpole boy. I might even loan you a few bucks for gas you broke ass child abusing lil man.*drops mic* Its over!!

8034Name:DreykoSan7 De Mexico Wey2017-05-10 09:38:50
Even if i dont play this game like I used to be, I like to play WS but only 1 run no more and thats it
I dont care much about the place or time that i could do.
Im out of practice im not even half good as i used to be.

Greetings to all :)

8033Name:AzGudAz2017-05-10 01:57:56
I know Dreyko is a good fast player. I would have liked to see him perform that's all. And fkn BOB. If I don't make any more vids will I be judged suspicious I wonder. I only do them to avoid being slated on here.

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