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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
7952Name:AzGudAz2017-03-25 17:05:47
Glad it made someone smile and laugh. Maybe it will help some players to protect the target by using the trap. Could mean the difference between success and failure on this nasty no respawn lrc. CO OP maybe one traps and partner snipers the napad, I don't know! : )
7951Name:Darkstar2017-03-25 14:58:35

omg I lol'd. Azgudaz you're soo funny.
7950Name:firey52017-03-25 13:24:29
Here I am. I am Fiery5. The one and only. I'm still here. I will ALWAYS be here. For as long as I want. I'm not going away. You want to call me cheater? Make sure that you yourself have not been reset multiple times. You say that you would take me out but someone else already has? Obviously they didn't, and niether will you. You want me to stop helping other players? I will help anyone I want, anytime I want, anywhere I want. I have the same name here that I've had for 3 years, and the same gamertag that I've had for 5 years. Want me gone? Shoot me. Want me to stop? Make me. Want to take it personal? I dare you.
7949Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-24 17:31:54
Weekend Survivor 33, list of floors to win that Ticket Puncher:
1 I.6. 2 IV.5. 3 VIII.2
4 I.4. 5 III.4. 6 V.5
7 I.1. 8 II.6. 9 III.5
10 VIII.1. 11 VIII.5. 12 VII.4
13 III.1. 14 IV.2. 15 VI.5
16 VI.2. 17 IV.3. 18 III.3
19 VIII.4. 20 VI.1. 21 II.4
22 VII.6. 23 V.2. 24 IV.1
25 VIII.3. 26 V.4. 27 IV.6
28 III.2. 29 VII.3 30 VIII.6, Neil again, save an RPG lol
good luck, some tough stages in the last 9
7946Name:AzGudAz2017-03-21 04:11:13


Watch as ADR tries to ram his power tool into places you wouldn't expect.

7945Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-20 20:38:45

woops.... thought u said 'tity love' ( o )( o )
7944Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-20 20:36:48
''perhaps you should change your name to mastership of giant swords, i'm sure it would make Maria wet...?''


Aziz, yeah we exchanged a few messages but nothing was arranged i think . Shit, would u settle for a Co-op WS Katanna run with our commentary ? or Co-op CR a few? could be funny ;) Lettuce know m8

And for the Glasps?? Take them 'head on'!! I like go all in with my Drill n stick it in their 'vagina with teeth-looking' mouths , fuk those cunts good ~ N i like to drill the Iron heads n the Patato'Sack'wearing'Faggot Majini Executioners, cus they just stand there and take my drill ~~~ L0L and the Scagdeads scream while i drill them hahaha

Bitch had it cuming ~~

What has this forum cum2??
7943Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 19:44:31
If anybody would like to watch my Code Red Katana journey The Box Set is out now. (not really in a box) on youtube.

Contains extreme violence and scenes of peril. Cert 18+ : )
7942Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 18:25:08
TATY LOVE has disappeared. how strange is that?


Bobs most likely got a sharper one that does double fire damage or something.
I really enjoyed taking on all of code red with the katana sword but still let a few bullets loose here and there. Some were shot because I had no choice and others were because I wasn't feeling brave enough to risk the invisible glasps.
I tried to contact an ozzie but my carrier pigeon must have found it hard to reach him and his reply came too late or I missed it's return.
A co op series 2 might be an option but we will have to wait and see..I hope people enjoy the vids I made there are some funny moments here and there. e.g. In the catacombs (5-6) an enemy takes one right deep in the A hole that might raise a smile if you spot it : ) It made me laugh anyway.
7941Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-20 11:50:32
@az, 5.3 requires the boomerang mod on the katana, be sure to take an ozzy lol.
perhaps you should change your name to mastership of giant swords, i'm sure it would make Maria wet...?
7940Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 09:41:35
CODE RED KATANA 8 Journey's End

That's it I'm done. You can have the forum back now.
7939Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 09:28:36

TATY LOVE. 13 hours playing never played code red tiny amount of medallions and already ranking 6th on a lv 100 lrc event Would anyone say that's normal?
7938Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 07:14:18

7937Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 03:16:36
7936Name:AzGudAz2017-03-20 00:28:01
7935Name:AzGudAz2017-03-19 20:19:42
Code Red Katana 4. A cap in the gl"ass"p.

A fellow swordsman would be great for the 5th instalment of my journey through the gauntlets Katanu Reeves. Though 5-3 slingers we need to cap them.
As for entertainment value is it not entertaining seeing me get knocked on my ass every few minutes not to mention shocked , grabbed bitten, burnt, frozen and battered to the point of certain death and hitting the coin limping and bleeding after fighting for my very survival and my pride in absolute tatters?
I would be interested to see how many WS missions can be done in this style. Perhaps a private competition would be fun and a break from the usual. lv 100 WS maybe best. We had fun with the 40@40 for a while perhaps this could be entertaining too.
7934Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-19 14:17:25
@ lv. 100 6slot Samurai Az on Edge lol

Sharpening ur Wakasashi for WS are we mate?? Hmmm, now thats actually a fun challenge huh EVE? Sword only , no guns only form of damage is the cold blue steel . no bottles/ or damaging skills ~ only a true samurai can prevail , perhaps the real challenge should be played @lv.100?

In the meantime try your katanna vids with a proper partner, more fun for u n people to watch =) ...2 swords are better than 1..thats what she said. For entertainments sake, i know many who could join you, myself included if u want 2 swords ;)
7933Name:AzGudAz2017-03-19 05:12:50
CODE RED KATANA 3 The Beasts Fury
7932Name:AzGudAz2017-03-19 01:05:28
CODE RED KATANA 2 The next six.
All gauntlet 2 missions. Getting a little tougher.
I get mauled, molested and "lost" in the woods, blown away in the tunnel and fight for my life in the casino

CODE RED KATANA 3 Coming soon.
7931Name:williebeaman2017-03-18 13:45:42
Any present codes i dont know about for revelations 2
7930Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-17 15:48:25
He's not even angry@you - angry @ himself for being such a shit khunt with all his BS antics and everyone hates him still hahahhaahaha his only friend is FuryFaggotBlood n Kamylla who he gave mods too long ago, n they quit cus they could not handle the negative stigma ass'oc'iating oneself with mods L0L

Hey, B0Bs not all Bad toh and i think he secretly like me as others do... Anyway even though B0B cheats n all that shit...He's not bad Like ;

G a l i v a n t P h a g g o t

hahahahaha every1 will agree on this Muppet kunttt

7929Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-17 15:44:27

If ur A' 1' B0B/Maria can suck on my (B) a n a n a 2 times

L0L that's sad man...he's moved on to you, I kind of miss the verbal rape i put them thru that they o so luv ~ guess he learned his lesson after 1 year, kind of L0L.

Anyone ass'o'ciated with me he goes after, or tries too.

When he comes after me he gets silenced every fkn time... hahaha

I bet you regret telling me a week or so ago to leave them alone ~ cus they deserve everything they get from everyone here and on re . It's funny, like he is still trying like he has nothing better to do get at you when you've done nothing to him at all, and you're even trying to talk to him like a human being n not as the cheater he is to reason with him n make him see the error of his wrong doing L0L ~ all the cheaters n modders display this kind of behavior when conversing with others who call them out . hahaha...and the God Complex they all seem to have like they are special WESKER children... please stfu

He's not even angry
7928Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-17 13:22:55
@Redbull, RE6ORCPC and J4y187 killed Ocypete when his health went down to 12 million. it was a beautiful, bloody explosion
7927Name:AzGudAz2017-03-17 03:16:06

Aww Chi Ting Tic Tok Don't you love me anymore? And I thought we were getting somewhere with your cheating therapy. Sticks and stones I am not offended with you calling me little shit of the forum on my youtube channel and I forgive you. I must have made you angry. Like you make people angry cheating now you know how it feels. All part of your therapy you understand.
7926Name:AzGudAz2017-03-17 02:23:12
It wasn't me. Not on 360 anyway. You can watch it here on xbox one though.
7925Name:Redbulldorgado2017-03-16 20:45:39
Who killed Ocypete ?
7924Name:Darkstar2017-03-16 09:57:28
That awkward moment when someone insults you but can't even do it in their native language.

Now that I find more offensive! Insult me properly!
7923Name:AzGudAz2017-03-15 05:30:12

It's back on now. HC yesterday I had a handful of shots left to fire and the power went off in the house. And today xb live kicks me half way through.
7922Name:AzGudAz2017-03-15 03:05:55

oh no. my xbox live has gone down, and not in a part your thighs and lick your lips nice going down, I mean kicked man.
7920Name:Liv3forblood2017-03-12 11:44:53
Could all my friends add me on Xbox my gamer tag is Liv3 for blood
7919Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-11 16:53:53
Bazturd = B0B hahaha

360 will around in 2years max i preDickt
7918Name:Redbulldorgado2017-03-11 09:52:57
Thanks Azgudaz
7917Name:Darkstar2017-03-11 08:59:44
AzgudAz - lol. That pretty much sums up the cheaters and Glitchers in this game. Thanks for delivering it in such a witty and humorous fashion.
7916Name:AzGudAz2017-03-11 07:21:46

Welcome to the AzGudAz show ladies and gentlemen. On tonight's show I will be doing an exclusive Q&A with my special guest MR CHI TING BAZTURD. Good evening Mr Bazturd. (A). Good evening. (Q) What made you become a cheat on Rev 2 LRC's? (A) Wow that's a tough one Az. It was mainly because I lacked the skill to perform to the same standard as some of the other players. (Q) So you decided to make your own weapons on your PC is that correct? (A) That's correct Az. (Q) And this got you lots of 1st place trophies didn't it. (A) Indeed it did but somehow it didn't feel like winning for real and nobody respected me for doing it. (Q) Do you regret it now you are well known and disrespected by the other players? (A) No they are just Jealous of me and would do the same if they could. (Q) You are clearly a pause glitch user, can you tell us why? (A) Yes because I am just not as quick as other players. Mr Bazturd has broken into tears and unfortunately the show will have to be cut short. Sorry folks.
7915Name:AzGudAz2017-03-11 05:33:35
Some examples of weapons and part set ups are shown at the end of my weekend survivor video on youtube. Copy and paste the link below.
7914Name:AzGudAz2017-03-11 05:08:55
Full burst + homing ammo is always a good place to start. Evade cancel skill must be used with full burst on high capacity guns to stop the Full Burst emptying your clip fully. (Not applicable to assault rifles and machine pistols) . Rates of fire vary on different weapons. A BSAA part will increase capacity and firing rate a little more. Hope this helps you.
7912Name:Redbulldorgado2017-03-11 00:48:13
AzGudaz what do you to make your guns so incredibly fast ?
7911Name:AzGudAz2017-03-10 08:16:42

7910Name:AzGudAz2017-03-09 16:57:07
@Sloppy Wang
Plenty of crap in chests without my ass dropping any in man. I was wondering, as we stand on the eve of the games destruction and forthcoming death on 360, if she is dying of natural causes? Old age perhaps. Or some horrible disease. I will be by her side when she takes her final breath. BOB too no doubt. How long does 360 have left? Who truly knows? But the clock is certainly ticking and tocking tic tic tic toc boom.
7909Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-08 22:40:07

hahaha you're like Ulrick Goldfinger or goldmember or that 1 chicken on re5 that shits golden eggs when u kill it...

i day you woke up and realized you were literally 'sitting' on a 'gold mine' after a massive morning shit ?? ....BoB opens a golden chest, and to their horror they find your golden yellow 'brick' shaped shit
7908Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-08 22:32:44

Gee wiz mister, i sure amm awefully sorry#Lottie Voice

Yes, mmmm yes surely appears that way doesn't it hahaha ''appear'' being the key word here - lets see how long they can keep this up, but what do we care ? this game is dying and less and less people are playing on the 360...too many noobs , but none want to get better it seems - At this point , i honestly don't care anymore , in the past it mattered more (cus there were more fair players and people ranking in general/that were affected by cheating n mods) but now it doesn't matter at all so much hahaha they can play and try to look legit if they want. But they have 0 rep lol...

Even though they might appear clean here for the time being, they are dirty on other games L0L just ask any rev1 player....

theres a reason the community feels this way for towards mr n mrs bobbi .
oh we've had fun haven't we, my little french mimes haha
7907Name:Darkstar2017-03-08 07:59:11
AzgudAz - now that is just funny. I really enjoy your posts. They are absolutely humorous and witt, I'd have to say that you and James are just freakin hilarious.
7906Name:AzGudAz2017-03-08 05:37:59
Leave BOB and his wife alone they don't cheat any more. They are repentant have been to confession said 10 hail Marie's and want to play a clean game from now on. And I fart rainbows, piss pure champagne and crap gold bars.
7905Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-06 22:52:33
HAhaha mannn

I love that you asked the same thing on my message board

its the ' Maria-anal-thon ; MariANALthon

hmmm im really surprised about the lack of , dare i say noobs? that DID not ask for help to get the WS prize here , their loss . im actually glad for a change i played with less than usual the amount of my regular customers n could focus playing with those i wanted too

..theres always plentayyy of J'aimes to go around ~
7904Name:Liv3forblood2017-03-04 17:14:59
What is the marianalthon?
7903Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-02 22:01:55

pathetic Maria... looks like you've deleted all your posts , as usual ...looks like we're too much for you to handle haha
7901Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-02 18:39:08
maybe B0B kick her out, she no handle huge creature azgudaz b4, très triste, désolée cherie :(
7900Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-02 17:51:08

HAHAHAHAHAAHHa .... and BOB called you a cuckold ??

I'm certain he wouldn't pass up an offer of his sweet Maria being manhandled and fucked harder and more passionately than he could have ever hoped for, before his very own eyes, by someone younger, faster, stronger, HARDER, bigger, and more full of life and poise

by your champion, James ;)

HAhahah you are french bobbi? but I do it even better than you ;) ..just look at how wide she is open after me and how much she likes it ;)

pay close attention to her face after I finish her
7899Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-02 17:48:52

What are you talking about and where did you spawn from? No one is saying you cheat on this game - if you did, we would all have taken notice by now and you would be in our sights - that I assure you, so relax :)

BTW I take it you'll be joining us in the 'MariAnalThon' endurance GANGBANG . I guess you could say it's Maria's 'Daily-Mission' of sorts in preparation of her body for the 'Weekend' if she'll ever hope to 'Survive' all the constant deep drilling from us... last time she passed out hahaha

7898Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-02 17:09:48
French dirty putain, Où est ce rendez-vous de sexe de groupe ce soir? J'ai une saucisse hongroise et yougoslave pour te donner, mouillé, pour toi il cums avec la crème supplémentaire ... hahahaha B0B t'a donné seulement 1 enfant ??? ... vous devez être un peu "Lesbianesse" ou vous lui permettre de baiser votre cul avec son petit coq sur de nombreuses nuits ... pas étonnant que vous secrètement encore drEAM sur moi et "plus grandes choses" dans votre esprit sur moi Après tout cette fois;)

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