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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4142Name:Lightning2019-08-24 21:40:45
4141Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-22 05:44:21
4140Name:salvatori2019-08-21 02:03:31
przepraszam to w RE revelations 1 musze wykonac
4139Name:salvatori2019-08-21 01:57:50
witam nie kumam co to znaczy wyślij lub prześlij 10 razy supply mam zaprosić 10 osób i wysyłac wzmacniacze chodzi o RE 2 revelations z góry dzięki za wyjaśnienie
4138Name:B03_MatadorV12019-08-19 02:07:09
Ok bro thanks for help me
4137Name:Gapson2019-08-19 01:51:00
Your icon near costume is not active, then you cant get costume. Maybe your score wil be not sent or you miss one hour limit.
4136Name:B03_MatadorV12019-08-19 00:47:21
@Gapson all is ok but no gina bloody for me lol :(
4134Name:Gapson2019-08-18 15:20:35
@B03_MatadorV1 other prizes you get? Have active icon on costume prize? ( in my screen is inactive)
Maybe you reached the one hour limit to send score...
4133Name:Lucio2019-08-18 12:44:28
How much time do I have to wait for receiving the outfit?! I'm getting frustrated now!!!
4132Name:B03_MatadorV12019-08-18 06:44:12

@gapson ty for reply i check my transfer items but no appear bro? Inneed wait more time?
4131Name:carlpoppa2019-08-17 22:16:32
Anyone having trouble with the servers? It was crazy last night! Some that should have died wouldn't die. Lot of other crap too!
4130Name:Gapson2019-08-17 14:25:44
@B03_MatadorV1 In your game item box.
4129Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-17 05:53:21
Jason is still looking for me.. LMAO
4128Name:B03_MatadorV12019-08-17 02:00:25
I cmplete giant invasion how can earn gina bloody?Thanks
4127Name:Mmendez_02019-08-16 15:25:12
I wasn't able to get it. I think it was like... 4am in my time when Plague died. But still, no worries. I may get it next month if I'm lucky :)

Latest rainbow got me a second 100 Banshee. Same as last one, 5 slots and everything, lol


Jason will rise from Plague's carcass to hunt Tony, smh ;)


Congrats for getting Bloodied Gina ^_^
4126Name:Lucio2019-08-13 21:46:48
I don't remember Homie, I was that happy, the only think that I remember was that I entered a lobby with a name like MM69ng or something...
4125Name:iSeGriM666-MiM2019-08-13 20:29:12
@Lucio Congratulations to your Bloddy Gina Costume, great job! ;)
Which Guy/Girl were so kind too get it for you?
4124Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-13 02:02:34

Maybe next month. LMAO
4123Name:Lucio2019-08-12 16:56:07
Yeah #Plague is down! I killed him!
4122Name:Alf-Omega2019-08-12 12:25:00
Hopefully, it makes it to shore and fondles Tony. Smh
4121Name:RealSaint2019-08-11 15:41:05
Holy hell, IHC is still going on lol.
I wish it survives in the end, but that's not gonna happen.
4120Name:Alf-Omega2019-08-09 04:25:14
You forgot 24x. Ol Famous Dex ass
4118Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-08 14:49:22
Hoes really mad !!! LMAO!!!
4117Name:devilmaycrydbt12019-08-08 12:00:54
wish i could get b gina. Ive been trying for years now. veteran member lol
4116Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-07 15:13:56
Real talk tho....
Hoes mad !
4115Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-07 15:13:23
Thats prrkele friend
4114Name:Alf-Omega2019-08-06 10:26:19
Yeah, this guy named DEEZ
4113Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-06 08:18:10
Does anyone want the bloody Gina costume? Let me know ASAP.
4111Name:tonyfresh5502019-08-04 07:00:43
4110Name:Suihkari6662019-08-04 00:17:45
God modded world back with tranny uncle.
4109Name:Alf-Omega2019-08-03 06:59:26
Lmfao. Bourbon....good guess
4108Name:Suihkari6662019-08-03 06:24:48
Over litre vodka, if i fuck my aunties apple tree, am i at united kingdom?
4107Name:Mmendez_02019-08-02 12:25:37

Let him just calm down and take a few shots... of whiskey, smh :)


Almost happened to me as well, one healer and one tank actually. Definitely was a challenge, and for my run, I forgot to bring my push mag *(
4105Name:RealSaint2019-07-31 16:00:25

Two napads with healer ability = gg.
4104Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-31 10:59:59
Well...someone drank a little too much Scandinavian vodka. Enjoy your gold you belligerent miscreant. Smh
4102Name:Suihkari6662019-07-31 07:15:40
Omg, are servers still at that ins._. Island? Too expensive to fix? Row, row row the boat to main land called eu so we un brexit people get more than 5min a day connection time. Sinking island, sinking servers, god help their dna heritage.
4098Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-27 02:10:09
4097Name:Mmendez_02019-07-26 09:21:33

É tão potente que mata até 15 de Piracicaba! E acabou! ^_*

Just watched the vid btw. Really nice run :)
4096Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-25 05:56:54
É o cão chupando manga!
4095Name:Mmendez_02019-07-24 10:17:12
Finally got a Long Range Muramasa. Not +, but with 5 slots and enough bang to buck.

Came very close to getting a dream AMR. Level 99 with Sonic Assist tag *(
4094Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-23 01:38:55
European servers are still not connecting properly. Accurate Co-Op recording has become a dice roll. Annoying, but probably temporary.
4093Name:Suihkari6662019-07-22 15:12:11
God damn brexit all mighty brittain fix your servers! Lrc100 only alf,s 2,00 be seeing. Residentevil,net servici is not avaible. Getting out eu= screwing servers.
4092Name:carlpoppa2019-07-21 21:34:58
My partner shows up on his solo play, but not show on co op! What gives? He legal, die in play as much as me, no unlimited rockets. Lowest level and time not posted on board, lag in game, disconnect, slow spawn, eniemes disappear, blue screens, can't kick X at coin. Have seen zombie floating in air arms straight out, looks like cross! Some where real virus bug in game, capon, or resinet!
4091Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-20 04:33:15
Demonio de la velocidad.
4090Name:Lightning2019-07-19 19:17:43
4087Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-19 02:53:47

LRC 438 Cemetery@ level 1
4081Name:Suihkari6662019-07-18 22:06:28
Gladly i played my lrc100 run during week, at weekend my renet connection totally fucked uo, i should be 3rd at lrc40 with slicky and wes._._. You poop. I have video at mine and alf,s lrc100, alf will send link so you can see what to do. Ps residentevil.Net service is not avaible. Hows your co op solos? Not alf,slicky playes with you.
4080Name:carlpoppa2019-07-18 21:40:09
Congratulations Alfee, Suihkari666 on your 1st place finish. That graveyard was tuff at level 1 I'm sure, a person deserves credit where credit is due! Also Congratulations to kari on her 1st Eagle trophy! She fought smart and hard to get a 23 level but only received credit for a 28 level. Has anyone seen this kind of error before in the rankings? Lets just Have fun playing the game.......
4079Name:RealSaint2019-07-18 21:36:48
4077Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-18 16:53:06
Yeah, looking up the definition of “Hot Carl” was clearly an error of judgement.

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