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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3940Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-17 15:50:59
Lmao@ “In other news” You ain’t sh*t Tony!!!
3939Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-17 15:49:47
Damn, the ol tattletale technique? Checkmate.
3938Name:T-PainGR2019-06-16 19:00:00
Vittu perkele saatana666, watch how you talking to me you're already reported to capcom, NEXT step its your PlayStation account report, i explained the reason why i did that Video-Run, i Don't care the WR or gold Runs i like join Clean Games all times
3937Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-16 18:42:20
In other news, be sure and check out my new Friday the 13th game play video on my channel. Thanks !!!
3936Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-16 15:31:06
T-pause not banned? Greatest greece athlete of all time.
3935Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-16 01:31:19
Lmfao. I’m ashamed how much that made me laugh.
3934Name:carlpoppa2019-06-16 00:27:51
They smile in your face, always wanna take your place, the back stabbers, back stabbers.......back stabbers......pause buttoners, pause buttoners........
3933Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 10:05:57
T-fucks way works, 2,2 with couple tries, im not kicking medal like some. O as pause great. Thx greece fuck. I will learn this. Any more "unkwown"cheats, all solos at same line.
3932Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 09:13:53
Alf, co op 100, got 27lives, im guessing you have 4 shotguns, i got no homing mura and 3 shotguns. Or just pause. Hard co op lrc.
3931Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 08:54:13
Seems pause as button o works great, ain,t gonna kick medal like some idiots, solo playing= lost meaning.
3930Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 08:42:25
I found perfect button layout, x, firing, o, pause and rest evade, now gotta learn secrets of pause gaming. Lol, gonna f stupid.
3929Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 08:22:43
Suprised that ultimate pause time deleted yet, well greece great country, needs to be deleted.
3928Name:Mmendez_02019-06-15 08:22:38

Lmfao, he is also a PPP: Perverted, Pushy, Psycho. And he still thinks somebody will listen, like seriously...
3927Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 08:18:21
What the fuck wrong with all renet? I play co op with jpn slicky, same time, his shows? Fun asshole net i guess. Suck pen._._. Capcom.
3926Name:Mmendez_02019-06-15 08:17:19

I'll be joining you in the next few days. Didn't knew it was that exciting of a game :)

Also, you can call me just "Mendez" if you guys want ^_^


I hold RE4 high in my favorite RE games list, but I like the classics as well (as does REV2). I remember back in 2012 that I was so hyped for RE6 that my uncle brought an X360 just to play the game with me. You can see how that turned out, because I ultimately came disappointed with the game :(

My favorite part in RE4 probably is the cabin fight. "WELL... it seems that the President has equipped his daughter, with BALLISTICS too." Haha :)
3925Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-15 08:08:52
Lmfao, F3! You are a Finish Fish F*cker!
3924Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 08:05:48
Fpfff=fucking pissed fin fish fucker! Got it right alf?
3923Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-15 07:58:47
Someone who,s fast pause fucker, get faster time than imbesal t-pain with albert. Firing button to pause._._._ lrc100 solo here on t-usb-pause fuckers kingdom. Keep your shit and awesome morality.
3922Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-15 07:33:24

Friday the 13th is addictive I'm waiting for you guys and mMendez to come and join me.
3921Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-15 05:36:06
It’s basically Hide and Go Seek with rage quitting .Yo, my favorite part of RE4 is being called “cabrón” by a zombie. Still makes me laugh.
3920Name:Mmendez_02019-06-15 05:12:27

Hehe, an official citizenship requires far more than just quips and jokes... :)

Tbh, Friday the 13th looks like an early PS3/X360 title at its best and a low-grade PC title at worst, but still the gameplay makes up for it. And that's considering that some Dreamcast/Gamecube/PS2 games looked better graphics-wise (RE4, anyone?), smh
3919Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-15 04:54:15
...honestly, that’s not fair to Dreamcast
3918Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-15 04:53:05
Wow dude, you can make bad jokes in English. You deserve citizenship. Tony, stop playing Friday the 13th. Game looks like a Sega Dreamcast game. Smh
3917Name:Mmendez_02019-06-14 22:34:18

Thanks for the tips. It will surely become another beast in my collection :)


No idea. He was barking up the wrong tree, apparently hehe :)
3916Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-14 13:20:34
Lmao@ DMX. Why was he always barking tho?
3915Name:Soulless_Persona2019-06-14 13:18:05
Got Bloody Gina after about a year I think...? I just got her so I could have all the costumes honestly.

Oh? Cap, Damage, Electric/Fire, Homing and FB. Hope you can find a 6 slotted one soon
3914Name:Mmendez_02019-06-14 11:45:29
Lucky day today, got a second Level 100 Muramasa ^_^ 5 slots and tagless. I'll see what I can do with it :)
3913Name:Mmendez_02019-06-14 11:42:28

I have Gina on Level 100 and I'm currently leveling her up together with HUNK. I like her normal outfit the way it is (can't forget Lady HUNK, Rachael and Jessica too), and I agree, the bloodied version is more of a novelty than anything.


Lmao, I imagine if that song played for the main menu in Raid Mode with the BGM there. Or even, incorporated with the "X's gonna give to ya" meme.

"Backstabbers' gonna give to ya, gon' give to ya, gon' give to ya", hehe :)
3912Name:RealSaint2019-06-14 06:13:53
The novelty wears off quick if you've already maxed out all Gina's skills. I got her on my first IHC quite a while ago but I've hardly used her at all because of that.
3911Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-14 01:10:32

That song is staying on loop
3910Name:Mmendez_02019-06-13 23:49:43
Couldn't play the game yesterday in time to get Bloodied Gina. But still, no worries. It's just a costume by the end of the day, hehe :)
3909Name:carlpoppa2019-06-13 23:14:29
They smile in your face, always wanna take your place, the back stabbers, back stabbers.............
3908Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 11:04:10
Prrkele with you all backstbbing,usb succing, pause pressing idiots. Makes wanna get drunk and write date letter to soulless.
3907Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 09:16:22
Guiet chat! Next i guess comes list of usb fuckers, all fucking events can be done fair way/with hours. Time might be not great without infinte lives. All at same line. Hardest lrc100 change full to3, second harderst if great 6 tries enough to get neede time. If time ain,t come look mirror not f usb. Don,t wanna talk invasion gang. Lol as bad idiots as t-pain.
3906Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 03:59:10
Any moral left at any gamer or is it that capcom collects every cheater, just heard that t-pain way works at weekensurvivor. No worries newbies. Its not about guns, pause timing the key to success. T-pain deleted video just but gladly many watched that gaming legend. Hero of morality, first page picture=capcoms latest star.
3905Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 03:30:08
And if wanna see pause "masters" there are few videos where top players "accidently"presses pause, no need names, search a little.
3904Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 03:29:25
And if wanna see pause "masters" there are few videos where top players "accidently"presses pause, no need names, search a little.
3903Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 03:25:23
What is peoples latest button layout? (pause where??) lol what a game, all no pause users co op with somebody, little more fair gaming, if solo player learn to use pause button, youtube metal ballad.
3902Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-13 03:12:33
Hey metal ballad, t-pain fuck next time make changes to your button layout. Normally X is firing so but pause there, no need firing just pause, maybe under 2min, rest solo players follow t-pain example, just pause all the time. Wr times will come if just remember to press pause. All at youtube. Pause! Remember pause.
3900Name:felipemaximum2019-06-12 23:52:04
Please I need help for bloody Gina.
Can I take it alone and how?
3899Name:Vittu perkele saatana666!2019-06-12 17:37:49
Youtube metal ballad don,t do._._. Best ever. S&s duos playing like slomo. Congrats t-pain! Kicking medal after that performance really deserved.
3898Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-12 12:18:31
(☞ ¬‿¬)☞
3897Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-12 11:36:34

LMAO....wish I could post that "EW" meme
3896Name:Mmendez_02019-06-12 10:09:12

Tomorrow I probably won't be able to play the game straight away as I have some things to attend to, so it'll be kinda difficult for me to catch up. It's basically ambiguous in my end :(


I HUNK getting a LADY in bed. Haha :)
3895Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-12 08:38:21
I hate getting a Bloody Gina in bed.
3894Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-12 06:35:23
If some one wants bloody Gina I might be able to help if it dies with a reasonable time. Meaning ,I'm not already in bed.
3893Name:Mmendez_02019-06-11 22:54:09

Well, I started with REV2 first and I'm still playing in it, much obliged. You mean rare weapon runs in REV1 or REV2?
3892Name:Mmendez_02019-06-11 22:38:35

Nice song, I guess? I didn't get the flow of the lyrics so I don't know how they would sound like IRL.


*Drinking Soda* :)


That's a nice run, Alf. And yeah, lucky RNG :)
3891Name:SEXICAN2019-06-11 12:49:50
Can those whom in rev 1 found a bw THUNDER RAPTOR, how many rare finders did you have on? What character? How many cases you run?
3890Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-11 11:23:52
LRC 100. Decent run for the last hour of event. A little stiff from lack of play....lucky ass RNG.

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