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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2873Name:KODAxCHROME2017-02-22 13:55:42
Hmm lots of peeps moving on to ps4 , kind of bites to loose all that progress but being in the loop for new games makes up for it.
2872Name:Underaglassbell2017-02-21 00:17:11
Can be a faff if certain enemies get stuck, but yeah worth the effort for that Damage 15 Part.
- Cap 11 isn't bad either.
2871Name:ItsHorky2017-02-20 16:59:16
A damage 15 for LRC no. 190. Not bad
2870Name:NavyZerimar2017-02-18 07:04:22
@PULIDOO No recuerdo cuando fue la ultima vez que me salió un arma arcoiris... pero si me han salido buenas armas rojas nivel 100 en las ultimas 2 semanas
2869Name:Black Fox2017-02-15 07:56:12
Level 40 walk through for this LRC. Nothing worth even buying ammo for this time.
2868Name:Bigvess2017-02-12 21:43:56
Could someone Please help me with WS?
Cheers Chris
2867Name:BurnedHydra2017-02-12 13:09:58
Creo que el primer parches que salio bajaba LA probabilidad de conseguir las armas arcoiris... Yo afortunadamente consegui un Bushido Nivel 100
2865Name:PULIDOO2017-02-10 00:46:42
2864Name:Black Fox2017-02-08 10:35:29
Well you can always try this one. Its harder than the last, well at least it was for me because I had almost no luck with bewilder.
2863Name:Underaglassbell2017-02-06 23:32:42
Black Fox - Damnit forgot to play the LRC yesterday, knew I forgot something. Was kinda looking forward to givening that one a go on Solo. Last time I cleared in COOP.
2862Name:Underaglassbell2017-02-06 21:14:33
WS: AR High Roller [Long Range+] *DEEP SIGH*

2861Name:Brent2017-02-05 09:38:30
Where can I go to submit a new game concept story line for resident evil ? I've been working on this idea for about 10+ years and really would like to see this game come to life. Any direction?
2860Name:MRX2017-02-05 07:03:19
Darkstar didn't mean anything by it just a thought. and I do believe you. as I have no reason not to.
2859Name:Darkstar2017-02-05 05:28:51
MRX - No... just no. There's a huge difference from a player say that coop with a mod user and being unranked for "that event" versus someone who actually probably used mods themselves and uploaded their data and being banned for all events.

Don't believe me? Just look at DJplace event history going from his last two LRC events to his current "continuation" of events on PS4. He will have to restart under a new PSNID.
2858Name:MRX2017-02-05 02:21:02
DJPlace: when I was on the ps3 forum a guy had the same problem. and they told him that he was unranked. he could still play the events but he would not have a rank or get any of the prizes.
2856Name:Darkstar2017-02-04 22:50:03
DJplace - looks like your PSNID been banned since your PS3 days from LRC 35 and 36.

As to the why... Well I'm sure you know.

2855Name:DJPlace2017-02-04 21:51:16
can't find a help forum here so i'm going ask this here why are my records/rank not showing up in theInvasion of the Huge Creatures?
2854Name:Black Fox2017-02-02 06:10:23
To some degree the RNG for enemy spawns does have some affect. The first time I played it, I ran out of ammo because the executioner spawned with a shield. With bewilder I used a lvl 100 gravedigger with max ammo to route enemies into a corner before using it. With the executioner I used a few decoy bottles to get him close to the explosive freeze tanks. I didn't have to do anything if a sploder showed up because they would walk right up to the middle of a group attacking the target and kill/damage most of the enemies. Force and stun ammo might have helped but I didn't want to destroy parts or weapons just for this event.
2853Name:Underaglassbell2017-02-01 23:28:24
Black Fox: With that Map + LV100 a lot ultimately depends on having a decent RNG in terms of enmey spawns and getting lucky with bewilderment.

May give it a go later as the Top Prize is quite useful.

ItsHorky: NP! :)
2852Name:Black Fox2017-02-01 11:49:04
Well this LRC was more difficult than normal. Since there aren't any respawns there isn't much room for mistakes. Fire ammo, decoy bottles, magic pixel, and bewildered seem like a minimum requirement for this event. The prize for this even should have been an AMR or Muramasa variant. I doubt most people have the ability to beat this at level 1, and of those most of them probably do not have the patients for how irritating this event was. I would be surprised if more than 50 people in the world get top prize for this event.
2851Name:matje-662017-01-31 20:44:36
On ps4 it's lrc 186

2850Name:matje-662017-01-31 20:38:08

Can somebody help me with LRC 184 on ps4 . My ID is the same as my nickname.
2849Name:ItsHorky2017-01-31 02:15:02

Thanks. I was wondering what was the best, since the Grim Reaper has a lot more damage, but having the option to add another part would give me the ability to increase the damage overall. And yes, the Long Range+ would be the best. I have not been lucky enough to get one, even though I have gotten a total of nine rainbows of it.

Thank you for your thoughts, much appreciated. :)
2848Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-30 23:29:55
Typo: Capacity 15+*
2847Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-30 23:28:26

I'd go for the 6 slot, becuase you have that extra free slot which will boost the over all power, vs the minor boost from the Grim Reaper.

Set up as:

Charge Shot C 10
Long Range 10
Critical 10
Damage 17+
Mundane Murderer 10
Capacity 10

If it were 6 vs 6, then obivously the Grim Reaper would win thanks to the higher base damage before any parts are added.

Ideally you'll want a 6 slot LR+ Pale Rider which is the best Magnum for the job.
2846Name:MRX2017-01-30 03:52:51
@ Gapson idk as i have never recorded a video that long. but it would seem logical to just join the two. but it you are planning on putting it on youtube you wil need to make a lot of parts shorter than that.

@ItsHorky I know you didn't ask me. but charge shot c is good to use on HC. but a coarse it doe take longer as each shot has to be charged for three seconds.
2845Name:ItsHorky2017-01-29 08:41:02
What are your thoughts between a 5 slot Grim Reaper and a 6 slot plain Pale Rider for HC events?
2844Name:Gapson2017-01-28 16:47:25
Hi guys!
How i can record video longer than 1 hour on ps4? I two parts and then join? Weekend suvivor with loading screens have approx 1hour 10 min. Thanks.
2843Name:Hoiden2017-01-26 16:48:08
Unlock Complete Cost Prerequisite
------ -------- ---- ------------
Toolbox Level 1 Gauntlet II (Normal)
Toolbox Level 2 Gauntlet IV (Normal) 20,000 Episode 2
Toolbox Level 3 Gauntlet VI (Normal) 130,000 Episode 3
Toolbox Level 4 Gauntlet VIII (Normal) 400,000 Episode 4
Toolbox Level 5 Omega (Very Hard) 1,000,000 Episode 4

2842Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-25 20:24:43
zombino111: You will need to buy storage upgrades via In game purchases or direct though the PS store.
2841Name:zombino1112017-01-23 09:48:08
hello we can help my ? how i can make lot of place for weapon and parts? i see on youtube guyhave 240 places on weapons and i have just 24
2840Name:MRX2017-01-23 03:57:16
Yeah like some good weapons.
2839Name:ItsHorky2017-01-22 21:00:16
Is it just me or have these events kinda slowed down a bit after new year? I hope the next events have some necessary prizes.
2838Name:MRX2017-01-21 02:10:17
I told a little bit about my self on my message board.
2837Name:MRX2017-01-21 01:39:04
Underglass I agree.
2836Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-20 18:14:01
PS+ Is well worth getting now anyway. By switching to a subscription based service, it allows Sony to provide a much better and stable network.

Yes, coming from old generation console, which was free could be a shock, but I would recommend the investment. Free games every month, some good some bad, but over the course of a year you could discover some Gems which would-or-could otherwise go unseen. Extra discounts, but mostly a better online environment for players.

DDOS: Before someone points out that the servers are down, this has absolutely nothing to do with Sony or for that matter if the PSN is paid or unpaid.
DDOS attacks are very tricky to counter and what's more are designed to cause disruption.
2835Name:MRX2017-01-20 02:01:10
il lord you have to have ps+ no matter how many accounts you have.
2834Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-19 17:15:41
Thanks, I'll try with the second account method .. maybe I understand how it works.
2833Name:MRX2017-01-19 03:39:41
il lord.
I have found the answer. you was right all alone. i have two accounts on my ps4 and one of them(not this one) has ps+. and as long as you have ps+ on one account anyone who has an account on that ps4 can co op. this is what i read "One PlayStation Plus membership allows all local accounts on the subscriber's 'Primary PS4' to use online multiplayer through their Sony Entertainment Network accounts. The PlayStation Plus member does not need to be logged in on the PS4 for other users to play online."
2832Name:MRX2017-01-18 13:11:59
it wasn't a glitch I had no problem doing co op. unless you get it free with the demo. which I doubt. but I will find out thursday.
2831Name:MRX2017-01-18 01:46:48
il lord I don't know. as I have played co op two time with no problem. maybe it was a glitch. I'll try again today. my playstation 4 is not even a month old. but no matter how old it is it would still use the same firmware. 4.?. or maybe it is because I only have the demo. and they let you play for free on the demo. I bought the full game from ebay and it is suppose to be here thursday. I'll see then.
2830Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-17 16:37:09
Hello MRX,
and how? If I go to the blue door tells me I can not access online without ps plus.
2829Name:MRX2017-01-17 07:32:03
il lord. I have a playstation 4 and do not have playstation plus and I can play online.
2827Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-13 19:41:55
Thanks to all of you my friends .. The problem is that with the PS4 must be paid (playstation plus) for playing online.. Bah!
2826Name:Darkstar2017-01-13 05:02:59
Poor Luke... never mind Soulless gotcha lol.

Your in good hands Luke!
2825Name:Soulless_Persona2017-01-13 01:24:19
Welcome you two! If you need help with grinding let me know cause I dont mind helping with grinding for a bit with you guys
2824Name:Nick220119852017-01-12 09:54:55
Hi Luke! i also moved the new year on the PS4. I will say one thing is much easier to play than on PS3, even with a bad weapons . I'm searching for AMR and Muramasa but i think soon i find them . /Nick L.A./
2823Name:Darkstar2017-01-12 05:14:38
Luke - I am surprised and happy you went to PS4! I'd gladly help if I was on here! I hope you been well and your new ventures here will be great!
2822Name:il_lord_nero2017-01-11 19:13:06
Goodmorning everyone.
New year, new console (PS4) and a new beginning (we started from scratch, without rare weapons) with raid revelations 2.
2821Name:Underaglassbell2017-01-10 20:56:10
Looks into Crystal ball... Yez.

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