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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3703Name:Wraith Wesker2018-05-12 05:06:37
The event will end and then it will say "Preparing Results." Sometime between Wednesday and Friday (typically) the weapons and parts you earned should show up as red event chests, ready to be opened and transferred to your game. Welcome!
3702Name:no name2018-05-10 21:11:00
I'm new to doing events. I just did the two level challenges, one at level one and one at 60. I still don't have my first level 20 part and really don't want to miss out on these two. Can any confirm if I need to do anything now that I've beat them or if I just wait for the event to end and then the parts are in my transfer box???
3701Name:....Thanks...I guess....2018-05-10 18:16:00
Yes, CAPCOM likes it when you go 'out and back in' over and over .
3700Name:The Noid 232018-05-09 03:22:13
Thanks Shadow! So just to clarify, if I quit it then I can just go right back in?
3699Name:ShadowSlayer692018-05-08 04:32:21
@the noid 23, it's a feature of the Pedrator event that your damage is randomly cut in half by Capcom. I recommend you fire a test shot and keep retiring from the event until you see that your bullets are at full power
3698Name:The Noid 232018-05-05 01:51:05
I keep getting varying results from HC. First time I got 2 million, then second and third runs I got about 4 million so I thought they just made an adjustment after day 1. Then I did it again today and it is back to around 2 million. Anyone else experiencing this? I have used the same setup every time and shoot the knee.
3697Name:....Thanks...I guess....2018-04-30 23:56:08
@ Kamylla + Sarah / loveta

fuck off back to xbox 360 and ps4 u time glitching sissy sister bitches. lick the bits of shit off of the crusty dildos you fuck eachother in the ass with while playing's like 2 girls 1 cup , now with a dildo because you're brazilian hahaha

I remember you , you want to suck my cock and praise me .... but a friend showed me a picture of you...hahaha just as bad a Lady Bandita .......ewwwwwww

HAHAHA you time glitch split-screen co-op with no lag , but only beat us by 1 really suck hairy goat pussy , and you lose to [B0B nemesis kkkk] in solo

Have fun time glitching in the LRC 40 Forrest , I remember you glitched good there bitch ~ so i'll expect you to put on a good show for us all , won't we?

with regards, the man you drool over - ADR JaiDe N
3696Name:XxxEsbeydiGxxX2018-04-28 13:19:03
busco jugadores de resident evil revelations 2 mi GT es XxxEsbeydiGxxX
3694Name:FRED2018-04-10 17:29:14
Hola alguien que pueda ayudarme a conseguir trinity en el barco fantasma juego en Xbox one GT EL P1NCH3 M4R4
3692Name:Will H Is2018-03-21 01:04:34
I duno if anyone else is complaining about this but I am every time present codes come out I hope for some for resident evil re2 and not just for the Nintendo switch I dont think it's fair for us xbox and PlayStation players to not get any presents lol I mean seriously it would only be right for all of us to get a lil something for playing u kno thanx
3691Name:....Thanks...I guess....2018-03-18 22:38:35
Mmmmmmm yesss FUCK yessssss!!

♫♫♫Seek and Prey High Speed Heroes (Raid Mode) - Resident Evil: Revelations 2 OST

love it sooo much <3 ♫♫♫♫♫
3690Name:....Thanks...I guess....2018-03-15 00:42:59
Hey EVE , was thinking how you've been too and everything else , it's been a while now .

yaaa , rev1+2 are both dead L0L no1 cares tho really game had a small player base to begin with - fun while it lasted tho

Weekend Survivor is still great casual fun , im still fucking that shit hard ~~~

** Moira watches James ; '' Yeahhh Fuck it right in the ASS !!''
3689Name:Darkstar2018-03-08 21:35:06
Hiiii!! Surprised but happy to see friends and mentor's still here!! Game is dead, not surprised no new events or whatnot. Hope you all been well!
3688Name:chuchin662018-03-04 15:51:48
Help me guys, I have associated my account, but I have done events and they have not given me any reward, someone tell me what is happening? I really want Gina, it's in revelations 2, xbox one :c
3687Name:DjSwaggle2018-03-02 11:53:19
Need help getting to lv50. Currently at lv45. Can seem to get anyone online. Weapons not up to pay yet to complete abyss stage 15
3686Name:Madand2018-02-26 00:40:04
Hi all me farm all invite frend
3685Name:Madand2018-02-26 00:38:30
Ciao a tutti chi vuole farmare un paio di ore io ci sono anche per settimanali e sfide mandatemi la vostra richiesta di amicizia ciao graz
3684Name:AZ (England UK)2018-02-25 18:37:25
Has anyone ever heard of an Xbox One hybrid console? Where the parts from the 360 console have been used to enable the use of the USB external storage for saving game data to a usb stick/dongle just like the 360?
3683Name:junior2018-02-24 17:36:47
3682Name:AZ (England UK)2018-02-21 15:40:24
Level Restricted Challenge 291
3681Name:WornOutSmiles2018-02-04 13:47:59
Yeah, you really don't need a new leader board for just Xbox One X.

I understand the point though, I've said for a long time that WRs should be narrowed down into Last Gen (PS3 and Xbox 360), Next Gen (PS4 and Xbox One) and then PC on it's own. There's a reason for the majority of records being held by PC, because the other platforms simply can't compete with the performance of a PC using a console...

All pretty irrelevant now though, the game has been dead for at least a year and the same events/rewards are still looped repeatedly. Good luck getting any kind of update...
3680Name:....Thanks...I guess....2018-02-04 08:10:12
Meh. perhaps wouldn't say it's unfair bruv. lol


XBOX ONE - 1.75GHz 8-core AMD custom CPU

XBOX ONE S - 1.75GHz 8-core AMD custom CPU

XBOX X - 2.3GHz 8-core AMD custom CPU

sOME VERY nice WRs were set here on Xbox ONE against the faster platforms , with 1.75GHz processors, before these advances came out L0L

yeah an XBOX ONE X would overall be much smoother and clean ..'WELL SHAVED m8'' mmmmm I'll have to go in for a closer look and feel.....
3679Name:AZ (England UK)2018-02-03 01:03:19
Is anyone using the XBOX ONE X to play raid mode events? And if it runs faster and smoother than its predecessor would that be deemed unfair? Should Capcom provide a separate event rank list for the XBOX ONE X? mmmm
3678Name:Wickedevil2018-01-20 16:21:40
Just hit lvl 100
Xbox one
Add wickedevil 666
3677Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-17 07:40:51
Those that have shown they can do "it" had better give themselves a big round of a pause for totally exposing themselves, rather stupidly, to be the spawn glitchers we now know you are. So sad that Bray Kinbad led you to do it. But I guess he served his purpose.
3676Name:Cesar2018-01-15 22:53:19
3675Name:G.L ITCHY RAT FKRS2018-01-14 01:01:53
Who knows how to do it?

Who does it but nobody knows?

If you do it everyone will know.

And a bad reputation will grow.

So the seeds of discord have been sown.
3674Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-11 04:16:58
@ Burping Fire
I will grind 8-6 with you dude no problem. You never know something rare might drop along the way.
3673Name:Bursting Warrior2018-01-11 00:03:13
Ok ,so we gonna grind 8/6 like fools to get another character up to 100 cos I only have albert LOL
Do we have a deal or do I have to do all the work ????
Man please say yes cos doing all these with 2 controllers is boring as shit .
Another thing ,I request you to do ws with me this time .
3672Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-10 20:44:30
@ Dreykosan7
OK man. Win or lose it's all good.

@ Lucky Bursting Shatanic Fire

I can watch all those on your youtube as a subscriber. Too many links dude one is enough to find all on your channel. lol

And if I co op with you again and you use Albert Wesker I will leave the room because your use of the IMBECILE SORRY gesture is becoming insulting at times and it pisses me off k.
3671Name:Bursting Warrior2018-01-10 05:14:30
Yes ,there's more . :)

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 279 2'11 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 280 3'32

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 280 2'31 CO OP With Azgudaz
3670Name:Bursting Warrior2018-01-10 05:12:17
SHHHOOOOO Imbecile ,you gonna get sick after watching all these LOL

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 274 2'37

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 273 1'53 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 273 2'01

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 275 3'40

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 277 2'04

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 277 1'37 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 278 2'47

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 278 2'43 CO OP With Azgudaz

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 279 2'22

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lrc 279 2'11 CO OP With Azgudaz
3669Name:DreykoSan72018-01-10 01:12:54
Videos and screenshots of my progress are on my profile,send me a fríend request same gt as here.
There are a few reasons why i didnt go to ps4, i like it but i choose xbox.

About contest and that, i leave that a lot time ago on xbox 360, if i win or not its ok for me.
3668Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-09 03:21:49
Now there's a name I haven't seen in the LRC rankings for quite a while. And straight to 1st place. Well done Dreykosan7. Hope to see some gameplay video's soon. If not it's ok because nobody seems to be sharing any on XBOX ONE anyway. A few videos on YouTube though from PS 4 and steam, although the majority fail to state which platform in their title etc, giving the impression that the same times can be achieved on all platforms and most people know that isn't the case.

Question....Which platform is the quickest and best for frame rate and performance? PS4 ? Steam? or Xbox One? (don't say 360 or Switch you will only be a lying Joker)

I am surprised you haven't gone PS4 along with Shinny and Carvedbard. They would prove to be more of a contest for an experienced player like you. But I will look forward to "TRYING" to beat you. lol
3666Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-01 22:13:15
Level Restricted Challenge 278 CO OP with Bursting Satanic Fire
3665Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-01 21:32:10
Level Restricted Challenge 278 solo
3664Name:firey52017-12-23 13:26:11
Lol at least I can get my own orange name. And what kind of person congratulates someone for being carried through?? Hahaha! Sorry Buddy, you have never nor will ever make me tap out. I'll play when I want, help who I want, and compete when I want, any time I want!
3663Name:....Thanks...I guess....2017-12-23 10:39:30
she shoves , CRYSTAL BALLS , in her ass

mmmmm cheeky slut, ill let you C U M in first place as you play solo by yourself and your vibrating controller...
3662Name:ShadowSlayer692017-12-23 02:18:24
game's dead, bro, unplayable with the freeze rate...
3661Name:....Thanks...I guess....2017-12-19 16:32:27
fuck this place is dead.
3660Name:Bursting Warrior2017-12-13 01:23:40
Level restricted challenge 270 - 3'12

Level restricted challenge 271 - 2'00

Level restricted challenge 271 - CO-OP with Azgudaz - 1'49

Level restricted challenge 272 - 3'17

Level restricted challenge 272 - CO-OP with Azgudaz - 3'22
3659Name:AZ (England UK)2017-12-12 02:51:51
Level Restricted Challenge 271 CO OP with Bursting Fire
3658Name:no name2017-12-07 07:30:57
Hi does anyone want to team up level up n get level 100 weapons
3657Name:....Thanks...I guess....2017-12-07 04:19:27
@Bursting Fire

only 85 hours clear time and you're sporting a 6 slot Unscripted and AMR lol?

Who were you ?
3656Name:Bursting Warrior2017-12-05 02:59:19
Lrc 269 2'37
3655Name:ShadowSlayer692017-12-01 16:18:44
@ghost, oui, on gagne toutes les recompenses pour completer au niveau 1, il ne faut pas repeter la mission.
3654Name:ghost2017-11-30 18:10:29
salut je me poser une question je vient de finir une mission evenement avec le level 1 et je me demander si quand on finit avec le niveau le plus bas on gagne toute les recompenses afficher ou juste la recompense pour avoir fini en lv 1 parce que la il offre le magnum courte porter plus mais jai vu que on pouvez gagner un degat lv 14 si on finit avec un level 40 et moins mais moi jai fini avec le niveau 1 et un degat level 14 cest mieux qu'un simple magnum du coup si quelqu'un qui parle français pouvez me repondre ça serait super sympas merci
3653Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-29 03:30:29
This is interesting. An article on using MODS and CHEATING.
3652Name:....Thanks...I guess....2017-11-25 11:36:07
WS.45 Shotgun Drake (Shit Range+)


It would seem the.. ...Mr.Train has departed

...Not to worry, if you're patient , you might get your 'ticket' punched soon.. lol
3651Name:....Thanks...I guess....2017-11-25 11:25:16

REVELATIONS is part of trilogy, or so im's also more than a coincidence that there should be 3 FOLEY sisters in the story
I predict in 2018 rev3 or early 2019 we'll have concrete info or a an actual game.

i don't mind waiting, so long as RAID MODE is done right and they give us the best fucking raid mode possible, with addition on of a proper story.

It's just a matter of time the guys- I hope the longer we have to wait , the better the final product will be .

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