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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3570Name:Marko Moans2017-09-23 02:43:25
WS reward: lv.100 Muramasa LR+ 6 slots

You lucky noobs , a chance like this only cums once a year .
3569Name:l'Abattoir2017-09-21 09:54:04
Nvm... just saw someone get it; guess that's just my luck
3568Name:l'Abattoir2017-09-21 09:28:51
Hmmm... is there any other way to get S.T.A.R.S. 2 / FBC 2 than competing for events? I would assume they'd be randomly awarded for GS:C trinities, but 4 of 4 yielded only BSAA 2.
; (
3567Name:Darkstar2017-09-21 03:25:11
Why thank you. Today's standards it's meh... I may work on the newer strategy if I find time but I don't have the movement for it.

Let me see how this week goes. The 100 is another crystal sinker I was able to get to number 24 with one life in a little over 5minutes lol. I didn't hit the medallion though that and I'm low on crystals.
3566Name:Marko Moans2017-09-21 00:44:21
EVE 1'25 on this LRC40 is pretttyyy fucking greatt! L0L
3565Name:Darkstar2017-09-20 16:18:58
I haven't seen any friends stream the Campaign of Rev1 but yes I shall keep sending.

I really thought it was for Raid.
3564Name:ShadowSlayer692017-09-20 15:54:45
Darkstar, supplies are a great help for beating Infernal difficulty, please keep sending them; i'm buying you lunch ;)
3563Name:Darkstar2017-09-19 13:38:14

Looking back at all the feedback I received from random runs I did from past to present from Friends and Mentors and I conclude that....

They aren't harsh enough.

3562Name:Marko Moans2017-09-19 01:54:51
Keith; ''Bravo''
3561Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-18 13:05:46
Thx dude...couldn't have done it without you. Lets see Firey5 and all his fanboys match this!! Lmfao. Yours will be received Tuesday.
3560Name:l'Abattoir2017-09-18 09:58:47
Congrats to x BADASS PSYCHO for obtaining the orange nametag!
3558Name:Darkstar2017-09-16 18:13:55
I just learned supplies is for Story mode for Rev1. Not sure the overall helpfulness but I'm just gonna keep sending them daily to friends because I can and it gives me a reason to login daily on the differing platforms and..

That's final. Dismissed
3557Name:Shogunroman2017-09-15 10:20:10
Darkstar Omg thank you so much, finally found it
3556Name:Darkstar2017-09-15 07:41:49
Shogun - The unlockables tab is on your Overview on the left hand side on PC web browser.
3555Name:Shogunroman2017-09-15 07:26:25
Where is the unlockables page on resident I used to be able to spend my RE points, and send items to myself in game, now I can't even find the unlockables page to do it anymore.
3554Name:re_derpyda2017-09-13 11:36:06
Thankyou to a goood friend for helping me get a gs tb
3553Name:AZ2017-09-12 03:07:32
Weekend Survivor 41 52"28
3552Name:Marko Moans2017-09-11 14:04:29
good EVEning


EVE, it's just a kid....yes ridiculous someone asking everyone to not shoot anymore just so they can get it...

1st of all they already have Bloodied GiNa as their ICON lololololololol and they don't know how to change their name...

There's a proper time and place for this shit hahahaha

3551Name:Darkstar2017-09-11 03:32:48
No Name -

The best way to obtain Bloody Gina is to simply not care or want it honestly. If you're really adamant about getting this skin then I suggest using the blue door or find a strong friend to help you kill it when the creatures health is within range.

I never understood why people ask others to not kill the Huge Creature. Mainly because Huge Creatures is a competition event and will have their competitors doing powerful damage to the creature daily. If everyone is waiting to get the skin is shooting pea shots at the creature then it is not going to die and the event will drag on and expire resulting in nobody getting the skin. Everyone wanting the skin needs to be lucky or get a strong partner to help finish the creature at the right time.

3550Name:AZ2017-09-11 00:16:41
I did WS graveyard. solo. Eat lead you tank napad mo fo's. ah aha ah It was a shambolic run to get there and makes for an embarrassing video but I got the job done. Carrying that shotgun doesn't make for easy ammo supply on the way.

@ Quagmire
I think she's called Bonnie but I can't match her to anyone dude.
3549Name:no name2017-09-10 23:35:48
Nobody kill the giant monster please, I Still need bloody Gina
3548Name:Marko Moans2017-09-10 16:51:24
Shotgun shreds them to fucking ribbons m8 , bewilder can't hurt either L0L

GiGGiDy GiGGiDY g0000 ~~~~

generous explanations inDeeD

you forgot Joes Wife tho lol

But you nailed B0B tho hahaha
3547Name:AZ2017-09-10 15:54:00
On a game topic, I ran WS twice yesterday and didn't manage the graveyard solo. I will try again today. Capcom you are sick people for putting 8-3 @ the end. As motivation for people to make friends and co op it's great though.
3546Name:AZ2017-09-10 15:39:03
@ Glen Quagmire
I'm not sorry boom.
3545Name:AZ2017-09-10 15:30:42
@ Darkstar
Lois Griffin is the one that keeps the rest of them morally grounded. Overlook the fact that she's married to a stupid fat useless moron Peter.

Shiny as Cleveland Brown because he left to do his own show and his soft spoken tone of voice.
Michael kerr as Brian because he likes a drink, (Where's Ma Whisky?) Disregard the fact that he and Stewie are buddies.
Jay as Joe Swanson because of how he can get riled up when playing and this is clear to anyone that has joined a party with him.
Woollyew as Chris because he doesn't always say the smartest things but is kind hearted and smarter than he gives himself credit for.
Stewie needs no explanation.
Quagnire needs no explanation
Greased up deaf guy needs no explanation.
Peter needs no explanation. (see top of post)

If I were to be a character I think Carter would be close or clumsy Mayor West, lol
3544Name:Marko Moans2017-09-10 15:23:17

AZ don't be sorry m8 it's just a joke, it's all in good fun .. Unlike Quagmire..I have, other ,lets say qualities, attributes and physical features, he doesn't seem to possess L0L... but I can see that out of all the figures here I am the most suited L0L in that sense , the shoe fits. This dark place can use a laugh every now and then.

Don't worry EVE, MILK-MAN-MARKO is HeRe; I'll keep MARIA ''pinned'' and ''occupied'' so you can escaped from B0Bs clutches lol...he'll hear all the moaning and have no choice but to see what all the 'fuss' is about about ''pressing'' who's a CUCKOLD B0B?

It's ironic that she's a FRENCH MAID, cus I MADE her all MESSY and now she has to clean herself up...oh the fucking Irony ~~
3543Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-10 07:02:56
Hell, I love being Stewie! Thx AZ
3542Name:AZ2017-09-10 06:33:37
Yes Eve in good humour. But somehow Quagmire (James) can turn any post in to an xxx rated sex story of some kind,
No insults were intended. If anyone is truly offended to being compared to any of the Family Guy characters. let me know and I will remove ok.
3541Name:Darkstar2017-09-10 02:49:27
Thankfully I don't get the reference but I am sure it is in good humor.

And yes please don't put me with Bob

Disgusting .
3540Name:Marko Moans2017-09-10 01:19:29

GiGGiDY G00 , he cums my man-glue~~~

hahahaha the family faggot' references L0L ,, B0B+EVE?? uh'ohh L0L you're stiring up a shit storm m8

Na... she had to bend over and tie her 'shoe-laces' together real tight against the tree..her pants conveniently down around her ankles, ''OPPS'' what's this?? let's just say the hole in her stockings wasn't the only thing of hers I opened up wide last night ... *licks LIPS #MarkoM0ANs
3539Name:AZ2017-09-09 18:50:27
@ Marko
I did hear some rustling in the bushes. I didn't know it was you undoing something lacy in there man. I ran on past as quick as I could mate.

I almost forgot

Obbey = Greased up deaf guy. ....Can't catch him lol
3538Name:AZ2017-09-09 18:27:50
If you thought I was joking about strange things going on in the dark woods check out this short video and see for yourselves.

360 Up to it's usual weirdness.

@ Big Jiim
Who else but Quagmire? lol I imagine a few players on here as FAMILY GUY characters.
James = Glen Quagmire
Jay 187 = Joe Swanson
Darkstar = Lois Griffin
IMF5 TAP OUT = Stewie Griffin
BOB = Peter Griffin
Micheal Kerr 180 = Brian Griffin
Woollyyew = Chris Griffin
Shinny = Cleveland Brown

I wouldn't insult anyone by having them be MEG lol (maybe WornOutSmiles but only because Meg has fk all to smile about)
3537Name:Marko Moans2017-09-09 13:32:32
''Some strange goings on in the dark forest I think. mmmm indeed.''

Yes inDee'P...

.... Don't mind the 'howling' or the rustling in the bushes as you stroll on by AZ. Oh no, it's just Marko Making her M0AN.. when the full M00N cums out i turn into a more 'SEXY-BEAST' it drives her crazy ~

3536Name:Darkstar2017-09-09 09:21:58
AZ - Mr. Antunnes has made some impressive strides in the leaderboards. The time is decent, pretty sure you can win it.

3535Name:oritsu2017-09-09 08:25:50
Does anyone know what icon real survival unlocks here on It's an achievement from re remastered
3534Name:AZ2017-09-09 05:14:48
LRC 245
3533Name:AZ2017-09-09 02:24:07
Some strange goings on in the dark forest I think. mmmm indeed.
3532Name:Marko Moans2017-09-08 01:05:07


Who has seen the recently added upcoming WANTED EVENT??

**** SSS: 150 and over:Serpent (Lv48, 5 slots) *** it's in the bag for anyone who NEEDS a decent magnum ForFUCKSake it's a free SERPENT L0L

3531Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-07 23:12:01
Good morning to all my haters. Hope you slept well. Whenever "if you ever" complete GS Chaos then please feel free to comment more. Have a lovely day all my lil followers.LMAO
3530Name:Godless2017-09-07 22:50:06
Cancer is right.
3529Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-07 13:11:59
@ kerr..oh how I have missed you. Btw...Have you done chaos? Lmao
3528Name:Michael kerr 1802017-09-07 12:43:40
The cancer has spread to the one finally scraped your welfare checks to get a one you piss stain on humanity
3527Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-07 11:43:35
Btw..It's 8p.m. Isn't it past your bedtime? Go to bed before you get grounded from xbox..
3526Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-07 11:35:02
@ Gutless. Dude you amuse me. Another tough guy hiding behind a keyboard. One question.. Did you ever stop and tnink that maybe your frie d was lying? Mmmmm? Keep writing your lil passages. Have a nice day. Lmao
3525Name:Godless2017-09-07 11:14:00
@Firey Tap Out or whatever your fuckin' name is, all these other people here helped to educate me about the kind of dedicated gamer Prov Drummer is, which discredits that rocket-launcher thing. But your pussy-ass comes out acting like I was talking shit about the guy whose dick you want to suck. Go back to hiding in the the shadows where your lil faggot-ass belongs.
3524Name:Godless2017-09-07 10:57:50
@Firey And I don't believe everything I hear. I thought there might be some merit to what my friend said because of Prov's numbers being so high, despite the game only coming out a few days prior. I found it odd that someone cheating would openly admit to it, and that it required a USB, but stuff like that is entirely possible with technology. But from what some people are saying, Prov seems like a good guy and not someone that would hack to get ahead. I'm taking their word for it, and that maybe Prov was just fucking with my friend. But you Firey are a little bitch. I seriously doubt you could make anybody tap out. I'd like to see you try.
3523Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-07 10:14:32
@ Derpy. Really dude?
3522Name:re_derpyda2017-09-07 09:56:06
Can't wait to see a old friend back on Xbox one if you know you know see you soon dude
3521Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-07 09:16:01
@Godless..This is one of YOUR quotes from a previous post. "You people need to quit believing everything you hear." You my lil gutless wonder need to learn some respect. Tap Out might have to teach you some.
3520Name:Godless2017-09-07 07:06:18
Umm... well, as I had just stated, I wasn't declaring it as a fact, and that I didn't know if it was true or not. And before this, I've never said any of the good players are cheating, but by all means keeps talking outta your ass.

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