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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3637Name:Marko Moans2017-11-16 15:24:00
Finally as per RAINB0Ws

You'll want to ONLY play CODE RED difficulty , as code red is the ONLY place ( + selected online event prizes ) where you can obtain level 100 guns of rainbow rarity

Stage 5-3 is an excellent level to farm in solo, simply because you can open all 4 chests right behind you , either continuing to play if you find something of value or exit out and repeat until you do -

I'd offer to play with you and help myself, but I don't play rev2 much anymore or busy with other stuff, so I'm not sure how long it would last even if we did - You'd have more luck finding others first . Do feel free to go ahead and add me if you like and perhaps if I am free we can play a few , no promises though. Also happy to answer any questions about raid mode here...hahahaa others may make an appearance too .

GT: J a x i d e n t

Happy RAINBOW hunting, Leprechaun lol
3636Name:Marko Moans2017-11-16 15:12:05
About the C0-0P and waiting around,

most are casual players and have weak guns, even most level 100 players , as for actually finding others to play with - well that depends on the time of day/night you look thru the blue door.

I'd suggest making an LFG (Looking for group) post in the REV2 game hub on xbox and specify what you want - I would also say to leave it up for a few days so anyone can see if you're lucky you might catch something decent like that (quick tip: you can set the 'start time for a few days to a weeks time in advance so u have greater chance of people seeing it + you can view post history and 'repost' previous LFG posts, hope u r not confused by that)

Asking here is a long shot . 1 because this place is fucking desolate and all the usual suspects have since gone, I'd say you were lucky I'd responded lol

and 2. only a very small % of the player population actually use the forums here, worse yet they are unaware of its existence and function of this site along side RAID MODE on
3635Name:Marko Moans2017-11-16 15:01:31
Dear Mr. 7

It's really unfortunate you were unable to complete Weekend Survivor no.44 for the Legendary lv.100 6 Slot Mr.Train (2005M) magnum.

After all, that's as close to a 'pot of gold' a wee leprechaun could have hoped for when wishing upon a RAINB0W .L0L

I had 2 other friends who missed out on that yummy sexy mangum , sad to think CAPCOM is just handing out these guaranteed level 100 6 slot guns.

And then there are the people that need/want them the most and are simply not getting them, or unable to - due to being unaware or being to weak to complete in solo. the solution is co-op in the case of being too weak to finish.

and roughly only [ 30 ] people on XBOX ONE in the world get this prize.
3634Name:Sle7ven2017-11-11 20:57:11
Hi all I am kind of at the stage where I can't really improve for some reason can't find a rainbow gun . Would like to co- op with some of you but whenever I try match making I just sit there for ages . If anyone is interested in me joining them pls send me a message on Xbox one to MrSle7ven .
3633Name:Marko Moans2017-11-10 15:10:46
Chew Chew , all aboard Mr.Train . next stop - Orgasm Orchard
3631Name:Marko Moans2017-11-01 04:16:38
LRC. no 260 C0-0P
3630Name:Marko Moans2017-10-29 05:15:06
Unfortunately not.
3629Name:Auchinleck19592017-10-29 04:00:07
Now that RE 5 and 6 are on xbox one will there be support on resident
3628Name:Marko Moans2017-10-29 03:23:48
and Kratos is also a baldie explains why he's angry all the time lol

Na... Nyte Blayde AKA Josh Birk is a character from 'Saints ROW 3+' he's a funny/silly character , the jokes on you if you haven't played it L0L

The similarities were there and i couldn't resist

3627Name:Nitephall2017-10-28 19:11:57
@Mimickry Marcus: No my alter-ego is Kratos from the God of War games. That guy don't take no shit.
3626Name:Marko Moans2017-10-28 06:19:54

Nyteblade is Josh Burkes "Alter-Ego'

G00D EVEning EVE,

I didn't bother to have my equipment hooked up when I hit that time cus my luck was so horrible. Lucky for you, I recorded the run via xbox lol , I'll have to find it and send to you sometime . it could have gone better.
3625Name:AZ2017-10-27 19:36:47
LRC 257
3624Name:Nitephall2017-10-27 18:59:45
Who the hell is Josh Burke by the way? lol
3623Name:Nitephall2017-10-27 18:58:46
@Marko Moans: yeah I wasn't sureif it was Microsoft or Capcom. I really like the new dashboard, and I figured I gotta pass the time somehow while Jay is killing everything for me. Bad move. At least I learned my lesson. First the shitty matchmaking for Rev 2 on the One and now this. Will the horror ever stop?
3622Name:Darkstar2017-10-27 11:51:18

I wish to see last weeks LRC 40 run, that was a awesome time!
3621Name:Marko Moans2017-10-26 02:35:12
@ Nyte Blade A.K.A Josh Burke

yeah, I been fucked out of a few trinities, like right at the end cus of that shit man.

It isn't Mirco'softCock's problem thought - It's entirely capcom fault with how they set up online functionality on a select few games.

I also ran into this issue on RE5 when enjoying mercenaries or co-op story mode - In my observation , it has something to do with a combination of connection quality between the two players + how the online is setup/designed on these games/maybe server side also.

For fucks, I can't even join my friend on Dead Rising 3 cus of this shit .

.............L0L all that aside, this place is quieter than 'TALL OAKS'
3620Name:Nitephall2017-10-24 17:22:07
I selected the thread for RE Rev Xbox One, but it posted here. Don't know why.
3619Name:Nitephall2017-10-24 17:18:46
Many of you probably already know about this, but I thought I'd post in the hopes of saving at least one other person from my grief: when playing Raid with a partner in RE: Rev, DO NOT go into the dashboard. It causes a disconnection and ends your stage. Jay worked his but off for me for almost an hour the other night in GS. All was going well, until I decided I wanted to play with the new dashboard. Game Over. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this.
3618Name:Kerman72017-10-22 00:25:11
Anyone up for the Weekend Survivor this weekend?
I'm fully upgraded but everytime I've tried so far I have been running out of time, so assuming it's faster coop.
Hit me up on Xbox Live with a msg, even if I don't show online.
3616Name:AZ2017-10-12 23:49:58
@ James
I am sort of at the stage on rev1 where I was on rev 2 using no full burst. It would be nice to inflict some better damage to the fkrs.
3615Name:Marko Moans2017-10-12 19:29:29
Na fuck that shit Az

the only thing that will boost your enthusiasm for this game is a Gluttony 5 + Autoloader 5 as you've yet to experience the full power of a magnum in this game lol... it will , for some time keep morales high at sea .
3614Name:AZ2017-10-12 04:38:13
@ James
Thanks James. Try to take you up on your offer to help me to 50 over the weekend mate. It might restore my enthusiasm for the game perhaps.
3613Name:Marko Moans2017-10-11 22:29:10

Yeah man , that's how I am with games too. im jumping back n forth lika fucken rabbit between what to play..or a Kangaroo , what eva .. lol

anyway if I'm free and around sometime I can help you hit 50 and run a few Chaos runs, easy as piss m8.

3612Name:AZ2017-10-11 16:08:17
Huge creature still alive on xbox one when all other platforms have killed theirs, Playing only once per day makes a difference right?
@ James
I am still lv 48.5 on rev1. Played a bit @ weekend but lost patience with it when it gave me a headache. Perhaps I am best sticking to rev 2. I like the play speed more. I will most likely play rev 1 when I feel like rev 2 is becoming a bit stale, then after playing rev 1 and going back to rev 2 I can feel and appreciate the fluidity and freedom of movement again.
3611Name:Marko Moans2017-10-07 04:27:10
go ahead and buy some 5,000 gun cases here AZ , its safe to do so when you're in the level 40-50 range , but you can find better stuff on GhostShit Chaos mode .
3610Name:Darkstar2017-10-07 03:37:05
Az - Just from observing plays the game itself is actually very fun and I like that the Ghost ship stage is like a WS run except you can run it continuously and I love to see what friends find at the results screen. Comparing to farming the stage it's less repetitive like farming RAID on REV2 and you don't have to keep quitting the stage to reload for random 4 boxes.

And let's just forget about Bob, he is no longer relevant in the community.
3609Name:AZ2017-10-07 03:28:46
@ Eve
I keep meaning to play a bit more rev1 on xbox one but don't seam to get round to it. Sometime over the weekend I will try to level up the last 2 I need to be @ 50. I have around 400.000 re points to spend on stuff to send to myself too, so it's best to wait until lv 50 I think. There's lots of things on rev1 I don't know still.
3608Name:AZ2017-10-07 03:01:36
@ marko
aaahh BOB it's definitely possible lol I see his name is MenstralSis stuttering kkkkkunt on here and been up to his old tricks on WS?? A leopard can't change it's spots. A chance to play fair and maybe put out a few vids and he blows it. (giggity)
3607Name:Darkstar2017-10-07 02:37:38
Now that is freaking hilarious AZ.

Hopefully REV1 doesn't have the flaws that REV2 has and the competition is much better and fair. Looks exciting love watching the REV1 runs and the prizes definitely look more appealing.
3606Name:Marko Moans2017-10-07 00:53:57
Hahahahah AZ lol , spot on M8 , must be bobby L0L

you threw a controller at a wall huh?

Worst I ever did was throw my shitty controler out as hard as i fucken could on the road at night once .

I fucking smashed it sooo HARD it on the road . I fucken pift it like a cricket ball at the curb . cunt got smashed in 100 little pieces

I needed a new 1, so i smashed the old 1. Oh yeah , I got some use out of it finally hahaha
3605Name:AZ2017-10-07 00:27:30
Just for the record I am replacing one because I threw it at the wall not for a start button fault. Oh and it seams the start button is tiny and fragile, so if you want your controllers to last longer than a couple of weekend survivors stop spamming the shit out of it.
3604Name:AZ2017-10-07 00:13:15
I have been looking for a cheap replacement controller or 2 on EBAY. I came across (giggity) one French guy selling a job lot of 20 controllers listed as faulty 15 x 360's and 5 x Xbone's. They all had the same fault which was the start buttons no longer functional due to wear and tear. He must be a RE Rev2 raid player. I can only guess as to which player it could be.
3603Name:Lady LC2017-10-06 18:07:21
@Alpha Q, what issues are you having exactly when opening doors?
3602Name:Marko Moans2017-10-06 16:20:21
oh EVE lol hahaha
3601Name:Darkstar2017-10-06 07:07:38
lol.... ok that made me giggle
3599Name:Marko Moans2017-10-05 18:59:05
Have you tried the window sil ?
3598Name:Alpha Q Up2017-10-03 11:53:17
I just got playing RER on Xbox one. I'm having mad issues opening doors in raids. I'm pressing A, but no good.
3597Name:Darkstar2017-10-03 06:01:39
It is fine. It isn't the first time nor be the last I've lost trophies to Glitchers.

3596Name:Marko Moans2017-10-03 05:36:57
'how else is bob going to win anything'


the faggot contest ? he takes 1st place all year round.. hahhaha

the croissant eating contest?

the MIME dancing contest?

the list is endless lolololol...
3595Name:Darkstar2017-10-03 03:45:08
You mean like how kkkkBob still trying to remain relevant and claim he is legit. How else is Bob gonna win anything? Lol

3594Name:Marko Moans2017-10-02 23:52:50
Looks like someone stopped to tie their shoe laces last minute lol...
3593Name:Darkstar2017-10-02 16:36:12
I actually played it out of boredom, kind of stop caring simply because I am sure all the respectable players on each platform have already been informed and know of who cheats on WS events. I already know who cheats anyways. The results won't finalize until 9AM my time so anything can still change in the next 8hours or so.

3592Name:Marko Moans2017-10-02 16:03:04
I haven't seen this many teams paired on WS co-op for bloody ages . nice work fuckers ;)

Way to BUMp nemesis EVE lol...
3591Name:Nearyah072017-10-02 05:31:28
Still looking for Chaos run through help. I’m trying to obtain the BSAA2 Part but I kept getting the FBC2 Part. If anyone is willing and has the patience to help me I would appreciate it. Also I’ll do the same in return. Thanks in advance. My GT is the same as my username.
3590Name:Marko Moans2017-09-30 20:31:32
#Crisis Averted
3589Name:Darkstar2017-09-30 11:07:01
Curious for a time but not important or my business now that I think about it.

Thank you kindly
3588Name:I made Firey5 TAP OUT2017-09-30 06:06:59
Eve.. I dont want to fill the forums with garbage. I would be more than happy to explain it in a party tho. Xbox gt. xBADASS PSYCHOx add me ans I will gladly explain. Thx
3587Name:Kakashi2017-09-30 03:20:14
@ Nearyah07

hello bro, i can help you with the chaos trinity, I add you
3586Name:Marko Moans2017-09-29 19:08:15
rev1 tower of doom rewards= aids
3585Name:Marko Moans2017-09-29 14:55:45
Moira; ''yeaahhhh FUck it right up the ass''

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