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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2528Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-22 05:12:37
Agreed, sometimes they might be. Not very often I go on my 360 though, maybe once a week normally? Yet everytime I do go on it, every 10-30 minute interval I'm gonna get disconnected. Either I'm unlucky enough to sign in on the only ocassions where the Servers are having difficulty, or there's still something in my house interferring with my 360.

I don't know, it's not a massive issue as I rarely use it, but it would be nice to know what's causing it if only to avoid having to keep signing back in every 10 minutes or so...
2527Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-22 04:18:24
..sometimes the 360 servers r at fault
2526Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-22 02:15:13

Yeah, it's pretty enfuriating, especially since I don't know the cause. Tried resetting my router, deleting and redownloading my profile, deleting system Cache etc. As well as moving my 360 to a different room, turning off other wireless chargers/laptops/speakers and still no luck. My Xbox One sits right next to my 360 and that never disconnects so I'm pretty confused... lol
2525Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-22 01:47:52

Message me or jay if you want to get leveled up@the fastest rate on Rev1 - I leveled up many people... the last 47-50 ranks r a bitch lol
2524Name:Nitephall2017-01-21 19:14:20

HaouDavid took me through the Ghost Ship a long time ago. He did all the killing and basically told me where to hide lol. I guess we didn't get the Trinity Bonus, because I never got a Gluttony for a magnum. I did, however, get Jill's sweet pirate outfit. I think if I got a Gluttony for rifles that would seriously change my game. Then I wouldn't have to depend solely on Full Burst from my Windsor. I could probably help out in the first few areas where the enemies have little health, but later when the nasty shit starts I'm gonna be rooting you from a dark corner somewhere lol.
2523Name:Nitephall2017-01-21 19:09:25
Holy shit I had the same problem on my 360! All I had to do was reboot my router. That took care of the problem. When you drop Live at regular intervals like that, it's usually either your router or something else in your room that is connecting wirelessly to something. The signals interfere with each other. For example, if you have a wireless speaker system (as happened to me right after I got my 360. I had to make sure it was unplugged whenever I played my 360).
2522Name:ShadowSlayer692017-01-21 00:47:49
@Nitephall, gluttony for the magnum is only available as the prize for a Trinity on the Ghost Ship, all enemies killed without you taking a single scratch of damage. don't worry, i was only lv 27 when i got mine playing with our mutual friend :) the hardest part is not letting any enemies escape, but i know all their hiding places
2521Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-20 20:21:36
Yup, it's terrible! Lol

I'd offer help on Rev.1, but for some reason I lose connection to Live every 10-15 mins on 360. Not been able to identify the problem.
2520Name:Nitephall2017-01-20 19:07:23

I agree with you: the d-pad on the 360 controller just plain sucks. It's very poorly designed. I left a post about this but somehow it got deleted. Sometimes I go to switch subweapons, and it switches my main weapon instead. Or the other way around. This is bad in the heat of battle, and it's made even worse by the fact that the game doesn't keep an icon on the screen to tell you which subweapon you have equipped. To see that, you have to actually switch subweapons, which wastes prescious seconds when that prone Scarmiglioni is crawling toward you.
2519Name:Nitephall2017-01-20 19:00:30

BTW,I do have a Gluttony part, but only for my shotguns. It would be very nice to use Gluttony on rifles and magnums.
2518Name:Nitephall2017-01-20 18:57:42

You bet I would like one of those. But I'm only lvl. 47 in Rev. 1 and my guns aren't good enough to tackle the Ghost Ship. If we played it together, you would pretty much be carrying me. I have a bunch of lvl. 48 guns from playing online with higher level players, but I can't use any of them until I hit lvl. 48. I would tremendously appreciate any help you could give me with Raid Mode in Rev. 1.
2517Name:Darkstar2017-01-20 15:08:22
WS Overlord! How did Capcom know I wanted one?! It's a Miracle lol
2516Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-20 11:22:16

From the Xbox Home press "Start" over Revelations 2, then pick "Manage Game" and then go to "Ready to Install"...
2515Name:l'Abattoir2017-01-20 06:53:12
I hope not, considering the whole game is only $20 on the Microsoft store
2514Name:Babbitt2017-01-20 04:31:53
So how does one get "present codes"? Hoping their is a way to get the other chapters that way. Kinda bummed how they set that up with the chapters... I just wanna play the game. Not spend another 20-30$ to buy content I paid $35 for one chapter??
2513Name:ShadowSlayer692017-01-18 20:00:25
@Nyteblade, it's the same duplication glitch with a different application: copy your guns a few times and try out different parts combinations on them, as you can ccpy parts cheaply, transfer max level parts on lvl 1 guns to save bp, always keep at least 1 of each max part to restock, then destroying them becomes painless. Its as easy as playing Rev 1 with gluttony 5, which gives your magnum access to 1,300 bullets, making even a 4 slot python pretty invincible. if you'd like one of those, join me on the Ghost Ship, but i'm afraid i will need to kill everything again, one last time ;)
2512Name:Nitephall2017-01-18 19:05:27
I can remove parts from weapons without destroying either one? Is there some kind of glitch I need to take advantage of? I know about the duplication glitch, but this sounds like something different.

I agree that Raid in Rev.1 is a tighter and more polished experience. It's just that the characters upgrade sooooo slowly, and the stages, starting at about 1/3 of the way through Trench, increase their difficulty very quickly. At that point, it's pretty much mandatory to go online and find someone to help you. The game gives me nothing but crap weapons and parts and then gives me enemies that it takes a million friggin' bullet to kill. I have to resort to full-bursing everything with my Windham, and that gets old after a while.
2511Name:Darkstar2017-01-18 07:16:57
I would like to know if there is a Xbox controller that is silent on button taps?
2510Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-17 23:45:31
No, the 360 D-Pad is pure AIDs irrelevant of the controller's condition...
2509Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 22:40:07
and the 360s D-pad is only 'Pure AIDs' when it's over used and 'WornOut' , rendering some directional inputs less than 100% responsive L0L
2508Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 22:37:36

REV3 needs to be the ultimate raid experience , i hope they can deliver on this front
2507Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 22:36:44

yes the 'level design' for RAID MODE in rev1 was much better and they were lengthier BUT this is only due to the fact that -

Rev1 RAID was faithful to campaign story mode , both modes were parallel in level.stages...except for that yummy ghost ship!!

We got fucked in rev2, hard; why did they have to cut out soooo many segments and perfect areas from the original campaign ?? For a moment, I would like you to imagine if every part from the campaign was in RAID MODE?? A real sad shame they weren't fully included because most of them are better than the recycled BS from RE6 + This game DID NOT need to borrow levels from previous games-it has all the right levels to begin with from its own story mode - any1 who has played thru the campaign more than once knows exactly what im talking about here

OMFG the least they could have done was included some more stages from rev1 4us ;)

Even RE5 story levels carried over to raid mode here OMG and characters would be really nice ~~~

REV3 n
2506Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 22:19:11

hey nitephall in rev1 you can actually remove your parts from your guns and not have to destroy them leaving both the weapon+ parts intact....reason rev2 is fkt is due to parts combining , dont ask me why L0L their way to torment us

but the real thing to considering when talking about capcom delivering a new'ish rev1 to us is simply this;

If they REmake with better frame rates n polished graphic, just like 4/5/6 ect. IT WILL HAVE NO RE>NET support = EVENTS , would we be happy with this? assuming all the bugs would be fixed

And if they make it backwards compatible , it will remain the same and at least have access for events still.

For rev2...theres awhole biggggg fkn list of things they could have done to improve the game ...and why the fuck was lottie the only DLC character they gave us after the game came out? imagine all the RE characters/alt.costumes they COULD have given us to be used as extra 'costumes' what a joke
2505Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-17 16:26:43
Maybe for the 100..I suppose the last 2 parts okay, but everyone should have max parts by now from the duplication glitch surely??? Hahahahaha

...when you said the rewards were good for the LRCs and I REchecked them as i thought there would have been a gun of some sort for the noobies to pick up lol

oh well
2504Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-17 00:04:07
For real, the 360 Controller's D-Pad is pure AIDS.

Rev.1 Raid is way more difficult than Rev.2's, but I like that about it. That and the levels are significantly longer (at least 5 minutes + per stage), whereas Rev.2 I think the longest stage takes me not much more than 2'30" solo. I dunno, just collecting better Weapons and Levelling up to improve is more satisfying in Rev.1. That and experimenting with different Weapon/Part combinations is more enjoyable. Rev.2 if it isn't a Shotgun, Magnum or Rifle; it's more or less useless regardless of Parts. Rev.1 every weapon had it's strength.

I love Rev.2, but they definitely took 1 step forward and 2 steps back in terms of Raid.
2503Name:Nitephall2017-01-16 21:44:34
I would like to see a re-treatment of Rev. 1 also, mostly so I wont' have to use the horrible d-pad on the 360 controller anymore. I would also like to see Capcom tweak raid mode in rev 1 so it's not so bloody inaccessible for single players. It's great if you can find someone online with better guns to help you out, but the single player raid mode in Rev. 1 is just a torture fest after you get about 1/3 of the way through Trench.
2502Name:Darkstar2017-01-16 15:48:05
Great prizes for this coming weeks LRC! What miracle!!
2501Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-16 05:00:45
Rev.1 not only needs some kind of Port/REmaster, it deserves 1. That game is a masterpiece, in terms of Raid Mode it shits all over Rev.2. Only problem if they make it Backwards Compatible, is players are still going to have their modded saves with unlimited Rocket Launchers etc. That renders the Purple Name you get for earning all Bonuses worthless to me. In fact, it took me way over a year to get my final Bonus from Trench as I didn't want to be accused of cheating.

I dunno, they thought RE6 was worthy of being REmade so I have faith in Capcom REmaking Rev.1.
2500Name:Nitephall2017-01-15 21:59:58
"REV1 - would you rather it be backward compatible OR have it receive the same treatment as RE4/5/6 ?"

If you're talking about backwards compatibility on the upcoming Xbox Scorpio (or whatever the hell it's called) I would prefer that. IMHO, Rev 2 already looks pretty amazing, so it doesn't really need a big graphical update. One change I WOULD like to see is for Capcom to get rid of the whole "you either have to destroy the part or the weapon" thing. Thats just ridiculous, and it discourages players from trying new weapon/part combinations. And ohyeah, Claire's cowgirl costume needs some reworking. Her butt is a little too big and her boobs aren't big enough. But I have yet to see Capcom to a model upgrade on a character in a re-release.
2499Name:Nitephall2017-01-14 21:50:02
"Thank you Jay for the kindness and oh so generosity."

Yes, Jay is quite the trooper when it comes to being patient with less-skilled players. He helped out huge, and I hope my arsenal will allow me to help him out one day.
2498Name:Darkstar2017-01-14 16:58:30
I must say the Xbox community is just awesome. I just tried out Live temporarily and I notice the search features is very different through the blue door.
Thank you to Gallivant for the level ups and fun grind.

Thank you Jay for the kindness and oh so generosity.

Truly an amazzzing Community
2497Name:Nitephall2017-01-11 21:53:05

I thought it was that way too, but J4y187 told me some account link codes are better than others at giving quality loot from the chests. I'm thinking someting must be going on, because for a long time I got nothing but crap from the chests. Now I'm getting all these awesome weapons. Maybe it's because Code Red is almost 100% clear. Maybe the figures I've paid my dues and can start collecting now.
2496Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-10 22:20:02
Good to hear you're finding some good stuff. Honestly though, I don't care what anyone says, I still don't believe any of these claims or playing conditions that are said to "increase your chances at better loot"... You either get lucky or you don't.
2495Name:Nitephall2017-01-10 21:53:55
Finally, after months and months of playing this game, I got a good account link code. I am getting killer parts and weapons up the wazzoo. In just a couple of days I found my second lvl. 100 Mura, a lvl. 100 2005M, a Decimator, an Overlord,and a Ticket Puncher. Plus loads of high level Fire Rate, Cap, and Quick Load parts. I can't play any other games now until I milk this link code for all it's worth XD. I hereby submit my recent acquisitions for review and/or advice to the Raid Mode Professional Committe on this forum. A chief researcher must be present, but this may not apply in the event of an emergency.
2493Name:furyblood2017-01-08 01:11:47
je vois que , il en a qui aime jouer les balance et etre delateuse envers certains sur les differente plate forme de jeu et faire des rapport aupres du site et de capcom , sur leur temps de jeu etc au vue de leur rang de reussite sur divers evenement , mais voila que ceux qui on joue de maintes delation tres honorifique dans leur esprit on pris le meme chemin queceux qu ils accusaient sans cesse,e, plus soit disant que avait pas de sous pour une ps4 mais trouve le moyen d en trouver une pour xbox one , maigre reussite sur ps3 et surtout faire des rapport quand on perd sa place par des pseudo qui semblait avoir peut de temps de jeu , mais ON PEUT CLAIREMENT VOIR LA VOIE EMPRUNTER AUSSI PAR LA PURE BLASFEMATION AU VUE D UN TEMPS DE JEU MEDIOCRE que cette personne aimer a faire des rapport et a les expedie ,SACRE MENTALITE ET COUARDISE REALISEE
2492Name:furyblood2017-01-08 01:10:42
  I see that he likes to play the scales and be delateful towards some of the different game platforms and make rapport with the site and capcom, on their playing time etc. in view of their rank of success on various Eventually, but those who played a lot of honor in their minds took the same route as the ones they incessantly accused, plus saying that had no money for a ps4 but finds a way to find one For xbox one, meager success on ps3 and especially to make reports when one loses its place by pseudo which seemed to have time of play, but one can clearly see the way borrow also by the pure blasfemation in view of a time of game MEDIOCRE that this person like to make reports and has expedie, SACRE MENTALITE AND COUARDISE REALIZED
2491Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2017-01-05 18:36:03

yes, it's always been a dream of mine for capcom to make a 'mega/ultimate' RAID game of sorts with all level in previous games reworked slightly for RAID mode play - just think of ALL the characters/weapons/enemy types ect. and endless possibilities for events and so on and online fun ...

I hope RE:REV3 delivers on that front, until then, RE7 is just a ' spot filler' L0L although RE7 does seems promising indeed. I am happy to wait longer for REV3, provided it combines the best parts of 1&2 with a few new features -

REV1 - would you rather it be backward compatible OR have it receive the same treatment as RE4/5/6 ?
2490Name:Darkstar2017-01-05 09:13:56
Well then Looks like I'll hold my live membership till your free from RE7 lol

2489Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-05 09:03:41
I just want RE7 already...
2488Name:Darkstar2017-01-05 03:55:21
That python SR+... I want it I want it! Lol

2487Name:l'Abattoir2017-01-04 07:50:08
I have a funny feeling there won't be support for RE7... just a hunch. There was lots of hype preceding the games that are supported, but I've seen no indication for RE7. If anyone's seen news stating otherwise, please chime in.
2486Name:B22_IN_SPIRIT2017-01-04 04:50:24
Just remaster or make Rev1 bc already. Either that or just make a big Raid Mode main game. Come on now. What's the point of having forums based on fan fare when the only thing Capcom listens to are complaints against hackers?

As fun as Rev2 is imo it's just a spot filler until Res7, for those who want it anyway..
2485Name:l'Abattoir2017-01-01 21:30:28
Oh, I hope it's an SVD SR+! There's nothing more emotionally satisfying than scoping in an enemy that's 1 meter away!
2484Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-01 21:00:25
They're probably still deciding on what Short Range + Weapon to give
2483Name:l'Abattoir2017-01-01 15:16:44
Hmmm... an LRC-free week and now no huge creature? Could this mean the beginning of the end of Say it ain't so
2482Name:l'Abattoir2016-12-31 10:50:49
WS29 Missions:

1. IV-3
2. IV-5
3. VIII-6
4. I-6
5. II-2
6. II-3
7. IV-4
8. V-3
9. I-3
10. VII-5
11. VIII-1
12. VI-6
13. VII-1
14. IV-6
15. III-3
16. II-6
17. III-6
18. I-5
19. II-5
20. V-6
21. I-2
22. IV-1
23. VII-3
24. III-1
25. VII-6
26. III-5
27. II-4
28. VI-3
29. I-4
30. I-1
2481Name:l'Abattoir2016-12-31 10:49:43
@smiles staff doesn't get back from Christmas vacation til late next week, so I'm sure it'll slide.
2480Name:WornOutSmiles2016-12-31 01:52:06
EisTee on PC coming in hot with the WS World Record of 22'59"! Seems legit.. Kappa
2479Name:Darkstar2016-12-26 01:45:02
James - lol you always make me laugh and... that name!!
2478Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2016-12-25 20:17:08
That can be arranged!

**inconspicuously slides Machine Pistol slowly over the table

** reaches for tortilla chips and cheese dip - gets wrist slapped *

Fancy meeting you here, on the Xbox 0NE..that can mean only 1 thing! lol

...I trust Santa has already offered to share his 'toys' with you .

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