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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3025Name:W3SK3R2021-01-13 02:52:24
I have that freezing lags at start of a mission too. But running old pc. What i figured out is:
-Indoor levels lag more than outdoor
-Characters with light reflecting clothes lag more. Best characters for me to play are Cifer and Lady Hunk
-in coop if partner starts shooting at beginning i freeze like forever
Only way to reduce the lag for me is set video settings nearly to min. but helps not much. Or pause game at level start for 1-2 min and let the game load into ram or graphic card ram whatever.
Hope it helps a bit greetings!
3024Name:NX012021-01-10 23:52:03
tested HDD vs NVME no difference, bad game code........
3023Name:Uzumaki19882021-01-10 04:38:49
@Ares: This is from personal experience... My previous PC: i7 4790K/16GB DDR3 and GTX960 used to play this game flawlessly. Never had a single lag or freeze. I upgraded the GPU in 2017 to GTX 1060 (6G Gaming X MSI) and started getting lags during explosions in WS. :/
Upgraded the PC in 2019 to Ryzen 5 3600/Asus Strix B450F Gaming/16GB DDR4 3200Mhz TridentZ/480GB M2 SSD for "C: Drive" with the same GTX 1060 and the lags/ crashes still remain during WS...
So all these issues mean one thing only, the game badly optimized for modern hardware. Not an issue with our PCs. Horrible... buggy game! There was no issues with my WiFi this morning and after my first WS solo attempt (got 48mins~) got error during score upload. Just now was trying to play co-op with a friend and 3 back to back crashes in less than 5 floors played... Every time it just feels like this game is not worth playing anymore... :(
3022Name:Nimitz2021-01-10 00:51:45
hello ares one
if you can console yourself, my brother has a better pc than yours but the game runs worse than on my 9 year old pc
so it is the game that is not updated for new pc
3021Name:ares.one2021-01-09 22:52:34
Ryzen 5 2600, Asus TUF B450 Gaming Plus, Bequiet cpu-cooler, 16 gb Ram Corsair vegenance 3000, C:System 500GB SSD D:1000GB SSD. 650W Pure power 11 Pro PSU. Win 10 20h2. Fractal design R4 case with 3 bequiet Silent Wings 3 (highspeed). Max GPU temp is 76 and CPU 56 degrees when 99-100% load. In Rev 2 my cpu is 43 degrees and my gpy @51. There is no heating in my pc. All drivers up to date. Double checked + by friend. (We built systems together since 10 years)

That system is up do date and works perfectly with modern games. Also elder ones like Bioshock. Its just Revelations2.
I had stockings with RX480 too. But not that massive. Also i installed the game on System drive. Network is ok. Firewall is ok. Port is open.

RAM Test (WIN tool and memtest86), SSD tests (WIN10 Tool and 3rd party tool). All fine so far.

Thats why i asked for settings that may reduce or eleminate those laggs.
Some are well known for me. Like in the beginning of Gauntlet VI-3. But i have that on every level now.
3020Name:Uzumaki19882021-01-09 06:30:03
Also this issue is not there with the newer games he mentioned. So most likely bad optimization for the game, driver issue...
3019Name:Uzumaki19882021-01-09 06:28:02
@ares: I agree with NX, if you use the old-school mechanical HDDs then there are chances of it causing slowdowns (lags) in game but if that was the case, then you would experience lags and screen-freezing very often even with normal tasks like browsing web.
Not sure is faster SSDs have that issue, haven't seen any myself yet. SSDs are way better than the mechanical HDDs of course.
I do not believe the CPU could be the cause, as if it was CPU then ares would have been experiencing lags during explosions and stuff in game from the beginning but this started with the new GPU only...
3018Name:NX012021-01-09 04:44:59
3017Name:ares.one2021-01-08 05:33:42
@Uzumaki: Thanks. Yes. The windowed is needed to avoid crashes. Forgot that.
Now iam struggling with the laggs. Its wierd. Connection is fine.

When my son let me i will try the WS tomorrow and check it. Not much to loose with Drake+ :D
3016Name:Uzumaki19882021-01-08 03:51:45
@ares: Have you tried checking in the "Window" mode. I was getting frequent crashes when playing WS co-op (have crashed on floor 30 even) and playing in the Window mode, the crashes have stopped altogether...
3015Name:ares.one2021-01-07 23:39:08
New GPU - The game became even more laggy.
Hey folks. My RX480 smoked 23.12.2020. I bought a new rx5700xt. Delivered broken on 31.12.2020.
Could play up to 55% V-Ram, then driver timeout.
My new card (RMA) has arrived and works pretty nice on modern games like COD CW ,WZ, MW. Every game in HD offers 110-140 fps.

Iam using fresh windows installation, all drivers up to date. Machine is working on every game. So maybe its just a simple configuration Revelations doesnt like / work with perfectly?

In Revelations 2 iam facing very creepy laggs. Especially when starting a mission the first second my character stocks, Same after respawn. I know this from some WS missions. But not this heavy.

Someone has the same, or a similar problem solved? I tried V-Sync on/off, FullScreen/Windowed like with my old RX480. Switched on/off almost every option in the settings.
But this time it doesnt get better.

Kind Regards
3014Name:Uzumaki19882021-01-05 19:56:57
So I played the IHC four times, scored 22.5M (Solo) on day 1, 36.4M (co-op) on day 2, 36.7M (co-op) on day 3 and 37.1M (co-op) on day 4. I did not get any errors. All scores uploaded correctly after the IHC rounds and still the score did not update correctly...
Should have been 132M approx but only shows 97M... not sure what exactly went wrong here...
3013Name:Uzumaki19882021-01-03 08:18:09
@ Tatsuki83: Pouvez-vous vérifier les paramètres de votre jeu pour voir si "télécharger sur" est activé pour votre jeu. J'espère également que vous n'avez utilisé aucune forme de triche / mod qui aurait pu interdire votre code de jeu des événements. Il n'y a pas d'autre explication à cela.
@Tatsuki83: Can you check your game settings to see if "upload to" is enabled for your game. Also I hope you did not use any form of cheats/mods that might have got your game code banned from the events. There is no other explanation for this.
3012Name:Tatsuki832021-01-01 22:55:29
Bon bah depuis une semaine toujours pas de réponse , j'en conclut que ce jeu a était abandonner
3011Name:Uzumaki19882020-12-27 18:58:55
@Lee Enfield: Any specific error/issues you are encountering when entering the event or not able to access the event at all? Please also keep in mind that the LRC events are DLC specific, so if you do not have access to all the DLC episodes then you will not be able to participant in specific events.
3010Name:Lee Enfield2020-12-27 18:00:08
so far I can't join the event mission .but last time I can
3009Name:Tatsuki832020-12-26 20:02:30
comment ca se fait que je fais les event mais que mon score n'est pas enregistrer parce que j'ai participer à 5 event mais aucun score ?

3008Name:Uzumaki19882020-11-29 13:40:08
Hey people, if anyone needs help with the WS then add me on Steam "Uzumaki1988" and drop-in a message, I'll try to be available through the day for the WS. :)
3007Name:ares.one2020-11-13 04:26:50
Long Range+ has a decrease of firerate by -10 %.
Therefore I prefered the 30 x capacity because the 3-4 times spend on firerate has a too low boost. So I kept all bullets and put firerate upgrade with lvl 16-20 whatever i need.

As you know - once placed parts in weapon can only get back by destroy the weapon.
I only place the parts i use for a running event. Only possible by backup the savegame. When you played the round, close game, replace the backup and keep the weapon clear.
3005Name:scorpion_ka2020-11-12 20:42:28
How to properly distribute 30 upgrade points for rifle Murasama LR+?
3001Name:Uzumaki19882020-07-18 14:45:14
Well I have managed to complete 5 sets of Lvl 20 damage and capacity parts (1 set = 1 x Lvl 20 DMG + 1 x Lvl 20 CAP). I use 2 sets on my AMR Steady 6 slots and AMR Steady 5 slots. 2 sets used for Mura LR+ (1 x Charge shot build for IHC and 1 x Electric full burst build for LRC & WS). 1 set I have just kept safe for use in case I get another super awesome weapon. I do have 1 x Mura LR+ still in my inventory and also have a Mura Speedshot 6 slots in the RAID inventory.
Rest all parts I have, are kept at Lvl 16. :)
3000Name:W3SK3R2020-07-18 04:46:19
For AMR cap lvl 19-20 is only one shot, I think. Weapons that are so good you never break, you should do lvl 20 mods.
2999Name:Uzumaki19882020-07-17 14:46:43
@Daegoth Vilfariel: I'd much rather stay with 4 x Lvl 18 Capacity parts than build a Lvl 20. The difference in the number of additional shots is not that much. If it was damage then yes I'd think of putting the highest damage part I have on my best gun.
Just an advice! If you really want to use higher level part then having 2 x Lvl 19 is also pretty good.
2997Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-07-16 14:18:31
I finally got my capacity lvl 20 part. For which weapon and event would you prioritise it? I think I have all weapons with lvl 10. Was thinking on an AMR or maybe Muramasa?
2996Name:Soulless_Persona2020-07-04 10:57:13
There is a spot and point where you can shoot both chainsaws at the same time...That is what you want to do
2995Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-07-03 02:16:22
I thought that in the little head but seems like in the neck it gets more damage.
2994Name:scorpion_ka2020-07-02 16:42:53
What are the weaknesses of monsters in the last event IHC?
2993Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-07-02 03:04:26
Of course gato.
2992Name:Darkgato142020-07-02 02:23:01
Can I get Bloody Gina by just watching 1 monster die in IHC?
2991Name:Uzumaki19882020-06-27 08:00:26
@Darkgato14: Gravedigger can work pretty good in LRC (even with just 4 slots) try 25 upgrades for capacity and 5 for rate of fire.
Part (Slot-1): Full burst
Part (Slot-2): BSAA
Part (Slot-3): Fire Ammo Lv.10
Part (Slot-4): Capacity (Lv 16+ preferable)
But with this setup you will need to get pretty close to the creatures so you don't lose ammo with missed shots due to recoil.
2989Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-27 05:19:55
Darkgato14: it's fine if you don't have something better.
2988Name:Nimitz2020-06-27 00:23:59
thanks NX01
2987Name:Darkgato142020-06-26 15:46:19
Do you guys this could be a viable LRC shotgun?
2986Name:NX012020-06-26 05:53:56
Remove and block - R&B :)
2985Name:Nimitz2020-06-25 21:12:56
have you seen one who calls himself coronavirus or covid-19?
because it changed id
now it is цыган
2984Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-19 11:57:25
Wow another new horde of cheaters this week.
2983Name:Darkgato142020-06-19 07:27:36
Another day, another Python Lv. 100. Wish I could anything else besides a magnum.
2982Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-14 10:55:10
What d'you mean with Valerie? Are you talking 'bout Project Resistance??
2981Name:American Beetle2020-06-14 10:11:09
Remove Valerie's store Passive to prevent secret cheaters

I played RER for about 500 hours.

90% of the cheaters use Valerie because it makes it difficult for olayers to separate a legit player from a grenade cheater.

At least if the passive is removed, it will be obvious very quickly and people don't have to pull their hair when you realize Val used 40 molotovs over 3 stages while buying guns and herbs.
2980Name:NX012020-06-04 04:26:27
Poor sap, he could have asked for help, instead he deed cheating :(
2979Name:Epitome2020-06-04 01:52:34
W3SK3R, funny, this character (CoronaVirus) send me friend request, and after some time we play once in LRC. He have AMR and pale rider, so i draw attention to as many damage he dealt. Much more than usual, I feel. So i directly ask him about this and cheats, he response "No, im not cheater", and after small dialog im delete him from friends. But... after little delay im paid attention, what we play LRC 40, not 100 (as i think). What to confusion...

And just look at it.
2978Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-02 09:38:25
Uzumaki will try thanks. This event starts in my time zone (GMT-3) at 3:00 am but next resets are at 15:00hs (3pm).
The event is so boring and tedious, hate it. Takes so much time with charged shots.
2977Name:Uzumaki19882020-06-02 08:15:02
Daegoth Vilfariel: Buddy, just play twice tomorrow. Once before the 3 PM reset (start around 2PM) and then right after the reset. One thing which I have noticed in the past is, you have a good chance of getting to play again right after the 3PM reset by staying in the Raid lobby after the first session.
2976Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-02 07:04:00
Thanks Russian.
Oh shit I didn't enter tonight I lost the first reset.

2975Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-06-01 17:55:06
on the back between the shoulders a place pierced by a crowbar
2974Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-01 05:28:37
Weak point for Executioner?
2973Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-05-29 20:01:34
2972Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-29 03:50:52
2971Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-05-28 21:59:49
I did not find this video at ZaraSpook's channel
2970Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-28 03:52:03
Wow Centurion is a monster playing, a pitty he doesn't upload rev2 videos anymore.

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