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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2108Name:BigB@dMitch2017-12-09 15:39:56
Bodryj : its good to see here still helping players in that game , most won' t help and rare focused on their own domination (GODS Players)score, anyway its cool.
2107Name:Bodryj2017-12-09 00:37:21
a few words of gratitude!
I am glad that there are people who are willing to help!
thanks for helping:
"ThickestGlobe13" in the Red Zone & LRC!
"hirotanyan" Weekend Survivor #45 first my completed 30 stages!
"Corphelia" in the Red Zone!
"Miss M&A" in LRC!
"[UWS] SEBI" fun and just a teamplay in the Red Zone!
2106Name:W3SK3R2017-12-08 21:30:56
It was in your best interest to assist me!
2105Name:ares.one2017-12-07 01:29:09
Thanks for the info guys. Maybe one day .... :D
2104Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-06 04:19:06
@Ares: Yeah you need to be present in the game when the creature gets killed and you need to witness it's death. It is exactly like what Freeman said, either we or our partner (in case of a 2P partner) needs to make the killing hit. While I was waiting for the creature's HP points to drop to the limit where I could kill it (In my case it was HP<10-11million) I didn't only refresh the event page frequently, but I also had to restart the game just as many times to be able to see the updated score (just entering the event and quitting without breaking the coin will not update the HP).
This is the video I captured for killing the creature:
2103Name:freeman713862017-12-06 02:29:57
The creature's hp is not updated in real time. Once you enter a game it's hp is locked to you and your partner (if playing coop). Even if someone killed the creature in his game, the creature will still be alive in yours until you leave your game. In other words, you can't hop in solo and expect people in other rooms to kill the creature. Either you or your partner has to do the final blow in your game.
2101Name:ares.one2017-12-06 01:53:59
@Dark, bigbad, ...

You need to eleminate the creature? Doesnt it say you need to "be present when the enemy dies?" (translation from german)
I thought it would be enough if i manage it somehow, to be on the beach against the creature. Even if someone else does the final shot. As long as i hit the coin in less than 1 hr after the event ends to upload the data in the given limit. Isnt it?

Jesus my english suxx- sry.
2100Name:W3SK3R2017-12-05 04:11:21
My score for the invasion No.33 is not correct. Must be around 12 000 000. Thx for editing
2099Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-05 02:51:29
@Lady Hawk: I guess you are correct. I played it for a 2nd time in the same day. Even if the event was reset and available to play again, we should just play only once a day.
Oh well, I'm not really very upset that I didn't get the weapon reward. As the skin is obviously more valuable and a more rare reward than the weapon (M1891 LR+ sniper rifle) reward that we had for this IHC. :)
2098Name:Lady Hawk2017-12-04 23:38:17
You had to choose one situation
1. Grab the weapon
2. Grab bloodied Gina

Your score is changed because you played the first day for 3pm and after 3pm, since this happend to me I only play it one time each day not two times at the first day
2097Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-04 20:28:34
@BigB@dMitch: Thanks man! Yeah I agree that took a lot of patience, had to wait almost over 1.5 hours till the creature finally reached 0% but was not dead.. (Approx some 3.5 million health points were left when I did the event)
But it seems for some reason my total IHC score has been penalized. I had a total of 32.3 million as of Sunday morning 11:50 AM my time. I did the event for Gina skin close to around 03:00 AM early morning on Monday. But just earlier I noticed that my total IHC score has now dropped to 27.98 million. I wonder why this happened. Now I won't be getting the weapon reward. :(
2096Name:BigB@dMitch2017-12-04 19:33:45
DarKGameR177IN: Lucky man , your patience paid finally, well done.
2095Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-04 16:32:48
Finally grabbed the Gina skin today. So much waiting, so many times refreshed the event page to keep an eye on the health of the creature. :D
2094Name:Ricardo Rodrigues2017-12-03 23:57:45
New parts/Peças novas
I'm here to talk about the introduction of new parts. I think it's cool that new parts have been added through the present code because it gives REREV 2 a boost, since the events are repetitive and often require cooperation to fulfill them and on the pc the blue door rooms are practically non-existent . These new pieces would help those who seek cooperation and can not because they spend much time waiting for someone in the room created. The problem is that these parts are not for the PC (platform I play) and yes for the Nintendo Switch. I just want to know if the other platforms will also receive these new parts because this news would make me sure to have a more encouraging look for REREV 2 and consequently to play more. Does anyone agree that these parts should be introduced to other platforms? Give your opinion. Maybe someone looks at us and presents us with these pieces.

Estou aqui pra falar da introdução de peças novas. Eu achei legal que peças novas tenham sido adicionadas atr
2093Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-03 10:44:02
@Ares: The damage (x times) from the weak spots vary from creature to creature. There is a list on the web that mentions the exact damage boost from hitting the weak spots of every IHC creature.. I'll need to check for that once I get home and will let you know :p
2092Name:Ryu Fireheart2017-12-03 10:07:49
Yes, this huge creatures event does need an adjustment in monsters hp, Some creatures dies too fast while others take alot of time. 2x glasps being the ones that takes many days to die vs 1 iron head that dies in 2-3 days. Thats very weird since glasps are one of the weakest enemies in normal gameplay (hp wise).
2091Name:ares.one2017-12-03 08:22:26
@ freeman isnt the weakspot everytime the spot u make 2-3x more damage? :D

Whatever. The event ends too soon every month. Event ends 4-6 days instead of maxed 30. For players with lower equipment its frustrating not even to have a kind of chance to participate.
Increase the damage about 200-300%. to add some days ? :D

2090Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-03 07:41:17
Yeah.. The weak spots for these creatures are wide open, just about anyone will notice it. The first one died way too quickly. I've only reached 21 million so far in the first 2 attempts. Hopefully will reach the 30 million score tomorrow morning.

Damn I was hoping for a chance to grab the Gina skin this time.. :(
2089Name:freeman713862017-12-03 04:19:12
Well... everyone who knows what to hit is doing 3x their normal damage in this event. Those that are playing with electric assist can easily do 20-30 million damage in one run, and there are people that like to keep doing this even if they have already gotten enough damage for their weapon. Many people will be screwed in this event.
2087Name:Ymfer2017-12-02 23:35:28
How in the world did one of the things in Invasion die already? That seems like WAY too much damage was done in just 24 hours.
2083Name:Battle Chess2017-10-31 22:46:42
@freeman71386 Hello, man, you can see the last rule
LRC Important info
Skills will not recharge after using a Life Crystal.
Rankings are determined by the lowest level, and by clear time if there is a tie.
No limits on number of plays each day.
Separate rankings are tracked for solo and co-op.
Achievement-based rewards can be earned by playing in Solo or Co-op modes.
>>>For coop scores, you may be removed from the rankings if your partner's score cannot be verified.<<<
2082Name:freeman713862017-10-24 22:54:32
Ok what the hell why was my partner's and my lrc 257 coop score removed along with the aforementioned cheater's? This is retarded... our scores are legit and we work hard for them every week... we ran this lrc more than once and in our last run we got 1:30:90, but crapcon didnt update my partner's score, now both of our scores were removed... srsly crapcom?
2080Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-10-24 12:45:25
The guy is a cheat man, check the LRC ranks as well.. LRC 258 where the best players barely managed to clear it at level 6/7 and that too with 12-13+ minutes of time..
We always have a few of such players with godly skills in every event, who shine in the rankings once and never show up again in the future events. :P
2077Name:I Want my Trophy2017-10-24 04:21:17
there is a glish man, people abuse of that....
2075Name:Christophe2017-10-24 00:09:43
I don't understand how it is possible to finish the (solo) weekend survivor in less than 30 mn. The vast majority of the guys who finish it in coop are around 45 mn and 50 in solo (40 mn for the best gamers). Is it a classification mistake or cheating (which I suspect most)?
2071Name:Ymfer2017-10-18 22:27:41
Whoever is overseeing the LRCs messed up again with 258, especially since PC doesn't get the overpowered Rocket Launchers that the other platforms have. Nearly impossible to clear this stage at Lv 1, and anyone that does is very suspect. Just look at the leaderboards to see what I mean.
2070Name:Epitome2017-10-09 00:33:48
Again proyebana an opportunity to receive Gina's skin. It is interesting how "Witness the enemy's defeat" if the damage for a session makes 2M, and the health remains at updates such: it is more than 50M, 30M, 7M, dead. Nice.
2069Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-10-05 12:57:29
Trust me, what Freeman said is the absolute best way to get that 30 mil score easily. If you're playing the IHC with a friend/2P partner, then have your partner use the electric ammo while you make your shots in sync with them. If you manage to sync your shots properly you can easily get 3x or more damage per shot this way..
Try using a sniper rifle with LR mod + Charge shot C + Critical damage..

I hope this helps..
2068Name:eveofmana2017-10-05 09:47:36
Oh ... oops. Thanks for telling me that Freeman. I did go at it that day myself, but I did roughly 1.5 mil in damage. After that result I thought maybe if I sought help, but if that can't be done... I get the feeling this thing will die before I can dish out the full 30 million. Oh well.
2067Name:freeman713862017-10-05 00:16:38
The damage dealt by another person doesnt count toward yours. So in coop you still need to do 30million damage by yourself. The only way you can benefit from coop is if the other person is willing to sacrifice his damage with an electric built to buff the partner's damage.

You should just do the event yourself instead of looking for such person. In this event you can do double damage by shooting the small head of the scagdead and its small arm when they stack.
2066Name:eveofmana2017-10-04 12:11:29
Looking for a friendly hand to earn the Invasion event Shotgun M147S [Short Range+]. Far as I know I can't do it myself, so any powerful players willing to help is very much appreciated. I've a lvl 100 character with skills good for it, and a couple lvl 95 weapons with 13ish damage mods. My user name for Steam is the same as my forum name.
2065Name:Aurelinus2017-10-01 22:50:57
Anyone's up to drag me for WS 42 in coop? I'm unfortunately able to get 27 lvl only...
2064Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-10-01 19:29:26
I'm sure you would have already noticed, the current WS is restricted to level 70. The first 10 floors, enemies will spawn at a level lower than 70, but as you progress ahead the enemies will spawn at a higher level than 70 and will go up to level 120 by the 30th floor.
In WS you need to keep a few things in mind. Take weapons that have good damage output, preferably 2 magnums at level 100 with increased capacity. At least 1 AMR or SR Muramasa if you have them, if not try with a shotgun. I won't recommend pistols or SMG or even assault rifles. They might help during the first 10 floors but as the enemies level up, they will slow you down.
Like I said, if you have level 100 magnums, try using them with increased capacity. Magnums will work best till floor 25. Post floor 25 it gets a bit tricky though.

2063Name:Epitome2017-10-01 06:54:46
From what does the complexity in Weekend Survivor - from the number of the passable levels or from the remained time increase? I have passed 15 and all ammunition because enemies became too fat have come to an end.
2062Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-09-25 09:10:59
@oddball: It really depend on the the type of event. The Level Restricted Challenge (Weekly) events always usually have high level weapon parts as rewards. But once every 3 weeks the LRC level 100 event will have a weapon reward for clearing it at Level 1. The Invasion of Huge Creatures event (Once every month) always offers a weapon reward for reaching a score of 30 million+ and the Weekend Survivor event (Once every 3 weeks) has a weapon reward for clearing all of the 30 missions within the given 60 minutes.

Check: for details of all the current and upcoming events. The next week's WS event will be having a level 100/6 Slots Muramasa SR as reward.


2061Name:oddball2017-09-25 03:29:57
yo fellas, did i get this right? you get weapon parts only for completing event missions?
2060Name:W3SK3R2017-09-22 21:48:20
Wesker was right! muramasa lr+
2059Name:freeman713862017-09-15 22:42:35
Looking for someone to run lrc 248 coop during Saturday and Sunday. the goal is to get at least 3rd place. Will need to reset lots of times, looking to try for 30mins to 1hour. please leave a message on my board if interested.
2058Name:RadishGuy2017-09-15 19:00:01
248 Lv. 1 Prize : Exect Lv.8 | 247 Lv.1 Price : Final Shot Lv.7
2057Name:DandoRoya2017-09-08 15:36:45
Weekend Survivor No. 41, does anyone want to challenge together?
2056Name:Lemin2017-09-07 22:22:58
There're typical status on rev2 events.Capaom usually forget these "GODS".:
2055Name:freeman713862017-09-07 21:49:15
Apparently Crapcom thinks its not ok to cheat in lrc solo but it is fine in lrc coop. The guys that won 1st place in lrc 244 coop, Azhuree and HopeOnDarkWings, are obvious cheaters that have been cheating since lrc241, yet they were never banned. I mean, legit coop world record is 3:26 and they managed to beat it with less than 120 combined play hours and 14% code red completion - it doesnt take a sherlock holmes to tell they are cheaters. Good job Crapcom for letting these cheating scrubs to rob me of my 1st place trophy.
2051Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-09-06 13:09:42
@RadishGuy: I agree! Fire ammo Lvl10 helps a lot. So far I've managed to get 2 x Lvl.10 Fire ammo, have a bunch of BSAA as they keep coming in the store. Also have a few full bursts parts and have just recently unlocked Wesker's "Evade Cancel" ability for use with Full burst parts..
2050Name:RadishGuy2017-09-06 11:19:41
@DarKGameR177IN Never do Lv.1 UNLESS if you have all your weapons equipped w/ Lv.10 Fire Ammo and other useful weapon parts (BSAA, Capacity, any kind of Burst, etc.)
2049Name:RadishGuy2017-09-06 11:16:57
Another 2 events, nice and easy (at least for me because it allows you to use your Revive Token despite only recover your basic supplies such as ammo and herb)
2048Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-09-06 06:55:56
I agree. The LRC 246 is kinda tough.. I've managed to do it on Lvl 40 but Lvl1 is quite far still considering my skills, weapons and parts that I have at the moment.

Oh well.. Just need to keep trying. :D
2047Name:DandoRoya2017-09-05 20:56:18
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 246 too

Where there is video can learn
2046Name:freeman713862017-09-03 05:00:16
looking for someone to run lrc 245 and 246 coop during 9/8-9/9. need someone that is willing to commit about 2-3 hours to resetting/learning the stages in a laid-back setting. the goal is to get at least top 10. i dont have the best of gears and am still learning. please leave a message on my board if interested. note that if you are prone to nerd raging this will not be for you.
2044Name:W3SK3R2017-09-03 03:08:30
Weekend survivor 42 or 43 should be mrtrain to keep the sequence. And maybe muramasa longerange+
2043Name:Luciole2017-09-02 01:16:45
A video in honor of the next weekend survivor's prize of number 41.

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