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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2296Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-04-18 10:44:07

Hello everyone, if I agree with aardvarkpepper.
Finally, the results of RE.NET were updated, for a moment I thought that I would have to reinstall Steam and the game. LOL

What a shock, I hope it does not happen again in the future, I tell you that in my particular case I had to synchronize my Steam username in RE. NET because it was not correct.
2294Name:aardvarkpepper2018-04-18 09:30:25
Update to last post. Today, at least 36 hours after having completed Level Restricted Challenge No 308 for the second time, my score showed up. I've seen similar reports in the past, I suppose it's just one of those things that happens. Re: the comment re: PC players being left out - not so much, I think. PCs had their share of lucrative events until the rewards changed. Consoles are just getting their share, as I see it.
2293Name:freeman713862018-04-17 08:49:54
LOL. After seeing PC players being left out of so many benefits that are exclusively available to console players, I bet the recent event-score-not-being-updated issue is Crapcom's another attempt to discourage ppl from playing the PC port and to make them convert to the console ports. Time to delete the game guys.
2291Name:Lady Hawk2018-04-16 11:15:46
I got the same problem as you two too, after playing many years it looks like everything is broken and won't work correctly.
I hope the score will be updated later...
2290Name:aardvarkpepper2018-04-16 07:32:46
Update to last post. After initially completing the level 100 level-restricted challenge playing at level 40 and destroying only 33 of 35 monsters before ending the level, my score did not show on RE net. That's not too unusual for a few hours, but 24 hours after I'd played the event (and there was no "failure to connect" or similar message), I played the level again and killed 35 out of 35 monsters and submitted score again. It's been another 24 hours since then and I don't see my score on re net, and again, there was no "failure to connect" message or anything similar. Well I suppose this event had some problems for score submissions or something. (Level Restricted Challenge No 308)
2289Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-04-15 23:00:39
Hello, I also have the same problem as aardvarkpepper, the progress of events 307 and 308 are not reflected and I have tried for more than 48 hours and nothing.
I checked the connection and it's stable, I do not have pending Windows updates, I checked the account in RE.NET and I received pieces of past events. I have no idea what happens.
Any suggestions?
2288Name:aardvarkpepper2018-04-15 12:50:49
So I finished the level 100 challenge on level 40. But I didn't get credited and it's been over twenty four hours. It was the stage that's on the Chinese building's roof near the waterfront in RE6, where Jake and Sherry do their thing and **** shows up (no spoiler) The one thing I think I might have done wrong is I hit the emblem to end the level when I had only 33 out of 35 enemies killed. Does that disqualify the run? Do you need 100% kills for every level restricted challenge? When I completed the run, I didn't get any "failure to connect" type messages, and I HAVE had failure to connect messages before, so I know what they look like, and I had nothing like that. After finishing the level, I either played a few more raids or not, but either way I exited Raid Mode then the game as usual, didn't see anything unusual.

By the way after I saw I didn't have credit for the event (after checking a few times yesterday then a few minutes ago today), I just did the level again and killed all 35 enemies. I
2287Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-10 04:41:45
@xylaz: Like I mentioned before, as long as you don't get a unavailable or any other connection error during the score screen you are all good. For some awkward reason the score/rank take a while to reflect sometimes.. I did the the LRC 306 last night and my rank just now appeared in the rankings.. Almost a whole day's delay.. But it doesn't happen all of the time.. just some times..
But still..I hope you will enjoy that new "Ticket Puncher" :D
2286Name:xylaz2018-04-10 03:57:38

I finished it second time as host. Weird thing is, after that old score showed up first, and after some hours new score appeared.
I remember now, sometime ago I reinstalled windows and copied old steam saves to new empty game folders. Maybe this is why.
I was afraid to delete saves, because when I did it with Revelations 1, it wasn't restored and I lost all progress. Even my progress at RE.NET was cleared. I may try this later.
2285Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-08 20:47:15
@xylaz: Mate your WS rank is now properly reflecting. So all good! :D
2284Name:Aurelinus2018-04-08 19:21:51
That's a bit weird anyway, but i noticed that RE.NET failed to connect sometimes due to lack of Windows update. Check manually if you are up to date with all actualizations for Windows.
2282Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-08 14:53:17
@xylaz: Please check your profile page now.. The WS score/time is now reflecting.. The rank sometimes takes while to reflect, it is not an issue, even for me sometimes the WS rank has taken over a day to reflect.
You have completed the WS successfully, congrats on getting the "Ticket Puncher" :D

Now I need to go and do the WS before time runs out :P
2281Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-08 14:47:26
@xylaz: Try deleting your local Rev2 saves from Steam directory and run the game.. The Steam cloud will restore the saves.. This might just work..
2280Name:xylaz2018-04-08 07:48:26

This time I connected successfully to RE.NET before playing Weekend Survivor and after finishing it. My partner got score in rankings, and I don't. This was my last attempt with this game.
2279Name:Regular Johnny2018-04-07 23:19:56
nothing new beyond the sun...
2278Name:ares.one2018-04-07 19:14:27
New world record ? :D
<19 mins for a WS in solo :D
2277Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-04-06 17:24:34

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2276Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-05 04:20:29
@Smeks: You just have to be patient and wait for the right opportunity. If you know you can score more than 10M/session wait for the creatures to reach 1% health and jump in :D
2275Name:Smeks2018-04-04 04:54:03
Damn, I'm still trying to get that skin capcom put in a hard way to get it X_X
2274Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-04 04:16:54
@Ymfer: Congrats mate! Enjoy the Gina skin! :D
2273Name:Ymfer2018-04-03 23:47:11
2272Name:ares.one2018-04-03 16:58:13
The cheaters are definately a problem. Even if their rank get removed, the damage has been done.

That the creatures die so fast is more the obvious weakspot. Moreover over the years there are a bunch of people that make huge damage. All in all no creature will survive more than 10 days nowadays. We are far away from 30 days challenge.
2271Name:Futurism2018-04-03 09:54:39
Yep, cheaters are trash in this game, that's one of the reasons I quit playing for event rewards, well... sometimes I come back to play some events since I realized Capcom changed the way the rewards are given, now you don't need to be top 10 on leaderboard to get the weapon in IHC, I remember how disgunting cheaters were in IHC No. 1, 2 and 3. people who have less than 20 hrs. of gameplay in Raid Mode doing insane amounts of dmg and Capcom doing nothing about this at first, that's why I never tried to upgrade my gear to the limit since IHC 3, I'm glad my setup from IHC 3 is still enough to get rewards because I'm not feeling like upgrading my dmg and cap parts to level 20 never.
2270Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-04-03 07:38:03
I am also on 26kk damage, making 13kk a day and i don't have a second controler to electrify the enemies so im also in same boat. I also believe this second player thing in this event is a very stupid feature.
2269Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-03 07:24:20
@Ryu Fireheart: I agree mate, these cheats just come in and do massive amounts of damage to these already weak creatures (current IHC creatures have a very clear weak spot) and take away the chance from the fair players who work really hard to get the rewards/weapons..
I have a friend who is stuck on 27 million points and his only hope of getting the weapon now is if the creature survives till tomorrow event reset so he can play again :(
2268Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-04-03 07:17:14
@DarKGameR177IN I had this guy on my friend list and yesterday i noticed that he started to cheat. I had to remove him and another guy from my friend list for the same reason. I only participate in events to get the item rewards, but i really don't like cheaters, specially in an event where a player can kill the monsters faster and take away the chances of fair players that want to get the itens.
2267Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-03 04:46:25
@zi0: Mate, you can blame people like these ( for the creatures getting killed so quickly..
20~ hours game-play and 27.7 million score in IHC :(
2266Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-04-03 04:42:14
@Ymfer: Sadly the error at the score screen means the data failed to upload and your score/progress/creature kill didn't register :(
Let's hope that I am wrong and you do get the gun and Gina skin! Cheers! :D
2265Name:Ymfer2018-04-02 23:43:11
kill I managed to witness. I'm hoping it did and that message was just some weirdness caused by my submitting a score with a kill attached.
But if it didn't I think it might just break my little heart.
2264Name:Ymfer2018-04-02 23:40:01
I hop on to here, check the events, and see that the first of the IHC creatures is down to 1%. I head in game, check the health of the things in there, and lo and behold that first one is sitting at about 7.5 million. I can do about 13 million. I'm suddenly very hyped about actually killing one of those buggers.
So, I go in game, start shooting the thing, and it finally explodes. I'm thinking, "Oh my god, I actually managed to kill one of those. I managed to find one in that tiny little window where I can actually kill it. Hallelujah!"
I continue to fire at the other one since I haven't hit 30 mil for the weapon, and once I'm done I kick the ever living **** out of that token. God, I feel so satisfied...
" is currently not available. Please try again later."
I continue because that's the only thing I can do, and immediately later it successfully connects to and continues as if nothing happened. So now I'm kinda freaking out whether I'll actually get credit for the damage I did AND the
2263Name:zi02018-04-02 12:57:01
@xylaz: Ones my LRC wasn't counted without any message about connection troubles. from that time I'm trying to complete it before Sunday and to repeat if don't see the result on Event page.
Sure it's not a solution for WS. Just "it could happened".
P.S. Two Creatures is damaged more than 50% in one day. Looks like I never get some of good 6 slot lvl 100 weapons :/
2261Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-03-28 03:09:16
This issue has also happened with me a few times as well. Got the unavailable error and effort wasted.. :(
Has happened once in WS and about 2-3 times in the IHC events. Below is text copied from rules for reference:
You must use a game account that has been linked with RE NET.
The "Connect to RE NET" setting in the in-game Options menu must be enabled.
Your score for the event is displayed on the Results screen after playing.
If your data cannot be sent because you are disconnected or a network error occurs when playing, the data for the current session will not count towards your event score (this includes any data that could not be received due to maintenance or other downtime.)
For now I think the best practice is to play a couple of random "Code Red" rounds before starting the event to make sure that the connection with is there and the data is uploading properly..
Hope this clarifies things..
2260Name:xylaz2018-03-27 04:16:49
Can't remember if I received this message at that time. I get it quite frequently and random recently.
So is it all lost when I get an error message? Shouldn't it store my results and upload them in first successful connection attempt?
I just checked LRC results from last week and again I'm not there, while my coop friend is there. The site says data was synced 2 days ago, so LRC results should be uploaded (in theory),
Two weeks ago I lost revolver reward from LRC in the same way. I wasted 20 gems for it. Anyway I didn't need it, it was for my coop friend.
Now wait a year or more for a weapon reward in WS and don't get it because of unpredictable connection error. lol
I noticed it all started to happen after site upgrade.
I guess it's time to leave this game in peace.
2259Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-03-24 12:30:42
@xylaz: It seems the WS didn't register for you.. Typical scenario when the data/score fails to upload at the score/results screen when you finish the event..
Did you receive any error message: "RE.Net currently unavailable"?
2258Name:xylaz2018-03-23 23:14:08
Completed Weekend Survivor, didn't received the rewards...
thank you Capcom
2257Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-03-19 15:56:52

Haa !! difficult without a doubt.
2256Name:Ymfer2018-03-18 12:06:50
Word of advice for everyone out there trying to complete WS: save your RPGs for the final mission. Use them on pairs of enemies, and save one for a brute and that final thing with the core and the dangly bits.
2255Name:zi02018-03-18 02:29:15
@SNK, @DarKGameR177IN
Yep, not even a kind of some -shi- uniq avatar for the bd.
Looks like they think that bunch of bugs, glitches and other kind of subqualities is the best present for us :]
2254Name:zi02018-03-18 02:20:53
It's really screwy story: even RE birthday nothing made for PC gamers :/
Personally, I have Rev2 on three platforms: PC, PS4 and NSW. And its controls really looks like made for PC only. Playing Rev2 on consoles feels so flatly that I'm only play it on PC despite of errors, freezes, stutters/glitches and other "joys" of poor porting.
Why to promote peoples to use worse versions of the game and getting a negative experience instead of showing the best side of the product? It's only me who feel it's queer as a three dollar bill?
tbh, I'm very discontent about it.
2253Name:ares.one2018-03-17 17:13:37
@Dark: As already stated before it seems the steam community is too small or too unimportant. Heard an argument the parts are not available for steam. - Ok but why not give out Fire10, Charge C10 or something like that?
2252Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-03-17 12:43:44
Another RE giveaway package! No love for the Master race! :'(
2251Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-03-17 01:09:43

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2249Name:Regular Johnny2018-03-17 00:09:14
a hard WS this time, good lucky guys!
2248Name:Lady Hawk2018-03-16 23:07:16
Is this again a bad joke?

oh, they learned nothing

we see again how beautiful as they live in their own world
2247Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-03-13 18:01:09
@Ares: If he is using the Steam Cloud, please ask him to delete all of the Rev2 save game folder and then launch the game and let the Steam Cloud restore the saves and check again after that..
Let me know if this worked or not.. :)
2246Name:ares.one2018-03-13 03:37:27
Hey folks! I met a side buddy, that had problems to connect to Now it worked one time and finally shows 10% story and 30% raid, and the last login date.
But for some reason he get the message "failed to download content", when he connects on coop sessions. Moreover his Avatar is greyed - means he isnt connected to

Someone knows a solution? He is new and next WS would give him a good chance for a very good weapon.
2245Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-03-11 22:24:03
I guess the missing guns with rare tag and plus(+) tags are given from the other 2 events (if there is a cycle in both please let me know).
*Liberator, Coffin Nail etc... Seems to belong to the other 2 events.

Never seen so far Basilisk, Sledgehammer and the 4 legendary guns (Lindwurm, Grim Reaper, Million Dollar, Zeroth).
2244Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-03-11 22:02:32
So if thats true the last cycle was like this:
Decimator, Ticket Puncher, Chicago Typewriter [Short Range+], Zaytsev, Bushido, Cerberus, Serpent, Dagger Fang, Gravedigger, Firebolt, Rifle Muramasa [Long Range+], Beelzebub, Mr. Train, Shotgun Drake [Short Range+], Trident, Banshee, Overlord, AR High Roller [Long Range+], <Restart> Decimator etc
2243Name:Darkgato142018-03-10 15:37:43
So, will the Overlord will be avavailable again eventually?
2242Name:freeman713862018-03-10 13:59:10
The WS survivor top tier reward is on a cycle. 51's will be ticket puncher, 52's will be the same as ws 34.

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