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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
1892Name:G@BOM@2017-04-28 01:31:46
-Unknown Warrior ARRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!
1891Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-28 01:24:18
I got 2 shotguns with long range+.....lucky me I have 3 other shotguns hehe.
1890Name:LarryAsh909xZ2702017-04-27 16:38:47
In fact,LRC 100 doesn't need great gun not like LRC40.You just need collect three 4or5 slots lv100 shotgun(147 and 194 are better,hydra also can be used before you find more 147 and194.Skipping Drake because of fire rate).By the way,capcom forgot clear all cheaters again and remain one engineer. XD
1888Name:G@BOM@2017-04-27 13:48:54
Regular John thanks i'll continue to work(farming) hard for reach the top 20 hahahaha
1887Name:Regular John2017-04-27 05:19:50
G@BOM@ thanks, maybe i can help you when you need sometime...
by the way, do you already want the most powerful weapon in game?! take it easy... haha
1886Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-27 04:57:54
I had a sledgehammer before,lv93 thou,the game hates me :(
1885Name:G@BOM@2017-04-27 00:40:04
i want SLEDGE HAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
1884Name:G@BOM@2017-04-27 00:26:32
-Unknown Warrior THX thx
1883Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-27 00:08:34
56 minutes,damn son,you didn't stopped believing eh? But finishing the mission at lv1 is what it matters,good job.
1882Name:G@BOM@2017-04-26 23:40:38
Regular John, Thx i saw your amazings stats, victories, and achievements its amazing !!!! i still looking for learn how get goods weapons and WHERE is the best place for farming.
1881Name:Regular John2017-04-26 21:02:07
congratulations G@BOM@ u re a survivor!!!
1880Name:G@BOM@2017-04-26 15:45:14
Damn !! for a no-god player like me, that lrc 208 was really hard, (56min almost lost it) thx to capcom to permit to resurect, that was hot :-(
1879Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-21 01:26:22
oh yh,and my 2nd 10+ trophy ^^ :D
1878Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-21 01:24:33
Finally got the event rewards ^^,they take way too many time to get delivered,jesus....but hey! for a full burst part it was worth waiting...I guess...
1877Name:G@BOM@2017-04-20 19:34:47
-Unknown Warrior XD XD XD
1876Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-20 14:11:50
See Aurelinus? I told you, they are already gone.
1875Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-20 02:45:18
it's basically freelo. XD
1874Name:G@BOM@2017-04-20 01:20:12
Aurelinus, The pause glitch is the fact to quickly press start seven time a row, then the enemies will do moonwalk and die by hurting the walls behind them LOL.

anyway i dont know what is it, but it seems to be th big deal here :)
1873Name:G@BOM@2017-04-20 01:09:56
Whaaahhhh tha "pause glitch thing" had really pissed off a lot of players here lol
1872Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-20 00:44:35
Pause glitch alone isn't enough, you still need parts & weapons and at least a little bit of knowledge.
1871Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-19 22:21:09
So i guess that pause glitch is the new op for cheaters? damn,then all of these leaderboards are dommed.
1869Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-19 18:29:34
Just watch ranking between thursday & friday and you will see that system will ban them.
minoCHEATmoto use pause glitch, system don't ban for that.
1868Name:Aurelinus2017-04-19 18:22:17
Minostsumoto was not deleted from LRC 201 (nor any previous) nor 欧兜桑๑۩۞۩๑ was (9th place there), so why they should be deleted?
1867Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-19 13:12:08
They didn't won, they will be delate in a few days.
1866Name:Aurelinus2017-04-19 11:44:28
What is that pause glitch all about? Can some1 explain it to the audience? If people with 16-17 hours in game can win 1st place in any LRC then let's everybody use the cheat :). That will compensate chances for all.

LRC 203 wins The Ghost v4 = 17,6 hours in game.

LRC 204:
1st - The Ghost v4 17,4 hours,
2nd - エア with 90,4 hours,
3rd - Psychodel with 16,5 hours...

Why we bother playing like 1000 hours...?
1865Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-17 10:08:24
pause glitch.........come on...earn your rank,don't cheat your way through it.
1863Name:Regular John2017-04-17 08:57:39
seens like to be the glich pause.
1862Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-17 02:55:59
Great, Stupid uploaded viedeo on YT with 44'29'' in WS 34 which proofs how "awesome" her gameplay is and on rank she has 39'xx'' over 1 minute better than top LEGIT console players... Miracles only on PC leaderboard!
1860Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-13 14:05:04
yo minotsumoto,come on dude,stop cheating,I got rank 5 co-op on lrc 204 and I have like the same play time as you do,what's the point of cheating anyway? Any game gets boring with cheating,there are no goals,gets boring when you have everything,and it's empty,it's way better to earn your stuff than cheating,I don't judge you,i'm having a hard time earning my rank and gear aswell XD,i'm just saying that there is no fun in cheating.I'll play with you anytime if you need,as long as you don't cheat :)
1859Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-13 13:48:48
hahahaha I got rank 5 co-op lrc 204 hehehehe,a big thanks to my partner btw,gfv_85.Too bad rankings will get updated and my rank gonna go down :( but hey! for now ain't that bad
1858Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-13 00:58:40
I have all the 15 characters but Leon,Neil and Pedro don't show up in my overview,is it because I never played with them? XD
1857Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-12 19:34:16
Am too lazy even for that... pause glitch, what a joke -_-", accounts with 100 hours win 1st place rewards, why there is not a human administrator, this computer system is broken.
1856Name:LarryAsh909xZ2702017-04-12 16:41:54
Yep,MR.mj5!!!.Modifying weapons and parts then use pause glitch on wes XD
1855Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-12 11:03:55
XD I have more play time than him and still gets rank 1...
1854Name:mj5mpgk2017-04-11 15:00:38
Oho... MinoCHEATmoto is back how nice...
1853Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-04-08 13:36:21
Well...this game's matchmaking really dead for me XD
1852Name:Revelations 22017-04-06 16:44:37 Add to friends for online events co-op via steam
1851Name:superfidj2017-04-06 11:12:44
hello. i am relitivly new to BH:R2 and have not encountered anyone online. its starting to get lonly and i want to pay with someone. just add me on steam. account name superfidj
1850Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-03-30 06:32:24
200 lrcs :D
1849Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-03-27 04:57:33
somebody want to join me for lrc ? i am tired of waiting in the matchmaking,nobody shows up,and when somebody shows up it's always a noob :(
1848Name:Ymfer2017-03-27 00:11:32
I'd like to give Capcom a very sarcastic thanks for sticking a Protect the Target stage in Weekend Survivor. I especially enjoy how I can't revive because that's the rule of that map type even though you can do so everywhere else. It's not like 8-3 is one of the harder stages to do at a lower level or anything, and with poison enemies spawning all over the place they make this an enjoyable romp to try to navigate even when at full health.

I salute you for your forward thinking.

*does so with only one finger*
1847Name:NikeOrange2017-03-26 05:57:55
Что за трейнеры?
1846Name:Revelations 22017-03-21 08:48:58 гоу в друзья для кооператива
1845Name:Revelations 22017-03-21 08:12:24
Raziel, Братка, так какие же тебе награды то, ты же трейнером на своем компе пользуешься, ммм!)
1844Name:Revelations 22017-03-21 08:11:19 add to friends for co-op
1838Name:Aurelinus2017-03-03 20:16:16
Yeah, just BlackMamba, XAERO, Minostsumoto (LRC189 and previous), just... LOL. CAPCOM, open your eyes :).
1837Name:mj5mpgk2017-02-28 03:12:40
heh, I thought you were serious. It's ok then :)
1836Name:LarryAsh909xZ2702017-02-28 00:18:53
Don't be seriously,Mr.mj5.I just mocked someone who used cheat engine obviously. I 've known he used modified weapons and parts after watched his video.Not like him,LRC 189 Rank1 is smarter than him.
1834Name:mj5mpgk2017-02-27 21:08:36
Dude, this guy had 250 hours in his account, don't tell me that someone will get 3x Sledgehammer with 3x 20 capacity & 20 damage parts and 1 Unscripted also with 20lvl capacity & damage parts in 250 hours. Besides this guy had ban from previous events so I don't even understand what was the point of his "update rank pls".
1833Name:LarryAsh909xZ2702017-02-27 18:19:35
To mj5mpgk: There are a lot of god players on PC platform,lol. They got many 6slots rare tag weapons and top rank parts in playing incrediable times.But the biggest problem is pause glitch on LRC and WS because Capcom don't ban those pause glitch users.

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