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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
1847Name:NikeOrange2017-03-26 05:57:55
Что за трейнеры?
1846Name:Revelations 22017-03-21 08:48:58 гоу в друзья для кооператива
1845Name:Revelations 22017-03-21 08:12:24
Raziel, Братка, так какие же тебе награды то, ты же трейнером на своем компе пользуешься, ммм!)
1844Name:Revelations 22017-03-21 08:11:19 add to friends for co-op
1838Name:Aurelinus2017-03-03 20:16:16
Yeah, just BlackMamba, XAERO, Minostsumoto (LRC189 and previous), just... LOL. CAPCOM, open your eyes :).
1837Name:mj5mpgk2017-02-28 03:12:40
heh, I thought you were serious. It's ok then :)
1836Name:LarryAsh909xZ2702017-02-28 00:18:53
Don't be seriously,Mr.mj5.I just mocked someone who used cheat engine obviously. I 've known he used modified weapons and parts after watched his video.Not like him,LRC 189 Rank1 is smarter than him.
1834Name:mj5mpgk2017-02-27 21:08:36
Dude, this guy had 250 hours in his account, don't tell me that someone will get 3x Sledgehammer with 3x 20 capacity & 20 damage parts and 1 Unscripted also with 20lvl capacity & damage parts in 250 hours. Besides this guy had ban from previous events so I don't even understand what was the point of his "update rank pls".
1833Name:LarryAsh909xZ2702017-02-27 18:19:35
To mj5mpgk: There are a lot of god players on PC platform,lol. They got many 6slots rare tag weapons and top rank parts in playing incrediable times.But the biggest problem is pause glitch on LRC and WS because Capcom don't ban those pause glitch users.
1831Name:mj5mpgk2017-02-27 06:29:21
Yeah 3x Sledgehammer & 1x Unscripted - you're legit for sure.
You have a ban, so no chance for "update your rank".
1826Name:(1224517) noname2017-02-10 07:56:10
Thanks for removing my previous rankings,I was wondering if you could publish my new rank at this lrc 185 since I published my video of it.
1825Name:(1224517) noname2017-02-10 06:53:19
Had a few probs with the vid but here it is
1823Name:Raziel2017-02-10 05:24:34
за ивент не дают награды,че за баги?
1822Name:KEV1N2017-02-10 04:35:25
This thing is dying slooooowly. I remember when they barely lasted a day.
1821Name:(1224517) noname2017-02-09 07:58:17
I apologyze for my previous leaderboard rankings,I had a friend who was playing on my account and he used cheats,i'm sorry if I made anyone angry/frustrated for this incident.I would like to know if I could remove my previous rankings because it's not fair for you guys.
1819Name:busta50002017-01-26 18:31:50
Hello I just want to ask is the Resident Evil 7 Forums working? Is it closed? Because When I click new thread or enter a discussion and click post reply I see "Notes on using the forum" without any button to click. On the other hand, When I entered this discussion it seems the button exists and this post proves that I can post. There is no chat support to talk to so I have no idea how to communicate with moderators or anyone? Any ideas on what I should do?
1818Name:nightmare062017-01-23 05:10:08
any1 want to play some re rev2 with me add me on steam: nightmare106
1817Name:Ymfer2017-01-17 22:49:52
There are, of which I am one, but we seem far and few between. My schedule doesn't really give me much time to connect with others. I'm usually either playing right now or late night/early morning.
1816Name:nightmare062017-01-17 01:03:45
is there any1 on the pc version? like come on i can't find any1 to play with
1812Name:NRico802016-12-12 04:04:00
Hi everyone!

Is anybody out there, who´s willing to pass the actual weekend survivor with me?
Unfortunately i´m possibly only good for backup but i´d glad if someone´s a good samaritan!

1784Name:Regular John2016-11-08 08:58:38
very sorry for thouse who didnt get this amazing shotgun, maybe next time :-)
1777Name:ShadowWarrior2016-11-07 06:08:40
@s0ulassass1n: I think that is the following rule :-))

•This event can only be played once per day. If for whatever reason the number of times your event data is received exceeds the event duration, your score will be adjusted according to the following formula:

[Total damage]÷[no. times data received]×[event duration]

(The event duration is the number of days elapsed until all creatures are defeated.)
1775Name:Horrus2016-11-06 21:06:11
2 times no score in HC that sucks .waste of time and you never know what time does not count.
1774Name:Futurism2016-11-06 02:36:17
Glad to see now rewards are achievement-based. I feel like I'm playing events once again.
1772Name:Aurelinus2016-11-03 09:27:57
It seems latest score is overwritten with kinda average result of 3 days as i was playing only 2 days. It hasn't happened "sometimes", it happens again (and with every turn/day of playing) and i'm gonna not deal with it, just quit playing due to it ruins my efforts for best score.
According to what i observed it seems that final and correct score is updated too late and this way last two scores are recognized as 1 and averaged. So probably 6 hrs update time is to blame (that in fact is way longer - about 10-12 hrs at least to get real score including all days correctly). This way my last score will be averaged with second last and due to 1 hour update only after defeating GC i won't ever get correct score.
1767Name:Aurelinus2016-11-02 17:42:10
Anyone met such a weird (or bad) counting on summing points received during HC event? On first day i got over 6,7 mln points what was correctly displayed in list/ranking, then after second day, when i scored 7,7 mln i got total... 7,2 mln what is neither first nor second nor total sum as it should be 14,7... just LOL. It happens to me second time in a row for that event. It happens second time in the row, last one before was also summing incorrectly.
1765Name:S.T.A.R.S2016-10-26 01:20:32
next ws reward is a mr.train 6 slot and damage 16 very good capcom thanks :)
1761Name:(1221862) noname2016-10-11 08:59:18
:D Ty s0ulassass1n! Daily missions are the perfect chance to have fun! Let's produce more videos there this week!
Here goes my share to the community: [the full version can help to get nice raid gestures].
1759Name:(1221862) noname2016-10-04 02:45:42
The best way to perform daily missions: no full burst, no weapons, only skills, bottles and fun! ;)
1757Name:HUNK2016-10-02 21:39:57
there wont be a next time...
1751Name:mj5mpgk2016-10-02 19:02:00
@s0ulassass1n: I don't need luck, and I don't need stupid answers about cs:go like this one you sent before, if you don't have anything interesting to say just be quiet next time.
1750Name:HUNK2016-10-02 16:43:36
@mj5mpgk well worst explaining i ever heard i wish you good luck.NOT answering my question but saying am i retarded? You are so grown amazing. lol
1749Name:mj5mpgk2016-10-02 07:55:25
@s0ulassass1n: what's your problem? it's Revelations 2 forum and you're talkin' about cs:go, are you retarded or what?
1748Name:HUNK2016-10-02 07:39:44
@mj5mpgk lol funny thing to hear... what happened to zaraspook? pls let it be how obvious. Go play some CS GO there are enough players.
1747Name:mj5mpgk2016-10-01 21:15:03
Yo, am lookin' for someone to play LRC 149 co-op, maybe 150 too, any volunteers?
1746Name:HUNK2016-10-01 18:59:14
i knew it best part of current IHC is damage lv.15 :D
1745Name:(1221862) noname2016-10-01 04:30:39
Guide: how to get God of Death RE.NET analysis Classification (no cheat).
1743Name:(1221862) noname2016-09-29 16:15:44
LRC 150 duo best run ever!
1742Name:Kamatari2016-09-28 22:25:51
Challenge Restricted 147 Duo
1741Name:HUNK2016-09-28 06:16:16
lol LRC 150 for this s*** MP-AF SR+... not worth playing lol what do i want with this s*** ? i already have a lv.100 6 slot firebolt... capcom pls... Maybe next time...
1740Name:(1221862) noname2016-09-26 22:37:19 (with many mistakes, but with fun!). I accept suggestions to grow up my strategies from everybody, including the cheater from top 1 position! :)
1739Name:HUNK2016-09-21 01:23:52
deadend no more competition... tony762x39 was right with anything. GGs
1738Name:(1221862) noname2016-09-19 20:48:20
smart... very smart (or not)... almost makes me feel desire to play serious. Maybe next time.
1737Name:S.T.A.R.S2016-09-17 01:59:30
@mack1708 probably your account has been banned send a ticket to the support for more information
1736Name:mack17082016-09-16 04:51:40
Hola, buen dia... Queria preguntar el por que no aparezco en los rangos cuando juego algun evento online y lo completo, si alguien pudiera explicarme que sucede...

De antemano les agradezco su ayuda, juego el resident evil revelations 2.
1735Name:Deathraven2016-09-09 23:35:17
Is it true or just a dream?!? It seems that I will earn my first 6 slot muramasa after over 1500 play hours? Very very nice and thanks!!!
1734Name:Amonrith2016-09-09 23:32:07
A dream comes true... Muramasa Longrange+!!! One of the very best rewards ever! Thank you very much capcom!!!
1733Name:BarryPowerBurton772016-09-09 20:22:30
MMMM Very very good award, Rifle Muramasa Long Range + in Weekend Survivor No 24. Thanksssssss Capcom!!!!!!!
1732Name:S.T.A.R.S2016-09-09 09:20:13
@ChickenBalls yes it is possible however you will need to have certain unlocked and indispensable skills such as rocket launcher bottle of ice and a bottle of shock must know the spawn of enemies choose certain weapons and have the right strategy.
1731Name:ChickenBalls2016-09-09 04:53:30
Is it even possible for lvl 1 to clear all the level restricted challenges?
If you look at the top ranking players they are all lvl 1 and cleared these challenges withing a few minutes...

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