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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2238Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-02-24 12:19:16

The same thing happened to me for 2 days during the last month IHC.. Lost over 2 hours and 24 million points worth of score.. :'(
2237Name:Ymfer2018-02-24 05:40:50
I am somewhat pissed.
I did Weekend Survivor earlier today, but when I finished the connection to suddenly crapped out. My score was not recorded, but the system still thinks I completed the damn thing and won't let me try again for 24 hours.
Whoever designed how the dailies and events are processed needs to be flogged for at least the hour I lost.
2236Name:Darkgato142018-02-22 11:45:13
On PC, I believe so. Gotts get used to that bs sadly :/
2234Name:W3SK3R2018-02-22 00:32:14
Yesterday i had to admire a one-shot-kill-cheat in LRC. Is this common practice?
2233Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-02-21 13:31:45
@ DarKGameR177IN

Ok, thank you very much for solving the doubt. I will continue to collect pieces to reach level 10 or 20, but I see it very ... very ... very far away. ja ja ja
2232Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-02-18 03:51:12
@ dragoner_dreyco

This means the transfer items log will only show/reflect the last 999 items transferred and not each and every single transfer.. Hope this helps.. :)
2231Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-02-17 23:51:25

My question is why I read the following message at the bottom of the TRANSFER ITEMS window "The record contains a maximum of 999 transfers" What exactly does it mean?
2230Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-02-17 23:48:43

Hi good day. Does anyone know what happens when the 999 items transferred are exceeded?
2229Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-02-16 15:34:44

I guess you are right.. Not like we can do much about it, other than focus on our own skills :/
2228Name:Darkgato142018-02-16 01:44:13
I would worry more about how you perform rather than caring about people who can't play straight
2227Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-02-15 22:14:40
Cheaters, glitchers and hackers leading the LRC rankings :P
2226Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-02-15 12:46:48
Hello, I am new to the forum. But I agree with SNK, and the gifts for PC?
2225Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-02-11 14:52:24
I'm not concerned about the parts that CAPCOM is giving out for these giveaways. However, I'd have liked to see them at least give us those unique "Character Icons" that can be used in-game or over here on
Oh well! :D
2224Name:Darkgato142018-02-11 11:27:45
We shouldn't expect any free gifts on PC
2223Name:SNK2018-02-11 02:57:53
No love for PC?
2222Name:Darkgato142018-02-08 11:12:47

The guide will be very useful once I manage to get level 100 weapons. For now, I will try to beat the events with what I have just to get the parts
2221Name:RadishGuy2018-02-06 15:36:42
@Darkgato14 search yourself a guide on Steam named ''Weapon Building 101" by Centurion (apparently the user set private view on strangers), everything is explained how to do raid mode properly from that guide.
2220Name:Darkgato142018-02-06 01:40:46
@RadishGuy I see. I asked because there are videos with players finishing the stage within 2 miminutes (with the use of life crystals). Still, thanks for the info
2219Name:RadishGuy2018-02-05 23:20:06
@Darkgato14 that depends on many factors such as level restricted (Lv.40 max or Lv.100 max), gauntlet stage, your equipments, etc.
2218Name:Darkgato142018-02-05 19:42:09
What's the best legit possible time for a level restriction challenge?
2217Name:W3SK3R2018-02-04 22:20:47
wow again the wrong result in the invasion event. Hello capcom this is an easy summation.
2216Name:Lady Hawk2018-02-03 21:45:09
We tried the running Weekend Survivor only with Assault Rifles
you can see here how it works ->
2215Name:RadishGuy2018-01-29 16:26:38
@freeman71386 wait you mean like pausing the game while playing solo doesn't stops the skill cooldown progress when the game is paused? (nani the f**k)
2214Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-01-28 19:34:35
More and more of the glitch exploiters showing up every week.. :P
2213Name:RadishGuy2018-01-28 01:47:23
mfw another unbiased nintendo switch perks kicks in again. aside of it, i'm back for some reason and ready to join Lv.1 Solo bandwagon (Lv.100 level restriction), still waiting till Wesker gets on sale though...
2212Name:freeman713862018-01-24 10:15:33
Calling them out will not fix the root of the problem but it can have a deterrent effect on these cheaters' behavior, which in turn may benefit the community.
Unfortunately it's unlikely Crapcom will ever fix the glitch since it has been around forever.
2209Name:W3SK3R2018-01-22 22:54:13
Would be easy enough for capcom. No break menu during online events. Just play or die and get back in a coffin
2208Name:W3SK3R2018-01-22 21:54:42
Its on capcom to remove this glitch from the game. And picking up a single player wont address the issue
2207Name:Pumax27122018-01-22 13:05:03
Que pasa con resident evil 2 remake? Demasiado misterio para algo que ya se había anunciado, esta estrategia de mercado les puede jugar en contra si se sigue dilatando sin tener en cuenta que con re7 hicieron de todo menos un resident evil decente ( una parte es la masacre de Texas y la otra un juego de acción nada más)
2204Name:Regular Johnny2018-01-19 01:23:25
this community never changes...
2203Name:freeman713862018-01-18 22:35:38
Big congratulations to Geririn on beating Centurion in lrc 281... with pause glitch.
Geririn's skill... in pause glitching... has improved alot during the recent months so now not only can he get gold trophies, he can also complete a stage faster than a legit world record.
Lets give this pro... pause glitcher... a big round of applause for his achievement in mastering this art... of pausing the game.
2201Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 22:26:33
if you do not believe me then who will believe me you are the same support and are responsible for the monastery of evil revelation 2
2200Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 22:18:46
you better yourself to thin me so that there are fewer problems
2199Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 22:16:41
I told them all about you what you are unfair
2197Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 22:12:19
if I get rid of the skin I'll shoot you a vidos on YouTube and lay out I'll see that I played without a chit
2196Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 22:10:39
at me on magnum damage of 20 level, fire cartridges of 10 level, fast shooting of 10 level, a set of capacity of the maximum level, capacity of shop of 20 level 6 I do not remember the modifier for a long time did not come into your game as the ban was received
2195Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 22:03:04
I just play very well unlike you and did not use any modifier + good weapons with maximum improvements
2194Name:Battle Chess2018-01-18 18:58:01
OKOK, you are not funny. you are stupid. And you are not an honest player. a stupid cheater
I want to ask how you got a 2:13 score on the LRC279 and LRC280 3:35
I believe you can not answer this question.Because you use the modifier spike all enemies, otherwise you stupid game knowledge. you do not have enough strength to get such a result
2193Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 17:35:13
you are just fuckers working staff that comes in watching events and sums up the results and bans honest players here that you know how to deal, well, you forget that there are higher-standing bosses who can fire you or even I do not know what to write. Well, you know that everything can be in this life the earth round will all return to you boomerang
2192Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 17:29:24
logic 0 blunt
2191Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 17:27:49
good luck to you in everything and in your zadrotskiy events, well, let the players know that they too can be banned I was banned for the fact that I participated in the event I scored 10,000,000 and got for this ban that's what I wrote to Cappu
2190Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 17:25:28
easy bans
2189Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 17:25:28
easy bans
2187Name:Battle Chess2018-01-18 14:15:02
You are a funny cheater
2185Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 08:02:44
wrote that I should apply for support in the region Europe wrote there you will definitely help
2184Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 07:43:40
I found your 2 support as they help me
2182Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-18 07:25:37
If you do not want good, I'll look for your location, address and address to the police about stealing data
2181Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:47:06
I can understand
2180Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:46:30
if I create a new account I will lose all the improvements and I do not want to download it from the level 1 details it takes a lot of time
2179Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:40:28
when I will be banned I have

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