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    • 2017-01-20 15:51:18
    • [RichWoz] @ Babbitt I think the present codes were only available when rev2 first came out but, n...
    • 2017-01-20 15:38:07
    • [firey5] @MRX, yes, but to my understanding, you actually have to have that console to be able t...
    • 2017-01-20 07:54:07
    • [MRX] I have RER2 for the ps4. but on the forum for it no one talks munch on it. the ps3 foru...
    • 2017-01-20 04:36:35
    • [Babbitt] So how does one get "present codes"? Hoping their is a way to get the other c...
    • 2017-01-17 18:15:31
    • [firey5] @Boss Loser Off topic, but I really loved when Takeda picked up each body on the train....