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Aug.23.2019 - Sep.06.2019

We all know the infamous head-turning zombie, the first one you encounter in Resident Evil. But who was the zombie's unfortunate victim?

  • Rebecca, who managed to survive the Umbrella training facility


  • Edward, who likes dancing


  • Sullivan, who is into landscaping


First let's look at A, "Rebecca, who managed to survive the Umbrella training facility."

Although Rebecca was headed for the mansion after escaping from the Umbrella training facility, she hasn't yet appeared in the story by this point, so this is not the correct answer!


I didn't survive that awful training center just to die immediately in the mansion! ...Is how Rebecca would angrily react, I imagine (joking).


Next, let's look at B, "Edward, who likes dancing."

We got a look at the stoic Edward in the opening for RE0. However, as he met his end on the Ecliptic Express and not in the mansion, this is also not the correct answer!


Edward aboard the Ecliptic Express as a zombie. Poor guy...


That means that the correct answer is C, "Sullivan, who is into landscaping!"

Sullivan had earned the trust of the team leader Enrico, but his skills will forever be lost to the world, as he instead became the victim of the iconic head-turning zombie. Perhaps this was his destiny in the RE universe...


Sullivan, who can be seen in the opening of RE0. He's not sleeping! ...Probably.


Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world or RE lore. We hope you found this week's quiz to be groundbreaking!

Correct answer: C
Sullivan, who is into landscaping