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Oct.18.2019 - Nov.01.2019

In Resident Evil 4, Leon has become a federal agent. He may no longer be a rookie cop, but he hasn't lost his snark. Of the following, which of these 3 scenes are your favorite?

  • Try using knives next time


  • Huh, women


  • Very cute


First let's look at A, "Try using knives next time."

Leon gives a little combat advice after a close encounter with Ada. He's got a lot of courage to try and lecture Ada!

Leon grabs the gun but doesn't attack. He's got smarts to!



Next, let's look at B, "Huh, women."

Just as Leon was having a nice moment with Ada, she leaves abruptly, leaving Leon alone with his quip. As Ada's got work to do, she doesn't even leave him in a conventional manner.

Ada leaving Leon behind. I wonder if this will become a trend for these two...



That means that the correct answer is C, "Very cute."

Leon says this as Ada tosses him a parting gift upon successfully completing the mission. On my first play I imagined Ada saying "You can escape the island with this, right?" which would have been an awesome quip for her...right?

The island may be on the verge of exploding...but at least we know Ada's into cute stuffed bears!



Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world or RE lore. We changed things up a bit, so we hope the different format this time around didn't bring you to tears!