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Dec.20.2019 - Jan.03.2020

In Resident Evil 6, Ada stands on a rooftop in Waiyip, readying her sniper rifle. But to whose rescue has she come?

  • Leon and Helena


  • Chris and Piers


  • Jake and Sherry


First let's look at A, "Leon and Helena."

Those two do make it to China, and certainly have a few near misses, but they're not the ones Ada's looking out for this time!

We do get to see Leon and Ada together, but it's in Tall Oaks, not Waiyip.


Next, let's look at B, "Chris and Piers."

Well, Ada meeting Chris would certainly add another twist to the story, but unfortunately the two don't meet up here!

That said, Ada does get a good look at Chris and Piers's car chase.


That means that the correct answer is C, "Jake and Sherry!"

Seeing the two in a tight spot, Ada saves them with some expert sharpshooting!

"Looks like the rookies could use some help," Ada says, but her lifesaving is certainly more than a little help for Jake and Sherry!


Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world of RE lore. We hope you enjoyed this week's quiz!

Correct answer: C
Jake and Sherry!