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May.29.2020 - Jun.12.2020

The story of Jill's daring escape is making its way throughout the world! When she meets Dario she offers some advice. How does he react?

  • He doesn't listen


  • He escapes with Jill


  • He shares his hiding place with Jill


First let's look at B "He escapes with Jill."

You'll likely know this if you've played already, but Dario refuses to go with Jill, and she makes her escape alone, meaning this one's wrong.

Considering what's out there, you can understand Dario's reluctance to leave...


Next, let's look at C, "He shares his hiding place with Jill."

Dario does have a hiding place, but he's not looking to share it with anyone, even Jill, so this one's also wrong.

Dario doesn't share it with Jill, but you might be able to find a clue to his hiding spot in the RE Net World Records page!


That means that the correct answer is A, "He doesn't listen."

Still reeling from the shock of losing his family, Dario doesn't listen to Jill's suggestion to escape. To find out his fate, you'll need to play the game!

He must have thought long and hard before arriving at his choice...we hope it was the right one!


Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world of RE lore. We hope you enjoyed this week's quiz. Check back soon for more exciting RE news!

Correct answer: A
He doesn't listen.