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Series Discussion


1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1021Name:RichWoz2017-01-21 15:40:32
yeah it's very important to double check that you downloaded everything.when I bought the season pass I downloaded the 4 main episodes & totally forgot to download the 2 bonus episodes till 2 or 3 months later.
1020Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 07:16:53
That's cool, not so bad then...I do remember the full game(DLC incl'd) was almost $10 cheaper w 2-3months wait than buying it by the ep & DLC...still weirdest marketing strategy EVER to me (was even stated w $quotes in articles/press release)...

"Yeah we're releasing a new installment, pretty excited about it - so be sure to NOT rush out for it & you doorcrashers, uh, don't forget your lube when you grab your wallets OK?"
1019Name:towelie25252017-01-21 06:54:11
Ahh didn't know that makes way more sense xD
1018Name:WornOutSmiles2017-01-21 05:36:24
He didn't get ripped off, just needs to do what I said on the Xbox One Forum...

He's bought Chapter 1 with the Season Pass and then hasn't gone about downloading the other content in the correct way. So again, from the Xbox Home press Start over Revelations 2, go to "Manage Game" and finally click on "Ready To Install", everything included with the Season Pass will be in there...
1017Name:towelie25252017-01-21 03:15:56
The chapters if i remember were 6 dollars each at launch. So if he paid 35 for one episode he got ripped off badly xD very badly
1016Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 00:45:39
From a Marketing perspective - where launch sales are critical to a title's success, I never understood that (and although it benefitted me/I appreciate it, it is DEFINITELY a minus for you/all Episodic customers)~

Clearly once Marketing was done with launch they were all transferred to the Rewards Dep't...
1013Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 00:38:32
Unfortunately, REVs2 Marketing took the odd approach of penalizing you at launch & rewarding you to wait...launch you had to buy each Ep/CH set as it came, whereas if you waited for the Season Pass OR bought the disk once it was released you got ALL Ep's/CH's(inc'g the 2 Bonus ones Struggle&Little Miss), all the DLC (Hunk/Wesker Raid, a few alt.Costumes in Campaign etc) AND paid less, some crazy how...
1012Name:towelie25252017-01-21 00:35:23
35 for one chapter? I think the complete digital game cost 30 xD
1011Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-21 00:30:19
Can't say about REVs2, but for 1 the Present Codes were going at the start, then became intermittent & though they aren't technically inactive, I personally haven't heard of ANY from RE.NET (for either REVs). I've seen lists of prior ones for REVs1 & they were all guns, however, so even if more come I'm pretty sure CH's won't be in there, Babbit...but you never know
1009Name:RichWoz2017-01-20 15:51:18
@ Babbitt I think the present codes were only available when rev2 first came out but, not anymore. if you bought the season pass u would've unlocked all episodes (including the 2 bonus episodes)
now I guess u have to buy everything separately.
1008Name:firey52017-01-20 15:38:07
@MRX, yes, but to my understanding, you actually have to have that console to be able to activate it. This is why I can't get into the XBONE forums
1007Name:MRX2017-01-20 07:54:07
I have RER2 for the ps4. but on the forum for it no one talks munch on it. the ps3 forum for the same game does but if i click to change my platform to ps3 it ask if I want to active the platform or something like that if i click on it and change it can I change it back to ps4?
1006Name:Babbitt2017-01-20 04:36:35
So how does one get "present codes"? Hoping their is a way to get the other chapters that way. Kinda bummed how they Made me buy a single chapter for $35 and want another $20 for the remaining chapters
1005Name:firey52017-01-17 18:15:31
@Boss Loser Off topic, but I really loved when Takeda picked up each body on the train. 'Is this Kinjo?'
'Is this him?'
'What about this one?'
'Not him'
1004Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-17 17:23:43

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

1003Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-15 09:48:58
Also Terra, do you know the registry mechanic - like specifically if it counts when sent or received?
Thank you again, either way
1002Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-15 09:47:09
Ah so onsite then...thanks Terra!
Do they have to be on friends(site buddies?) list?
Who wants bullets? Lols
1001Name:TerraSeeker2017-01-15 09:39:58
Kin~jo to send supplies you have to select someone else's profile for REV 1, and the option will appear.
1000Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-14 22:27:17
Missed ?/sorry
No I got my name from Kinjo, the villain in a Juv.Lit Samurai detective story I liked as a kid called "Village of the Vampire Cat". He was a Samurai who had his throat slashed in battle (leaving him only able to make mewing/mewling noises) & was presumed dead. Kinda made a switch & was killing for payback ninja-style, ripping throats out w serrated grappling hook (leaving bodies in middle of bloody undisturbed snowy fields).
999Name:Kin~Jo2017-01-14 22:21:11
I'm trying to get Patron Web Badge (pretty sure is for REVs1 exclusively)...prob is (though it DOES say it sends rand ammo/herb &you pick "Send Supplies to Partner by selecting 'supplies' icon beside Partner") the site FAQ DOESN'T say WHERE this happens, is this onsite or ingame? I have never even SEEN this prompt...does anyone know some specifics/details?
998Name:Will_Schwarz2017-01-11 06:08:03
Also, @Kin~Jo Who the hell are you?

"Back to back, they faced each other, ..."
997Name:Will_Schwarz2017-01-11 06:04:03


992Name:Boss_Loser2017-01-10 11:32:08
is profanity allowed on here?
991Name:Boss_Loser2017-01-10 11:31:45
@Kin~Jo You didn't, by chance, get your user name from a 90s movie called "The Hunted," starring Christopher Lambert, Joan Chen, Yoshio Harada, and John Lone as Ninja Master "Kinjo," did you?
'Cuz that movie's fuckin' awesome.
990Name:Omnom1152017-01-09 18:24:38
SirbAkAkbs so there's no way to get the ex 2 and 3 costumes for xbox one?
988Name:SirbAkAkbs2017-01-08 19:36:35
@Omnom115 have you check this link?

RE.NET has no support for the remaster version of REZERO, RE4, RE5 and RE6.

@UkVector os rank são atualizados a cada 6 horas (+ ou -), se tu fez o evento hoje, só depois de 6 hora teus dados vão ser atualizados com os do outros jogadores, essas coisas levam tempo
987Name:UkVector2017-01-05 13:35:04
Alguem ae poderia me dizer como ativo o rank dos eventos?
986Name:Omnom1152017-01-04 15:27:31
Can someone help me? (For some reason the website won't let me create a post on the RE6 Forum) I recently got RE6 for Xbox One and i'm trying to link my xbox one account to RE.NET. The problem is that on the options, theres no Auto Data Upload option and the website says RE6 isn't a Xbox One game. HELP!!!
985Name:zSonGokuz2016-12-28 19:15:49
как играть с другом на Pc
984Name:Boss_Loser2016-12-23 08:15:14
Y'all see this RE:Vendetta? Looks like a new mo-cap actor for Chris. And speaking of RE movies, everybody psyched for RE... what's it called? Apocalypse, or something? Or was that the X-Men movie? Speaking of comic movies, Suicide Squad was a total shitpiece. Cara DeLevigne in skimpy outfit was the best part.
983Name:RichWoz2016-12-22 15:08:22
I got it before but, it seems to be ok now.
982Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-22 10:23:53
Anyone else getting mostly Kanjit instead of English in places after maintenance? Like the entire descriptions in Records section/only says [MAIN]/[RAID] & mb #'s (ie, 20/50/200 etc) & all rest is in Japanese? It's incredibly handy not knowing WTF's up (& yes, I logged in to Eng site)...
981Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-18 16:32:52
If your net is being pissy, you can try just resetting your router. Different case for sure (& many probs w example) but at the heyday of its connection issues GTAV was like that...everything but GTA would work fine, resetting router would allow me to connect/play & remain stable. I never really did figure out exactly why but was defo the case for that one
980Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-18 16:25:50
If it's not that the only thing I can think of is internet connection itself. I would guess you didnt get a notice of any PSN errors, do any other devices or games have issues connecting? If it's none of any of that I got no clue...
979Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-18 16:21:54
That's long as you're signed into PSN you should be online & able to. Did you skip any of the verification stages at the beginning of game startup? Like when it's just generally starting up (not orig install). Skipping that can cause some unspecified online problems
978Name:explodedlight392016-12-18 04:05:35
why can't I access online play through blue door?
977Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-18 02:07:06
I love French film titles...The Bourne Identity could easily be L'Identite de Bourne, but they called it Un Idee Dans L'Eau (an idea in the water...???). Knockaround Guys was Les Hommes De Mains (The Men of the Hand), which sounds suspiciously close to gay porn. Les Frappeurs (The Hitters) would even be better, though I'd pass on it myself...
976Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-18 02:06:51
But yeah, the names in translate...switching between poor word substitut's & garbled phonetics w straight Japanese Kanjit & English peppered about-it's an adventure (but a plethora of info once you sort it).
975Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-18 01:53:37
Particularly since I work Fri thru Tues...graveyard/commute as an added kick to the di-I mean, bonus...
974Name:MyFrenchVanillaCREAMonUrKittyKat2016-12-17 21:18:20
The only real replay value rev2 has on offer is the infinite possible Weekend Survivor floor combinations and each new event is always unique and different from the previous -

its a shame these only last 72hrs at a time
973Name:J4y1872016-12-17 18:58:44
...but the heartbreak of discovering that at level 46 I was not quite half way to level 50 (in terms of xp gained to date) made me give up playing for several months, until I could make enough friends in Rev 2's much easier Raid to bring back to the great game. Rev 2 has much less replay value without the titles, creature kill stats, weapon collection, and this lack of detail has left it wide open to abuse by modders on 360.
972Name:J4y1872016-12-17 18:41:53
Google Translate is hysterically funny, especially when it tries to tackle the Italian-based creature names of Rev 1 as if they were made up of small Japanese words strung together - cue intense head-scratching at deciphering Baby Dora Formic Nuts as a D(o)raghinazzo lol.
But if u can get past that, the exact components of a weapon tag on Rev 1 & 2 is really useful info, as are the hidden character weaknesses (I love O'Brien and Ninja Keith, but don't ever give them a Magnum in a tight spot)
971Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-17 13:02:33
Specifically, not just the positive benefits of certain things (well, EVERYTHING really) as well as the negative effects (this bit is the real gold & virtually NEVER deeply covered elsewhere) & the 1st spot I ever saw Medal aof Courage properly explained until numerous FAQ's all over. The pity was the site is pure Japanese & Jap/Eng is pretty tricky. Plus the translater for Google gets hilariously garbled at times (literal rather than expressive being mech'l)
970Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-17 12:56:08
I hear you (nearly gave up myself TBH, cutting mssg to 2 was a last-ditch effort). I'm not sure if that site you mentioned is the one I've seen before (the onboard Eng Google site is atrocious, so be ready for serious reasoning at times) but it gave great info
969Name:ShadowSlayer692016-12-16 21:25:49
@ Kin~Jo, thanks for the clarification, it's frustrating following misleading or missing rules, but then that replicates the gameplay lol.
I did consider using google translate, English to Japanese and back, to replicate the style of my favourite website, which is the goldmine of Revelations stats, highly recommended to all :)
968Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-16 18:33:50
It's not abbreviations/symbols screwing your's a character limit (that they decided not to indicate in theor infinite wisdom). My last 2 answers were actually 1, I figured this out after fully editing 6x and nearly giving up. Broke it in 2 & it worked.
967Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-16 18:30:49
Then again when they tried marketing KFC in Japan in the 90's "Finger licking good" directly translates to "Chew your fingers to the bone"...seriously, it does & the old Pepsi "Refresh the taste" or whatever directly translated meant "Wake your ancestors from the dead". I cant re EXACT Pepsi motto, but this IS how it turned out. I'm guessing language barrier difficulty at play here, lol...
966Name:Kin~Jo2016-12-16 18:29:24
Lol, they should've called it extreme rather than extended burn...extension indicates a longer duration, extreme would indicate more damage.
965Name:RichWoz2016-12-16 13:08:27
OK I thought so thanks.
964Name:WornOutSmiles2016-12-16 11:54:15
Yes, Frostbite, Electrocute and Extended Burn offer more damage. If I'm using a weapon equipped with both Ice Ammo and Frostbite; and freeze the enemy, EVERY bullet while that enemy is Frozen will do extra damage.

Also worth mentioning that, despite the names; those parts have no effect on the Elemental Duration. So Extended Burn will NOT make the enemy burn for longer, it just increases bullet damage while the enemy is on fire.

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