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Series Discussion


1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1135Name:babyboyhp212017-02-26 03:12:00
Can I get unbanned? Please!
1134Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-24 01:43:53
IIRC Esmigo was saying you modded your game/weap's w IRL I believe...also claimed you were banned/ddnt get your event rewards for it. Easiest way to disprove is complete an event/collect rewards I fig.

I wouldn't be worried about esmigo...he had a bit of a meltdown in the forum like a day or two before he accused you - I doubt a lot are listening to it.
1133Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-24 01:43:20
TBH Alucard, not much you can do except try to avoid him/prove yourself by playing w others...on the upside a smear campaign wont get you banned or anything, but could neg effect your "community rep".
1132Name:ALUCARD_DAMPIRO2017-02-23 05:11:13
Need help. I was unfairly accused in the forum by the user "esmigo012" who tried to interfere me and as I did not accept, accused me of cheating in the game. Can anyone help me defend myself? I command photos, save and any other evidence needed to unmask this evil character.
1131Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-23 02:08:53
Didnt realize you had your PSNID up already, sent you a FrndReq after I saw it.
1130Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-23 01:17:05
Wawan I'm on PS3 & didnt respond before as had a group already...since one got all enterprising, poached all my friends (that I intro'd, to boot) & then just totally cut me out/proceeded w/o me they have like 2 Siege Trophies left & I have all of Predators/Siege left to do. I guess "having a group already" seems to no longer be a real problem (THANKS, guys...REALLY appreciated that!) - PSNID is Kin-Jo, mssg/FrndReq me if you want~
1129Name:Wawan2017-02-20 13:02:30
@TerraSeeker, ok i just accpted ur friend req. no wonder, maybe some gamer prefer play merceneries or the other mode , maybe i should try survivor or ounslaught mode next time
1128Name:TerraSeeker2017-02-20 12:44:20
@Wawan - I didn't see this until now. I sent you an invite and a friend request. I would like those trophies, so I'm definitely down to play. It seems like it takes an hour for someone to join and they tend to leave quickly.
1127Name:Wawan2017-02-20 11:59:34
@TerraSeeker Im playing siege on PS3, its true, so hard to find someone who still playing siege, if u want joint with me or just have fun with another mode
this is my PSN acc : wawanirvine
1126Name:TerraSeeker2017-02-20 11:13:18
Anyone want to play siege on PS3? I'm currently hosting games, but it's pretty dead.
1125Name:SurvivorOfTheHorror2017-02-20 07:27:15
@ Wawan i just play on PC :(
1124Name:RichWoz2017-02-19 02:41:30
np seige is ok but, I like mercenaries & onslaught much better.
1123Name:Wawan2017-02-18 21:16:45
@RichWoz yes, and tjx for playinh wiht me, at least i try the siege mode

Maybe after i finish the rev1, im gona play rev2
1122Name:RichWoz2017-02-18 17:36:13
I just sent U a friend request on the PS3, too bad U don't have rev2 as well
1121Name:Wawan2017-02-18 16:40:56
@RichWoz this is my psn username : wawanirvine
Maybe we can play together
1120Name:RichWoz2017-02-18 14:46:46
@ Wawan I'm down for some games in RE6 & I'm on the PS3 too.
1119Name:Wawan2017-02-18 11:45:04
@SurvivorOfTheHorror thats great, do u play on PS3 ? im play on Ps3
1118Name:SurvivorOfTheHorror2017-02-18 02:37:16
@Wawan i can play the siege mode with you. I wanna play too
1117Name:Wawan2017-02-17 18:55:48
@firey5 do u play Re 6 too? i would to try the siege mode, but looks like no one playing that mode anymore
1116Name:firey52017-02-17 17:47:54
@Wawan I play Rev 1 on 360. GT is the same.
1115Name:RichWoz2017-02-17 10:39:47
@ TerraSeeker thank you I thought so & yeah Leon's ex2 looks like light blue to me
1114Name:TerraSeeker2017-02-17 09:52:07
The Ex2 costumes have to be unlocked online for 60,000 RE points each. Ex3s are unlocked with event tickets for participating in events. Also I thought Leon's pirate costume was blue, but maybe I'm color blind.
1113Name:RichWoz2017-02-17 06:47:17
Well in that case I unlocked everything except all of the ex3's then I'm just don't totally remember how,lol.
1112Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-17 06:37:03
Leon as example you start as he looks in-game (Default) & can unlock his Red/Purple Pirate (EX1/EX2) numerous ways via gameplay & get 16bit RE2/RPD outfit (EX3) by Event Tickets. Only exception to this is Agent & Carla who just have Default - you get Carla by unlocking all the other costumes, BTW/FYI.

I have them all & only used site to sub Tickets/don't have a SINGLE A-Rank in Mercs...but I do have all the trophies for Onslaught & Survivors/got Ex1&2's during this~
1110Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-17 06:29:46
I tried to answer but this SHITTY character limit fucked my reply & turned it into a botched cut & paste nightmare, so all the details are gone (thanks RE.NET! REAL HANDY THERE!!!), but yes I am sure
1109Name:ggregdelyon692017-02-17 02:08:01
Bonjours un Bug arme ultime resident evil revelation 2
Car j'ai finis les différents mode comme facile et normal en moins 3h et l'arme ultime ne sait pas debloquer
Si vous pouvez réparer ça
1108Name:ggregdelyon692017-02-17 02:07:33
Bonjours un Bug arme ultime resident evil revelation 2
Car j'ai finis les différents mode comme facile et normal en moins 3h et l'arme ultime ne sait pas debloquer
Si vous pouvez réparer ça
1107Name:RichWoz2017-02-16 18:49:35
are U sure about the ex2 costumes Kin~Jo? I remember using RE points to get all of the ex2's. I also remember having to get at least either a B or A rank for the ex1's coz I was a little bad at some stages at first & only got C & D ranks (lol) & didn't unlock any ex1's until I got better at some stages. my memory may not be as good as it used to be tho.
1106Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-16 18:38:08
At least you gotta credit Capcom on THAT - they keep em running...I think EA has the Guinness World Record for shortest server lifespans EVER~
1105Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-16 18:32:23
@Navy, I was meaning it more as it's likely how RE.NET views the situation, honestly that's just how the industry tends to view such truth it'd be very little effort/ $ at all, but they still tend not to expend it.

Like the whole "server" complaint when they could just have the core run off P2P/LAN so the online isn't 100% screwed the minute they roll back the servers~
1104Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-16 18:31:49
Thete's various ways to get the EX1&2 outfits (on PS3, at least), not just A-ranking Merc's...I don't think I have a single Merc A-rank & I have all the costumes.
1103Name:Son_Of_Kheops2017-02-16 17:06:07
Hi, anyone to compete in the siege mode on STEAM with me please ??
1102Name:Son_Of_Kheops2017-02-16 17:04:01
Kin~Jo Hi, no im only on steam
1101Name:Wawan2017-02-16 15:21:18
anyone here who still playing RE 6 or revelation ? im still on the way to finish my revelation 1, while people have playing re 7 already
1100Name:RichWoz2017-02-16 14:56:46
I know that they have events here to win EX3 costumes but, I also thought that U had to buy the EX2 costumes using RE points & EX1 costumes are unlocked playing mercenaries mode & get either a A or B rank with that character on the PS3. unless there's another way to win them on the PS4, I have no idea.
1099Name:NavyZerimar2017-02-16 07:14:18
Kin~Jo I don't believe that we need to be able to unlock in-game items through RE.NET... I can't speak for everybody but I personally like to track my stats from the game and compare mine with others. Perform online challenges to unlock rewards like avatars and wallpapers (even dioramas).

I just feel like it's a wasted opportunity to have more content on this site... but that's just my opinion though, you might have a point regarding the difficulties in technicality and money
1098Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-15 22:53:03
Kheops, you on PS3?
1097Name:Kin~Jo2017-02-15 22:52:17
I'd guess they don't have support for 6 as they count as HD Collections. That means it's last-gen & many of those have unsupported features (RE2 DualShock/PS3 hasn't some of it's best features, for example & isn't even HD filtered to PS2 specs let alone PS3).

Or short answer, being an old title, they felt it wasn't worth the time/$ & just couldn't be bothered...I wouldn't count on them changing their minds on this, partucularly as the only thing RE6 benefits from RE.NET is the EX3 outfits
1095Name:RichWoz2017-02-15 03:22:51
I know there wasn't RE.NET support for the PS3 versions of RE4 & 5 support started for RE6. the only thing I can think of is maybe they just haven't set up support for the PS4 versions yet.
1094Name:NavyZerimar2017-02-14 03:04:56
How can there be no RE.NET support for PS4 versions of RE4, 5 and 6?
1093Name:Son_Of_Kheops2017-02-13 19:14:49
Hi, anyone to help me training in the siege mode ??? RE6
1092Name:Obbey2017-02-12 08:04:52
@firey, it's Obbeycas. Thanks again and sorry for my shitty English.
1091Name:firey52017-02-11 17:38:54
@Obbey, it's ok I have a couple of people to remove anyway. What's your gamertag? That way I can add you as soon as I clear some space.
1090Name:Obbey2017-02-11 13:40:01
@firey, it says that your friends list is full. :(
1089Name:Obbey2017-02-11 10:01:03
@firey, I really appreciate it. Let's try playing this evening (maybe after midnight, when my connection is better, lol). I have to learn more things about the events and game strategies, like best weapons and parts for beginners. Just reach Lv.50 and don't know how to build up a weapon. Thanks.
1088Name:firey52017-02-11 06:36:58
Oh yeah and my gamertag is the same, firey5. I'll be on this weekend if you need help getting more kills.
1087Name:firey52017-02-11 04:20:25
@Obbey ok. I can load up with you if you wish and take you to my stages with wanted enemies, that way you will get my enemies and yours if your stages are marked too. Best to keep the forums here. Badass psycho is just out to stir trouble for me. I don't lie to anyone about game strategies, I love helping other players. You can check out my ranking for Wanted Challenge 8 and Killcount 15 and you'll see that I know what to do to get the kills.
1086Name:Obbey2017-02-11 00:04:04
@firey5, I'm on Xbox 360.
1085Name:firey52017-02-10 10:08:01
@Obbey Which console are you on?
1084Name:RichWoz2017-02-10 05:22:25
Hey, Obbey U have to host a duo Ghost Ship game & instead of actually playing GS hit the coin b4 U go through the door & your partner will show up as a "wanted" creature do this a few times to build up your "wanted" list.

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