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Series Discussion


1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1335Name:BlackGero2017-09-18 13:26:07
that I am ready to do trinity in the ghost ship I already have the gluttonies cournocopia and good weapons someone who could help me and then I help him
Gt: blackgero xbox
1334Name:#FatherChocolate(;2017-09-15 18:48:41
Who all would but Raccoon City on Next Gen consoles with all DLC included? I definitely want it!
1333Name:Vambo2017-09-15 16:54:06
@seth9977 cheers for info !! Been doing the under water gun case route unfortunately that's as far as I can go. Takes me around 6 mins got some half decent guns pink g18 easy grip. Thunder raptor but my score only 1240 in treasure hunt. The guys leading these events must have awesome gear and parts. R well back to the grind
1332Name:Seth99772017-09-15 07:38:34
I like to farm Ghost Ship Chaos for Lv 50 special weapons. There's 1 case in the area before the lab, 1 in the Solarium and 2 in the Observation deck ; 1 sitting out and the other obtainable by killing the Draghignazzo. Once I get all 4 I retire and repeat. Equip Rare Finders to improve your odds.
If you want to level up fast, I recommend farming Stage 1 on Abyss. Just run past everything and fight the oozes in the last room. At 5 or 10 levels lower you can net a good amount of EXP and BP.
1331Name:Vambo2017-09-15 02:13:12
Any tips for treasure hunt!! Only lvl 40. What a grind trying to lvl up forgot how long it takes from original PS3 version
1330Name:Jill Valentine fan2017-09-14 03:47:29
Thanks Seth and yeah it would be nice if that was included
1329Name:Sanderson...2017-09-13 23:59:17
anyone wanting to make weapons and parts in the raid of the ghost ship of resident evil revelations for PC? please leave message with steam ID
1328Name:Sanderson...2017-09-13 23:58:44
alguem querendo farmar armas e peças na Raid do navio fantasma de resident evil revelations para PC? porfavor deixem mensagem com o ID da steam
1327Name:Seth99772017-09-13 23:06:14
There's no easy way to see your total bonus count ; you have to count them by hand, unfortunately. I recommend counting your bonuses in-game rather the stages section of the website, because they seem to provide false information. For example, I have trinity on the bilge in abyss, but it says I'm missing it on the website when viewing the level in the stages section.

It would've been nice if they included a total bonus value in the records or overview on the website or even in-game.
1326Name:Jill Valentine fan2017-09-13 13:10:22
How do i check to see how many bonuses in Resident Evil Revelations on ps4 i have ? Been trying to get Rachel ooze just want to know how close I am
1324Name:Abe2017-09-13 05:37:20
Quiero poner mi bandera en los maracadores en re5 ayuden
1323Name:BlackGero2017-09-12 08:36:13
Estoy tratando de conseguir las glotonerias y auto recargas agregenme (xbox one) gt "blackgero"
1322Name:kajko12017-09-12 04:24:46
Thx Seth.I played lot of hours on ps3 with this game .Now i started again with ps4
1321Name:Seth99772017-09-12 02:51:05
@kajko1 I brought around 20 (maybe more) of those cases and all I ever got from them were trash parts. Don't waste your points ; you'd have better luck farming Ghost Ship for illegal part cases.
1320Name:kajko12017-09-11 23:21:03
Its possible get any gluttony from ultra rare parts cases?
1319Name:SEXICAN2017-09-11 06:32:44
Is Ghost Ship Chaos the only place to get versions 2 of stars, fbc, bsaa?
1318Name:Lonely Bunnies2017-09-11 01:05:01
Looking for people who want to run GS. I am trying to farm for Gluttonies/Auto Loaders.

GT: Lonely Bunnies.
1317Name:Revelanth2017-09-10 22:16:39
Iirc the Hunter icon is awarded for beating Real Survival.
1316Name:oritsu2017-09-10 07:29:05
Does anyone know what icon you get for clearing Real survival mode on re remake. Also need help on revelations 1 on xbone. If anyone wants to play let me know thank you and have a nice day.
1315Name:Darky2017-09-09 20:39:25
My gamertag is Dark Vorahk1, add me if you want to run ghost ship.
1314Name:HaouDavid2017-09-09 10:48:48
Does anyone have lag on revelations for the xbox one around 8-11PM Est? Everyday it has happened to me, but during the day it works fine. Yes, everything on my end is fine and any other online games that I have no problem. I am the only user in my household who uses the internet.
1313Name:BlackGero2017-09-09 10:16:16
Help me ghost level 50 pliz
Ayuda para el barco fantasma plz
1312Name:DETOX the Fifth Survivor2017-09-09 04:18:31
Anyone want to do TB Ghost Ship for Gluttony 5? Did it for someone and they won't return the favour. Pretty scum, right?
1311Name:MartinMilk2017-09-09 03:20:52
Looks like Not a Hero & End of Zoe are basically half the game. Kinda shady but looks cool as hell. Please let it have more replay value than the base game and let it be coop. RE7 could be much better :)
1310Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-09-08 06:58:26
Level Canceller takes away both the advantage and disadvantage making the damage you deal equal no matter the enemies' level. This is why you equip it for fights against higher-level enemies only: you want to lose the disadvantage of dealing less damage, but you don't want to lose the advantage of dealing more damage against weaker enemies.
1309Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-09-08 06:58:09
You should see that you'll need fewer bursts/bullets to kill her, which is how the LC works. It is so, because when you fight at a level that is lower than that of your enemies, you are at a disadvantage: you deal less damage. This works in the opposite way when your level is higher than that of your enemies: you are at an advantage and deal more damage.
1308Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-09-08 06:57:36
It will be best if you equip a strong weapon such as your magnum with 3-shot burst and play without Level Canceller first. Throw a flash grenade and shoot Rachael. Count how many 3-shot bursts it takes to take her down. Now start a new run, but this time with LC equipped on that weapon.
1307Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-09-08 06:57:10
@ Obscure: Level Canceller makes the damage you deal the same no matter what level your enemy is. As such, it is only useful when fighting enemies at levels higher than the one you currently set for your character. If you want to see the difference, I recommend that you play MAD BANQUET on Abyss by setting your level to the recommended one - 46.
1306Name:Obscure2017-09-08 03:19:07
Hi, can someone tell me to serve this piece ("Level Adjuster") I've put it in a low level weapon recommended character and does nothing damage to the enemies of Resident Evil Revelations, where am I wrong?

In Revelations XBOX 360 had a medal value and if that worked well but this ("Level Adjuster") I can not find any logic.

1305Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-09-08 00:15:49
This will be the 2nd lv 48 serpent in a row for RER's Wanted Challenge. Come on, CAPCOM...
1304Name:ShreDjent2017-09-05 08:04:34
Kin Jo, I loved outbreak!
Still play it now and then \m/ 1&2
1303Name:Kin~Jo2017-09-04 11:18:18
MAYBE they would do a J-Boot as fans were RABID there...Outbreak servers ran in Japan for just a RIDICULOUSLY long time after NA dried up/died - pay server or no, lol

If they went that far MAYBE they would say, "Hey, let's just translate it to English/add some subs & sell it for 50% more over there"


I also might be related to a Nigerian prince who needs my help to secure the State's funds, according to my emails~
1302Name:Kin~Jo2017-09-04 11:12:52
(sales/financially speaking - ironic as at its core it's arguably one of the best), also likely fear fans would be pissed more than stoked at all that wasnt there - but they fig'd minor tweaks would hold over/fast output so not all are fully developed (why File3 but no 4 char's w some wizardry etc)

Good luck getting a project greenlit w Outbreak's market record...they flat-out KILLED it by doing that for a few potential extra bucks, sadly~
1301Name:Kin~Jo2017-09-04 11:11:08
and to add to that even if snap went belly-up, the Japanese Co. would obviously HAVE to have the source code in some way shape or form...the REAL reason they buried it was it was viewed as an embarrassment
1300Name:T-King-6672017-09-03 22:07:14
But I completely agree, if you watch the video on youtube called: " ROEpodcast #4 w/ Alyson Court (Claire Redfield) | Resident Evil Podcast|" (Lengthy name I know) at the 45:45 mark Alyson Court takes some time to talk about Outbreak and mentions that there were 40 Scenarios planned for resident evil Outbreak... Freaking 40 was planned for the original release until... Well, you know the rest.
1298Name:T-King-6672017-09-03 21:49:09
@Kin: I agree for the most part, but the reason for Capcom losing their North American servers for both Outbreak and Monster Hunter is because the company "Snap" went bankrupt. While the Japanese version of the game used a different server entirely that you had to pay monthly for to play which I'm guessing added to its life.

1297Name:Kin~Jo2017-09-03 20:05:46
(marketed as 5 "Files", 2 flopped as ppl felt full-game price for a "re-skin", not EVEN expansion - so sales immediately dropped/bad reviews & no advertising basically guaranteed flop/Title got $#¡+-canned)
1296Name:Kin~Jo2017-09-03 19:54:35
Outbreak remastered would be sick...they would have to release it as one game (like it was supposed to be, marketing ploy to divide them in installments is what killed that title), else they repeat the sales "embarassment" that Outbreak was all over again (they CLAIM they lost the Source Code, yet the servers were running in Japan LONG after, so is totally untrue...

That game rocked tho, so sad the File# idea/$-grab doomed it~
1295Name:Kin~Jo2017-09-03 19:49:12
Gapson, AFAIK it should only work on the gun you have equipped (in your hands)...having on all 3 should just mean it will always be on no matter w one you're using/firing, but dont think it stacks/multiplies (like say Lightweight Tag)
1294Name:saratoga2017-09-03 16:44:55
Pourquoi mes badges récupérés depuis plusieurs jours ne sont pas comptabilisés merci pour la réponse
1293Name:T-King-6672017-09-03 12:17:12
Hey guys, I'm new to the site but wanted to ask: Now that Capcom has remastered Revelations for the second time, do you guys think that there's a solid chance that the Outbreak games will be remastered? Outbreak file 1&2 and dead aim are the last RE titles to be remastered for this gen.

So I guess I have two questions: 1) Do you hope that they will be remastered? 2) Do you think Capcom would ever do it?
1292Name:Gapson2017-09-02 20:58:12
Hi guys!
How works rare finder part? If i use it on all three weapons chance is 3 time bigger, or enough use it on one wepon?
1291Name:MartinMilk2017-08-31 06:27:44
@Demonslayer95 when you hold the mouse over 'supported games' you'll see what your main game is currently, over that you will see a small link that says 'edit' That takes you to the old place where you changed your main games.
1290Name:Demonslayer952017-08-31 01:03:13
I have a question how I do change my main game since the site is different now
1289Name:Nearyah072017-08-30 23:23:49
I'm assuming Lady Hunk and Rachael Ooze are locked characters now?? Capcom needs to explain that.
1288Name:Nearyah072017-08-30 23:21:27
When I first played and synced my Rev1 game (Xbox One) it only game me campaign dlc. But I noticed the original dlc for raid is now a purchase on the raid store, such as the machine gun six slot with custom parts added. Kinda expensive. But worth buying just for the parts.
1287Name:Fevre2017-08-30 20:14:09
Capcom needs to turn on the DLC for Revelations for Xbox One since it did not download with the Game.
Think they would have had Microsoft test out the download to make sure their paying customers get everything they are promised.
1286Name:ProjectAlice6662017-08-30 10:24:47
Martin Milk: I will be glad to play raid mode with you. Just let me do some campaign first
1285Name:MartinMilk2017-08-30 09:54:33
Resident Evil Revelations (Xbox One) raid mode partner! I'm not that experienced but down to play ALOT! add me GT: MartinMilk
1284Name:Abe2017-08-30 09:53:41
Is it true about the RE revelations 3 release or just fanmades? :)

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