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Series Discussion


1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
1473Name:Assassin Bunny72017-11-19 23:13:22
Thanks for the input , your help makes it less frustrating and makes the game enjoyable.
HUGZZZ to you!!! ;)
1472Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-19 18:21:05
Fastest way I found to do Wanteds was selective kill/abort, leaving min 1-2 marked Stages, w a few Marked Stage clears to repopulate...bit of a fine trick to maintain an optimal balance there though, for sure~
1471Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-19 18:19:22
Also if you clear Stages & you only see "!" on the same Stages as before (say, you did one w/o a "!" but there are only 2 Stages w Icons), this means more Wanted (within Max limit) have populated IN the marked Stages

(I have "overfished" before doing kill/abort & took forever to repopulate more but just clearing stages WILL do it...tho w ZERO Wanteds left it took FOREVER).
1469Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-19 18:14:24
You will generate more/faster on levels other than GS, simply due to the difference in Clear time/population ratio~
1468Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-19 18:14:06
There is a Max on # of Wanted available (IIRC was app.10 or so on PS3 version)

If you kill/abort you will run out. You need to actually clear the stage to populate more (hit & run/drying out is the #1 mistake people tend to make)

AFAIK it has nothing to do w current players...the only effect I know of there is some Wanted may have your or your Friends' PSNID's as names rather than a generic "John" or w/e name, but this does NOT effect the # of Wanteds spawned at all.
1466Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-18 12:31:52
Assassin bunny

Play co-op with someone on ghost ship.
About 5-6 quick runs. After that you'll see more wanted enemies.
1465Name:Assassin Bunny72017-11-18 11:25:10
Just wondering the Current "Wanted Challenge" for PS3 is not showing a lot of Enemies with Names on them? Is everyone playing it on PS4, Ive seen a few NAME Tags but maybe only one here and there.
Any ideas on how to see more (WANTED) on runs? Is it based on time of day or certain Stages
I know its the ones with the Yellow caution symbol on them. but just not getting a lot... Thanks!
1462Name:Bartz_Lionhart2017-11-17 06:16:18
Today i have beated ghos ship at level 15 for the first time, but this have been possible just for char197blastm!!!! You are the best, man!!!! I don't know if you will read this but i owe you a big one!!!
1461Name:Vambo2017-11-16 06:08:26
RER RAID MODE Hmmmmm recently had a lvl 50 chimaera drop “blue 6 slots” shortly followed by a lvl 50 slaughter “pink but only 5 slots” how odd I thought !!! But the purple BW 7 slot marauder which popped up later made up for it.
1460Name:M4TAD0R_20-102017-11-14 09:58:54
I'm looking for players to play predator and siege mode ps3, my id is the same as here.
1459Name:ramon leal2017-11-14 07:50:40
1458Name:asdrubale19862017-11-14 04:10:57
Domanda?Ma è normale avere RGP infinito in modalità raid se si vorrei sapere come altrimenti ci posso mandare un paio di video perche li ho visti grazie anticipatamente
1457Name:PhantomFrost2017-11-13 21:43:46
Hi im having trouble beating ghost ship on solo and i cant find anyone to do it in multiplayer on Resident evil revelations so if anyone want to help me i would appreciate it so much. I play on xbox one and my gamertag is phantomfrost also due to personal reasons i can only play on weekends and fridays.
Thank you.
1456Name:MartinMilk2017-11-13 05:05:50
Finally got the platinum trophy for Umbrella Corps! Due to the playerbase I think this one will be next to impossible to get a year or so from now! Glad I got it..
1455Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-11 16:31:24
AFAIK that shouldnt happen...are you guys picking em up w full supply? Only way I can think of to auto-trigger in any way...

1454Name:Assassin Bunny72017-11-10 07:56:08
Hay! not sure if this is where I should of post this but I hope I can get an answer on Revelations Ghost Ship Raid mode making a scavenge run for cases on the deck with a friend online and my health automatically dispenses itself without hitting the green triangle delta button... been playing this game for quite some time never had it do that and my partner didn't health herself or me up? It did this twice when I was full health? Any serious responses would be appreciated. Thanks
1453Name:Vambo2017-11-09 18:38:52
What happened to treasure hunt 7?????
1451Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-11-07 15:34:03
Well, I might be if it were not for the fact that a lv.50 M40A1 "stady hand" rifle has been part of my collection for the said period of last few years. I do not normally play more than 5 GS runs in a row every now and then, but I do play the game on a regular basis as I have for the past few years. It's getting boring to play with the same guns over and over again, but the controls of the recent RE games feel so good I just love to play these games.
1450Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-11-07 15:33:36
I've been playing with the same weapons for quite a long time (A FEW years, I think) before I recently got the lv.48 Serpent. The in-game RNG has not given me any rare or max-slot guns at lv.48 or higher for a long time, but I have recently unlocked two max-slot lv.50 M40A1 rifles through normal cases here at I guess I should be grateful, right?
1449Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-11-07 15:31:36

Wouldn't you prefer it if the gun rewards were slightly more varied? Why not give out a lv.48 Serpent as an "S" weapon and another one @ lv.50 as an "SSS" prize? Or any other max-slot gun at level 50? I'd say that would be quite an easy way to slightly empower new players and keep older ones interested at he same time.
1448Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-11-07 15:31:11
@ Vambo and tonyfresh550

Guys, I do agree with you on that players who are not @ lv.50 yet may need a stronger gun, but isn't dishing out THE EXACT SAME weapon three times in a row now (!) just a bit tedious?
1447Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-06 16:12:12
Ditto on no PS4 (refuse to pay for PS+ as well as ISP, esp'ly as Steam is free - need a new PC 1st tho), so can't say...I heard not but maybe was too "new"(lols)/not unlocked yet-

I liiked 6 tho it got trashed a lot...baffles me the ones that are ga-ga over 5 but DESPISE 6 (I find them -& to a lesser degree 4- very similar TBH).

Hopefully they did do a'd fig just adding an RE.NET widget would be easier tho, hahaha~
1446Name:TerraSeeker2017-11-06 06:42:18
I think the costumes that were unlocked through are unlocked through the former dlc modes. I've seen people talk about unlocking them on sites. I can't really confirm as I don't have a PS4, but I was thinking of getting 1 soon. If I do I might get RE6 again just to burn through the campaign for fun.
1445Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-05 23:21:41
Doesn't no RE.NET support for RE6 etc on Next-Gen COMPLETELY screw you out of the EX3 Costumes & such?!?

Way to sell it like REAL Pro's, Capcom!!! Removing features from an old game on its re-release, THAT'LL get em hot to buy~
1444Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-04 20:09:38

Yeah I agree. But at the same time I guess they want to give those a chance, who might have missed out on the previous event, to acquire this weapon. It's all good. I've already got my thunder raptor. I just play ghost ship now for fun or to help others. I don't need weapon cases.
1443Name:Vambo2017-11-04 19:25:32
Think of all players “old and new to this title “who would love to own the serpent at lvl 48. It will help them endlessly in the final grind to reach lvl 50. Give a thought to players whom have not !!! Rather than to the players who have! I missed the first event and was fortunate enough to obtain it in the following event. For that I’m grateful!! It’s of course no use to me now but it served its purpose
1442Name:sas_the_virtuous2017-11-04 18:05:42
A third lv.48 Serpent in a row as a reward in RE Revelations? They can't be serious... I've sent them a message asking if there is going to be an update to the rewards, so let's see how they handle it.
1441Name:MartinMilk2017-11-04 08:36:05
I hope Capcom adds support for the Switch releases.. plz
1440Name:Rasta2017-11-04 05:24:24
Alguien por favor ayudeme a sacar los trinitys en nivel abismos
1439Name:TerraSeeker2017-11-03 23:45:36
Capcom decided not to have the next-gen RE6 linked to the site even if just for fun.
1438Name:no name2017-11-03 21:22:38

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

1437Name:MasterShpheil2017-11-03 19:51:23
Okay so I went to link re6 but I have it for xb1 and my only option is xb360.
1436Name:Vambo2017-11-03 18:46:53
Revelations PS4-Rare part event plz Capcom!!! I’ve over 281hrs played!!!!! dropped 1-damage 6
1435Name:KODAxCHROME2017-11-03 07:24:24
NP , the only stupid question is one you don't ask.
1434Name:MasterShpheil2017-11-03 05:26:15
Lol for some reason I thought that was for support for this website. Lol thank you very much. (Feel so dumb now.)
1433Name:KODAxCHROME2017-11-02 23:16:45
Just click supported games and select game and platform
1432Name:MasterShpheil2017-11-02 22:11:38
Hi I'm new to this forum and and residentevilnet all together and I was wonder how to link other resident evil game like re6 or re0?
1430Name:Vambo2017-11-01 03:09:13
Tonyfresh550 and other readers. It’s the PS4 RER I’m wondering about, So when you, or should I say me, look at other players in the event leaderboards to see which character and weapons used and various players have over the allotted weapons of 247 doesn’t make sense has there is only certain number of weapons to collect . So did these players receive extra weapons from Capcom in betas or whatever?
1429Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-31 19:24:54

Yeah I have 240. If you're talking about the .... ps3 version of RE: revelations. Weapons Level 47-50 and rare can only be obtained in ghost ship, In addition to the online events. (tower of doom, killcount challenge, etc.) you actually can get lucky early, for example you get a level 10 serpent.... But, it's gonna be useless after you start leveling up more. Hope this answered your question.
1428Name:Vambo2017-10-31 01:20:32
Just curious!!! But when looking at the raid mode overview’s of some players in events results. How can some guys or gals have 250+ Weapons out of 247. Is there guns you can obtain by fulfilling certain criteria in game or online ??? Anyone any idea? Am I missing out on something?
1427Name:tonyfresh5502017-10-30 16:42:24

The Pc356 is in revelations 1..not 2.
1426Name:masterwolf3592017-10-30 12:04:16
Where can i get up to date present codes for re2. i am looking for the pc356 handgun but
i can't seem to get it. I only have episode 1 though can istill get it and how. Sorry for all
the questions. Love resident evil noob player but we all start somewhere
1425Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-30 11:25:10
A random seeming memory hit me from the Samurai Edge Fax off RE2 or some other one...didn't Robert Kendo go somewhere to collect guns or parts for them? I seem to remember a File mentioning some kind of business trip...

I wonder if he went to the Tall Oaks shop? That would be kind of cool, continuity-wise, lol~

(could be way off on location-but am SURE there is a File in the series mentioning Kendo going or returning from a business trip, tho don't remember the details)
1424Name:sin2017-10-30 02:41:09
Thank you very much for answering my question :) Another orange weapon is a random out of it, or must be online~
1423Name:ShreDjent2017-10-30 01:28:19
Nice one slangking.
It got me wondering lol
1422Name:slangking2017-10-30 01:25:30
@Sin: Use all three Rare Finders on all three of your weapons for maximum effect.
1421Name:slangking2017-10-30 01:20:14
Not just you mate, been down at least a week for me as well.
1420Name:ShreDjent2017-10-30 01:14:02
Greetings! Just wondering
If the ps4 forum for rev2 is
Down? Or is it just me?..
I haven't been able to access it for quite sometime now.
Best wishes!
1418Name:sin2017-10-29 19:02:21
Who knows the PS4 residentevi Revelations of rare weapon chance +, rare weapon chance++, rare weapon chance++ + cumulative probability after installation to three weapon? Or only one of them? thanks
1416Name:Kin~Jo2017-10-29 16:16:20

It's either a hex edit/cheat or a mod used on an Official FirmWare (unmodded/not jailbroken) PS3.

But typically no, it isn't possible~

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