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Game updates


PS4 Version Update

Version 1.06

The following changes are planned for release on August 19:

- Game modes
・"4 Survivors" mode added

- Maps
・"Lanshiang" map added

- Items
・MAG-REV Umbrella, Waltham BSAA, and Smoke Grenade SP added
・Chrome Mask, Chrome Shield, and Chrome Jammer added
・New I.C.O.N.s added

- 4-player matches added (One Life, Multi-Mission matches)
・A countdown now starts when the lobby has 4 players.
(If there is at least one 3-man squad the game will wait for 6 players as before.)

- Free match fixes
・In order to make it easier for players to converge on the same free matches, round and time settings are no longer selected when creating a free match lobby to make it easier for other players to find.

- Win and loss counts for players joining and leaving ongoing matches
・When joining an ongoing match, it will no longer count as a loss if you are unable to join successfully.
・When leaving an ongoing match, it will be counted as a loss unless you are winning.

- Rankings
・All rankings have been reset

- U-Trials
・"One For All" unlock conditions relaxed

(N.b. Due to these changes, if you already meet the requirements, you will unlock the trial the next time a ranked match results screen is displayed.

If you unlock the trial in this manner however, the "New Recruit", "Squad Master", "U Can't Touch This", and "Umbrella Corps" trophies will not be unlocked themselves, and you will need to meet the "One For All" and other related trial requirements a second time to unlock them.

We apologize for any inconvenience.)


PS4 Version Update

Version 1.05

The following changes are planned for release on August 4:

- Players
  ・Weapons can now be reloaded when opening and closing doors and shutters.
  ・New methods for exiting cover
    (Crawling, switching to Brainer)
  ・New methods for cancelling a dash when entering cover
    (Switching to Brainer, pulling down on the left stick, switching weapons)
  ・Cover position can now be changed even when crouching
- One Life Match
  ・Scoring changes (much higher scores can be obtained)
- Multi-Mission
  ・Scoring changes (higher scores awarded for mission-specific actions)

About the scoring changes
Scoring has been adjusted to address the following issues:
- Differences between scoring in One Life and Multi-Mission matches
- Points awarded for actions relative to each mission's rules in Multi-Mission matches
were comparatively low compared to points awarded for kills

One Life matches should now generally award higher scores than before.

Overall Multi-Mission scores will not change drastically,
but it should now be easier to score points by following the mission rules.

Previously, players who attempted to play Multi-Mission matches as intended by focusing on mission points
may have been at a disadvantage compared to those players who focused on kills.
These adjustments should make mission scoring more enticing for all players.

Also, while this isn't reflected in the score itself, the winning team receives more experience than the losing team,
meaning it is in the best interests of all players to aim for a team win rather than individual kills.
We apologize for not making this clearer before.

Further fixes and improvements to follow


PS4 Version Update

Version 1.04

The following changes are planned for release on July 21*:
*Date changed

Improved matching
  - Matching is faster
  - Members of the same squad are matched preferentially
  - Players using heated Brainers take more damage
  - Respawn locations modified
  - Briefcase holders in Protector and Collector modes move more slowly
    (Movement speed in Collector mode varies according to the number of briefcases held)
Assignment of players to teams has been rebalanced
The delay between rounds has been reduced. I.C.O.N.s can now be used until the end of the round.

Further fixes and improvements to follow