About Resident Evil.Net

Resident Evil.Net is a completely free service for supported games in the Resident Evil series.

Features include unlocking special in-game costumes and powerful weapons, online events with players from around the world, viewing play data, and unlocking exclusive web achievements.

Sign up on Resident Evil.Net today and complete your Resident Evil experience!

(Available features may be different for each supported game.)

  • Earn RE Points!

    Points can be earned by meeting certain in-game requirements to unlock Web Badges, and by logging in every day to receive a login bonus. Points are used to unlock a wide variety of content, so keep playing to earn more!

  • Join online events

    RE Points can also be earned by taking part in online events. Compete or cooperate with players from around the world to win even more points!
    (Not all titles support online events.)

  • Unlock items

    Aside from in-game costumes and weapons, other exclusive collectable content such as development documents and figures can be unlocked using RE Points.
    (The items and item categories may differ depending on the game played)

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