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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24032Name:Mars2019-06-25 00:43:26
Haha thanks. I have used AMR most times since it is not so fast as my Mura. That makes it easier to fire short bursts. So I could save my reserve ammo until last floor.
24031Name:ACGF2019-06-24 23:09:20
if I had the complete game as it would be cool to play, I would still ask for help only with the Red Code
24030Name:Tamshe20172019-06-24 20:39:47
The ws#71 (level 60) DUO

Thanks to Mars to a rescue .

This ws was possible with 2 rifles each ( 49 mins )

Mars has exceptional skill at firing a single shot , or 2 shots or 3 at a single enemy

I can only control 3 to 5 shots as my mura is too damn fast . I had more control over the AMR

Next time I will use a slower mura , speed load or long range plus

I can conclude that other rifles could have been used . Magnums would have been challenging

Thanks DJ for your answer

Campaign Split Screen and Countdown/invisible modes

A family member had to help me kill ..... at invisible mode
24029Name:Matolo2019-06-24 06:56:51
...So pity...
24028Name:djkazogi092019-06-23 12:58:03
I miss this game, im not so good now, i already forgot some stage specially the enemy where it spawn,lol.because not playing for so long for how many months or a year..
24027Name:abdissuarez2019-06-23 00:51:12
I would like to thanks to djkazogi09 for the help with the WS. He's an Amazing player. I need to keep farming weapons, a 6 slots Muramasa or a AMR is what I need. I learned much for playing with you. Again thanks to him and for tamshe2017 I don't even know how to use the USB to get and advantage in this game
24026Name:abdissuarez2019-06-22 20:16:37

Thanks for the advice. I play with a random guy and I don't know why I lost connection in the level 20. I continued by myself but run out of time in the level 30. I will try to play with djkazogi09 if he is available.
24025Name:djkazogi092019-06-22 19:46:40
I watched some videos in this WS, i think no need to equip a shotgun even you will play it @ level 60,because later stage is not so difficult.for co-op,2 magnum and 2 riffle can be done(amr and mura is advisable)use riffle skill..
24023Name:Tamshe20172019-06-22 19:22:33

DJ is a great player with many videos that you can learn from

You appear to be one of the "hardcore" gamers who do not use usb pendrive or memory stick

I play sometimes , but I have internet problems. My psn id is the same

Once you host , a player will help you . You should start with renet players that can seen on the results .

Unfortunately there are too many unregistered players and many "legit" players are changing their names
24022Name:Tamshe20172019-06-22 19:03:16

I will like to get your opinion ( and others' )

I looked at this weekend survivor 60 and I believe it is possible to finish this WS60 with 2 players using

2 rifles only

or 2 magnums only

with skills fully equipped

Just don't kill your partner's share even under lag

while you may not finish playing alone , two players should finish any weekend survivor with rifles and magnums
24021Name:djkazogi092019-06-22 15:06:32
Hello,who's still playing?? my psn is djkazogi09
24020Name:abdissuarez2019-06-22 05:04:06
Hi. I need help with the weekend survivor. Is anyone available for help me?
24018Name:Masta Kremp2019-06-22 02:17:44
party mode again, thanks to my brother for help. it's time to move forward .. //greet all real players//
24017Name:pollin2019-06-22 00:24:43
hi guys

thank you centurion for the floor guide
good luck for all
24016Name:Masta Kremp2019-06-21 03:03:39
joselia twd / LRC 432 / u use cheat ? unlimited RPG ? shame on you ;P
24013Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-20 03:10:07
Hello my friends. If anyone wants a partner to run with on WS, I'm available. Also, check out my new video on my channel. Thanks. Take care my friends.
24012Name:pollin2019-06-19 03:59:32

but there is always a risk, you lose the score because of the partner
24011Name:pollin2019-06-19 03:53:54
hi guys

hi tamshe
I think it was only one person with moded save, otherwise it would not be removed, maybe he was with an partner without a register
24010Name:Tamshe20172019-06-19 02:21:17
LRC 5.3 duo

It looks like the person helped "the new player with a score of 2 mins plus " caused the new player's score to be removed already

I do not understand why a player with a modded save will do this to a new player

It is better to play with players registered at events (shown on the results leatherboard if you know their psn i.d.)
24008Name:Tamshe20172019-06-18 08:59:07
Muramasa is expected early nov2019 on weekend survivor
followed by beelzebub
This coming WS is for zaytsev . A serpent is 3 WSs after

Hosting is good after soloing

Beware of infinite rocket launcher players too .
5.3 first place on lrc ???
24007Name:Yuna2019-06-18 05:14:00
Thank you kindly Tamshe.
It was a pure accident. Yet I am hoping to get Muramasa LR+ 6s someday.
24006Name:ACGF2019-06-17 21:40:03
kkk desculpa EVIL... não sabia que era você q mandou a msg
24005Name:EVIL2019-06-17 13:04:22
I OFFERED YOU HELP (text msg to you on 15.June).
24004Name:Tamshe20172019-06-17 12:14:10

It is possible that many players have not seen your post for help
These events were hard
You should state your psn id here and host

There are many players that will help ( including unregistered players unfortunately )

Some players might be rough on you because of your weak weapons

I help sometimes ( but i am on my way out )
24003Name:ACGF2019-06-17 11:18:29
newbie I am, only ... I asked for help, because I can not complete a mission lv40 in lv1, same thing when a lv100 mission comes and close in lv1, I'll still ask for help, I listen to the commands of the partner, use lv100 character but with lv95 weapons, I use the active skills and put the right passives.
24002Name:Tamshe20172019-06-17 00:21:45
I really wanted to take a break from this forum
At least it is active
I have played with people from all parts of the world . There are language barriers so

1] do not expect people to understand your english
2] if you are a noob , then people will leave your lobby if
you have a bad setup
if you have 2 or 3 guns
if you have a higher level character and you are using a lower one
3] if you are not listening to their advise (in game commands)
4] if you join their lobby , waste time and leave without saying a word
I have played with Matolo and DanielB' (since re6)
Congratulation Yuna on WS solo
24001Name:Yuna2019-06-16 23:38:53
I don`t blame you. I would feel exactly the same.
24000Name:Matolo2019-06-16 23:38:08
I believe you.Himself played with him (danielbarnacdad) sometime.))
23999Name:ACGF2019-06-16 23:29:40
really that left me with a real anger, I opened the day because I asked for help, then when the challenge will end and he left me ... I HATE this type of player, I ran with him
23998Name:Yuna2019-06-16 19:37:00
I just checked on them and I am not surprised. A lot of spanish players I`ve met were usually assholes and cheap... Luckily there are exceptions as I have a couple of spanish friends but unfortunately, most of them are simply retarded so I understand how you feel about it.
23997Name:Matolo2019-06-16 18:27:48
ACGF.No wonder.He is an experienced player,though not loving the game-the superiority of himself on pumping and forces.Usually,if this task is limited level,or "ladder"-it comes to the end,and if the result is not satisfied with the time-it is disabled without completing the mission (so do many,because "ladder"-can be held only 1 time per day),so as not to lose time with you in vain.The normal game he does not like those who put on the gun detail "full burst",and it shoots bursts.Anyway,this player plays with his "cockroaches" in the head,and can easily not let you in your session,without explanation.Only plays with selected players that he personally (danielbarnacdad) likes...)
23996Name:ACGF2019-06-15 04:32:26
danielbarnacdad really "helped me a lot", I die and he continued the mission level lv40 restricted challenge, and when he killed the last monster could destroy the coin to end the game, but the jerk leaves the match and made me very angry .. . CONGRATULATIONS danielbarnacdad, great PLAYER you are.
23995Name:pollin2019-06-14 00:49:23
hi guys

hi, I'll be playing most of the time in the afternoon, if you want help enter in the afternoon with restricted that I can enter your room or send your ids
23994Name:abdissuarez2019-06-13 19:43:52
Hi ACGF if you're looking for help maybe i can help you. Send my a friend request. My nick is my psn id
23993Name:ACGF2019-06-13 01:59:47
anyone to help in the lv40 restricted level challenge?
23992Name:Tamshe20172019-06-08 20:18:43
RER2 Campaign

You won't believe how challenging this is , on ps3

I cannot copy ps4 videos on "countdown mode" . E.g : Barry's A.I. is inconsistant and he dies too often.
Switching between characters is laggy and timely . Moira and Natalia are powerful , then your AI Barry and Claire has to ordered or used quickly to prevent death. The revenants are smarter and enemies see through walls

Careful as you need 2 usb memory sticks to avoid losing your raid (LRC , WS and IHC) weapons
23991Name:Gapson2019-06-07 01:20:59
My PS3 is crashed, cant help you. :(
Here is video, how to:
23990Name:ACGF2019-06-06 23:44:35
the annoying thing is that there is nobody to do with me, only I do damage, the maximum damage I reached was 880k, but playing my way.
23989Name:Gapson2019-06-06 20:05:18
@ACGF With electrifying you can deal aprox. 60% more damage. I deal damage 7,2 mil and with electric support 11,8 mil
Split screen is a best way.
23987Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-06-05 15:50:25
No Problems with the ID change for this Games:
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 6
RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle
23985Name:Tamshe20172019-06-05 05:48:01

Changing a PSN name can be disastrous

You can always restart with a new profile ( if you do not want to spoil your excellent record . lol )

I believe this guy " MartinMilk " has valuable experience. You probably know him on RE6

Make sure you back up your saved data on 2 usb memory stick

I see people are also changing their "RENET" nickname
23983Name:ACGF2019-06-05 02:08:08
I think I understood, any questions I ask around here, thanks.
23982Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-06-04 12:00:27
@All, good Luck :-)
23981Name:pollin2019-06-04 05:10:14

yes exactly as mars said, I would even help you but I suffer from network failure problems these days, not to mention that my psn drops all the time
23980Name:Mars2019-06-04 03:30:44
you don't need a second lvl 100 character for split screen, but a second controller and 4 extra capacity parts. only damage of your first player counts. second player damage is irrelevant. his/her only purpose is to shock the creature before first player shoots. well, i fear you will not have enough guns and parts with appropriate level. moreover, the need to destroy a weapon or part later could be painful.
23979Name:ACGF2019-06-02 23:51:28
and unfortunately my game does not have all the chapters to make glitch of xp, I have almost 2 months with this game with chapter 1.
23978Name:ACGF2019-06-02 23:47:45
yes, I have a charge shot, but I only have 1 character in lv100, I ask for help to help me deal damage to the creatures.
and trusted friends I do not have in this game, and split screen only helps if I have another character also in lv100 to help in the damage
23977Name:pollin2019-06-02 07:56:32
hi guys

ACGF are you using charge shot?
the ideal would be to use another extra control to do split screen and call a friend to make of your confidence
23976Name:ACGF2019-06-02 04:52:19
unfortunately I have a complaint, today making the event of the giant creatures, a "partner" has ended the mission, but neither waits for me to finish my ammunition as well, as it raises all the ammunition and while I continue to shoot the creatures.
My complaint is: the partner DOES NOT know how to wait until the other one finishes firing on the creatures, he releases the ammunition and ends the mission, and while I still have ammunition to continue firing.
23975Name:Iceman-live-de2019-05-31 19:13:38
Hello fellow raiders
Weekendsurvivor 70
Mission 28 "The Graveyard" (NO respawn)

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